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  1. I can buy RealSalt in bulk at my local natural grocery store for $1.99/lb.
    Could you clarify….RealSalt is not the same as himalayan salt? Is it not as good??
    I was buying it as an alternative to the Celtic Sea Salt b/c it was so much less expensive.
    What do you think of the Celtic SS?
    Thanks for your help.

    • I think Real Salt is a wonderful option, particularly because it is so affordable. I’ve worked with Real Salt before and it is a wonderful family-run company with awesome people. Comparing the two salts, Real Salt contains 60 trace minerals and Himalayan salt contains 84. These extra 24 trace minerals are important. Himalayan salt also makes superior sole because of the ionic and crystalline energetic properties of the salt. In my kitchen, I use both Real Salt and Himalayan Salt to get the mineral profiles from both salts!

      I no longer use any type of sea salt, the oceans are just becoming so polluted. Himalayan Salt and Real Salt are from ancient (250,000+ years ago) sea beds and so are free of modern ocean contaminants.

      • I’ve been in the market for, if nothing else, a SAFE table salt for my family. After doing allot of research, I came up with the SAME 3 brands that you listed! They are all great!

        Real Salt here in the USA, you can’t go wrong! However, I heard that their product is “gritty”. I called them and they sent me a sample! Their product is fantastic! (and not “gritty”)

        I contacted Himalasalt and was receiving emails directly from Melissa giving me every detail of where their salt is mined and how meticulously it is processed! They have nothing to hide!

        HOWEVER, I was concerned about one detail!!!!

        All of their products are packaged in Plastic!!! Real Salt in polyethylene (#1 PET). and Himalasalt in polypropylene (#5 PP).

        Will the plastics leach into the salt?

        I would pay extra if they were packaged in glass containers!

      • Y’all are ridiculously uneducated. AMONG THOSE 86 trace minerals in Himalayan pink salt are: radium, thallium, uranium and plutonium. I would prefer NOT to have radioactive substances in my salt.

      • Dear All,
        This is good discussion about Sodium Chloride (Salt). Pakistan is the largest source of natural Rock Salt pink and read which has got more minerals source. There is belt of mines in Pakistan controlled by the government of Pakistan. We are exporting throughout the world.
        Shabbir H. Bokhari

  2. I used himalayan salt for years until recently I read several articles about the pink colour comes from inorganic iron (iron oxide) with is toxic to the body (ray peat). what do you say about that?

  3. Hi Lauren! Thanks for the informative post!! You work so hard to bring us good info!

    I had a question about Himalayan salt – I had read on a Facebook GAPS group that Himalayan salt might have contaminants in it . . . we use Redmond’s but I’ve read about the benefits of sole with Himalayan salt. Have you read anything about contamination (arsenic, etc.?).

    Thanks and blessings!

  4. Hi Lauren, Thank you so much for your very informative information. I want to try Sole for a condition i have called Meibomian Gland Disorder (MGD). It is where your eyelids are clogged and don’t allow the natural oil out that lubricates your eye balls. It results in major dry eyes, blepharitis and it’s very uncomfortable. Basically, you have a bacteria similar to acne and one of the treatments is to take tetracyline for 3 months! Which i won’t do…. I know you cannot give medical advice, but I was wondering in your research if you’ve come across this disorder and have a suggestion. I have tried numerous things with no relief. I’ve upped my EFA’s, tried coconut oil, castor oil in my eyes, drops of all sorts. Also thought I might have allergies, but tested negative on al the tests. Thanks again. I love your blog!

    • Hi Maura Mark,

      I accidentally stumbled across your comment. I just wanted to let you know that there’s a young lady with a chronic case of blepharitis, and she simply made her own “probiotic” eye drops which has improved her condition! I don’t think they sell this anywhere, so you will have to make your own. And there were studies done on probiotics in the eyes with great results! Here is the link to the forum where the young lady left her comment & instructions on how she made her own probiotic eye drops. I wish you all the best with your eyes!
      Here is link (copy & paste to browser),Probiotic/?pix=0

    • My commended that I take 3000grams of omega 3 fish oil from PRN for my dry eyes and tow low down macular degeneration along with Preservision AREDS 2. After a month, I not only experienced relief forum dry eyes, but also saw a dramatic improvement in my chronic dry skin and extemporaneous. PRN is formulated to be odorless and highly absorbable by the body. We are using our first Himalayan salt lamp we found on sale at Tuesday Morning.

  5. Hi Lauren,
    I was using Himalayan salt but my naturopath has me switch to Celtic SS saying that for my colitis it had better health benefits. What is your thought on the two salts and would a Celtic salt sole be beneficial? I’m new to all this!

      • i would be cautious with the use of any open flame:
        1. it requires oxygen and expels carbon dioxide;
        2. it generates carbon which we are trying to eliminate from our atmosphere,
        you will recognize as black streaks and blotches in the area of the flame;
        3. if any combustible item should get too close, a fire could result;
        4. would the deposits on the salt affect its efficacy, artificially reduce its effectiveness?
        5. the wax properties may vary between candles, but would no doubt contribute other
        chemicals to the surrounding air, over and above the carbon issue identified in 2.

        I think someone who is qualified might want to discuss this and confirm or refute these and any other questions that might arise concerning the use of open flame in salt lamps.

      • My first attempt was rejected on the basis that I had submitted the same material before, is it totally lost? Unless I accidentally tried to submit before I was finished, but doubt this and in any event it would have been incomplete and without any ID? Very strange…

        I was concerned about the use of an open flame near anything combustible;
        the introduction of carbon into the air and onto the salt;
        wax properties and impurities introduced into the air, and onto the salt;
        reduction of oxygen and increase of carbon dioxide.

          • Hi Brian,
            You are quite correct in believing that the naked flame will set alight to any combustible material that it comes into contact with. So one needs to be careful and not have it on the window sill next to the curtains or where it could be easily knocked over by a pet. As for the CO2 emissions, again, correct. There is nothing that you can do about this, though. However, I doubt that one candle will make much difference to climate change.
            As for the carbon deposits on the candle itself. Now, if you believe in the purifying properties of the crystals then I could imagine that it does make a difference. Do the toxins/bacteria etc not have to come into contact with the pink crystal?? I would imagine so. Then, I would wipe the crystals one a week with a damp cloth.
            Concerning your final point about toxic chemicals being emitted by the candle other than CO2: if you believe that the crystal is absorbing impurities already in the air, simply start believing that the crystal is also absorbing these extra toxins from the candle.
            I hope that this has been of some help and was not too long.

  6. I am anemic right now and trying everything to get my health back on track the “clean and natural” way. Hope this helps – makes sense to do even if it doesn’t help anemia. Looking forward to helping with balancing hormones too.
    Thanks for all your interesting posts. I love them all!!

    • For anemia the best thing i have found is Laktoferrin / Lactoferrin. It will take the iron from where ever it is being stored and not used and put it to where it should be. I have parasites and they use the iron to build their biofilms. The lactoferrin works everytime i become anemic. You can also take seasame seed oil or seeds and anything that you eat with iron in it take with Vit C to drive the iron into blood cells. Taking iron supplements usually doesnt work. Spirulina with Vit C is also great.

  7. I wonder if you drink RO water could you put a teaspoon or tablespoon of this into it to remineralise – I usually put a pinch of Himalayan salt into it – would it be the same thing or better?

  8. I have 2 questions about using the salt in baths:
    1: Won’t the salt dry out the skin?
    and 2: Can I still add essential oils to the bath water? Or whatever else goes in baths?

    • Hi there,
      Sitting in salt water will dry out the skin. It’s called osmosis. The water will move from dilute environment to concentrated environment. The more concentrated the salt bath, the faster the water will leave your body.
      A salt bath is supposed to be helpful if you have certain skin conditions. You can use any salt. Use a cheap one!

      • It’s all very well suggesting using a cheap alternative, but some of them are not millions of years old and some have been warmed up, which destroys the minerals. One of the advantages of Pink is that it’s very old, which means it’s good. As far as skin conditions go, it’s perfect, if you’ve a skin condition, bathe in Pink, seriously it’s gonna work. It’s also anti-bacterial. When is that last time that your salt ‘went off’? The answer is very simple, it never did, because just like penicillin, Pink Salt has anti-microbial properties. Now, tell me that isn’t good for your skin!!!

  9. Hi Lauren,

    thank you for the detailed post on himalayan salt.
    I’ll be making the sole and here is my question – since I’m oilpulling first thing in the morning, followed by drinking two cups of warm water + the juice of one lemon, where does the salt sole fit?
    What should be the sequence?

    • ha, ha, I was typing out the exact same question when I looked up and saw your post! I will be waiting to see what she says. I wonder if the sole would ruin the taste of my lemon water? Or if there is some weird reason you cannot mix the sole and lemon water.

    • I’m no expert, but as salt makes metal go rusty, I would have to suggest you discuss this with a doctor. Himalayan Pink and Moroccan black have high levels of impurities, which are great for those in their prime and those with mineral deficiencies, but clearly there must be risk for those with metal implants or fillings. As an aside, best to avoid classic amalgum and pay extra for white fillings so they don’t go rusty. Always remember that ‘a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing’ (as is the internet at times) and do your own homework.

    • Despite conventional wisdom, salt doesnt raise blood pressure, and removing significant amounts of sodium from the diet barely knocks 1 point off your bp for hypertensive individuals. However, sodium is very important for electrolyte balance, if you eat a whole food diet with no grains your not getting much in your food. The average person can tolerate and is beneficial to consume much more than current recommended limits.

      • I think I get that Brandi and couldn’t agree more, ignore the ‘knockers’ and let’s get on with what’s really important here. People should certainly be eating a lot more of salt in their diets. Despite all the bad press about fast food and ready meals, from my point of view, as long they use a lot of Himalayan Pink salt and not the cheap alternatives (which are rich in purified sodium chloride) such as so called ‘table salt’, it’s not going to do any damage to your heart, blood pressure, kidney’s, diabetes or vision (as long as your kidney’s are working well and are getting rid of any excess).

    • Hi Jane,
      Yes it does raise your blood pressure. Anything containing sodium does.
      Sodium chloride in any form does brighten up a meal but, as with anything, take in moderation
      I hope that this helps

  10. Hi Lauren –
    Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge!
    I am a daily visitor to your site and have learned a lot.
    Yesterday I used your recipe to make sole. I currently drink a glass of water with lemon & raw ACV in the mornings – what is your opinion on adding a tsp of sole to the lemon/acv water? Am I better off replacing the lemon/acv water with just the sole in the morning?
    Thank you!!

  11. Hi Lauren – I am fairly new to your site but have really enjoyed it so far and I’ve signed up for email updates. I have just read all of your salt articles back to back and think they’re great – I have always been a huge fan of salt and am forever telling people not to cut down, the opposite in fact but just to choose better! At first I didn’t know how I knew that it’s vitally important and beneficial for us, it was just like knowing to breathe but since then I have attended salt workshops and researched more – although I think I still know less than you. It’s fantastic to encounter a fellow salt enthusiast!

    Best wishes from London, Francesca

  12. I would think that with each element having differing atomic weights the only minerals you would be spooning out would be the ones that are the least dense by weight. The rest simply will simply settle downward.

    • Hi ICU,
      You are correct in believing that all minerals, and all atoms in fact, have different atomic weights.
      But in solution (gas or liquids) the various atoms are all jumbled up regardless of weight, through a process called Brownian Motion.
      So a scoop of the liquid with give a good mix of all atoms present (mainly sodium and chloride ions)

  13. Can you please tell me the source of information for the “84 trace minerals vital for wellbeing”? I cannot find a lab study anywhere. Surely this must have been tested in a lab at some point for this information to be accurate, right? Can you please share where you got this information? Thank you very much!

      • thanks maybe this link could be added to the article where the update is?
        I now see now additional health benefits from purchasing oer-priced Himalayan salt when Celtic or Real will do just as well, very enlightening
        I am really enjoying your article on 70 ways to be a hippie, it’s been quite challenging.
        I have also discovered that I have ‘almost’ accidentally been following the AIP diet, with the exception of eggs & very occasional dairy (although my rumbly stomach soon lets me know I have sinned!)
        thanks for your postings

      • I what is your take on an earlier post about it containing uranium plutonium and being toxic to your body? Also one earlier post about not using celtic sea salt because of how polluted our oceans are?

      • Hi Lauren,
        Thank you for the link.
        I was perturbed to read this paragraph, in the link:
        “He gave one example to illustrate this. Peaches contain a small amount of natural fluoride. In this state – in the synergistic aspects of the whole peach – the fluoride isn’t harmful. But the isolated fluoride added to water is harmful, because Mother Nature didn’t intend for us to drink fluoridated water. The same goes with the salts: each unrefined salt is a complete and synergistic package as Mother Nature intended.”

        Now, all fluoride is natural. The body does not recognise whether the fluoride has come from water, peaches or toothpaste. Also, fluoride is not toxic. It is very similar to chloride (as in sodium chloride in salt). All it will do is strengthen your tooth enamel.
        Am I correct? Do you advise people not to use fluoride toothpastes??
        Kind regards

  14. Makes me wonder if these people even go out in public, I mean its like – oh my god I might catch something and die! Really? You people just believe what the hell you want and that’s it. You said one thing and Darryl said another. “Why is it important to avoid using metal utensils or a metal lid? According to my friend Darryl, who works at Real Salt:” Hell, if ya read the comment good old Darryl said in his owne damn words that it’s OK to use metal utensils.

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  16. I don’t understand what you are taking in when you are ingesting the sole. so you mix salt and water and let it sit and then use a teaspoon for what? mix the salt up and scoop from the bottom or top? you are ingesting salt and water or basically just very salty water (so no actual salt grains on it?)

    and when you say “use a glass jar” how big?

  17. sorry I see that you say mix the teaspoon full into one glass of water but I still need clarification on what is in that teaspoon. thanks so much! (I use real salt for everything, love living in utah!)

  18. hi…

    i like himalayan sole and drink it first thing in the morning…but 2 weeks ago i got diagnosed with hashimoto’s disesase…i was wondering if you have any info about usage of himalayan sole in hashimoto’s disease

  19. well now I’m more confused than ever! At the top of the page you said:
    UPDATE: As it turns out, Real Salt, Celtic Salt, and Himalayan Salt share the same number and type of minerals. The “84 minerals” in himalayan salt is an unsupported claim. I had the opportunity to speak with a salt expert and I shared how unrefined salts compare, as well as concerns about contaminants in the salt.
    Now in the comments you are saying REAL salt has 60 trace minerals, and Himalayan salt has 84 which seems extremely contradictory to me

  20. I’m very interested in trying Sole. But I have to warn against the salt baths. I added 1 cup of deep sea salt to my bath one time and ended up giving myself horrible burns – it was worse than the worst sunburn I’d ever have. My skin literally came off in shreds. Disgusting and pretty dangerous. I was in pain for over a week.

    • Hi,
      Sorry to hear about your incident.
      Salt cannot burn you (unless it is molten salt at 1000 degrees!)
      I would guess that either the water was too hot and it burnt you or there was something else in these salts that caused an allergic reaction with your skin.
      Kind regards

  21. My husband has been using the Sole for about 2 1/2 weeks and has had continual severe headaches and his food tastes terrible now, really anything he eats tastes bad. He’s noticed that his arthritis is a bit better but is wondering what’s worse; the hit and miss stiffness of the joints or headaches and unenjoyable meals. Have you had anyone else say they’ve had such negative side affects?

  22. Hey, thanks for this interesting article on Himalayan salt, especially on the salt sole creation. I always thought that dissolving 1 tsp of hima salt in a cup and drinking it will suffice. Looks like creating salt sole will “drain” out the mineral ions from the hima salt, which is a really good technique!

    I just curious why Himalayan salt is pink in colour though…there’s an article which states that Himalayan salt is actually pink due to high iron (Fe 3+ ions) concentration. If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be bad to drink too much concentrated salt solution? I’m not sure what these iron ions can do to the body. You can find the article here:

    Apart from that, I really like the Himalayan salt lamps in your post. They look really appealing and I’ll probably consider getting them for my home.

  23. I would like to know how to use Himalayan pink salt and Mediterranean sea salt as a replacement for regular salt. If used in a recipe for hamburgers, will it melt into the meat or stay whole? Does it have to be ground?

  24. Hi Lauren,

    I just wanted to sincerely thank you for this Excellent article. It was clear, easy to understand and informative and an interesting read for me on this subject. I am one of those who was under the impression that all salts are an absolute no because my body tends to retain water and fluctuate my weight often.

    I was promoted to read your article as I started researching this salt solely because I found Kale chips at our local Whole Foods and have been terrified as to how it would after my weight since the majority of them are made well but with Pink Himalayan Salt added.

    Thank you so much for this helpful info on Pink Himalayan and Real salts. I will use this information to help my family too.

    NJ, USA

  25. I put Himalayan salt in water throughout the day, in addition to the morning sole, to help hydration. I’ve heard that salt water/ sole can erode tooth enamel, but some say it strengthens it.

    Any ideas or resources? Thank you!

  26. Your article was wonderful and very informative! Thank you! My next step is to buy some Himalayan sea salt to replace my table salt. I do have a question. I recently purchased the pink sea salt blocks for foot detox and wondered how often and for how long they should be used. I’ve only just gotten them and used them a couple times …. I love them! I also bought the large pink sea salt slab for cooking … haven’t tried that yet though! Thank you so much for your time!

  27. Hey…

    i can use Milled Himalayan Salt for the sole? ive just ordered 1kg of Ground Himalayan Salt and they sent me 15 days after milled himalayan salt…it dosent work for the sole?

  28. I suffer from migraine headaches. I do take medication that helps a lot. But if/when I feel the beginning of a migraine I mix 1/2 tsp. Himalayan sea salt with the juice of 1/2 of lemon. I drink it right down (in a shot glass!) and the feeling of a migraine goes away.

  29. hello, i just had the opportunity of hearing about himalayan crystal salt and have bought some. i have high blood pressure and was a bit skeptical, but after reading the benefits i’ll try it in my foods.

  30. If you live in the Kissemee area there is a very large awesome store in OLD TOWN that sells rocks and shells, They have many varietes and sizes of SALT Rock lights. I have two in my home and leave them on all day llong- The air in my townhouse just smells cleaner and I feel better when they are on. Plus they are very pretty as well. I have one in my fireplace – (I never use the fireplace).. looks awesome.

  31. I am new to your site. I tried reading all of the comments on this post, but I ran out of time:). My questions are these – 1) Do you have a preferred place to purchase the salt lamp. I would hate to buy a “fake” one. 2) I am on Synthroid and Armour thyroid meds and am also anemic. The thyroid meds and iron (Florvital) cannot be taken together and also have to be separated from my coffee. When would be the best time to drink the sole and how many times a day can/should it be taken? Thank you very much.

  32. Hello,

    I would like to inform about my supply of Natural Salt lamps and I have read comments about people asking where to buy original salt lamps from… then i would like to tell you that I am based in Pakistan and salt is a natural resource here so please be kind to visit my website and if you think you can refer someone to me please be kind to do so.


  33. I just started this, I’ve noticed a slight metallic taste in my mouth. i was wondering if you experienced something similar or if it’s just my body adjusting to more minerals.


  34. I am trying to decide where to purchase Himalayan Salt factoring in quality and price (I am on a very tight budget). I know there is Salt Works, the most affordable of the three you mentioned, but there is also Himalayan Treasures at and San Francisco Salt at Do you know anything about either of those two.? I would be so disappointed if I made the wrong decision because I am trying so hard to get my “older” family on the right track.
    Thank you.

  35. Hi, Lauren!
    I bought in Ireland Hymalayan salt and used it in food. On the pakage it says “just for external use. Make sure you have no cuts as it is for detox.”
    Are there different types of hymalayan salt?
    My thyroid has swollen over night and I’m checking if the salt has anything to do with it.
    Thank you so much.

  36. The absolutely only thing wrong with this article is that she mentioned that you should get a little “salt” with the SOLE… this is not a good idea if your diet is already high in sodium you should avoid doing this…

    (Regardless if its table salt, or Pink Himalayan salt, they can both increase BP, and HR., the minerals don’t somehow make it less bad for you, this is not magic, too much of anything can poison you.)

    The correct way of using SOLE is to fill the jar approx 1/2 to 3/4ths with coarse unrefined Himalayan pink salt then fill with water and shake the hell out of it until the water becomes supersaturated with salt to the point that the rock salt starts precipitating out of the mixture The pink cloud at the top IS the minerals. When you take your teaspoon in the morning swirl the jar until the water becomes cloudy pink… then scoop from the top where all the minerals are, this helps minimize the sodium intake while maximize the minerals consumed. Refill and re saturate the water each time you add more water… the point to SOLE is that its supersaturated to the point that the minerals fall out of solution.,

    I guess the metal lid thing is true, I mean it happens to cars near the ocean, but it takes years to cause any decay in metals from seawater.. and generally they are cars that are parked near the ocean for 5-10 years… So maybe if your metal lid is constantly touched by the Pink salt sole it may cause decay… in a few months of exposure. Just check the lid for corrosion and replace if necessary, upgrade to a glass jar with a glass lid and a rubber seal.

    • Yes its fine to shake it after you add more water, but always wait for it to settle before you scoop your Teaspoon of Sole.

      Also make sure you use a plastic or glass lid on your glass jar… the sole starts corroding the metal lids within a month, its crazy how fast they start rusting… Rust is bad because it has rust bacteria in it..

  37. HI!! I use lemon essential oil in my water upon waking every morning. I have drank sole water before. I was wondering if I can incorporate the 2 in the same glass or do the salt first or lemon oil first. Thanks!

  38. My question is this. Is the grit I’m chewing at the bottom of a bowl of chicken broth or in my scrambled eggs the salt? I know it’s not bones or shells. Its very rock-y. It doesn’t bother me other than make me think I’m etching the enamel of my teeth. I don’t want to damage my teeth or anyone else who happens to eat my food!

  39. Are you really getting a significant dose of these minerals in the 1 tsp of himalayan salt?? I doubt it- they are likely available in trace amounts and unfortunately will not truly serve as a multimineral supplement. It is dangerous to be recommending high salt intake for the general public because this includes african americans with hypertension who are generally salt-sensitive, people with kidney disease who cannot regular salt properly due to reduced glomerular filtration capacity, and those with congestive heart failure as salt intake has osmotic effects while lead to excessive fluid gains which suppress the heart and lungs. Please, look over the research before you provide uneducated, one-sided nutrition recommendations to the unsuspecting public.

    • No you would not get a significant dose of these minerals.
      Which is probably a good job as included are: Mercury, Yttrium, Lead, Plutonium, Polonium, Arsenic and Radium to name but a few.

    • Hi Debby, I don’t know if it is correct about not using the lamps in the kitchen around food? But yes, I read that also? It was on or babe.
      Hope this is of help because I have been researching a lot lately. Try looking through the Salt lamps or the Himalayan sea salt because I definitely saw it on one of those sites, I believe it was the lamps!! Best wishes Rosina Lock x

  40. I bought some Himalayan rock salt that comes in rocks in a glass jar with a metal lid and metal grater. All of a sudden I see black stuff growing on some of the rocks. Can it be mold? What can I do? Some of the rocks look normal. Please help! I do live in a humid area.

  41. Hi Lauren, your page hgas been very informative to my wife Hazel and I. Hazel, during her life of past 80 years, not only has been an active one, but medically challenging with breast Cancer, a Meningioma ( now cleared) now suffering Atrial Fibrillation and COPD. Both of us have never smoked but come from families that did.
    We were surprised to find the medical fraternity has now valued knowledge of Himalayan Salt value; at least, our Gp says he has knowledge of its use! . . and we have known him since 1985.
    We are about to embarque on this path to try to give Hazel some relief of her breathing and COPD.. Already researching the ebays and Amazons etc, whom we have used for good products in the past. We look forward to reading your newsletters.
    regards Geoff&Hazel Isaac

    • Dear Geoff,
      Hi. I saw your comment and your wife suffering with COPD??? Please look up N-ACETYL-CYSTEINE!
      It is especially for people suffering with Asthma/COPD/Severe Breathing Problems etc.etc. It has also been found to help many other serious illnesses, to stop you getting drunk! By taking 1 x 600 mg tablet 15 to 45 minutes before you drink! Take 1 here and there whilst in the pub and take one before you retire to bed. Make sure you take a vitamin C tablet with it, it combines with N-ACETYL-CYSTEINE! For people with breathing problems it can vary? Start by taking 1 x 600 mg and see how your wife goes? If no problems (it has virtually no side effects, very safe!) she could take 1 am and 1pm, some take it 3 times a day. Please look it up, it could help your wife considerably.
      Hope this is of help.
      Rosina Lock – medical researcher.
      p.s. N-ACETYL-CYSTEINE is an amino acid (nootropic) harmless in most cases, with virtually no side effects. Also check out amino acids! They are brilliant for many things and most have no side effects.

    • Hi,
      Water is not alive so cannot die. Filter your water if you live in the US or Ireland or Africa, if you think that the water is contaminated with something.
      If you live in the UK then you can drink the tap water. Tap water does not die either.
      If you leave any time of water (bottles, tap, filtered, boiled) lying around then something could begin to grow in it. If you think that this may be the case then either boil it or throw it away and get some more from the tap.

  42. Hi there. I have problems with fluid retention. I loved hearing about the benefits of Himalayan salt, but would like to know if it would contribute to fluid retention. Does anyone know? Thanks.

  43. I sell Himalayan salt for a living…. If you use ground salt for your sole, it will change the frequency of the water, just as using a metal spoon or lid, since it has been ground with metal grinders. Use chunks specifically for sole, that has not touched metal!

    • Hi Sha,
      What is alkaline water?
      Pure water had a pH of 7 which means that is is “neutral”. Now due to CO2 gas in the air, rain water, tap water will have small amounts of CO2 dissolved in it (carbonic acid) causing the pH to drop. So tap water and rain water is acidic.
      I’m not sure where you are getting alkaline water from unless you are adding baking powder to you water. Rest assured, It will have the same effect as neutral water or acidic water (no effect)
      Kind regards
      Kind regards

      • Is that even true? The way I’m understanding it, pollution from industry is causing ‘acid rain’, that very acidity is making our water alkali and killing the fish within even the ecosystems in the UK. I suggest you check your information! And you can buy it to boot so, doubly check your facts and if you’re interested, search out Pekham Spring Water, it’s commercially available and nasty!!

  44. I enjoy reading the enclosed I have just bought Himalayan Salt lamps, I hears the are healthy to have in the home. I recently sent for Himalayan Salt as well. I am anxious to try increasing my mineral intake.

  45. Hi.
    Nothing wrong to be healthy,but How We can claim a particular pdct is genuine?
    In ”tis case how many of us know that this Salt is same as other salts?
    It’s not from Himalayas,but from Pakistan way awAy from the mountains.Nothing special in it.
    Recently read a news on organic eggs…it says all organic eggs are not genuine.u shud to buy cage free organic eggs,because the normal organic eggs are is with salmmon[ wild vs farm]…hmmm so the industries know if u label something organic, people will trust and buy…one more thing ,how many are 100% healthy consuming these organic food alone? We are all in the world of chaos,fear and deceiving ….if we eat right(not necessarly organic),exercise,meditate,that itself heal u ….it’s nothing wrong with Himalayan salt .it may hav the healing power,but don’t fool ourselves buying this salt will cure our ailments..consider it one among the many steps & not every body is same,everyone is unique and so will b the results..Try it and not endorse it.himlayan salts is known to western world only 15 yrs back.until then ,too people were healthy… so be peaceful to God and to one another,that will ease our pains .live and let live be our slogan..

  46. Hi there
    I purchased a couple of slabs of himalayan salt. I usually make my own deodorant by soaking a crystal deodarant stick in filtered water. I keep refilling the glass container with water until the crystal has completely disolved.
    I was wondering if the himalayan salt slab would work the same?
    I have just soaked some water for about 3 weeks and now have poured into glass jars…the last lot from the bottom is very very pink, unsure what to do with this? the first two glass jars full were clear.
    I just had a sip of the clear stuff and it nearly blew me away with the saltiness of it.
    what should I use this water for?
    thanks for any advice

  47. I am using Pink Himalayan Bath Salt for almost a year now. I found it so good to my health and overall my physical skin appearance. I have no idea that there many more great benefits that it could give to our body, just like balancing the blood sugar and even the blood pressure. I’m so glad to know this benefits. Now I will recommend this to my mom who is suffering for a high blood. Thanks for posting this informative blog. FYI, I am using this and I have seen already its great results.

  48. OK, I’m buying the lamps. My questions is, is one enough? Is there any indication as to how many square feet an 8″ lamp or X pounds might cover? Should I get the night lights for bedrooms, or will one or two strategically placed be sufficient?

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