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I want to empower your health with the steps that freed my life of chronic pain and medications.

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  1. Does the onion trick work with organic onions? I find organic onions spoil MUCH quicker than “traditional” onions, which only makes “traditional” produce more freaky! What the heck are they doing to those things?! =s

    • I get organic onions and garlic, and so far I’ve kept them for 3 weeks with that method before using them all. One thing that *might* play a role here is irradiation – some stores may irradiate fresh produce, but organic produce cannot be irradiated. I’ve heard anecdotal stories about irradiated produce lasting a scarily long time without spoiling.

      • I’m not surprised! A regular potato can seem to go months just fine. Within a week my organic potatoes are sprouting. I actually like to see that because I know I’m getting better quality produce. Scary stuff!

        Thanks for your response! =)

        • there was a photo circulating the internet a while back about a girl who tried sprouting organic vs. non-organic (sprayed) potatoes for a science fair project. The non-organic one NEVER sprouted.

        • If you ever have a sprout on a potato, cut it off and plant it outside. I just harvested 3 potatoes from one sprout I planted in fall 2013. Fall is the time to plant separated garlic cloves and the roots of your onions that have been cut off. I had such amazing onions and garlic grow from last year. Use what you have, just make it smarter. Enjoy!

      • I would also add the recommendation to always store organic lemons and limes in the fridge as they spoil much quicker than conventional ones.
        Conventional citrus fruit is coated with a fungicide and wax (check the label) to prolong shelf life. I noticed that my organic lemons would get mold within a couple of days from purchase if stored outside the fridge.
        I’ve also read that in the US it is even allowed to use color on orange skin, but here in the EU this particular sort of color cannot be used for food.

  2. These are great! I’ve been using the micoplane/frozen ginger for years, except I don’t even bother to peel it. Can’t wait to try some of these great tips. Thanks, Lauren

  3. Very good information! I’ve been doing several of these for a while, but freezing egg whites and shredding chicken in a stand mixer are both new to me, love it! I love to freeze homemade chicken broth as well, I use a silicon muffin “pan” where each cup is 4 oz. They pop out easily and then I always have chicken broth on hand when I need it!

  4. My favorite ginger trick is peeling it with a spoon! It sounds crazy, but it totally works! and you don’t accidentally hack off pieces of ginger, which always happened when I used a veggie peeler 🙂

  5. My mother broke the pitcher that came with blender she got when she married in 1958. She grew up during the depression when you neverthrew anything away. The only blender she ever owned had a mason jar attached to it. Thank you for the memory..

  6. I just have to add to the canning jar/blender hint. I make all of my salad dressings. I line up the jars toss in the ingredients then give each of them a whirl. Quick easy and not very messy. Label the lid using permanent marker.

  7. Lauren, you totally blew my mind 🙂 I assumed, being an awesome kitchen hacker, that I’d know most of these and the truth is, I didn’t. I always appreciate your posts, such a valuable resource!
    Robin p.s. 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10 were all new to me!

  8. I usually have a cut up lemon in the fridge for water, so I squeeze a little lemon juice and rub it on the cut avocado and it stays good for quite a while (the day usually)

  9. Good tricks!
    But for Ginger I have only one since I found it! Ginger Crush in liquid form from Ireland.
    It is giving me a lot of energy and works even for my health when I drink it every day….tested on Me!
    No more grating and peeling 🙂

  10. Awesome ideas. Will buy more avocados knowing this little trick. Lemons, I store whole lemons in ziplock baggy, occasionally I take them out, wipe both baggy and lemons dry and put them back in frig. They last for months.. After I harvest my ginger, and horseradish this fall, well, probably soon, I was going to shred, then freeze, now I can clean, dry, freeze for later.
    AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!!!!!

  11. I’ve been doing the chicken shredding for a few months now and I LOVE IT! Just make sure you don’t put in too much at a time (or maybe use the shield) or the chicken will jump out.

  12. I looove these kitchen hacks. I did not know about the onion and garlic storage so I buy them every 2 weeks. That’ll change from now on. That hack with the avocado is also very useful. Note to self: Buy more mason jars for my blender. I’m a smoothie addict. Thanks Lauren 🙂

  13. I’m asian so we use red onion in every food. To make it last long, peel the papery skin together thin soft layer of the onion. If you see a black powder when peeling it, rub it off but don’t wash it. The outer soft layer will dry in the following days until it looks like a paper skin again. Those black powder is the cause to make onion spoil faster. Hope it helps! 🙂

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