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Reveal radiant skin without harsh, toxic, and expensive products with the recipes that cleared my acne naturally.

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  1. Hey Lauren! Regarding your mention of computer glasses— I use f.lux, which is a free downloadable app that adjusts the kind of light your computer screen puts out based on the position of the sun in your time zone. I love it and highly recommend it. It may not be as effective as the glasses (I have no clue about these things– that’s why I come here for advice) but you don’t have to remember to turn it on, since it’s set to your time zone! Check it out if you like Xx

  2. fun post! i do about 23 of those.
    Isn’t Berkey water filtration an alkaline water? I thought drinking alkaline water is bad for your stomach and therefore bad for HCL production. i’m trying to find the best system for my family.

      • You may want to consider under sink filtration systems. I’ve known people who went with the whole house filtration system and it built bacteria up in the lines where water wasn’t used daily which then backed up into their system and contaminated the whole house. Took them a while to figure out why everyone was getting sick.

  3. I LOVE this list! I counted 46 items that I currently do and just added f.lux to my computer. I feel so much more sane now that I’ve stumbled upon your list 🙂 Thank you for putting this post together. It’s really great! I just launched my blog and if I end up with even a quarter of the extensive information you have on this site I’ll be thrilled!

      • Thank You for saying what all of us would like to be able to but may not have the courage to do. I am one of the ‘Original’ Hippies but as I tell my daughter and her children, I was a ‘Classy’ Hippy. My daughter laughs and says I did not know there was such a thing as a ‘Classy’ Hippy.

        Thanks for all of your ideas in one place and am working to achieve these things in my life as I write this. I never took any medications and now I am attempting to come off of medication that my Physicians have me on one at a time.

        I just finished DETOXING from 4mg of Klonopin, I am happy to say as this is a controlled substance and an addicting substance. This was my second medication I have eliminated, substituted a healthy replacement and have several more to go. I am off of the hardest drug and am so excited, just as you are, Lauren. I can tell by your typos that you can barely get your words out correctly. That is wonderful and I am here to cheer you on, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

  4. Yay, I already do 46 things out of the list! My next challenges will be finding a way to make myself a standing desk and removing underwire from my bras. One question though: do they still hold enough without the wire? I think I’ll try with an old wire that I wouldn’t be too sad to destroy. 🙂 Thanks for such an inspiring list!

  5. Thank you so, so much for this – you are a great inspiration. I am working on balancing my own health through natural means, and you’ve been great help to me so far. I already do (or have tried) quite a few of the things on your list, but I want to try so much more.

  6. Thank you for posting this!!! I’ve spent about the same amount of time working on my health, but I always wondered what you did personally. Autoimmune disease is sneaky. You always have to switch it up and stay one step ahead, so you’re right to be in constant search! Thanks for sharing the changes you’ve made. I’m definitely putting these to use!! =D

  7. WOW, this is a GREAT compilation of your experience. Amazing that you figured that all out in two short years. It takes many people a lifetime to figure that much out!! It’s also a wonderful confirmation that I am not the only one on this path of true health! Thank you so much for the effort to publish this! XOXO

  8. What a great post! I also like your “Shopping List” section (couldn’t comment on that post). I like how you give a little summary / explanation about the product in your shopping list and a direct link to the product.

  9. Wow I’m at 37 (I had no idea I was so crunchy). I know I need to work on reducing EMF pollution and want to get myself a grounding mat. I fear that’s what’s holding back my adrenal recovery.
    It’s my understanding that fluoride is not filtered out of tap water with normal filter systems. If you are drinking the water please do your research to find out if the filter you are using does or does not.

  10. Hi Lauren! I love this list! I am on a wellness journey myself and love reading about yours. I was wondering if you could recommend a natural deodorant? I’ve tried several and have even made my own, but have not found one that works well for me. Thanks in advance.

    • Try Primal Pit Paste! I have heard wonderful things about it. I have also tried making my own and have found success with coconut oil mixed with baking soda and arrow root powder.

    • Try using lemon slice. There’s no need to invest in expensive products that may or may not be as natural as they claim to be. Buy some organic lemons from a farmer’s market or regular grocery store. Or you might even be lucky enough to have a lemon tree. I can use one lemon for over a week by using one small slice a day under my arms. It lasts all day and you still sweat but never smell. Some people can even go for three or four days without smelling from one application. Even people that didn’t have success with unnatural prescription strength stuff have had success with good old lemon. Only down fall is that it can sting after shaving (I shave my pits at night and apply lemon in the morning and it’s all good). Also it increases sunlight sensitivity, so if your planning on being in the sun in a tank top take precautions.

  11. Huh, when my mom was young when the word “hippie” came about it literally was NONE of this. It was used as a term kinda like ‘anarchist’, just protesters for peace. They never had a strict living regiment. They just were. It was like a giant book club for peace and now everyone makes into a giant fashion genre and eating plan? Wow..

      • I agree. I am all for people living healthy lifestyles and taking charge of their health as I live to do, as well. But, the label “hippie” is seriously misused by so many people today. I have a few relatives who fit that label back in the 1960’s (actually, they still do now) and they freely admit they are not this regimented. In fact, when I talked with them about this new use of the word “hippie” they were kind of shocked. They actually said it sounded way too “uptight” for them. And. they and all of their friends were vegetarians, too. Maybe this is just the new generation of hippies? I don’t know but I agree with the comment above. The original hippie movement (if that’s what you want to call it had much, much more to do with changing the world rather than so much focus on the individual. A lot of great and helpful information here and by sharing it, one could argue that is a way to help your fellow man. I just think maybe a new label (or, here’s an idea, how about no labels?) may be in order. Peace!

  12. Hello! This is an awesome list and also, I love your blog! It has been so helpful to me especially in discovering about hair regrowth, after a couple of Keratin hair treatments gone bad. I have two questions, do you recommend any sunscreens? I have very sensitive skin and most make me breakout. Also, do you know of any moisturizing oils that eliminate red bumps from the skin? I have heard that the moisturizer Lamactin does well in eliminating red bumps but the ingredients are not natural.

    Thank You!

    • Hippies also don’t live by strict rules like these, they would NOT order products from miles away without any consideration of the environmental impact, they would most likely not shave (of course they are few rules but even if they did shave they wouldn’t be using coconut oil), hippies live a life that doesn’t just focus on themselves and their health and beauty, to a hippie the most important things are living a minimal impact, relaxed life (i.e. eating whatever they want so long as it can be sourced locally and doesn’t involve harming animals). I am pretty much a hippie, I am vegan, I try to only eat foods sourced locally (or at least, from my country) and do not buy products or foods that cause the harm animals or promote seeing animals as a commodity. The only commercial products I buy (that is, products with packaging) come from a Carbon Neutral company (Sukin- check them out) and 95% of the material goods I buy are second hand (things like sleeping bags can be hard to find second hand and hard to make from second hand products). I NEVER wear make up and I don’t shave. I’m not perfect, but I don’t try very hard either, I just want to live a happy, relaxed, minimal impact life. Congrats to the author for attempting to be healthy and everything but she is not a hippie and she shouldn’t be claiming that she is. She clearly don’t understand what it means to be a hippie.

  13. I know a REAL hippie wouldn’t do anything about this issue, but I was wondering if you had any recommendations for as-crunchy-as-possible methods for taking care of the bikini line. Looking forward to hearing your advice. Thanks for all you’ve shared with us in the blog-o-sphere thus far!! 🙂

    • Wax! You don’t need to do it year round, just 3-4 times during the summer, or swimsuit season. I go to a salon and have it done before a vacation too. Waxing is healthier for the skin than shaving (depending on the type of wax used.).

      Even though it hurts, I like it because it lasts for several weeks, and there is no razor burn! I get terrible ingrown hairs and red bumps if I shave down there.

  14. It was an interesting article, but I don’t see how you can say eating sugar is good for you. That is false, thus I’m not sure I can support some of your other claims in the article. Sugar is killing our nation.

  15. I was just reading the reviews for the Earth Paste “toothpaste”. One reviewer gave it a bad review because the statement on the box said it may contain trace amounts of lead. Any thoughts on this?

    “California Residents Proposition 65] Warning: This product contains trace amounts of lead, a substance know to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. This product may not be appropriate for consumption by children or pregnant women.”

  16. I LOVE this list! Your journey is beautiful! I am a “crunchy parent” but I want to be a crunchy woman all around. We are a pretty healthy family in general so this list will be an amazing guideline for things I did not possibly think to do!

  17. Stumbled upon this blog and read the whole article. I’m an avid holistic health fanatic myself, so it’s nice to know there are others. I was so inspired I went on amazon and bought myself a salt lamp. Thank you for the inspiring blog!

  18. I am enjoying your post! Thank you it as well as the links to products. I do many of the items you listed, but picked a few more that will be helpful. Installed f.lux and I like it! Going to try the henna for my hair next!

  19. I am so excited to try out some things from this list! Starting with the liver capsules. And the raw hair care routine complete with a boar bristle brush. I have been doing the no poo for about a month and my scalp is so itchy. I can’t wait to try the MM shampoo!

  20. This is a really great post with a lot of information in it! I do want to point out though that you may want to do your research with henna. Henna comes from a plant where the leaves are dried and turned into a green straw-smelling very fine powder. It will ONLY darken te skin or hair in a red to reddish-brown tint depending on your skin/hair color. Henna does not come in brown, or black, or clear, or any other color. Only red, and the shade varies depending on quality of henna, the way it’s been mixed, how long it’s been allowed to dye-release, how long you leave it on, etc. but it’s always red. I cannot stress this enough. If someone sells you henna in another color it’s not pure henna. One can achieve brown hair dye by first applying henna and then something called indigo (which is also a natural product) on top, but this would need more researching. I don’t know enough about it yet. Henna however in another color than red often times have different leads and metals and other products in it to give it another color. This is also why some hair stylists refuse to dye over hennaed hair as chemical hair dye may react with metals found in poor quality henna. So please please do your research if you want to henna your hair/skin naturally, and find a quality distributor of the product. If you want a “clear henna” to condition your hair, look into Amla powder, or consider a henna gloss. You can google all these thigs and find loads of information.
    Otherwise, this blog post has given me tons to read with all the links! I wonder when I’ll sleep tonight..

  21. Jut discovered your blog and loving it! So many great ideas- things I all ready do, and lots I’m excited to try. My additions to this list include second-hand shopping, and wearing my bell-bottoms. Nothing says “hippie” like thrifted jeans turned into bells!

  22. This is great list and while best I can … it’s hard.for me most.of.these. I feel like unless you are.middle class.or.above in a.part.of the world that allows you to live like this it’s near.impossible. I’m an English teacher in Mongolia where I have very little access to any of this let alone the money to order anything online. Suggestions?

  23. Lauren…I sincerely appreciate the time and dedication to helping others that it took to post here! This has been my life since 1970 and although it is easy to stray, over time feeling unbelievable outweighs the short term sickness you feel when you stray! Muchos Kudos for being a beacon to guide us back home!

    Only one thing I would add…too many folks these days think it is OK to drink Kombucha…as a matter of fact, it is encouraged as part of a healthy lifestyle. I have done studies on patients and it is rarely a healthy choice to drink. It is almost impossible to heal leaky guy while drinking Kombucha.

    My $.02

  24. Your website is so incredibly helpful to me–thank you!

    I wanted to ask what you’re currently doing in terms of milk. In some articles, like the one above, you suggest raw milk (which I LOVE) and in others your homemade coconut milk because of your skin’s reaction to dairy. What’s your verdict? I am in love with dairy products, and try to do raw, but I suspect that dairy may be the source of my skin problems (along with gluten, and strangely, gluten-free oats as well). Do you find your skin is better without dairy of any kind, even ghee/raw milk?

  25. I’d like to say this is a good list of healthy practices . Not to be a hippie. These are daily do’s I wish for more people to fallow. I do most all of these, and are very healthy, but don’t cinsider my self a hippie. More of an earth activist, a conscious being.
    Being a “hippie” as most would call me . Is more that just taking the extra effort for self care. It’s also about awareness, freedoms, educating other, love and light.
    These are great things for daily do’s but why not list why you’re doing them. The reasoning behind action is important for others to understand . And rather lifestyle listing more healthy tips. What about other pressing matters.
    Like people of color equality, big issues of water and land theft. the huge impact humans are making on earth. Restoring culture and art. The list is endless. Far more than beatify tips, and yoga stances.
    Just for food for thought. While some considee this list radicle. It’s healthly . And real action towards radicle living is available and waiting for more to take action.

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