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    • Yes, we’re working on providing special pricing for practitioners who buy in larger quantities. I’m glad to hear your clients would be interested! We’ve had many, many NTPs test our oils and request them for their practice.

  1. I cannot tell you how timely this is. My own journey is similar to yours. It’s alway spirit, soul and body, and it’s always an invitation to participate with God my Healer. There is so much more healing and freedom available, and not enough people putting it out there. Thank you for being one of those who release what you’ve been given. Sharing the journey with you Joy-Fully!

    • Regarding Canadian shipping, we just arranged that! It was important that we tested the oils widely and thoroughly to ensure the efficacy. We have our oils clinically tested by health practitioners in various healing modalities (nutritional therapy, bodywork, energy work, chiropractors, acupuncturists and more).

  2. This is fascinating! Funny how you said the focus one is the only one you didn’t really need, because thats the only one I was thinking I super duper need! I love your blog, Ive followed it for years, even though Ive been vegan for years, I love your beauty product and natural lifestyle advice 🙂

  3. How does the oil applied to the skin effect the brain exactly? Is there some aromatherapy that sends signals? Nutrients in the oil that reach the brain? Where do you rub the oil? is it different locations for different oils?

  4. I just bought all 4 kinds!! I’m planning on sharing these with my parents, who have chronic issues, and am excited to see what will happen.
    Congratulations! I hope it all goes very well.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  5. Hi Lauren!
    I’ve always admired you for your journey through the natural health world. I’m paleo, and your recipies are amazing! I love that you always logically examine the pros and cons of different products, foods, or therapies. Today, however, I feel a bit let down, as I can’t help but doubt the effectiveness of simply spreading a drop of oil on my neck. Please don’t get me wrong; I’m not attacking you by any means. I simply have trouble understanding how the electrical energy of a plant in water can change my mental state! 🙁 Are there any clinical trials or experiments done on either your brain oils or the flower essences? While I know you’ve got a bunch of antecdotal proof, that only goes so far!
    I really love the idea of retraining the brain’s plasticity – and your methods of doing so look really sound and verifiable. However, I’m a college student with ADHD, and even though I really want to try Advanced Focus, I don’t have the $40 to spend wantonly on an oil that may or may not be efficable. Is there any quantitative data on the oils and your research? I want to be able to use them myself and recommend them to others with solid data to back them up. Thank you!

    • Hi Anna! You’ve asked thoughtful and very reasonable questions. John refined his blends by testing them on hundreds of clients over many years. John’s clinically-based method of formulation stems from his 25 years as a renowned practitioner and his comprehensive studies in bodywork, craniosacral therapy, nutritional therapy, kinesiology, Functional Neurology, and various forms of energy medicine.

      To ensure efficacy, it’s also a crucial step that we test our blends with many practitioners. We gather results and feedback from a wide range of nutritional therapists, acupuncturists, meditation and yoga instructors, bodyworkers, and energy medicine practitioners to ensure the efficacy of the formulas. We did a Pilot Study with over 100 nutritional therapy practitioners to gather results for Vagal Tone™, for example.

      We do clarify that our blends are not backed by scientific studies, because that is not our model. We know that essential oils work, whether or not they are proved effective by “paperwork.” If we wait for scientific studies to show us how and why to use essential oils, we’ll have lost the opportunity to experience the healing benefits of essential oils in the meantime.

  6. Is this why you stopped carrying vibrant blue oils? So you could launch your own version? I remember you posting a very similar testimonial about how their oils were a major reason for your health shift. I have been using their parasympathetic blend and having amazing results. This new company looks like it is a knock off of vibrant blue oils. I really thought you had more integrity than that Lauren

    • Hi Anne. It is due to my integrity that I constantly evaluate the relationships with all the companies with whom I work. I’ve supported different brands at different times on this journey. Some of those relationships last, and some don’t. When they don’t last, it reflects my commitment to my values, and what I believe is best for the Empowered Sustenance community.

      I stopped carrying VBO long before I began co-creating Meo Energetics. John also was not connected with VBO long before we created Meo Energetics.

      My initial excitement about VBO was uniqueness of John’s formulations. As life and companies change, I alter my product recommendations to what I believe is appropriate according to my principles.

      Now, I am joyful and fulfilled to participate in Meo Energetics, where the company is in alignment with my integrity, my honesty, and my values. And I know it will stay that way.

      John feels the formulations we offer at Meo are his best work. If you would like to learn more about John’s experience of the oil you mentioned, please read this blog post at Meo:

  7. I like and want to believe in all you have said. I have been a subscriber to your News Letters for sometime now. My husband has IBS and we changed to a Paleo diet to help with that. I would like to try your oil blends but live in New Zealand. How would I get around that problem. Thank you and kind regards from Miriam.

  8. Question: How long does a bottle normally last if you use it as recommended? I ask for budgetary reasons – is this something that would need to be purchased monthly, yearly, bi-yearly…etc?


  9. Hallo, I have two questions regarding European shipping. I was about to order all four oils but then realised that the total for shipping to the Netherlands was 20 dollars, which seems very extreme for regular postage. I’ve ordered heavier products from the US before for less than half of that, why is shipping such small items so expensive? Also, there is no mention of customs, would the oils be subjected to a customs tax? 146 dollars is a very big investment as it is, if I were taxed I could easily end up paying half of that again or more for customs alone, it’s an impossible proposition.

  10. Hi Lauren, I’m curious if you all have any suggestions for nervous system diseases like Parkinson’s? Different than a trauma based condition, but since its rooted in the nervous system I’m wondering if there are similarities?

    • We recommend both Vagal Tone and Brain Deflame for Parkinson’s. The vagal nerve is responsible for turning on the parasympathetic state, in which the body’s natural healing processes like detox and regeneration (critical for Parkinson’s) occur. And inflammation is also an underlying cause of Parkinson’s.

  11. I eat six small meals a day. Would the four drops daily still be the dose to go with? My last mini-meal is around 8:30 at night; would the fourth drop be better then, or before going to bed?

    My hiatal hernia/heartburn won’t allow me to take the digestive enzymes and Betaine HCL testing shows I need to digest food and keep gut infections at bay. I’m interested in the Vagus Nerve product as a possible way around that. Do you have other people who take the V.N. product in place of enzymes and HCL?

  12. Hi Lauren! As I’ve mentioned on the WIL site, I’m really intrigued by your work! I would like to try Meo Energetics oils but I have two questions. Do you deliver to Europe, specifically Germany? And if so, what product would you recommend? I’ve had chronic joint pain (back and jaw) for years and in the past year I got pretty severe nerve pain all over my body but mostly in the back and legs. It might be a result of cortisone shots I got for my back pain but the actual causes are not clear. So positive neuroplasticity sounds really good to me right now! 😉 Would you or John say that the oils might help and if so, what kind?

    • Hi Anna! We do ship to Europe, but please note that custom’s fees occur depending on the country, and we can’t be responsible for the custom’s fees.

      Chronic joint pain can be related to inflammation, as well as Sympathetic Dominance (a state where the body cannot access the Parasympathetic state, to turn on natural healing processes). So I would recommend both Brain Deflame and Vagal Tone to you 🙂

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