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    • Unfortunately, that’s the only way I could access the pricing as well and I do not have permission to share the prices in the blog post. The saunas are currently on sale and so the pricing sheet reflects the sale price.

      Sunlighten never shares email addresses, does telemarketing, or shares contact information.

    • I found that really annoying as well. I had to share my email address, home address and phone number just to receive pricing and they were constantly emailing and calling me multiple times a day. I had to ask them several times to stop contacting me. I was interested but they were so aggressive and pushy it was really a turn off.

  1. Hi Lauren!
    Thank you so much for mentioning insulin resistance. I have been on a ketogenic diet for like a year and still struggling with high glucose and fasting insulin and have no idea why. Can you share anything else about your experience with this incredibly frustrating problem?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Amanda! I will certainly add this to my list of future blog posts. It can be really puzzling and frustrating – I feel you there. I can share from my experience what helped me. The sauna was definitely a big piece.

    • Recommendations for sauna use varies from practitioner to practitioner, but a general guideline is 30-40 minute sauna sessions, 3 to 4 times per week. I use mine for 40 minutes per session, 3 times a week. I set it on the hottest temperature so I sweat quickly, which is 150 degrees.

      • This is incorrect information on the temp. At 150 degrees! I worked professionally with the best
        Dr.s and infact a newbie starting with a sauna should never begin over 120 degrees for 20 min.
        As your exatory system begins to detox ( sweat) you increase by 10 minute intervals! The optimal temperature is 135 degrees! Never any higher as it is dangerous to your organs. Less is more!
        Optimal time 40 minutes… A very important point is the sauna detoxes you at cellular levels, this means you must and I repeat, it is essential to replenish ALL minerals lost with sweating! Not only water. It depletes your cells of all good and toxins! 2 times a week is plenty to create optimal health! Many blessings to you all, KR Loveland, Colo

  2. Be careful if buying a used Sunlighten sauna manufactured before they became concerned about EMF’s. The readings are quite high. Its expensive, but the only way you can test for EMF’s is to buy a meter (such as a Tri-field). If you don’t know much about electro-magnetic fields google it. (Lloyd Burrell?? has a site that gives a lot of info – can’t remember his specific site name). All of our appliances emit it. Wi-fi is the worst. But I agree with Lauren about the benefits of infrared saunas.

  3. Hi Lauren, so can you please tell me…are you no longer recommending the near infrared (sauna fix) style of sauna??? I invested in one (from a different company) on your recommendation that near infrared was a better option. Hoping I didn’t make a poor choice eek!

    • Hi Jon! The SaunaFix is a well-designed product and I still recommend it. You made a good choice! At the time I wrote that review post, the SaunaFix was an affordable and portable option for me. It was absolutely beneficial support for my body but I didn’t see nearly the results I’ve seen with my Sunlighten. I know that part of this is that I use my Sunlighen much more, due to convenience. Additionally, I sweat much more in my Sunlighten and it increases my core temperature much more quickly.

  4. which model and size did you end up buying? I am concerned about any glue used in any of the materials off gassing and being made overseas not knowing what standards are enforced. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

    • Tim, I called Sunlighten in 2015 to inquire about their materials. They do not test for VOCs and they do use some glues/adhesives and I believe they also use plywood on a few parts of the sauna. (I think the roof and the floor). I’ll have to call them again to confirm the details. The salespeople didn’t know anything about chemicals so they had to have an engineer return my call. But I decided not to buy from Sunlighten once I discovered the chemical/cheap materials they use. There are numerous other reputable sauna companies out there that do not use any glues, solvents, particleboard, etc.

  5. Hi Lauren!

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful wisdom you share with your readers. I love reading your blog. I would love to invest in a sauna one day. Do you have any experience with infrared lamps like this one? I’m sure it’s not as effective as the sauna but perhaps an option until I can afford the sauna?

    🙂 Kim

    • Hi Kim! First, thank you for your encouraging words. Second, I used to use a portable near infrared sauna that was similar to that. It was what I could afford at the time, and it was before I had space for a seated sauna. Speaking from my experience, it was absolutely beneficial support for my body but not close to the support I’ve gotten with the Sunlighten. I believe the reason is that the Sunlighten raises my core body temperature more quickly and I sweat much more in it.

    • Hi Cynthia! At that time, it was an affordable and portable option for me. I think it is a well-designed product but I didn’t see nearly the results I’ve seen with my Sunlighten. I know that part of this is that I use my Sunlighen much more, due to convenience. Additionally, I sweat much more in my Sunlighten and it increases my core temperature much more quickly.

  6. I also saw on the internet that far infared saunas are not recommended if you have breast implants as they heat from the inside out like a microwave and therefore may affect the integrity of the breast implant casing even if you have saline implants.



  7. Hi Lauren,

    I have been following you for a long time whilst on my own healing journey and throughout my training as an FDN. I have such great respect for you and your work. It is wonderful to see a health practitioner being honest about your own healing blocks and helping people who may be struggling similarly despite all the work they are doing to heal. I do seem to have the very same problems that you share, and it’s been very frustrating to me; it’s been affecting my confidence as a practitioner. It’s comforting to hear from another practitioner that it’s ok to still have your own challenges while you’re helping others. Many of my roadblocks have been overcome with your excellent advice and knowledge that you share in your book Quit PMS and your wonderful blog, as well the knowledged I’ve gained through my certification.

    I am currently saving for my own infrared sauna as I’ve been instinctively leaning towards one for a long time, ever since a spa weekend where I spent half the time in theirs! I felt like a million bucks after that weekend, and I knew it was down to the infrared sauna. But it didn’t last long unfortunately *sigh*.

    Thanks so much for this fresh update and a great product review so we can all learn more about new technologies being made available to us. You are such a beautiful, nurturing and generous soul and I feel truly privileged to “know” you 🙂

    Warm hugs,

    • Tam, your heartfelt and encouraging comment just made my day! It means so much to me to hear that my blog posts, as well as me sharing my health challenges, resonates with you. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this note, I am deeply touched. Hugs back!

  8. I have the same exact model and love it. I have the autoimmune disease alopecia areata and have experienced much more regrowth since starting to use it a bit over a year ago. I use it twice a week for about 40 minutes each time. Thanks for posting this!

  9. Hi Lauren,
    Just want to be sure you’re aware that your name/website not listed in the options when requesting information from sunlighten. Should someone purchase following your recommendation, not sure how it’s tracked for you to receive compensation?!

    • Hi Faith! I so appreciate you asking, as the affiliate referrals for this and other products are how I support Empowered Sustenance. If you click through a link in this article to purchase, I will get the credit. Also, I do recommend calling to place your order for ease and speed, and just mention that I referred you and then I will receive credit.

  10. HI Lauren!

    My gym has a sauna and I’d like to start using it for all of these health benefits. Is it recommended before or after a workout? I remember someone telling me that a cold shower after it is good but when I tried it, I almost fainted. What do you recommend?

    • The body is in a place of relaxation and detoxification after a sauna, so I suggest doing it after your workout. I also suggest a warm shower first to rinse of the toxins, then you can do hydrotherapy (which is alternating warm and cold water in your shower). The benefit of the cold shower is that it increases circulation and supports lymphatic flow.

  11. I’ve heard and read that the only sauna to get is a ‘near’ one…due to EMF exposure in the other ones. I know EMF’s and smart meters are everywhere these days – but they are not ultimately good for your health…and sitting in one departing EMF rays right at your is not necessarily a good thing – especially people who have weakened immune systems, ones with Adrenal issues, hormone imbalances, extra sensory issues to chemicals, noise, light, etc. – as their systems are already overloaded and adding EMFs to the mix will not enhance the body as it is already topped up and overloaded by the symptoms should people are already experiencing.

    • Is the sauna heated with an electric heater or a “hot rocks” sauna? In that case, it it not an infrared. A few gyms offer infrared saunas, however, and will be able to tell you if their sauna is infrared.

  12. Great and informative post, as always. Have you measures how much the infrared sauna costs on your electricity bill for heating up (30 minutes) and then the following, say, one 1-hour-sitting? Investing in the purchase of a sauna is one thing, but then keeping it up and running can significantly add to the monthly cost besides maintenance. I’d appreciate to hear your experience with the consumption of kW/h. Thank you in advance 🙂

    • I have a 2-person therasauna and it uses as much electricity as a coffee pot. I use mine every day and my friend who had cancer uses it 5 times a week and my power bill has not increased. I was skeptical when the representative of the company told me that but it is absolutely true. Best purchase I’ve made since I fought my own battle with cancer.

  13. Hi Lauren!
    Thanks for a great blog and all you do. I’ve learned so much from you over the years! I had previously purchased a Go Healthy Next portable infrared sauna because of a recommendation from your blog. I notice you are no longer recommending them. Was there an issue with the sauna that I should be concerned about or did you just switch affiliates? Thanks!! 💗

  14. I do not know whether it’s just me or if perhaps everybody
    else experiencing problems with your blog. It appears as if some of the written text on your posts are running off the screen.
    Can someone else please provide feedback and let me know
    if this is happening to them too? This may be a issue with my web
    browser because I’ve had this happen before.
    Thank you

    • I really enjoy your blog, but I wonder why I have seen no reply to people who mention or ask if near infrared sauna is superior to far infrared. I also watched The Truth About Cancer. What is your view on this. Also in your most recent email you said that sauna supports you metabolism. Did you lose weight or something to suggest that? You also mention that it reduced cellulite. Did you happen to take before and after pictures?
      Thank you so much! : )

      • Hi Erin! Due to the sheer volume of questions I receive, on the blog and email and social media, I can’t reply to as many as I would wish. Near and far infrared rays offer different qualities, as I discuss in this post. This brief article will provide more details on near v. far v. mid infrared: I have the far-infrared only version from Sunlighten (The Signature Model) but you can reap the benefits of all three types of infrared rays with their mPulse version.

        The metabolic benefits I experienced were increased body temperature (warmer fingers and toes!). I wasn’t seeking weight loss, but I know many people experience this with regular sauna use. I don’t have before or after pictures.

  15. Hi Lauren,
    Great post. Did you meant to say “hyper” instead of “hypo” in this sentence “Hypothermic conditions in animal testing has shown increased insulin sensitivity and lowered blood sugar”?

  16. I bought the mPulse sauna on Black Friday with the Chromotherapy and ART upgrades, thanks to your recommendation. I absolutely LOVE my sauna!

    I had a question about my hair. Should I be doing something to protect it from drying out while in my sauna?

    Thank you

  17. A question re. (and all the claims, actually) “When you increase your core body temperature, you increase your metabolism. As someone with low thyroid function, which slows the metabolism, I tend to be chilled and experience cold hands and feet. One way I support my thyroid function is with regular sauna sessions.”

    –> I ask, partially due to skepticism, but mostly because I like tangible results: Has your blood work shown that your thyroid function has indeed improved? Can you personally vouch for the claims made, i.e. the sauna raised core temperature by three degrees – but did YOURS go up?

    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love reading your stuff. I suffer from low thyroid and Lyme and this seems like it COULD be good…but…

  18. I’ve done a lot of research on infrared saunas and how great they are at healing through detoxification. I am ill and would like to use one. I live in a tiny apartment and don’t have room nor can I afford to buy a sauna, nor am I able to build one, so I would like to go to a naturopathic clinic, spa, etc. that has infrared saunas. Yet when I check the different manufacturers’ sites, each one states that the particular wood they use is the best and that all the others have harmful volatile oils that are released during the infrared sauna which defeats the purpose of trying to detoxify through a sauna. There seems to be conflicting information about which wood is best. From what I can tell, most infrared saunas are not made with the proper wood or the wood is not properly kiln dried. From the research I’ve done the safest wood seems to be poplar followed by basswood and cedar. There is also the issue of glues, resins,etc., being used in their construction which also outgas. And then the issue of ceramic vs. carbon for which there are many conflicting views. And the issue of infrared saunas being mainly constructed in China and made with the wrong type of wood, etc. Also the issue of infrared saunas made in North America but from wood which originally came from North America, was sent to China, treated with chemicals and then sent back to North America for the sauna construction. So my question is – how can all these people – most of whom must be using infrared saunas improperly constructed – be healing and detoxifying unless the healing effects of the infrared sauna outweigh the negative effects of the volatile oils being released from the wood, resins, etc. (which I doubt). I’ve read stories of people who have bought infrared saunas for their homes and then gotten rid of them because after many months they still keep outgassing. I wonder if infrared saunas that are used in clinics, because they are used on a constant basis outgas quite quickly and therefore become fairly non-toxic and safe, as opposed to someone who buys one for their home and only uses it once a day? Does anyone have any knowledge/thoughts on this issue? And it seems like many naturopathic clinics, spas, etc. are very poorly informed about the construction particulars of their infrared saunas. Thanks.

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