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  1. Love everything! This post has helped me so much because my daughter is going to college and would like to created a good environment too. Please let me know the type of sheets and blankets you have. Would help tremendously. Thank you!

  2. It looks like you’re doing beautifully in your new home, Lauren! A big congratulations from a gal whom just went back to life as a full time student herself. (I’m a student in the NTP program in conjunction with a master’s in human nutrition program!) Best wishes to you! xoxo

  3. Well this is some dorm room! Wouldn’t want to see the monthly price tag for this :D.

    The EMF sounds interesting. I never thought it would be possible for normal people to effectively shield themselves. I will definitely checkout the bed shield in more detail. Also the EMF themselves. I read your linked EMF article, but I also have to say I was always very skeptical about this for two reasons:

    1) EMF is an external influence. The body is known to be extraordinarily effective at protecting itself against non-digestive poisoning (when you are otherwise healthy at least).
    2) The statement “This has been shown to cause serious health issues ranging from diabetes to cancer.” is also suspicious for me, since it seems very difficult in this world to make out EMF as cancer cause, especially since cancer itself needs a lot of other preconditions except the environmental trigger to become clinical (e.g. the body has thousands of cancer cells all time). I will be curious to read how they make their case.

    But in the end its another health thing that certainly can not hurt you :).

    I am still thinking if it would be feasible to just use this stuff as wallpaper, this should basically block all incoming EMFs from entering your room at all. and you could wrap all cables and emitter in it too and simply shutdown power for all free standing devices at night?!

    • It’s a privilege to live on this campus (and any college campus, for that matter) and I’m making some big compromises elsewhere in my budget but it is so worth it… especially because I don’t need to commute every day!

      Here are some resources where you can find more information on the health consequences of EMF exposure: the Zapped Book and The Bioinitiative Report. The human body is very adaptable but only capable of withstanding so much stress. And chronic electropollution exposure is a stress that our bodies have not evolved to handle since it is recently introduced into our environment.

    • EMF definitely has harmful effects on the body. I know from personal experience. If you have chronic health issues and a compromised immune system than it is even more important to take steps to minimize your exposure.

    • They do different things and it does depend on the individual. EMF-blocking curtains don’t block all EMFs, but they can be great when combined with other types of EMF mitigation such as anti-EMF paint. The Q-Link works internally and helps the body respond to stress, but it doesn’t block EMFs.

  4. Lauren, this is great! Congratulations on this exciting new chapter! I am happy to be off-campus this year, but I live in a small apartment with other people, so it not too different! How have your routines changed now that you are on-campus?

  5. The campus and dorms look gorgeous! I love the ocean and swimming, so I had my sights set on the Bastyr campus in San Diego, but… ah man, the Seattle campus looks amazing, too!

  6. Beautiful bedroom!
    Lauren it would be also nice to see your daily menu during the school year! I just started university and sometimes schedule gets a little crazy + it’s not that easy to eat something fast on AIP – so it would be nice to see how you manage with that – do you snack, how often do you eat, what etc.

  7. I suspect you should be TEACHING there as much as studying there… but, I guess you have to do the one to get to the other! Congrats. Your story is so inspiring.

    I wanted to suggest another desk option that allows both sitting and standing, and would work for a dorm because it also can be used on a built-in desk. It’s a little more pricey, but it gives you the quality and functionality of a full sit-stand desk without the $1000 price tag.

    I recommend this to all my clients! Match this with a saddle chair for the times you need to sit and give your feet a break, and you are improving blood circulation and posture all at once. I can tell a difference in my levels of energy and clarity of thought while using.

    I’ve had my Ergotron for a year, multiple ups and downs per day, and it’s still like new. Very high quality, solid manufacturing.

    The cheapest QUALITY sit-stand desk option I’ve found:

    Saddle chairs open the angle in your hips and help prevent “some” of the sitting disease problems, although obviously standing is much better. Not everybody can stand all day without some serious training, and this is a good chair option. There are much more expensive ones, $700+, but this one will do the trick for most folks looking for an ergonomic chair option.

    The cheapest saddle chair I have found that works:

  8. Hi Lauren and welcome to the Seattle area, great school and wonderful weather, at least for today. 🙂
    For those who are doubting EMF’s a good book to read by Samuel Milham, M.D., M.P.H, should help convince you that these are indeed harmful. With that said, it is just like food, some folks can’t eat certain foods and others have no problem. Some folks are bothered by EMF’s and others not so much. At the end of the day we all get to pick and choose our battles. Be it EMF’s, food, organic clothing, etc, it is our choice to tackle these issues or not. Thanks for the great article and keep us posted on how things are going.

  9. Im so happy for you Lauren! I have been eyeing Bastyr for several years now….. Just not sure I can afford it 🙁 I just missed the deadline for the NTP program at Seattle Central, so eyeing the winter program in Bend, OR!
    I live 2 hrs north of Seattle too, in Mt. Vernon, so I am thinking you either grew up in the “Valley” or in Bellingham! Welcome back to the beautiful NW!
    Love your posts….. Good luck on your new endeavor (Nutrition program)?

  10. Dear Lauren,
    Thank you very much for this post! As a college student myself, I find it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle at times in a dorm and it can even appear almost laughable to fellow colleagues, but this post is so practical and realistic for college living! Thanks again and I truly wish you the best in your college endeavors. 🙂

  11. I’ve just discovered your website, and I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for all of your amazing and informative posts. Your blog has inspired me to think about wellness much more holistically.

  12. lauren,

    This is a perfect next step on your journey. It must feel great to find such a beautiful new home.

    I would just caution about promoting the big box stores. Supporting local merchants is usually a better way to go. Of course you know to avoid PVC products and other not so good for you stuff that fills the shelves of many big box stores.

    Best of luck and continue giving your gift to the world!

  13. Hey, I was looking at the Morrocco Method, and one thing you mentioned about other natural shampoos is that they contain the problematic ingredient silicon, which makes your scalp and hair plasticy. However, the MM Sea Essence shampoo boasts about the silicon content saying it makes your hair shiny.
    How is their silicon different from those found in other natural shampoos?

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