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Reveal radiant skin without harsh, toxic, and expensive products with the recipes that cleared my acne naturally.

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  1. I very much want to try this, but I’m skeptical. Not of the science per se, but just of the effect on my particular hair. I have extremely fine, thin, grease-prone hair. But what’s worse to boot is that there’s not alot of it (for reference, my hair in a braid, is barely the width of one of my fingers.). It tends to get a stringy appearance and limp looks even with the supposed volumizing shampoos.

    Now, fast forward to my various trials with natural shampoos/conditioners. I’ve tried many, but every one of them (including the “no-shampoo” method, keeps my hair looking like a greaseball). I do a lot of modeling and other on-camera work, so I need my hair looking good most of the time. I abhor using synthetic shampoos/conditioners, but after years of trying various natural brands, alas, the only one that seems to keep my hair clean, fluffy (well, as much as my hair is going to get), and non-greasy is Herbal Essence. :/ I very much would like to try this method and shampoo/conditioner, but I’m worried about wasting my money on another failed product for my hair.

    • I totally feel your pain! My hair is also really fine (and used to be incredibly thin). I was really worried to try these products but I genuinely believe that the right combination will work for anyone. Even if you have really greasy hair. The exception would be if you are allergic to something in this shampoo. Using a cleaner product (like ACURE ORGANICS) for a few weeks might help your scalp adjust before jumping into these shampoos. That’s what I did and I do think that it made a difference.

      I would recommend getting the travel bottles in each option as well as some bentonite clay. You could use the zen detox as well. I used bentonite clay because it was on hand and I didn’t want to purchase another item. If your hair is feeling exceptionally terrible, a clay mask might help. Or washing your hair with an egg (which is oddly satisfying). Just don’t use the egg more than once every few weeks and be sure to use cool water to avoid scrambled eggs. Also, don’t be afraid to cut shampoos from the rotation. It took me a while to figure out that my hair hates Pine Shale. HATES. It also doesn’t do well with Earth which I thought was funny because I have oily, fine hair and that is supposed to be best.

      Eventually, your hair will heal and it will self adjust. However, if your hair doesn’t detox fast enough for your job, maybe a cleaner (but not perfect) brand like Acure Organics or Yarok would be better.

      Have you ever heard of Living Libations? They are a Canadian company that I adore and they have a shampoo+conditioner with a lather and are the only brand of hair care I can find with similar ingredient purity as Morrocco Method. I haven’t used it but it is definitely on my wish list. They also have trial size bottles if you wanted to sample them before committing.

      • Thanks for the recommendations Brenna! I’ll definitely check them out sometime. I’m currently trying out Giovanni’s shampoo & conditioner (which has way less bad ingredients than Herbal Essence. Not ideal, but ‘better’). Alas, it still leaves my hair a bit greasy unless I was it 3 times in the shower. One day I will figure this nuttiness out!

  2. How would this method of cutting work for short hair? I”d love to try it but have a longish pixie type cut and I don’t know if I could do it on short hair. My hair is very fine and I’ve been frustrated with hair loss due to health issues in the past as well as a funky cowlick in the back, so I’m up for trying anything!

  3. Hi Lauren,

    My daughter and I are fascinated by this method – and I’ve been using MM products for the last year or so thanks to your recommendation.

    Does the lunar cycle chart work here in the Southern Hemisphere or would I reverse it?



  4. how does it work if you are growing out layers i want to get to same length, should i cut more on the bottom so they will eventually be evenl i already use only MM products and boar bristle/scalp massager thanks

  5. wow Lauren that’s an impressive change in your hair, you look like a different person in a great way! Not that you didn’t look great before, it’s just that your hair is so much healthier and full looking. (I remember back when you first started with MM.) Thanks for sharing all this useful info.

  6. I am interested in trying this method; however, I also have very short hair–by choice–so I wanted to know how this would work for me since I get my hair cut every 4-6 weeks to maintain the style. I am not interested in growing my hair out, and I love having short hair for the past 35 years. Is this method even suitable for me?

  7. How can a blue moon be significant to traditional cultures? Makes no sense at all to me as a blue moon is the appearance of 2 moons in a gregorian calendar month. How can that be energetically significant to your hair or anything else? Plus traditional cultures don’t follow our same calendar so they wouldn’t even be experiencing a “blue moon”.

  8. Hi! What are your thoughts on the Curly Girl Method of hair styling? Their thought process and philosophy is pretty much the same as yours, to liberate your natural hair growth and embrace the curl and wave pattern inherent to your scalp and hair type. It encourages zero brushing, so as to not disrupt the curl pattern, and very gentle, botanically bases products (they have their own line). As far as cutting goes, the method is to cut hair completely dry and in its natural curl pattern and formation. Curly hair isn’t worn straight, so why would comb or pull it straight to cut it that way? Each curl likes to inhabit its own little niche on your head, so trimming just the end of the individual curl exactly where it is helps to promote and maintain that pattern of growth (which changes a lot once you start taking care of the curls!) Thoughts?

  9. Thanks to you Lauren I have tried the MM products (did the travel size trial) and now would like to continue/get more but wonder if I need to get all 5 shampoo and conditioners? Do you rotate them all or stick to a few? I have similar fine curly hair so appreciate your experience and feedback;) thanks for the coupon code, definitely would like to take advantage of it!

  10. CRAZY. I was just telling my husband that since I got my first pixie cut three days ago, I’ve felt less attuned & less sensitive toward people. I joked that my hair is affecting my vibes, but then I followed the links and ended up at the article about Native American trackers and how your hair really CAN affect your relationships. I feel like I just screwed myself over! I already use a boar brush and rinse only, but I feel like I’ll need to grow my hair out for quite a while before I can start this method, no?
    P.S. I am geeking out over lunar hair care. The Moon pretty much runs our lives (or it should!); it is UH-MAZING.

  11. This is a very interesting haircare approach and definitely not something I have ever heard of before, but it sure sounds cool! I will be looking further into this and maybe even trying it out for myself and seeing how I like it. You seemed to have a great experience, that is for sure!

  12. Hi Lauren,

    I would LOVE to see a video of you doing the blunt snip technique, I was a little confused by the MM video, and I know they said you could do different styles with the blunt snip. I tried doing it, but you make everything so clear and understandable I would love to see how you do it 🙂 you are the best!!!

  13. I’m curious to try the MM products, but I’m a little confused about how to use them. Is it essential to use all of the packages, rotating through them? If so, how often do i need to switch and do i need to use the products based on the lunar calendar? Which one should I start with if I’m on a budget?

  14. I’m from australia so i can’t follow that chart but basically this is all i need to know correct? I just did a bit of research myself
    -Trim once a month:
    Full moons thicken hair and New moons lengthen hair.
    -Benefits By The Seasons:
    Spring equinox: Lengthens hair
    Summer solstice: Defines natural hair texture
    Autumn equinox: Strengthens hair
    Winter solstice: Thickens hair

    Is this good enough to work with?

  15. Hello, thank you so much for the information! I live in Australia, does that mean I need to find a different lunar calendar to follow? If so, do you know where I could find one?

    Thank you :),

  16. I am about to start trying the lunar cutting, and I wondered is it possible to cut your hair twice a month for different effects (like thickening and beautifying)?
    Thank you! I absolutely love your blog!

  17. I have a lot of hair fall and my scalp gets oily. I have long hair, it reaches to my last rib bone and is a few inches above my waist. I wanted to cut my hair to about collarbone/breast length. Can I do it while using the lunar method?

  18. I know this is a year old, but I have been thinking about this lunar haircare and the blunt cutting method, but my hair is already SUPER thick! I have natural, ethnic, kinky/curly hair and I have been growing it out, but definitely don’t need it to get or even look any thicker. I would love for it to become longer, more manageable and healthier. I have been trying to figure out the best time to trim it based on those goals. I plan on asking Anthony himself, but I figured I’d pose the question here as well, I case it could help someone else. Thanks for all the info!!!

  19. Hi Lauren, I LOVE your blog! Always enjoy reading your posts! I was really interested to try the MM shampoo after reading your posts, but I nearly fell over when I saw the price tag! $250 AU for the five small bottles of shampoo!! I can’t fathom how anyone could afford that only for shampoo! Such a shame. I’m having real trouble with natural shampoo, but I refuse to go back to conventional ones as I’m recovering from CFS and hormonal imbalance. At the moment I have extremely oily hair that is prone to build up. Before I had my daughter 5 years ago I could go 4 days easily without washing my hair. I’ve also struggled with hair loss. Are there any other shampoo’s you would recommend for those on a budget? Thanks. 🙂

  20. Idk if you can answer this question for me but I’m currently using Shea Moisture brand of hair care. Based on what I’ve read and my basic knowledge of products they seem to be an excellent company with very natural based products. Do you know if they are as good as Anthony’s line or at least similar in benefits? Please and thanks!

  21. This is interesting but the title leads one to believe there will be photos of the “transformation.” I don’t see any photos. Also, you say that you use the blunt-snip technique above, each month according to Anthony’s Lunar Hair Chart but I am interested in knowing what days exactly you do it on since there are days for “root work,” “lengthening,” etc. Thank you

  22. I should also add to this ‘lengthening benefit’ of those wonderful products. Until now I’ve never used any ‘lengthening’ products and my hair would get longer every single month anyway… More then that, I can guarantee that everyone will get longer hair regularly even if washing hair in a dishwashing liquid, or not washing it at all!
    (Sebum also ‘travels’ through all the length of my hair without any special brushes. In fact, I wish it didn’t.)

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