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  1. This is a super interesting post! I have a couple follow-up questions. With pastured eggs, is it better to eat them raw to obtain the health benefits or are cooked equally beneficial? Unless it’s in cookie dough, raw eggs are not too appealing to me. Along that same line, I’m interested in the bone marrow suggestion. Is there a place to purchase bone marrow from grass fed cows “ready to eat”?

    This post is encouraging me to think beyond my mental block with liver, bone marrow, raw eggs and at least try them out again in the name of good health! Thanks!

    • The only nutrient that significantly diminishes in cooked eggs is vitamin B6, the other nutrients are very comparable in cooked vs. raw. I haven’t found “ready to eat” marrow, unfortunately. Glad this post was helpful to you!

  2. Hi I became very interested in all this real food eating after ..we found out my aunt has cancer…and how important it is on what we eat..I have two little girls, and I want to raise them the best I can..I really liked your post! I have a ? On homemade bone broth…ok so if I cut up a organic whole chicken and put water in it ..The water will jus disappear in a couple of hrs of cooking… can you u be mre detailed plz ..until I get the concept of things …Thank you!

    • Thanks for the article! Just a few questions on the bone broth. Can you please advise the water ratio to one chicken carcass for making bone broth? Will I still get the goodness you’re talking about if I cook the bones for 3 hours instead (as I don’t have a pressure cooker)?

      • Hello there!

        Just a fellow ES reader and someone who drinks homemade broth daily so I thought I’d might share. You do not need a pressure cooker, just a slow cooker or even a large soup pot in a pinch. you will only need enough water to cover the carcass or bones. i also like to add garlic and onions, not only for their taste but also their cold fighting benefits. Best of luck!

  3. Just bookmarked this and signed up for your newsletter. I am a survivor of base of tongue cancer and due to the damage done by heavy radiation cannot swallow so use a feeding tube. Lived for 2 years on Isosource ( prescription form of an Ensure type product). Felt terrible, no energy, etc. Went to a holistic practitioner who guided me thru the change to real food. I bought a Blendtec and now purée all real healthy food. Anything and everything. Lots of eggs, grass fed meat, mostly chicken, tons of organic veggies and fruit, olive and coconut oil, nut butters, etc. Feel so much better but am always looking for ways to improve my diet so eager to try some of your suggestions. The main trouble I have now is maintaining my weight. I put a lot of food thru that tube everyday but can’t get my weight above 100-103.
    So looking for ways to increase nutrition without adding volume. Already put 12-14 cups (including a lot of water to make it thin enough to go thru tube) everyday so would like to increase calories and nutrition. Will make some bone broth to replace some of the water and watch for other ideas. Thank you!

  4. Hi Lauren,

    I recently started to see a naturopathic doctor in the city I live in. I told her that I was eating liver (from pastured chickens), and about 2 servings of red meat (normally 100 % grass fed beef but sometimes grass fed lamb) daily. She said that was way too much animal protein and cholesterol. I told her that everything I read says that as long as you don’t have a condition such as kidney disease (which I don’t) eating 2 servings of red meat daily is healthy. I also told her that what I’ve read is that cholesterol isn’t a problem for heart disease risk. She said that I should take a more balance approach and include grains & legumes back into my diet and to eat less meat (especially red meat). She said we don’t need a source of fat in our diet except for omega 3 and from everything I’ve read her advice to cut down my meat/cholesterol consumption just doesn’t make sense? I’ve done so much better with my IBS since transitioning to paleo (about 3 months ago). I’d love to get your opinion on her suggestions and if you know of any major problems (besides heart disease) why someone may want to cut down on their red meat/cholesterol consumption. I am a healthy weight.

    Thanks so much,


    • Hi there, I read a great book not too long ago after someone told me to watch out for meat and cholesterol, it’s called ‘The Cholesterol Myth’, it should be available at your local library.
      I would think that’s it’s possible your naturopath just doesn’t know the truth.
      Perhaps send her a few links to research?
      At the end of the day we have to trust ourselves and our own research from trusted sources.

      • Hi Lisa,

        Thank you for the suggestion/advice. I’ve actually read the great cholesterol myth and well as a book called ‘The Big Fat Surprise.’ which both say that red meat and cholesterol don’t cause any problems. This is why I’m having trouble accepting the advice from my naturopathic doctor’s recommendation. I agree though, I have to listen to my body and it does better on a higher protein diet without grains and legumes. I should probably stick to that. I just didn’t want to be damaging my health because of something she was aware of but I wasn’t.



  5. Great post, Lauren! I have actually never had Liver before but I am very interested at trying it. I have never seen it sold at a grocery store. Where can I look to get some?

  6. Great list. I used to eat loads of eggs. But I recently did an IgG/IgA blood test (Cyrex labs) and found I have a big reaction to eggs! (as well as a slight reaction to gluten and dairy). This saddens me not to be able to eat eggs but I wonder what is the chance that I am only sensitive to the white and not the yolk. I have been advised that I can’t eat either but I have heard somewhere that most egg allergies are actually to do with the whites are rarely the yolks. WHat do you think? I’d love to still eat yolks!

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