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Reveal radiant skin without harsh, toxic, and expensive products with the recipes that cleared my acne naturally.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to try some of these things but I can’t really afford them right now so I’ve had to stick with homemade skincare stuff 😉 The sunscreen moisturizers sounds fantastic and definitely something i can’t make at home!

  2. They all sound fantastic and I really need this! I would love trying Enessa’s Bergamot cleanser as I can’t find anything that doesn’t strip my skin leaving it too dry.

  3. I am still on half way with my acne. Diet has help me lot but there is still something missing. Maybe these products would help me. I would love to try out the cleanser from Geranium kit.

  4. I would love to try any/all of these products! I have been having issues with acne lately. The Rescue Blemish Control and Seaweed Bio-Exfoliant sound like great products. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  5. I’d love to try the PlantCell Eye Cream.
    I’m almost 30 and my body is already going through menopause (symptoms) and so my skin, especially around the eyes is wrinkled.

    …Thanks for your research and giveaway!

  6. Everything from this company sounds just great for my skin. I have acne but can’t quite get the hang of oil cleansing with my lifestyle. These products sound like they would really help me out.

  7. I would LOVE to try these products! I’m looking for a natural skincare range and I like to use oils on my face already. This would be perfect for my skin, especially now as it starts to visibly age!

  8. I would love to try this! I tried a simple Jojoba oil cleanser for a few months but it dried me out so bad. I use Aubrey Organics now ad while my face seems to like it, I don’t trust all the ingredients .

  9. I honestly want to try all of them. I have combination skin, but my main problem now is acne on my jawline. I am also pregnant which means even more pizza face! Anti-aging cream with the SPF would be a awesome to try.

  10. My daughter and I have been using the clove treatment for cysts and love it! I am dying to try any product she has for fine lines around the eyes. My skin looks great for my age (48) thanks to holistic skin care and a dairy and grain free diet, but I do have some fine lines I’d like to see less of

  11. I would love to try one of the moisturizers and the seaweed exfoliater. I am always looking for a new natural skin solutuon and am not happy with the last stuff I got. This sounds amazing!

  12. I have never used holistic skin care products and as I have trouble with rosacea, I would love to try them on my skin. The all natural ingredients sound like they would be ideal.

  13. I have always used a daily SPF lotion but have stopped and am in a quandry as to what to use this summer and to use on my kids, so the anti-aging moisturizer and the exfoliant sound awesome!

  14. I would love to try the seaweed mask and one of the moisturizers! My skin is so, so doggone sensitive……I’m always Leary to try anything new; however, if you endorse these products Lauren I will trust you!
    Thank you for sharing with us!!

  15. I would honestly be interested in trying just about anything! I am on the look out for products with as pure and harmless ingredients as possible and after reading through this I’m intrigued!

  16. I’d like to try their moisturizers! I have seborrheic dermatitis, so my skin is oily, flaky, and itchy. Hoping their stuff can calm down my skin! Not sure which one would be best though.

  17. I spend way too much money on so many different products that claim to help my adult acne, but fail. I would love to try a more natural approach and see what kind of results I will get.

  18. I finally started oil cleansing about two months ago and couldn’t be happier. I use avocado oil in the evening and honey in the morning to cleanse my face. I am interested in trying the bio-exfoliant.

    Thank you.

  19. My 20 year old daughter has suffered from bad acne for several years and takes Solodyn which doesn’t seem to be working any longer. I would love to have her try these products instead of getting another scrip from the doctor! I especially would love to have her replace her current dermatologist recommended Sarna cleanser with Enessa’s Bergamot cleanser.

  20. Why have I not heard of this stuff before??!! The products look awesome. I would like to try everything, but the geranium cleanser, the exfoliant and the blemish control products most of all.

  21. I’ve considered using oils for my acne, but since I started what is basically an autoimmune diet (I’m still in the elimination stages), my skin has cleared up SO much. I want to wait until I’m further along with that before branching out and trying any oils — though the acne clove oil sounds fantastic. I’m concerned that if I mix a bunch of new regimens at one time then I won’t know which was responsible for the various results.

    How does tallow balm feature in your skin care routine?

  22. I have been struggling with my skin for the last year battling cystic acne and now dry skin. I tried all kinds of home remedies and ended up resorting to a dermatologist who suggested an oral contraceptive. I started taking them but would really rather be doing something more natural. I don’t like the idea of manipulating my hormones by using synthetic hormones. I hope I win!!!

  23. I would really love to try the anti aging moisturizer. It has been very hard to find good natural skincare. The only other company that has worked for me has been living libations. They have amazing products but can be a little expensive. Thank you for the give away!

  24. I would love to try the anti-aging moisturizer, but I would also like my daughter to try the acne formula. I would love to help her get into a routine at a young age.

  25. As a mature adult I have a lot of damage to my skin and am searching for great skin helps. I would LOVE to try Enessa out especially the SOL Anti Aging Moisturizer! I also have 2 adult daughters that could greatly benefit from the Clove Acne Control!

  26. I have used almost a full bottle of their Clove Acne Control and it is the only thing that has helped my cystic ace. (Well, that and giving up all sugars)

    Would love to try some of their other products!

  27. Hi Lauren, I think I’d like to try an Enessa cleanser (since I don’t know how to make my own, I just oil cleanse like you). I wanted to say that for some odd reason, coconut oil (virgin, unrefined) really works as sunscreen (as long as it’s re-applied often enough, like every few hours). It worked on me, my husband and my nieces and nephews when we were at a.natural hot springs on a very hot and bright day (there was no shade there, and about 90degrees). I was actually disappointed bc I wanted a tan, but it looks like the oil prevented that.

  28. I would love to try the Acne control product. I’ve heard great things about it and I have tried ALOT of products already and not much success. Thanks for sharing Lauren, your blog has been a blessing!

  29. I love using oils (rosehip seed, Tamanu, etc) to moisturize and essential oils (Helichrysum, geranium, frankensence) to repair and protect. There are so many amazing choices, but I think I’d really lid to try the anti-aging moisturizer.

  30. Just received some clove acne control and seaweed bio-exfoliant in the mail last night. The first hing I did was smooth a thin layer of the bio-exfoliant over my forehead where I was experiencing 5 or 6 red weepy zits. I left it on as a mask/treatment overnight, This morning, each pimple was dried out, the redness and pain were gone…..the evidence of the power endowed in nature to take care of us and a testimony to Enessa’s quality and efficacy! Thanks Michelle and Lauren 🙂

  31. I’d like to try that exfoliating “scrub”! I love, love, love to scrub…but I’ve done well not doing so; maybe having the right product would let me have the best of both worlds.

    The product line shown here makes me think I’d like to try it all!!!

  32. I have normal/combination skin with rare breakouts. I now use a night cream because it helps my skin so much more the next day when I wake up. I use Made from Earth’s Olive Night Cream and I don’t feel like an oil slick when I wake up in the morning. My skin feels balance, and moisturized, so i do not need to use too much moisturizer the next day – avoiding that overly oily face that sometimes comes with people who have combination skin like us !

  33. I am wondering what you recommend for a lotion for the body. I love dry brushing but find I often need some sort of lotion for all over my body or targeted areas. I have used oils (which I prefer) but that makes a bit of a mess with clothing etc. Any ideas are appreciated.

  34. Hi Lauren! I am enjoying your blog and learning A LOT about natural beauty! I recently switched to Morroco Method and my goal is to get rid of all chemical based beauty products in my life. I am going to get the Bergamot cleanser from Enessa but in the meantime I don’t want to use my old toxic cleansers;) You said you wash your face with pure jojoba oil, is that the only oil that will work for “cleansing”?? I have shea oil and argan oil and I’m wondering if they will do the job or not. Thanks a lot!!

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