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Vibrant health means you can live life to the fullest. Empower yourself with the steps I used to free my life of chronic disease and medications.

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    • Dear Lauren,
      I don’t have the words to txt you that can explain how grateful I am for who you are. I started following you Nov. 2015 with AIP . Some of your recipes are my staples. I am free of joint pain and stomach pain and lost 32 #
      Thankyou Lauren I have to believe you have a great number of sick ppl looking to how you healed your sick body. To me I thank God for you & I tell everyone who I follow!!! I can spell & pronounce your name right now☺️

      • I am in the same boat as Darlene. Lauren your story and blog have been a HUGE blessing to me. Since the beginning of August of this year, I have been following AIP and exploring your blog regularly. Your story inspires me more than I can put into words. Thank you times a million! As I battle JDM and AMPS, God keeps me strong and through you he’s given me some great tools to heal. Now, my doctor and I are getting me off of Prednisone. 🙂 You are a real life hero!

    • Good day Lauren,

      Its been two years of my health being a major factor. I am currently 27 and a mother to two boys. I am constantly sick with tonsillitis ear infection body ache and fevers. Yesterday I was sent to a ENT to have my tonsils removed, only to find out that his referred me to a maxilla facial surgeon as I have Temporomandibular Joint Disorders.

      I am so tired of being sent from pillar to post and just to have to fork out all my money to doctors who keep finding other problems and referring me to the next specialist. I cried on the way to work , last night falling asleep… I am feeling as if I am failing my body !!!! I decided to focus on not weight loss but my health I am only 27 and live a very unhealthy life style. my only problem is I have NO IDEAS where to start in this change in lifestyle ….

      • Megan, there is a lot of information online regarding cleaning up your diet, and much of it is in conflict. The best place to start is simply by making sure that everything you eat is in the most natural state possible. Eating as nature intended not how the food industry intended. Lauren suggests cutting out grains and sugar. This can be difficult when you are starting out, so cutting down would be a start. I am sure Lauren has a section on her blog that would be of help to you. If you click on the link at the top of the page for the free ebook that should also help

        Good luck

    • Lauren,
      Your openness about your journey, health and otherwise, is so brave and Beautiful, as I would also suppose, freeing. So many people have dis-eases, auto immune disorders like myself, and psychological struggles from a lifetime of unhealthy internalized emotions and beliefs. Thank you for being an open book for others to relate to and gain some strength for moving forward in their own lives.
      Blessings, Kim Buckner

  1. I teared up reading this. I’ve followed your blog for a while but never left a comment. As I’m learning to eat better and work through autoimmune issues myself, I just want to say thank you for sharing. Love you Lauren!

  2. Your inner wisdom, and the honesty and courage with which you share your journey is beautiful and heart opening. Your voice has so touched me, and no doubt will be an inspiration for so many others! Thank you for who you are! You are a blessing upon us all.

  3. Bravo on being strong – and brave enough – to be in a place where you can share the wisdom you’ve gained on your journey to good health. Sending wishes for continued growth and health. 🙂

  4. This was a tearjerker, Lauren! I’ve walked through this same fire. I don’t know if “old, pre-healing me” would have understood a letter from “current me,” but it’s fun to think about. This was so touching and real. Healing is so much more than a protocol. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Lauren, I’ve been following your blog from the start. In that time I’ve gained so much from your efforts and honesty, your research. You have helped me to help myself. And you have inspired me again and again. Your raw vulnerability in sharing your truths and difficulties is a tribute to your deep strength and commitment to yourself. In becoming the woman you are now, you have allowed so many of us to grow by association. You inspire and help in many ways that you may not even be aware of. I am proud to pass on your site to friends who are beginning their own journey. And I come back to information you’ve provided time after time as I continue to heal myself.
    Your letter is a reminder that we must address healing on many levels and that each step leads to a greater sense or ourselves as ‘who we truly are’ on this journey. We either grow or we stagnate. I know that I will not hold back. I know that there are many of us on the same path. It’s such a comfort to feel among friends as I go……even those I’ve never met. Bravo Lauren. You stand tall and look awesome. Your true nature is so very visible now more than ever. Thank you for sharing!

  6. This is just what I needed to hear today, as today is the day that I start my healing journey. Our stories differ. I have lived a long life, being given many health labels: fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism….the list goes on. But today, because of people like you, with stories to tell and guidance to give, I embark on a path of healing. I must embrace this new diet and try not to look back. You, along with many others, have been bold enough to do the hard work so that others may heal. Thank you for that gift, Lauren. I pray for your continued healing.

  7. A beautiful post, thank you for sharing it. I also would like to say thank you as I have a son with autism, colitis, and epilepsy and so many of your recipes are ones that I have been cooking for years and are a staple in his diet. You have helped so many people heal with your blog, and I am very grateful to you, Val B

  8. Bless you and your courage. It takes so much “guts” to go contrary to the best (if dufus) prevailing advice of the respected experts–the RE’s mainly escalate how much courage it takes. And then to persist, believing, seeing but still assailed by doubts at every step–gulp what if I’m wrong and they’re right. No accident we’re talking ‘guts’ as current hypothesis says that’s where our emotional life is stored. It’s also where the gene altering GMO stuff stays and proliferates, it’s also where all the stuff our immune system reacts to gets to hold sway and send alarm signals all through our natural born harmony. I didn’t “convert” because I was in dire straits but rather through my own observation plus intuition. I plied my trade as a medical transcriptionist in a 900 bed hospital where life and death grapple 24/7. About that can tell you whether it’s birth, death, and all the crises in between, it’s about transformation. The necessity of transforming ourselves as best we may, including help from others trustworthy and good-willed. You made a decision about who and what to trust and then basically took responsibility at times haltingly (tee hee) to be Ms Meister of your own transformation (with Helps). My decision wasn’t prompted by drama–I just kept observing that at the pharma counter nobody looked very happy. Most kinda gray around the gills–didn’t look like this bigtime panacea was pleasing or vitalizing anybody. Being healthy and a foodie, decided I’d rather spend my hard earned bucks at the health food store and the organic produce place. Gradually it dawned hey, it’s My Body, it’s okay to take responsibility for it “my way”. In my chosen expertise which shared much clinical information over decades we discovered and shared among ourselves: we’re seeing so much more lupus, autoimmune disorders, strange diagnoses chronic fatigue, neuromuscular. The current off-the-charts are IBS and increasingly ulcerative colitis and diverticulitis related–with multiple sclerosis and other neuro deficiencies still eluding the expertise. Amongst my clinical colleagues I more and more discovered people who were switching to holistic approaches because the other methods while helping symptoms or palliative were not producing any roaring successes. A favorite alternative practitioner said to me if I could persuade people to fundamentally change their habits what they eat, some avoidances, some moderations, if you’re a lounge lizard, can’t eat like NFL.. I’d be glad to be out of business;but also reminded me that really healing takes longer and especially in our culture, people want a quick result. In short, no silver bullets. Which to me helped allay some of the fears with our own chronic weak spots–saying to self it took a while to get what you got; it’s okay to take a while to get rid of it forever and incidentally avoid getting a lot of other stuff. In realtime I happen to know two people who just got a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis and are at the medical cocktail stage. I deliberate, maybe beat myself up, over what to say, when and whether. Even “successes” know it ain’t a short sprint, it’s a triathalon! Thank you that your landmark letter says it for me. It is in fact a classic for kind intervention. Thank you also for being an example both kind and courageous–it cuts through so much of the pros and cons, it is evidential and encouraging. Plus love.

  9. Hi Lauren,
    The timing of this piece could not have come at a better time for me.. So beautifully written💜 Thank you for sharing your story and wisdom on this crazy journey we all share.. You are a true inspiration 💖

  10. Dear Lauren,

    This morning before I read your beautiful and poignant “letter to self” I decided that I was in control of my life for the first time in my life. At the age of 57 and living with Cushing’s disease I decided that I want more out of life, deserve better then how I let people treat me and I can envision my future of health and healing with such clarity. Reading your heartfelt words validated what I felt in my core. I always felt the journey should never focus on the illness but rather spend your energy focusing on your goals of perfect health. Now I would like to discuss “3. You’ll learn that fitting in is overrated. ”
    Well kido, the thing is you do fit in, you just haven’t found the group you fit in with, yet. You will and they will not only be like minded but different as well.

  11. Thank you for this share, it only makes me believe in the power of natural healing through food and Emotions & spirituality. I worry that others may see me as weak when I am “sick” after a major life experience.(happens almost every time) I am experiencing a severe flare and I have been very weak…. but this gives me encouragement to use any energy I have, to prepare good clean food so that I may heal. I do believe and thank you so mich for all you share!

  12. There is so much truth in here, and you are so fortunate to be learning it at such a young age. Fitting in is totally overrated. It took me until my late 40’s to figure that one out. And true healing always involves forgiveness. As you peel off one layer, you find out there is another one underneath. You are an inspiration to so many people.

  13. Lauren, this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Can you talk about keeping up your weight. I am loosing lots of weight with my very healthy do you maintain a healthy weight with no grain?

  14. You have been my go to blog for all things healing. You have helped make this journey just that little bit easier to understand and navigate. Your gift and heart are a true blessing to this world. Thank you for healing yourself, so you are better able to heal the world, one reader at a time. I appreciate you very much. Thank you Lauren!! Xx

  15. Dearest Lauren

    you truly SHINE & are Blessing many souls who are being Guided by your BRAVERY & Soul Searching:
    Reaching Back now is the time to go back and redo the past as Mercury is in Retrograde living with the Universal Energies as you do and show us all how to follow your Goddess Energies.
    True this is Impossible work BUT it must be done: and you are doing the Impossible and encouraging us all to follow your lead Truly a Brave Soul taking on such a Journey showing many the way:
    Your Inner Soul speaking out in Truth as we all have ghosts in our closets:
    Time to let them out and air out the ancestors also as GMO’s and Bayer threaten all life on Earth:
    Bravo you are so correct AFGO Another F…ing Growth Opportunity how clearly you spell things out
    Its Magical and Mystical and Encouraging to so many of us as we watch you grow and talk your walk:

    YOU are Truly so Visible / Vulnerable and Vibrant
    13 Million Thank you’s for spelling out your past Journey and taking us all on such a Soul Revealing Journey with NO limits you are truly being Visible for us all to heal from your Honesty

    Anthony Morrocco CEO MIM

  16. I love this! I love you!
    You just took everything you do to the next level.
    Thanks for all the ideas and inspiration over the past years. But stepping outside of the box in your healing prices you have healed sooooooo many and more than likely saved your own life.
    I know you will keep up the good work;)

  17. Lauren, thank you so much for sharing your story. You have no idea how divine the timing was for me to read this today. I am going through similar struggles (even down to the seemingly overwhelming task of blogging). Your words have given me much needed hope at a time when this ten-year struggle was wearing me down. Thank you for your grace and courage!

  18. I see this post out of track from all other health or beauty related articles. Unlike other posts, this one struck the chord and forced me to rethink about healing.
    Yes, its not just nutritious food you need to healing must reach your soul. (Y)

  19. I might be the only man here commenting but your writting is very inspiring a beatiful and I relate to it. True healing happens when you forgive from heart. Diet plays a big role but forgiveness and spiritual healing activate miracles!

    Grettings from Venezuela

  20. Lovely post, Lauren. Thank you!

    The big challenge for me is self-discipline, but so few people write about that. They just seem to jump right in and do these things and get to reap the benefits.

    For tons of people, though, it’s actually getting ourselves to take those steps to affect change that holds us back. It’s frustrating for sure.

  21. I am so grateful for you and all you do. Thank you for sharing your journey in more depth with us. It took both faith and courage to do that I am sure. Your messages have helped me along my journey to better health and yes, it is a journey. I enjoy Empowered Sustenance and love the recipies you share with all of us.

    I am highly allergic to eggs. I am also intolerant and have been told to avoid mustard, whey, peanut, almond, garbonzo, garlic (really? is that even fair?) soy, safflower, buckwheat, hazelnut and poppy seed. My moderate intolerances are sesame seeds, gliadin, gluten, cashew, pistashio, spelt, pea, lentil, cottage cheese, cow’s milk, wheat, paprika, pine nuts and sunflower seeds.

    I was overwhelmed when I found out and set out to find alternatives. All in all it is getting better and easier as I go but garlic is the hardest since the darn stuff is in everything. If I were to eat perfectly I would have to make all my meals and time unfortunately doesn’t at this time allow it.

    I have been told that Paleo is the best but with all my restrictions even that is hard. I am blessed to have a wonderful alternative medicine clinic I go to and Empowered Sustenance is one of my major “go to” places.

    It is amazing in the last 2 yrs how much I have changed and many of the foods I used to love don’t even taste good or appeal to me as I work on perfecting goals. Doctor told me it couldn’t be done all at once and would take time to figure it out since I had so many things to work out but I feel so much better physically and mentally too.

    My thanks go out to you and all you do to help so many of us. You are loved and appreciated! You are a warrior to do all you do. My hat is off to you Lauren. Blessings to you!

  22. Dear Lauren,
    I just wrote you above and now am trying to get new cookware. I saved your newsletter from 2/6/15 which was enitiled “Are you accidentally poisioning your unprocessed food?” I didn’t read it then because I was working on changing out plastics etc but now want to purchase good pots and pans. The post I saved won’t open up. Is there any way I can find what you recommend?

    Really appreciate any help you can give me with this. Thanks in advance for your time.

  23. You are strong and very mature and wise beyond your years. I wish I had figured this all out when I was young and not now, in my 50’s…but as they say, everything happens for a reason, and your time was meant to be now, while still young, and my time, now at middle age. We are both on a very similar journey but our paths are laid out differently. Keep being remarkable!

  24. Lauren, this brought tears to my eyes.
    I too have chronic health issues, specifically thyroid and food sensitivities. I’ve dealt with a huge sugar addiction for years and a negative self-image (even now.) I’ve done a lot to get healthy, but I’m not “there” yet. Just this weekend I was in a really low place because despite all my efforts toward healing, I’m still not losing any weight and I’m so discouraged. I needed to read this because you’ve reminded me that it’s about the journey, not the “end.” It’s not about fitting in, but being myself. That healing goes beyond nutrition but requires forgiveness (most of all from myself!) That my body isn’t a mistake (thank you!)

    And yes, I’m a blogger too and this has reminded me again of where my real passion is – sharing LIFE and true wellness with others!
    Bless you, Lauren!

  25. Just discovered your website, I’m touched by your courage and determination. I’ve had gut issues due to food intolerance since my birth and since trying out what the doctors say, just to find out that I learn much more from websites like yours then I did listening to doctors in the past years. Thanks and and the best to you!

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