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  1. Natural Value has started adding guar gum to their coconut milk. It’s so disappointing. I used it all the time because it was full fat and worked better for making mousses than Trader Joe’s. I hope my local TJ will start carrying the thicker milk soon.

      • Hi Lauren , I’m new to your site .Are your recipes and your advise more in favor of Paeleo or GAPS diet? I don’t know about Paleo but understand that GAPS is “NOT a life time commitment”, acording to the author she recommends 1.5 to 2yrs for healing the gut . then slowly adding back a wider variety of HEALTHY grains and starches once you can tollerate them. is Paeleo the same or a life long deal? which is easier and /or your choice between the 2 diets? THANKS!

  2. Do you know how much coconut milk one can have per day. I have a 15 month old and tryign to find an alternative for cow’s milk – he drinks 25oz each day. He likes this coconut milk so thinking of substituting it for the cow’s milk but not sure if a person /toddler is supposed to have that much coconutilk in a day, every day…?

  3. Will Golden Star coconut milk work? It’s coconut and water, in a bpa free can. It’s very thick – like almost cold coconut oil solid with maybe a tbps or so of water per can. Will that work for these biscuits? Making spaghetti squash with spaghetti sauce tonight and thought these might be a nice addition to dinner.


  4. I live in southeast Iowa and each August we stay in Des Moines for a week or more to go to the Iowa State Fair. (I used to exhibit sheep in the Fair for 4-H until I graduated High School). That is the nearest Trader Joe’s to where I live, and I will definitely be checking in to see if they have this and anything else that I can use as I transition from a “Normal,” diet, to a Crohn’s friendly diet. I was diagnosed in 2004 after a colonoscopy (Which I’ll never have one again after reading your Post today). Thanks for all of your research and work that you put into your site/blog. LOVE it. Would be lost without it. Hope to buy your ebooks soon. 🙂

  5. There’s Blue Dragon company that only have Water & coconut water listed in their ingredients. I e-mailed them to double check nothing else is added. However, I did find online that they put certain emulsifiers. They are all legal except the polysorbate 60. I don’t know if the 60 is legal, I just know that the Polysorbate 80 is illegal. If you don’t want to take any chances, then go with the Light coconut milk, it does not contain the polysorbate 60. Then again, Elaine said in a post in that Poly80 isn’t the worst additive out there.
    Hope it helps 🙂

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