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  1. Thanks for the rec. I had no idea exactly how disastrous EMF radiation can be to your health. I’m a NTP in training and I constantly have my laptop sitting in my lap. Purchased!

  2. Very interesting! I rarely ever put my laptop on my lap because it hurts my neck and shoulders to look down at the screen. Instead, I put it up on a desk on top of a box and kneel down, so the computer is eye level. Works great for me and lessens my time surfing on the internet, because my knees hurt if I stay there too long 🙂

  3. Thanks for the reminder of this great product. I’ve never purchased one because I don’t use my laptop in my lap. What I’m not understanding is whether the leakage can spread outward from a laptop. Some women in Japan wear radiation vests when sitting in front of a computer. The idea is that harmful rays radiate outward and can harm our health.

    Do you know if this is true? Does it make sense owning the Defender Pad if you don’t use your laptop in your lap? I’m going to guess that most people tend to use their laptops on a surface other than their laps. What kind of radiation are we talking about when the laptop isn’t sitting on our bodies?

    I did contact the company once and got kind of a vague response. They said it should help even if the laptop is on a table top. But I was hoping for a clearer statement from them. Shouldn’t we be concerned about health issues from outward emissions?


  4. Do you have research on your “spiel” backing up your statements? I’m just curious because it’s different than what my and my husband’s (who has studied a lot about radiation, though mostly on a nuclear level) understanding on the subject is.

  5. Hi, I recently found a review on this zerocom and zerofon product manufactured in Korea that is said to be very useful, however, it was produced a long time ago and I could not find any Korean sites on it. Instead I found a U.S website,, and I could not find any reviews on it, and so I have no idea as to whether it is useful or not, is there any way you can make a review on it?

  6. Hi Lauren, i just saw that someone just asked you a question which i would also like to know the answer to if you know below:? Thankyou Peter

    do you know of a laptop with low radiation levels? Do any of the laptop companies stand out as far as “low radiation”? Please advise. Thank you.

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