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Reveal radiant skin without harsh, toxic, and expensive products with the recipes that cleared my acne naturally.

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    • I haven’t heard of that brand before and I just checked out the ingredients for the shampoo. It looks pretty clean and I don’t see any sudsing ingredients, so that is good! But the glycerine makes me apprehensive, because it can “coat” the scalp and my personal opinion is that it might interrupt the oil regulation. If it works for you, then I don’t see a problem… but I can’t help but mention that the Morrocco products are less pricey 🙂

    • I saw your comments about thinning hair which I also had. It was scary. I stopped all chemical and took Spirulina and did loads of yoga. Ate organic foods etc. this all helped but my hair was still borderline and then I started on 600mg of coq10 in the pure ubiquional form and the results in 4 months have been fantastic. Lots of regrowth and stopped feeling so fragile and easy to pull strands out etc. it’s now quite thick and healthy. I really recommend it. Plus my energy levels are really high now. Charlotte

  1. About how long do you think a bottle of the shampoo will last? Do you use it everyday, and in what quantity? For me, that would be a very expensive option. I also have 5 kids, so there is no way it would be feasible for the whole family.

    • Those are good questions. What I’ve found with the shampoo is that I can go longer in-between washings (and I’ve heard this from many people). I usually wash every 2 days, but many people can go 4 or more days without washing. The 12 oz. Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo may last me 2-3 months.

      I can how this is not a practical option for your whole family and surely there are less expensive and still natural options. I believe it is worth the investment for individuals who struggle with chemical sensitivities, thinning hair, scalp problems or sensitive skin.

  2. I just started using MM products two weeks ago! So far I’m loving the way my hair looks (way shinier and smoother) minus my scalp. I’ve got a gnarly case of greasy scalp right now. I’m guessing it’s a detox type of thing. I was using “all natural” products before but I’m guessing they still had ingredients that were toxic. I’m hoping when I’m a month into it like you are I will be over this detox period and looking great. I used the coupon code and bought some more of the zen detox stuff and one of their hairbrushes. I’m hoping these will help out with my situation. Thanks!

  3. I went ahead and brought some! I have natually curly hair that tends to dry out with most products, so I got their kit for curly hair. I can’t wait to try it. I’ve been wanting to go more natural with my beauty routine because of multiple food allergies.

    I’ve also wanted to ask, do you have any makeup brands that you like?

    • Carrie, how are you liking MM products? I just got some and I don’t love the way my naturally curly hair feels, though it looks ok. how long was your transition period? finally,I have to use product in my hair to maintain the curl all day… what do you use?

      • Hi Rosalie, not sure if you will read this almost 2 years later but hopefully someone will who might need to read it. I have naturally curly hair and after reading nothing but great things about MM after about a year of other no poo methods, I spent about 300 bucks on the entire MM line and used it for several months but eventually gave up. It made my hair, which was about a year transitioned away from traditional shampoo, SO greasy. It smelled and looked gross.

        The MM shampoos work okay as conditioners as long as I don’t let them touch my scalp, and they work decently as a body wash as well, but I will never use them as shampoo and wouldn’t recommend them to anyone with hair like mine unfortunately.

        I have found a no poo method that works excellent for my hair, that cleanses properly and doesn’t strip oils. I mix about 2 tbsp of rhassoul clay with some ACV, aloe, and glycerin, and add in some tea tree oil and other essential oils for smell, to the consistency of a thin paste. I’ve been using this for well over a year now and it’s given me really consistent results.

  4. hey lauren. have you used this henna before? i have dark blonde hair and tried a light blonde henna by a different brand. i used a jar of it and it felt like cement on my head. it didn’t even work!! i wonder if this brand is supposed to actually lighten the hair. if not, do you know of any safe hair dyes?

    • I literally just did a henna treatment with their colorless option (which just conditions and draws out natural highlights) for the first time. I had it in my bathroom and this post reminded me to try it! I rinsed it out and my hair is still wet. It was grainy and thick when I put it on, but when I rinsed my hair and combed it out, it felt very soft and tangle-free. I’m looking forward to seeing how it dries!

      As for color, henna cannot lighten the hair, but it can add highlights or darken the hair. I’m not familiar with other hair dyes, so I don’t know what to recommend for lightening your hair. I am going to do a whole new post on henna because it has great benefits for the scalp.

  5. Hi all! I posted this on Facebook and got a couple comments that the products are too expensive. I’d like to address that point quickly here:

    These products are not overpriced, but I do understand if the products are out of one’s budget. I’m a blogging college student (read: super-duper tight budget) but this is worth the investment for me. I would not promote it if I didn’t think it was well worth the value. The products go a long way and, frankly, ingredients like this are top quality so they will be more expensive. I believe it is worth the investment for individuals who struggle with chemical sensitivities, thinning hair, scalp problems or sensitive skin.

    If you have a DIY hair care routine or other natural products that work for you, I support you 100%!

    • This one I can definitely speak to! I’ve been using MM since April. I bought the 5 shampoo package (one of each) with a 15% off coupon… and I’m still using the same 5 bottles. I wash my hair almost every day (it’s baby fine and straight so it just gets too oily by the end of the 2nd day if I don’t – still much better than conventional when i had to wash it 2x a day). The products are super concentrated so you only put a little in a small bottle then dilute with water – i dilute probably 3 or 4 : 1. I also found that my hair did feel greasy at first, until I started doing the double wash like they say. I use half the mixture, rinse, then the other half and rinse. I’m definitely noticing a lot more shine, stronger hair, and it’s grown a lot faster than usual.

      I also use the blonde henna. My hair is dark ash blonde with some nice Irish whites – the henna turns my whites into light blonde highlights and just gives the rest of my hair brightness and shine. It doesn’t lighten your hair per say but if you make it with chamomile tea and lemon juice you can brighten it!

  6. Sigh! I am nervous to try this. The ACV/No Poo method did not work for me. ( I tried and tried and triiiiiied, research included.) I DO want to give this a shot. I see they have sampler packs, but do you think if I have a “detox” period, they might not last until I can see the true benefits? (They are 1/2 oz!) Money is tight so thank you for the discount code.

  7. What are your thoughts on the Avalon Organics brand? They had been the best I had found so far that were affordable for this fellow starving college student. I know they probably have a couple chemicals in them I’m not aware of as toxic, but I’m hoping I don’t have to give them up entirely. My hair loves them 🙁

  8. I make my own soap. My skin is much better since. So it was really a small step to make my own shampoo. Shampoo is basically soap with an appreciable quantity of castor oil for foaming. Very simple and very cheap. There is an initial investment in oils (you should already have all the needed equipment in your own kitchen), as most of oil vendors offer significant volume discounts, but in my opinion it’s totally worth.
    Making a batch of soap takes 1 hour (clean up included). I would suggest to start with pure Castile soap (100% olive oil) because the olive oil is so easy to find and then to move on towards more complicated recipes.
    So far, I made shampoo, soap and a shaving soap for my husband. He likes it better than commercial shaving foam. I gave my soaps to my parents, brother and grandmother and they all like them.

    • Hi Mrs. G,

      I have started making my own laundry soap with Castile soap. What is the recipe you use for your own soaps? I have been trying to make my own homemade cleaning products so that I know there are no harsh chemicals left around.

      Miss E

    • I have really bad scalp and skin issues due to diabetes and comprised immune system. I tried the no poo shampoo and the castile shampoo using lavender and tea tree oils. It made my hair really dry frizzy and dried out my scalp even worse. I am going to try the MM line to see what happens. Thank you for all the information posted here.

  9. Hi! I purchased the Moroccan Method starter kit when you first mentioned them several posts ago. My naturally thick, wavy hair has become greasy and is thinning following years of bcp and hair dying/bleaching. I have been using different Moroccan Method shampoos for 5 days now, and my hair seems really flat. I even used the Zen Detox, and my hair got really, really static-y when I blow dryed it and still seems greasy. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

    • You’re not doing anything wrong 🙂 The oiliness sounds like a “transition” period. Regular products strip the hair of oils, so you hair is going to overcompensate with oil production during this transition period. This transition period can last anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, but afterward the oil production normalizes and you should be able to go many days in-between hair washings.

      As for the static, I experienced that after using their henna (which I love, it works as a deep-conditioning treatment). I used the Crystal Mist conditioner and that helped the static. I’m not sure what causes it, and my feeling is that it will decreases after a couple of treatments. Another thing you could try is a Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse, just mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into 1 cup of water and rinse your hair with this (then rinse again with plain water). I hope this helps!

  10. Hey Lauren! I’ve been wanting to order MM and totally appreciate the discount code. It’s given me that extra push I needed to make it happen. 🙂 Quick question, as a fellow henna hair dyer, did you notice any effects on or stripping of your color after using the Zen Detox treatment? I’ve been scouring their site, but can’t find any Q&A’s on this particular question. I imagine you would have mentioned this in the post if it was an issue, but any personal experiences you’ve had would be great to hear!

  11. Thank you for the discount code! I’m excited to try this stuff. I’m just out of my shampoo and have been thinking that I need to do some research to find something that is really all natural. Thanks for doing the research. I’m going to give this a try, although I’m looking at the all the different types and can’t decide which one to go with! Any thoughts about what the natural preservatives they use? Just curious about this and if anything could be hidden under the 92 mineral/proteins they use as preservatives. Regardless, this shampoo looks better than anything else I’ve seen with regards to ingredients. I’ll report back (if I remember!) once I start using it. Thanks again!

    • I have full faith in the quality of the ingredients, I trust that there are no preservatives besides the natural minerals and plant extracts. I’ve talked with many people at MM before trying the products, so I know they are truly dedicated to purity. And I would love to hear an update after you start using the products, I hope all goes well! 🙂

  12. Thank you for the discount code. I am anxious to try this also. I’m somewhat of a shampoo hoarder, trying to find the right shampoo and conditioner for my thinning curly hair. I also have hypothyroid and the hair thinning is the worst part. I also watch what I eat (paleo diet). I’ve been using Aveda’s thinning hair line but that is pretty pricey for the scalp treatment. How can I determine which shampoo and conditioner to get? I have color treated curly hair. I usually wash and wear my hair natural every other day and on the weekends (limiting the amount of times I straighten my hair).

    Thank you for this post.


    • Hypothyroid takes a toll on hair, I feel you! I think these products will really help. I would recommend any combination of the ACV shampoo, Pine Shale shampoo, and sea essence. Those are my favorites. I also like the Crystal Mist conditioner, but I find that it is not necessary to use it because the shampoos soften and add shine all by themselves.

  13. Hi, Lauren! Thanks for writing this review and for the coupon code. I am eager to try these products. I’ve just started the process of trying to chemical-free my beauty products and recently switched to 100% Pure’s shampoo/conditioner. My hair seems to like it so far (after the first week or so), but I was surprised to find that the shampoo does lather. That made me wonder a little about using the products. I know you recommend 100% Pure’s makeup, and I was wondering if you had tried their hair care?

    • Months later you may not need my comment anymore, but I’ll still answer. You wrote that you wonder because 100% Pure shampoo lathers. I looked at the ingredients and it has coconut oil soap. Coconut oil soap lathers. Soaps made with different oils have different lathering properties and coconut oil is one of the more highly lathering ones.

  14. I have scalp psoriasis and was wondering what you know about the safety & efficacy of using these products for this condition? I understand you are not a medical professional, but I greatly appreciate your input 🙂 I have used Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Shampoo, Conditioner, and Deep Conditioning Treatment. These are truly natural products, but I have found no matter what I use, I still have horrible scalp psoriasis. It is so bad I had to cut my hair very short to manage the plaques. I’ve also tried seaweed hair products. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder, so I have focused on healing my GI and Immune systems in order to help, but it is a very lengthy, frustrating process. The plaques on my body are 99% gone, but no changes in my scalp. Thanks a bunch for offering any input about the MM!

    • I’m so glad to hear you are healing your gut, that is exactly what I would recommend! And yes, I would recommend the products. They are SO healing and soothing, so I can’t imagine they could do any harm… and I would think that they could improve the situation.

      They crystal mist conditioner is very soothing and anti-microbial, and you could try applying it directly to the plaques (I’m just guessing here, you may want to talk to customer service at MM about this. I’m sure they will have more recommendations for you!)

  15. I decided to get these for myself in December because my hair has been thinning due to type 1 diabetes and thyroid issues. I have gotten a lot healthier and don’t have thyroid symptoms anymore, and my diabetes is under much better control. I wanted to focus attention to my hair now that I feel better. I got the sample pack to find out which ones work better for me. My hair is definitely growing back! I just am not sure if I like the texture of my hair right now…

    I tried and gave up on no poo and used a natural shampoo before starting with MM. I feel like the products leave my super fine hair a little greasy, but I think I’m going through an adjustment period. I got my hair washed and cut last week at a salon with toxic shampoo and my hair felt cleaner and softer, but almost too dry. I feel like I want my hair to be somewhere in between the old “clean” feeling traditional shampoo gives and the overly greasy, yet moisturized feeling I have now. Do you think the hair really adjusts to the MM shampoos or does it take on new qualities when the oils are in tact? Do I just need to be patient?

    • I would ride it out for at least a couple more weeks (without using any other hair products – that’s important). It does sound like the detox period 🙂

      My hair has taken on “new properties” but only in a good way, it is so silky that I just can’t believe it. It did seem to straighten out my wavy hair just a bit, but I think that is because it eliminated any frizz.

  16. I have been using the Morocco Method now for about 3 months — and I love it!
    I had a detox period of about 2 to 3 weeks, and it was hard to get thru that. I have thinning hair, but there is some hair regrowth starting to happen now! My favorites are also the Vinegar and Pine Shale. But I also use the Earth — I really love how they smell! My husband even said how nice my hair smelled — and he has not said that in years!!

  17. Sooo happy that you shared this. I have post chemo hair and it’s discouraging at times. None of the shampoos are working. I have to try this. My friend also has allergy issues and has tried so many different kinds. I told her about the MM. Thanks for sharing your story and experience.

  18. Thanks for this info. I’m excited to try the hair dye. I’ve been using Herbal Choice Mari shampoo (and all of their face creams). I never hear about this product line but I found it on’s website. Do the ingredients look okay? I research brands like crazy!
    I still want to try morocco method though:) I’m always looking for the best of the best!

    Thanks for all you do,

    Sara Mares

  19. Note : Henna, while natural, can also contain dangerously high levels of toxic heavy metals, especially lead. However, when I asked Morrocco Methods, they DO test for heavy metals in their products.
    To be safe, for anyone ordering a henna product, I would ask for a copy of MMI’s heavy metal testing certification for that product. You would NOT want to apply a product with lead directly to your scalp/hair.

  20. Hello I just tried to use the coupon code and it did not work. When I contacted support for help I was told it is for first time buyers. Last month I signed up and bought a trial kit of the shampoos so I cannot use the code. There are several products I would like to try that are not cheap. I am not sure if you are aware of this as it is not listed on your post.

  21. Ohmygosh Lauren! I had read your article earlier this week and really wanted to buy some shampoo (I’m having horrible grease and thinning problems), but got super busy with moving into our new house. Now it’s the 15th and the coupon has expired.. I’m soooo bummed!!! Is there ANY way they can extend the code.. or… something!?! Geesh! Thank you!!

  22. I guess I’m in the same boat as Whitney… Lauren’s article was so convincing that I wanted to place and order with the discount, and time got away from me with too much going on. I just ordered a sample anyway and am paying as much in shipping as the item! This stuff better be good! 😐

  23. I bought this based on your recommendation but haven’t use it yet. No directions came with it. How do I mix the detox powder (amt water to clay), how long do I leave it on, etc. Do I use it and then shampoo my hair? Do the shampoos need to be used in any particular order (I bought a few different kinds)? They included a few small samples but no advice on how to use it and for which hair problems. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

  24. Hi Lauren,
    I just wanted to follow up with a big fat THANK YOU for recommending these products. After reading this post I ordered 2 shampoos (as well as henna for dying my brows) and just tried one for the first time last night– the earth essence thickening one. I was a little worried because it didn’t seem to lather up much but I kept my faith… and wow. Lather or no this stuff does a great job cleaning hair– it left my hair really clean AND noticeably thicker than before. I really could not have predicted that much difference in thickness. I have tried a lot of organic shampoos and have often found that they leave my hair greasy or I have to use a huge amount of product. These shampoos work SO WELL and they smell spectacular. Thanks so much for this post!

  25. I am so glad to hear I’m not the only one for whom no-poo didn’t pan out. I have been at this for 2 months now… and I am pretty sure I have gone through the “transition phase” since my hair is no longer oily looking, but it never, ever looks anything close to good. It is always stringy and dull even when it is freshly cleaned (although it feels nice and soft). The only reason I have stuck it out so far is because it has really done wonders for my psoriasis, my scalp is feeling great! I am ready to give Morroccan Method a try, since it really does seem to be the most gentle product out there, however, I thought I would point out, I am very wary of the Pine Shale variety. Although the ingredients say “shale oil (NOT a tar)”… there is nothing natural or good about shale oil. Google it and you will see, it is an industrial product extracted from the ground, just like crude oil. If that doesn’t convince you, EWG rates this particular shampoo as a moderate cancer risk because of the shale oil included in it. See:'l_Pine_Shale_Shampoo_Air/

    I am really not sure how that ingredient made it into a product with a company that seems otherwise dedicated to using natural and safe ingredients, but there it is. I think I will go ahead with some of their other shampoos, though!

  26. Hi,

    I would like to try this method, but I am not sure on what to order. In a previous post you had mentioned maybe just buying 2 shampoos instead of the 5 shampoo trial package. But the video on the MM website recommends rotating between the 5 shampoos. I am afraid if I buy 1 or 2, my hair won’t get the full effect. Is this right? Please advise.

  27. This looks really interesting! I wish I had seen this post earlier.

    I have been “no-poo” for about a year now. I have extremely thick wavy, long, hair. The Baking Soda and ACV worked well in all that is boasts but my scalp didn’t react well. (Hair is happy but not the scalp) It was gross, but my scalp was moist…it was basically the opposite of dandruff. So I switched to honey and it worked well for my hair, it seemed stronger; and my scalp dried up…but too much it seems. Now I have really bad flaky dandruff…I’ve been taking fish oil to see if that would help, but alas it hasn’t. I don’t understand it all. But I want to keep away from all the junk in commercial hair products. I guess I’ll give this a try. Thanks 🙂

  28. Not to be a party pooper, but there is NO such thing as “brown” or “black” henna. They have to be adding other dyes or using Indigo/Alma/Cassia/ ect. It looks like there might no be any extra ingredients in MM (which I’m skeptical of because Henna is not nor will it ever be brown). If it is BAQ henna, it’s way overpriced. I would recommend buy body art quality henna from It will be cheaper and color better. I’ve been hennaing my hair for five years.

    • You’re absolutely right – there is no such thing as a brown or black henna, but I was referring to their product names, which are called things like Blonde Henna and Black Henna. They explain that they use only other plants and different parts of the henna plant to get the color variations:

      “MM henna is pure henna. In order to achieve our variety of colors we use other plant powers to color as well as different parts of the henna plant itself. We have several different henna mixtures that are available, ranging from Light Blonde, which includes marigold flower, to Black, which includes indigo flower. We also offer three shades of brown by using different parts of the root, bark, and leaf of the henna plant.”

  29. I have been using the Morrocco Method for 5 weeks now, and my hair look and feel horrible! The scalp is very oily (like my hair hasn’t been washed for a week) and the length are just plain dry. I contacted Morrocco, and they say I was likely going through a detox period and that it could last up to 2-3 months. I use the Zen Detox once per week but it doesn’t seem to speed up the process.

    It’s hard resisting the urge to go back to my ”old” chemical shampoo!!!

    • me too! I’m on week four and it’s not getting better. I’m going to do another zen detox tonight with hopes for better hair tomorrow. Maybe it’s just the simple fact that not everything is going to work for everyone? I’m having a hard time hanging in there since I didn’t have any huge hair issues…just wanted to be healthier all around and detoxing all areas of my life. Thankfully I live in a cold climate and can wear a toque out in public 🙂

      • If you switched directly from a chemical shampoo to MM your detox time will be longer. Because Lauren was already using a natural, holistic shampoo, it only took her a few weeks to detox completely. Stay at it and your hair will regulate eventually. 🙂

  30. Thank you for this post! I had been considering the no poo method, and after reading many bad testimonials, I’m glad I haven’t tried it yet. I really think I want to try this, but I’ll probably wait for that next coupon code 🙂 I was wondering what you do when it’s time to have your hair cut. I love going to the salon but I would hate to have them wash my hair with chemicals after switching to holistic. How do you avoid this?

  31. I’m happy to know I’m not the only one having difficulties with keeping up with chemical free hair care! I was already using the honey-poo method with an ACV rinse 6 weeks before I started the Morroco Method and I was hoping to have a very short transition period if any, but I feel my hair is greasier than when I started. I’m in my 4th week of the MM and I used the Zen Detox and I’m beginning to lose the battle with chemical free hair care.
    However, I have a free sample of shampoo coming from 100% Pure Cosmetics but the products contain panthenol, also known as proVitamin B5, and I have read differing opinions on whether it ‘coats’ the hair strand or not. Before completely giving in on chemical free hair care, does anyone know if panthenol will set me back in my chemical free hair care journey?

  32. This is so funny! Started the No Poo two weeks ago. Backing Soda and ACV. So after about a week, I felt my hair was thicker, but sort of dry and looking dirty. Stumbled on this website for the raw honey shampoo. So started that last week. Hair seemed much better, but yes looked really dirty. Everyone says “transition” period. So I was checking out this website again and saw that you are now promoting Moroccan Method shampoo! I used this stuff ages ago! Can’t remember why I stopped (high shipping costs?) But I have been using their henna for years. So now I will go back to raw shampoo from MM. Thanks!!!

    Also during this journey, my face is breaking out? Could this be detox too? Thanks so much for all this information!

    • I would make the guess on the basis that skin reacts to oil in the hair, even when we’re using chemical-based shampoos, no? So because you started using natural haircare, the oil in your hair changed (perhaps augmented, to regulate?) and your skin is responding to that =)

      Oily skin = nightmare for me! I’m not using 100% natural products yet, but I’ll admit to the comfort I have in using the “eaux thermales d’Avène” (bought in France, no idea if it can be found in the US). Just make sure to wash your face regularly with the right products, keep it adequately hydrated and do your best to keep your hair away from your face (bangs usually mean more forehead acne). I’m sure you can find wonderful natural treatment for that 😉

      I hope this helps, though I’m just an interested amateur!

  33. I’ve just started reading your blog and I love it! Thanks so much for this post I’ve been looking into more than just clean eating but into all aspects in my life, so this is awesome! 😀

  34. Hey!
    So I’ve been checking out all your natural hair care posts and what would you recommend for someone who puts styling product in their hair everyday? I have curly hair that is ridiculous if I don’t calm it down. So lately I can only go about a day between washes and I’m not sure I want to give honey shampoo a try with that transition period. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I use all your methods for face skin care and LOVE them and I’m really trying to switch over my hair products as well. 🙂

    Thank you!

    • Hello Danielle!

      Why not try Morrocco Method’s Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel? Several of our staff are curly girls (from 2B to 4C!) and they find the Styling Gel not only helps with frizz, curl definition, and fly aways, but it helps condition their hair with aloe vera. Why not give it a try?

      -Katelyn of Morrocco Method

  35. Thank you so much for this info and coupon code! I have very thick and oily hair and boy have I had a time since switching out of using toxic shampoos. I’ve tried many methods, DIY recipes, and other non-toxic cleaners and my hair is so oily and greasy directly after washing it. There are 3 of their shampoos I’d like to try and the zen detox. When using the empowered10 discount code should it be giving free shipping as well? It’s taking off the 10% but still charging for shipping. Thought I’d check just in case it only needs to be fixed. Thank you!

  36. I would really love to buy some of this products! The shipping costs are unfortunately very expensive for me because I live in Holland 🙁 This is always holding me back but maybe I just have to go for it.
    Since a few months I no longer wash my hair (just with water). As my surprise my hair isn’t really greasy and I can go days without washing it. Still I’m not 100% happy with the results. I massage my scalp and brush my hair while I’m showering. This wet hair brushing damaged my hair but it’s necessary for taking the grease out. It isn’t greasy right now, but neither bouncy and sparkling clean, if you know what I mean 😀
    I liked to try this but I want something else for my hairs now. I will consider this products because they sound so good!
    Thank you for sharing all your natural living experiences. I really love everything you write about!

  37. Thanks so much for the info and the coupon code. I purchased the curly pack as well as a brush & a scalp massager. I’m transitioning from relaxed chemically treated hair to my natural curls and they had a lot of good info.

  38. I’m also trying to make a purchase (the ACV shampoo and Zen detox package and the Earth Essence shampoo to alternate) and the coupon code is working for the 10% off but not Free Shipping. Thanks so much for the discount and I’m excited to try these products! 🙂

    • Hello Jessica! (And everyone else having FREE SHIPPING ISSUES!)

      The coupon code works by adding the shipping cost to your discount. So you need to have your shipping option selected, and then the discount will include your shipping costs.

      I hope this clears things up for you!

      -Katelyn, MM Rep

      • Hi Katelyn! I love MM products! Been using them for about 4 months and am very happy with results!

        I’m very excited for this coupon, but I’m still not seeing how the shipping is free… I am placing a large order. Total before discounts/free shipping is $132.85 and total amount it says after discount that will be charged to my card is $119.56. So it is applying the 10% discount (thank you! 🙂 ), but the shipping is being added back..
        Here is what I’m seeing…






        I literally just copied and pasted that from my shopping cart on your website.
        So it is showing the 10% and the shipping discount in the -$25.16, but then just adding the shipping charge back in… Please help.


  39. Hi Lauren! My friend referred me to your blog after I had told her about the problems I am having with my hair. For about a year now I have been losing A LOT of hair. It is very very thin and I am freaking out about it. I am only 28 and so you can see why this is so upsetting for me. I do not know what to do because I thought at first when it began it may have to do with thyroid problems. However when I spoke to my naturopath and she sent me to get bloodwork done it came back normal. This was relieving and at the same time confusing. I have experienced a lot of fatigue, trouble sleeping, just feeling tired and having no energy often, my hair is falling out, I have experienced a lot of weight gain and other symptoms. Anyway, I was wondering if you knew anything about medications affecting hair loss? About a year ago I got on Sertraline, which is a generic for Zoloft because I had so much anxiety. I am wondering if that could be the reason I am experiencing hair loss… Can you tell me what else if anything you did to get your hair back to normal? I am desperate! lol. I am purchasing some shampoos, conditioner and the scalp massager today from MM. Hopefully that helps. Thanks so much! Cheers,

    • Hi Grace,

      I was just scrolling through, and your comment caught my eye. I was wondering if anyone has tested you for adrenal fatigue? Your symptoms may be caused by any number of things, of course, but if you’ve experienced a lot of stress/anxiety for a prolonged time or have a constant go-go-go kind of lifestyle this may be worth looking into. Also, I have also been experiencing excessive (for me) hair loss for almost a year now, and since my first wash with MM i have experienced very little (although i did lose a bunch during the first shower itself, this has lessened in subsequent showers). Of course, we’re all different, but that was an immediate difference that I noticed. Also, my hair feels stronger! Good luck to you! 🙂

    • Unfortunately you can do bloodwork for Thyroid issues and it will come back good. Apparently they have to do extensive testing if you are still having symptoms and regular thyroid tests come back good. Hope you have been able to get this cleared up since I’m noticing your comment was from two years ago. 🙂

  40. I’m interested in trying the shampoos you use, however, I’m a little concerned about the one that contains shale oil. Have you heard any conflicting information on the safety of this oil? Ewg has this shampoo listed as low on toxicity but that specific ingredient listed high.

  41. Thank you for all this great info! I just placed my first order! I have tried the no poo method and it fried my hair 🙁 Been looking for a long time for something else and I’m hoping this is it! Thank you for the coupon as well. It gave my 10% off although I still have to pay almost $10 in shipping 🙁 Crossing my fingers it’s worth it! 🙂

  42. Hi Lauren!

    Maybe I missed it, but I was wondering how often do you wash your hair with MM? And how long does it take before your bottle(s) is/are empty?
    Thanks in advance!

    Greetings, Maria

  43. Hi Lauren,

    Maybe I missed it, but I was wondering how often you wash your hair with MM? And how long does it take before your bottle(s) is/are empty?
    Thanks in advance!

    Greetings, Maria

      • Hi Lauren,

        Thanks for your response! This way I can estimate how often I would have to order (I’m not from the US, so high shipping costs). I’ve allready gone through the transition period, so now I want to see what MM can do for me! Thanks for your inspiring blog and success with your journey into health 🙂

  44. Hi, Lauren, I’m back again:-) I have held off highlighting my hair because, 1. Everyone says my blonde tresses are pretty as they are:-) , and 2. I’m a hippie at heart and don’t like the chemicals! So I was very interested to hear about the henna products. Question: when you highlight with henna, is the dye permanent or does it wash out eventually???

  45. Hello. thanks for all the info. I was recently diagnosed with MS and my hair has been falling out for years but with the new meds and steroids it is really falling out now! I just ordered MM but I found were some women were having success with using Jojoba oil in their hair and others who are using Caster oil on their hair at night. have you ever tried or heard of that being used for hair loss?
    Thanks again.

  46. Hey there! Have you tried soapnuts? I just heard about them and haven’t tried them yet, but a lot of no-poo gals really like them. They are the fruit of a tree that grows in India, and naturally has a ph of between 4 and 6.

  47. Hi Lauren,

    I’m trying this shampoo (got 5-pack), and I’m in my second week of “detoxing”. Hair feels dry at first, and then dull and sticky. Before this I’ve been using Moroccan Rhassoul clay, just mixed with water, with great results. I don’t use any hair products – occasionally organic hair spray. So why am I experiencing “detox”?


  48. Hey! I have been using MM products for a few weeks now since I bought the starter kit. I have always only washed my hair ever 2-3 days, even using standard shampoos, and alternate between wearing it curly with some sort of product (now I use MM’s gel) and blowdrying and straightening it. My hair seems significantly greasier than it has in the past and I feel like I have to use so much of the MM shampoo to get it clean or use a Hemp shampoo bar that is mostly natural (but something in it makes it sudsy). I understand that there is a transition period, but even after shampooing its still greasy. I have pretty long, fine, wavy hair… What method do you use to ensure you thoroughly clean your whole scalp and get all the grease out, especially after there has been product in it? I just feel like the MM shampoo doesn’t go very far and doesn’t cut the grease…

  49. Hi Lauren! I stumbled upon your website after researching “no poo” and was so intrigued by your review of Morocco Method (and the lovely discount) that I ordered many of the products as well as the scalp massager and bore bristle hairbrush. The products arrived yesterday and I am so excited to get started! I just did my first wash and am waiting for my hair to dry right now. Where are all these waves and curls coming from? wow!

  50. Hi Lauren,

    I love your website! I’ve been going no-poo for over a week now with your DIY honey shampoo and ACV rinse, but had to wash my hair every day…sigh. It’s still greasy and heavy so I’d love to try the Morrocco Method, but I live in The Netherlands. They don’t ship products to my country. And besides, that would be overexpensive for me, with all the extra fees, taxes, etc. Can you recommend anything else that you would use instead?


  51. Hi Lauren, thank you for the discount code! I went on to buy a few things, but the coupon isnt giving me free shipping. Do you know if this is a glitch? I’m a new customer.

  52. Hi there, great post! I followed the link to the website but couldn’t find the “zen detox ” shampoo anywhere! Is there an alternate name for it? I would love to try it but am having troubles finding it haha. Thanks!

  53. Thank you Lauren, for posting this and for the coupons. I just placed an order and the coupons helped me out a lot!! thankyou!!!

    Can’t wait to see what the red henna dye looks like in my hair 🙂

    I also got the acv shampoo, crystal mist conditioner, and zen detox! thank you again!

  54. I have used this for two weeks now. I am so happy with it. I haven’t had much transition besides a dry scalp but I’m not sure this isn’t due to general dryness I am experiencing right now. My hair has more volume and seems to lay better. I really have enjoyed getting to read your blog and love what I am learning. I have also started to use this on my daughter and her hair is shiny. I think she needs one of the cream rinses for detangling. Can’t wait to read more posts!

  55. I tried MM in the past, I also have hypothyroid. I liked that the ingredients were natural and vegan. I actually liked the way my hair looked and felt but it left my hair smelling horrible! My daughter and husband started calling me stinky! So I stopped using it …. then I started again several weeks later …..1 day into it my daughter said mom your hair stinks again. It left my hair smelling like an ashtray filled with black pepper. I have a brand new set of i think the 2 oz bottles that I cant or wont use, maybe I will hawk them on ebay. Since, I emailed the company and they didnt care at all …. they just said “no one else has ever had any issues with the smell, most people think it smells great” I didnt care for their customer service AT ALL. So, has anyone else ever noticed funky smelling hair after using it?

  56. Hi,
    I loved reading your review of the MM products. I have been using the MM shampoos and conditioners since October 2013 now. I just used the Dark Brown Henna for the first time last week and I am so happy with the results. I’ll be posting my review of the henna within the next two days (:
    MM products are definitely amazing!

  57. I will say the Zen Detox is a bit cheeky. I didn’t realize it was for hair, and went to look at it for my mom who is in chemo…. yeah, she has no need of a hair product right now! Once I caught on it gave me a laugh, but boy, they could stand to change some wording on there.

  58. Hi Lauren,

    I purchased the MM apple cider shampoo a few months ago to help my breakage and hair loss. I tried it once (just to see how I liked it) and it seemed great, although I learned that less is best. Now, I am ready to give it the full trial (without using other non-holistic products, but the last two times I used the shampoo it leaves my hair SO greasy; I even watered it down in a separate bottle. My hair is generally oily, but I’m not sure what’s going on. I put very little in, but it doesn’t wash out that well, so it makes it super oily, so when I go to shower the next day (and use MM) it doesn’t do anything, just feels and looks more dirty and oily than it did before took my shower. Any advice? Will my hair get used to it and should I just wait it out, or should I use baking soda and vinegar to break it up every so often (when its oil on oil)? Any opinions would help!!



  59. first got really drawn in by the high quality image and then your explanations really made it easy to understand.
    Your hair looks beautiful in your photos by the way. Nobody will notice that you have a thinning hair problem.
    How long has you been using this method and do you think it’s really working?

  60. Thank you Lauren for the discount. Just placed my third order since last fall. In November I bought their full size shampoo combo pack and am just now beginning to get low. I love the aroma, the softness and the chem free nature of MI’s products. The Diamond Mist is wonderful! My sister and I use it daily on our hair, spritzing our faces and as deodorant! The Zen Detox was an interesting experience. We did two applications a week apart and my sister had no issues. But each time I woke up with next morning with a migraine that lasted most of the day. So, while my hair had never felt so clean & soft I’m going to stay away from the Zen Detox…maybe it did it’s job a little too well on me! LOL

  61. I went all natural 2 years ago. I am always looking for new DIY homemade recipes to try. I love the Honey shampoo and have experimented with many different add ins. I am disappointed that you are no longing using natural DIY hair products. I went natural for the 2 obvious reasons, cost and not wanting chemicals in and on my body.
    I must be in a totally different cost/saving money bracket then most everyone on here. $29 a bottle..$2.42 an ounce..I would never be able to justify spending that kind of money on shampoo even if I had the money to blow.
    But I did come up with my own DIY Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Earth Essence Shampoo that I think is pretty similar and I love.

  62. I’m allergic to most shampoos on the market because they have soy products in them so I switched to the no poo method and my hair was not happy at all. I kept it up for 6 months before I found MM while doing a Google search bought some because it didn’t have any of the 75 hidden words for soy and tried it. I couldn’t brush my hair afterwards and my whole body broke out in hives again so now I have some expensive dust collectors under my bathroom sink. Guess its back to searching for me.

  63. I have been using MM products for over a month and am wondering if and when the “detox” period will ever end? My hair looks and feels dirty and oily all the time. I have played with frequency of shampooing, am rotating all 5, use the scalp massager and brush regularly. I am a biochemist, so I get the idea of build up, but I have extremely short hair, which was cut just prior to beginning the products, I do not use any styling products and only heat style about once a month. It seems hard to conceive that my hair could be in that bad of shape. From reading various reader posts, I wonder if, like many things, it just works better for some people than others. I did email their support team, but have not heard back. I can’t go much longer looking like this! 🙂

  64. I just ordered the starter kit so I can try them all and find my favorites. I have been searching for an all natural product that won’t irritate my sensitive skin and keep my hair healthy and am hoping this is it. Thanks for the coupon code, it covered shipping!

  65. hi lauren…

    a very inspiring read,ur story… i stumbled upon it whilst finding something for my thinning hair…i have been so sick and i was bed ridden for almost 2 months two yeras back and i feel that the aftermath is still hitting me hard…i have hip length hair,but the hair fall that i have, my scalp is visible now… everyone has been insistent on getting my hair chopped off to mid back length….due to the fall… i was feeling so low… i decided to take a plunge and go all natural. i have been all natural for the past 2 months now. i use soapnuts,gooseberries to wash my hair now…

    i come from india…we dont have the mm products readily available here. hope my diy stand my hair in good stead.

    yours is a truly inspiring story…

    may all be good with ye! and u can help us all,inspire and motivate us all in the journey of natural healing.

  66. Hi there! I just found your site thru a Facebook post on ’50 things you should be making yourself’ and I love your no heat hair care page. I also have fine, wavy hair and struggle with finding natural options that don’t leave it looking like a frizzy and limp. Like you, I find the best option it Epsom salts but they dried my hair out after 6 straight months of use so I tried buying more ‘natural’ gels but am still leery about the ingredients. Alas I am making Flaxseed gel again (preserving with glycerin). You never know what’s actually in a product unless you make it yourself, right? I was excited to hear about Morocco Method but was a little dismayed that they don’t disclose all their ingredients; many were vague: “crystals, plant proteins.” I recently stopped using Aubrey and Shea Moisture after finding out they used preservatives I wasn’t keen on (grapefruit extract (GSE) that is laced with toxic preservatives, and Japanese honeysuckle extract that is a natural paraben). Just a word to the wise in case you want to dig deeper into MM’s ingredients: ‘plant proteins’ could mean GSE after all.

  67. Hi Lauren,

    I just discovered your blog the other day and am very impressed/intrigued by what I’ve seen so far. I am only JUST starting to explore more natural options for skin and body care. I’ve been experimenting with the oil cleansing method for about 2 weeks now and am breaking out worse than I have in a decade. But I’m doing it because my skin had already been super bad lately and I figured something had to change. I’m trying to be patient but it sucks that doing something so good for your body has to have such bad immediate effects! Anyway, just wanted to thank you and this community for sharing your experiences, and I’m looking forward to learning more and hopefully going more and more natural!

  68. Hi. I’m researching on making my own shampoo and came across your blog. I have thinning problems so thought its high time i ditched commercial shampoos. Anyhow, i have a few questions/ thoughts regarding these MM products and am interested to know your views. For the henna products, to me they sound like they have chemicals and dyes in them. I’m from Pakistan, and we use henna all our lives for hair and for decorating hands and feet. henna comes from the leaves of the plant, and it ONLY produces reddish orange dye. if companies claim to make other colored henna, then they have added stuff (possibly chemical) to the actual henna. See this link for more info:
    My suggestion is, get henna powder and make your own henna. Add coffee powder to darken it. Or lemon juice to lighten it.
    Also, the ingredient list on the MM products is not convincing me. how are their products not rotting? its because they have a preservative in them. So what are they using to preserve their products?
    I can give a few tried and tested tips for hair loss problems. A- use castor oil regularly; this helps in stopping or reducing hair fall. heat it up a bit and apply as a hot oil treatment. use various oils mixed with it (coconut, olive, gooseberry – u can find in Pakistani/Indian stores- sweet almond, etc).
    B- use homemade hair masks regularly. one hair mask that might work for everyone: mix together one egg yolk (beat yolk thoroughly first), a few tbsps of castor oil, any other oil if desired (quantity depends on hair length), coconut cream (a tbsp or so) or just cream or yoghurt, a tbsp or so of honey, a few tsps of fresh cinnamon powder (honey and cinnamon when combined stop hair fall), and lastly, add gram flour (chickpea flour), just enough to make a thick paste. you dont want it so thick that it crumbles when you apply or so thin that its super runny. Just thick enough to easily apply on hair w/out it dripping. Wear a mask, keep on for a few hours. wash off (you might have to use a shampoo as there is oil in this mask – experiment and see.Gram flour is great for skin and hair. Google it. Women in Pakistan and india use it religiously.
    Also, in Pakistan women used to (some women still do) wash their hair with Reetha, Amla and Shikakai. These are awesome for hair….all the women in our family used to do this and from pictures i can see they had fab hair…my mother included….here are links to help you understand these better:

    Do let me know your thoughts on this…you can always email me. Toodles!

  69. I would love to feel this site is genuine but doubt set in initially when you said you haven’t used the morrocco method for a month yet but you simultaneously said you don’t use the zen detox more than once a month. Either you forgot, whatever. You are misleading and any fairly intelligent person should pick that up. Regardless of the quality of the morrocco method, you lost credibility

  70. Hi! I know the posts are quite old but I hope to get an answer. ..I’ve been using MM for nearly 2 months now and apart from the fact that my hair are more oily after I wash them than before, I have been loosing so many hair! ! I have really thin hair and these products made the situation so much worse!! Is it normal? Shouldn’t natural products help with it? I used honey, eggs and natural oils and never had any problems…I wonder if I should stick with the or give up…thanks!!

  71. Hey thanks for this great post! I found you in the maze of internet links somehow because I was drawn in by the honey shampoo method! I just used it, it’s great. .

    Do you know if the MM Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo will lighten my hair? I really do not want to alter my natural color in any major way. I have been doing No-Poo for over 6 months and had switched to lemon juice, and that was lightening my hair so I was worried. I’ve read that ACV also does that.

    Overall these products sound wonderful, thank you so much for this, I can’t wait to try 🙂

  72. I’m very interested in these shampoos as I’ve been struggling with the increased labor involved with/overall effectiveness of DIY hair remedies. I’m going through a bit of a detox period and that zen detox is very tempting. I just have a couple questions that I didn’t find an answer to on their website, but thought you might have some insight.

    First, what is the shelf life of these products? I was thinking of buying the package of all the shampoos then thought of this. That is a concern with truly natural products and I’m assuming since these are raw, even more so. Do they have a method of preservation? None of the ingredients jumped out at me as promoting preservation but I’m no expert.

    Second, I was wondering your thoughts on the sulfonated shale oil in one of their shampoos. I’m weary of a simple change in the oil of origin of a sulfate in natural products, seeing as this didn’t do me much good when everyone claiming to have to most natural products simply replaced more dangerous sulfates with coconut-derived ones (more safe maybe, but still drying). This seems to be the only shampoo they have with a sulfate but you referenced it as one of your favorites so I was just wondering if you had any further information regarding this.

    Thank you for your article, very informative!

  73. How often should I shampoo my hair when I start using the MM? Daily? Weekly?
    A lot of commenters seem to not need to shampoo as frequently once they got out of detox, but I’m not sure if I should START that way too, or I should work my way up to it.
    I’m really at a loss here, so I’d REALLY appreciate it if you could help me out!! 🙂

  74. I lasted 4 weeks without shampoo and my hair was so flaky and greasy I gave the Heavenly Chi Shampoo a go for two months. My hair continued to be flaky and greasy. This shampoo isn’t for me, but I have most of the bottle left! I would love to give it to someone who likes this. I’m in Colorado Springs.

  75. Shielo is my new holy grail shampoo! It leaves my chemically treated hair very clean, very moisturized, fuller looking and softer feeling, no matter which conditioner I pair it with. I use the Shielo Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner and I seem to get fuller and healthier looking hair with each and every use. It’s the best shampoo I have ever used. In addition, it’s sulfate free.

  76. Hi Lauren,

    I wonder if you can help me out. I have been using Morocco Method exclusively for 5, almost 6 months. I use the Zen Detox, red henna, and brush and brush. My hair looks and feels terrible still. I’ve contacted MM and get responses like, brush less, use less shampoo, use zen detox. Nothing seems to help. Now I am having a terrible time with static. Maybe you can give me better help. I’m almost ready to give up.

  77. Hi,
    I’m so glad MiM worked for you. I followed all their recommendations, got all the shampoos and rotated them as recommended, got the sprays (both of them) and after a year of using them, realized that I wasn’t that thrilled. My hair seemed dry and brittle, it was NOT in any way shape or size smooth and silky, the conditioners seemed to coat my hair and didn’t make it smoother or anything. Even the face scrub leaves what feels like a film on my face. I feel I gave them a fair shot but MiM is NOT for me. Now I’m not wanting to rain on anyone’s parade and I’m so glad that the products work for so many people. I just wanted to make it known that it doesn’t work for everyone, so if “you’ are one for whom it doesn’t, don’t feel bad, you aren’t alone. The search continues…

  78. Hi Lauren,

    You mentioned you rotate between the pine shale and the acv shampoos – are they the ones you found most effective for hair loss? My partner has thinning hair and we were looking at these shampoos – but we don’t have the budget to buy the whole set right now…do you have any advice on which to choose? Many thanks! X

  79. I have wavy, damaged hair that is very puffy, frizzy, and dry. I also have A LOT of hair, which doesn’t help with the puffiness. I used the Shielo Hydrate Conditioner last night and it smells AMAZING. I also love love love how it is cruelty free and sulfate free.

    While my hair was drying, I put some of the Shielo Oil on my ends. I woke up this morning and saw a huge difference. My hair is definitely less puffy, shinier, and feels so so so soft.

  80. hi Lauren!

    I would like to share with you some products that are all natural, non-GMO. Have you heard of It Works!? We have a product, Hair, Skin and Nails, that helps with thinning/hair loss tremendously! Please feel free to check out my website or email me with any questions! I love our products because they are made from botanical herbs and not harsh chemicals.

  81. These look like awesome products, but ouch those prices! When you were experimenting with various no poo options, did you try yucca root? It’s a lot more affordable. I thought I could just put the powder in my hair but apparently I’m bad at rinsing and I shouldn’t do that… It’s better to infuse some yucca root powder in a small bag in hot water then use the infusion to wash my hair with.

    The best thing about yucca root is the pH is perfect! it matches human sebum, slightly acidic.


  82. Hi i am from the uk and this is expensive/ hard to get hold of! are there any uk brands you recommend? i’ve seen a few: faith in nature, weleda and green people but i am not sure if they are completely natural!
    my hair is so so damaged from bleaching etc and i have recently started washing it less – i only wash it once a week now but i want to come completely off the chemical shampoo to see if it improves and strengthens my hair! I have highlighted blonde hair which i will continue to get highlighted every couple of months and my hairdresser does it carefully so that the damage is minimal but she will use a normal shampoo, will this mean i will go through a transition period every time i get my hair coloured?

  83. Hi Lauren,

    Thanks for this post! I’ve just started transitioning over to a more natural hair care routine. When I was a little girl, I had extremely thick hair with thick strands that were long and curly. Unfortunately 26 years of harsh shampoos have left my hair sometimes limp, sometimes wavy and not nearly as thick. I’ve recently seen much more hair loss than I am comfortable with. Until about 3 months ago I was using Head and Shoulders to keep my intense dandruff at bay. Anytime I transitioned to anything else for more than 3 washes the dandruff would come back.

    Right now I’m switching between Uncle Harry’s Tea Tree Shampoo and John Masters Spearmint and Meadowsweet stimulating shampoo in an attempt to wean myself off of the typical chemical dandruff shampoos. I’ve added some argan oil to the tea tree shampoo and massage in some coconut oil before I shampoo. I find that the shampoos alone leave my scalp noticeably flaky and if I condition, my hair gets greasy quickly. After about 3/4 weeks with my current routine my scalp is in total disarray (super dry and flaky, itchy with oily hair) and my hair is kinky, frizzy and oily. It seems to be getting better with far less itch, but I’ve never really been interested in the baking soda ACV method, and have tried other natural dandruff shampoos and conditioners with no luck.

    I read that you tried no poo and then honey shampoo / ACV for a while. Do you think your hair would have been ready for the Morocco Method without first transitioning to no poo? Did you have a transition period when you tried the Morocco Method?

    Thanks so much!

  84. These shampoos look great! I also found your recipe for the homemade honey shampoo. I have thick, wavy longish hair & I’m suffering from the WORST dandruff! I currently use a natural tea tree shampoo & have been sulphate free for a while. I’ve tried all the natural dandruff cures- if I were to choose one of these Moroccan shampoos to start with- which do you think might work best for dandruff? Do you think there’s any benefit to trying the homemade honey shampoo (for dandruff?) I love my hair (dark, otherwise healthy… ) But I’m at my wits end with this itchy, embarrassing problem. Thanks & help!!

  85. Hi Lauren,
    I found your blog about the Moroccan method and loved your thorough explanation so I ordered the sample kit. I just washed my hair with the apple. Cider vinegar shampoo.
    I have a question. should I buy all five. I see you mention you use only two and the detox one.
    For some reason I thought the whole method was based in using all the elements.

    Please let me know before I invest so much money in all five
    I trust your expertice

  86. I looked at the ingredients in all the morocco shampoos and I am wondering, since water is the number one ingredient, what are they using to deter bacteria growth? I avoid liquid shampoos as a rule because they require preservatives to maintain the safety of the product when water is present. There also is not a emulsifying agent listed and i am not sure how they get the oils and water to blend together without separating. What am I missing? Id LOVE to find a liquid that is free of the harsh chemicals but with water and oils they are necessary. Can you explain how Moroccco has figured it out?

  87. Thanks for the information. I have been tinkering with the no-poo method for the last couple of years. I gave in these last 6 months and bought some sulfate free shampoo but haven’t been happy with that either. I found your blog today and checked out the Morocco hair products. I’ll see what that does. I appreciate the coupon. .

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  89. Quick question. You talk about alternating the shampoos and then using the detox once a month. You say the detox strips the residue off your hair and scalp. Does that residue come from using the shampoo? Or just your natural oils? Thanks !

  90. I stopped using regular shampoo back in October of 2014 and started using MM roughly November/December. My hair has always been overly greasy, but with using MM not only is it still greasy and stringy now, but it’s so waxy and sticky! I can hardly even brush it because I can’t get the brush through. I’ve also been dealing with a lot of hair loss due to hypothyroid etc and have changed my diet, adding supplements etc. but even after several months, my hair still hasn’t made it through a transition period…I’ve used the zen detox once (the small sample that came in the trial package), but it’s still sooo greasy and now I have horrible dandruff! The strange thing is that I stopped using the MM products and made your honey shampoo to try and my hair wasn’t waxy, sticky or stringy after that. So what’s going on? Does my hair just not like MM? Or do I still need to detox it further? It’s very frustrating. 🙁

  91. I am trying to figure out if this hair treatment or set of products helps with itchy scalp and dandruff issues. I cannot find any FAQs any where on the site (even though there is a page that says some are “down below”.
    But it does not look like anyone answers on this blog anymore either — it is a long while ago that responses seem to appear.

    So without any information on whether this hair product line helps with dandruff and scalp skin issues, I guess I need to keep looking….

  92. Hi!
    Ive been using your honey shampoo recipe, and im just now getting over the super greasy stage but the rest of my hair is SO dry and frizzy. I still have to wear it up everyday cuz its such a mess. Im wondering if that will ge. Better as well, or if i should stick with it longer, or try out this Morocco stuff. It Sounds awesome! I jist dont want to give up too quickly. Haha

  93. Hi, I stumbled across your page because I had heard such positive reviews about the no-poo method until I read how bad baking soda is for your hair, I would love to spend the money on these MM products if they are as wonderful as you’re saying, but I have a few questions/concerns:
    1. Have you noticed your hair growing faster with using the shampoos?
    2. Can you wash your hair less or do you notice it doesn’t get oily as quickly?
    3. I have thin hair, this kinda is my reasoning behind question 2 but do you notice your hair being fuller?
    4. Has your hair got thicker since using these products?

    Thank you!

  94. Thank you so much for this post. I could literally cry. I have been struggling for YEARS trying to find shampoo that works for me. I went through some of the same issues as a teen, except with dandruff. It was and still is very embarrassing to always have flakes everywhere. I have tried everything. All those so-called “natural” shampoos that contain bad ingredients, and everything homemade under the sun with very little (or short lasting) luck. I am going to order this brand immediately, and I thank you so much! Very optimistic, and I will update on how I like it later 🙂 I’m loving your blog, been stuck on it for a few days now. Subscribing 🙂

  95. Hi=) what to do with my bleached hair?? i went to the hairdresser about 6-7 months ago, to be a hairmodell for a show…she bleached my hair twice, and the results where so bad i couldnt join the hairshow. I have been struggeling with this horrible tangled knots in my hair ever since. Supricingly enough it is the hair in my roots and 7-12 cm from the roots wich is the biggest problem, the lenghts are easier to mantain tangle free. I can use up to 2 hours brushing the knots out of my hair, and still the night after i allmoust have dreads!! and i dont want to keep on brushing my hair like that every night, not only because of the timeconsume but also beacause of the major hairloss:( its so damaged! what to do? i use coconut oil, castor oil packs everytime i wash my hair, is there any other tricks? other oils, es.oils? please help, im finaly at the hairlenght i want, but its getting thinner and thinner, and it looks like a mess! gratefull for any help ppl :))) love and light (:

  96. Hello Lauren,

    My name is Hania Dernaika and am sending you a message alllll the way from Lebanon, i am sure I’m your first from such a tiny country, i have recently been following your journey to a healthier life style and i am embarking a healthier life myself slowly but surly …. so regarding my hair well its been a struggle for me since ages and am looking forward to trying this product on my hair BUT the thing is do you ship to Cyprus??? and i said Cyprus cause i have a house there and i usually send stuff there cause shipping to our country is a nightmare, so before starting to talk about my hairs condition, maybe you can answer to my question, hope to hear from you very soon and mean while i am learning every day something new from your site , keep them coming , have a great day ….

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