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  1. Love your article! I too am on the GAPS Diet and have been for 2 years. I frequently visit your blog to check out all your delicious recipes and insightful articles! I struggle with many issues you write about, such as adrenal fatigue and skin problems, and have found your blog to be very informative! Please check out my new website,, which was created in an attempt to connect the holistic health community and bring awareness to the gut and brain connection, as well as provide resources for the Organic food, beauty and wellness industries! Here such professionals can promote their practices and businesses while engaging and uniting the public to healthier lifestyle choices. Thanks!

  2. I have been on GAPS for over 2 years and my GAPS practitioner, my husband and myself are quite certain I have a large ropeworm that is suffocating the life out of my gut. I do purge parasites and have for a few years, however, there is one spot that has movement, pressure, disturbance, insane inflammation, etc. After 2 years, and still sticking to my GAPS protocol, I am now going backwards. I originally lost 20 lbs before starting all this. I had put on 11 pounds by a year and a half on the program, but then I leveled off. Now, 7 months since that stopping point, I have dropped 2 pounds. My symptoms are all coming back with a vengeance and I know my nutrients are being zapped as fast as they are coming in. Does ANYONE know of a doctor on the east coast of the US that has any validity in the medical world with parasites and more specifically, ropeworms??? All in my health world concur that my body cannot handle the Rivera or Kalcker protocols, therefore, I hesitate to reach out to them. If you have any information at all, I beg of you to respond. Thank you for your time and may God bless you!

    • Hi. First, I would try Diatomaceous Earth to see if that will kill the parasite. If you go to (here’s their site, specifically their testimonials page: ), you can buy it and try it for a very reasonable price. If that doesn’t work, and I would give it a good month to see if it works, then I would recommend Bioresonance. It pinpoints the disease/parasite and essentially “zaps” it with a frequency which kills it. It’s similar to when a singer hits a certain note and a glass will explode. There is an excellent Bioresonance practitioner on Long Island who I can recommend from personal experience. He works with the Ondamed machine and therapy. You can do a search on the Ondamed site for a practitioner in your area. The guy I know in Manorville is excellent. He has helped my sister and me tremendously. Good luck!!!

    • Sue:

      Look into finding a practitioner with a Rife Machine, have you tried the Klacker protocol as an enema? Are you feeding the parasites with too much meat/poultry? Gaps is awesome but has to be adjusted for specific situations (for example an earlier post discussed the Histamine reaction). Did you try Natasha’s bourbon/castor oil at 3am protocol?
      I’m on the west coast and would love to help you more. If your intention is to remove the ropeworms and be healthy then it will happen.
      Oh yes, I do know of practitioners your way: one in While Plains NY who has helped many autistic children: (he should be able to clear ropeworms) – Check him out. If you’re in Ohio then there’s David Siegel at Body Health. In New Jersey there is Ken Andes who has done incredible work. Best wishes to you ~you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Hello Lauren,
    Is there anyway I could get the GAPS diet or book without joining face book, as I don’t have access to face book and I have a great need in this area.
    I have gone to sleep sometimes very soon after eating food as though I’m drugged, this has happened off and on for about 25 yrs and affected my schooling to. I know foods are affecting my brain and also i get frequent
    heartburn, and you name it!! food intolerance’s eg: eggs chicken, breads, cow, cabbage, cucumbers capsicum
    I would love to get rid of stomach bugs like chicken bugs I have been trying for years, but still if i eat chicken or egg accidently I’m bloated and feeling sick.. I used to eat them all the time!! but not after a violent stomach bug.
    I also have thyroid and adrenal issues which are treated naturally with medication. but my body is still upside down. sorry about all this I’m looking for extra help.
    Regards Julia

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