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  1. What a lovely article, Lauren! I hope you don’t mind me sharing some of your quotes/images on my Facebook page this week.
    I grew up struggling with body image issues… I remember trying to physically manipulate my facial features, hoping that if I did it often enough they’d stay that way. 😉 I think the only thing that worked for me, as I matured, was to LET GO. Completely. A point came where I just stopped thinking (AKA obsessing) about it, and lo and behold, the next thing I knew, I started liking what I saw in the mirror. 😉
    Thanks again for this conversation and the lovely quotes. I love your site and am referencing a few of your recipes on my blog later this week. Take care!

    • Thank you Brianne! And of course you can share the quotes/images, as long as you provide a link to the article. I agree that letting go is SO important to body love. Obsessing over our body is addictive, but once we can stop that, there is so much freedom. Thanks for sharing your experience with body love!

  2. What a wonderful, helpful, healing article! Lauren, I have been following your site for about a month, and I am continually impressed by your focus, wisdom, and positivity! I am (I think) over twice your age, and have Stage !V Endometriosis and severe fatigue, and you inspire me every single day! Thank you so much!

  3. Lauren! This is beautiful. Just, beautiful! So well said, and such an important message.

    I finally learned to love my body last year, and you know what directly coincided with that change? A much physically healthier body! And I began to love it more and more every day. I can honestly say that there is NO part of my body that I “hate” anymore. And that is such a WONDERFUL feeling that everyone should be able to experience!

    Thank you for your honesty and for sharing your story.

  4. Love this! As I was mentally yelling at my body a while back I suddenly had an epiphany and realized how mean I was being. My poor body! It’s doing the best it can with what it has! It wants to be healthy and is not trying to be malicious but if our bodies need to heal we need to be nice and give them the proper tools AND lots of lOVE!
    thank for this post it really resonated with me 🙂

  5. What a wise and much-needed post. I also think this applies to illness & health, as well as appearance. I strongly object to conventional medicine’s description of autoimmune disease as the body attacking itself. People then say, “My body’s trying to kill me,” and it sets up an enemy relationship with our bodies. This is so unfair and untrue. Our bodies are trying to heal; they’re just incapable of doing so until we give them the right support. Healing diets and other measures make such a difference, but so does self-love. I have rheumatoid arthritis, so I speak from a place of understanding the out-of-control feeling of autoimmunity and intense pain. I’m also a massage therapist, and have helped people with pain chronic illness for many years. My advice to my clients (and myself) is simple: our bodies need our love, not our animosity.

  6. What helps me the most is being physically active. Not because I “have to” or because it’s healthy (although it’s great for my health!) or any of those things. Doing kinds of physical activity that I enjoy and make my body feel good make such a huge difference because of the joy in learning what my body can do, how it can move and so forth. Kind of miraculous. 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree more! What an excellent point! I started ballet classes in 9th grade and I felt like I had discovered a new part of me. I love learning new ways to move my body and I feel like dancing is a way that I celebrate my body and my creativity.

  7. Thank you for this Lauren! Today I have been struggling with illness related self pity, courtesy of my delicate GI tract. The resentment I feel towards not being “normal” is definitely not healthy, and not going to heal me either. I will try to carry with me a loving mantra henceforth.

  8. Thank you for this! Seriously, thank you. I feel like you’re writing my story here. I’ve hated, and I mean hated, my body for as long as I can remember. I’ve gone through phases where I don’t despise it as much as before. And typically I only can’t stand certain parts. But it is crippling. And I’ve found- apart from the physical issues (hypothyroid and major stress) I am currently dealing with- that the very parts of my body I dislike get worse/gain more weight. So reading your article today has put many things in perspective for me. I will be sharing this on Pinterest (with the linkback, of course!) because it is a message every woman needs to hear. Thanks again! These steps are going to help me, I think.

  9. “You are fearfully and wonderfully made…” (psalms). Nice post. When I gave birth, I had to deal with a Fiona stage. Ugh. Cellulites and all. You are right, praising your body parts do help in healing

  10. What a revolutionary way of thinking about illness. I have some serious GI issues I have been trying to work through and have always thought of my stomach/gut as the enemy. I didn’t realize that I have been sabotaging myself with these negative thoughts.
    These problems have also resulted in a weight problem, I am underweight and have always criticized my chicken legs and non-exsistant hips. I am now going to make a constant effort to give my self some body love. I am reminded of what my favorite theology teacher said in our spirituality class “you are a unique and unrepeatable miracle made in the image of God.”

  11. Such a good message. It’s sad that I needed to read this to really think this for myself. But as you said, our culture teaches otherwise. I’ve been getting many reminders lately that my body is a temple. As a Christian, that really transformed how I was looking at myself. And now this article brought a really sweet, gentle, loving aspect as well. Put it all together and I just know big healing is in the way for me!!! Thank you for this writing, and all of the time you put in to share so many wonderful things. I’m so grateful! Many blessings to you as you help you and others!

  12. I have to tell you, I am 69 years old and for some odd reason, (to me that is), men still see me as a sex object. My friend Linda calls me a man magnet. Yes, even at my age. I don’t look too bad for my age and I certainly don’t act my age, but still……. I watched the video The Sexy Lie that you posted at the beginning, and she was right about it all! And, trust me it does follow us women all the way to the end. What it has done for me is make me think that my looks at my age may be all I have left, I do have brains too though. Hahahaha One man told me I was the whole package, being a widow I guess makes me fair game. Thanks to you and the video I have a new outlook on life today! Which just goes to prove, “you can teach an old dog new tricks” thank you and God bless.

  13. I am 62, lost my bladder to Intersistal Cystitis, I was really sick for 5 years. About year 3 I discovered Empowered Sustenance. I became a devout follower and continue to try the recipes and ideology. I can say without a doubt from learning to make bone broth to my first tub of yogurt I have improved steadily.
    It is with sincere thanks and wishing all of us a healthy and loving New Year.
    Thank you Lauren for your gentle, persevering and bright self.

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