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Vibrant health means you can live life to the fullest. Empower yourself with the steps I used to free my life of chronic disease and medications.

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  1. Hi Lauren,

    Thank you for this recipe. I made today with canned pumpkin and almonds and pumpkin spice for a fall feel.

    I would love more info from you on how to balance my low blood sugar which I understand may be responsible for causing me to be wide awake nightly at 3 am 🙁


  2. Lauren,

    I would like to offer my cell number so you can also text me when it is “recipe testing day”. Haha!

    This is so yummy and easy to prepare. What a great option so as not to get tired of traditional egg breakfasts. I halved the recipe as I usually cook for one, which was perfect because I always seem to have a half head of cauliflower leftover waiting to be used. I used toasted hazelnuts, pesto (made fresh that morning from my garden!) and truffle oil. I can’t wait to try it with nut butter (I happen to have just made cashew-pecan-almond buter. Perfect timing.)

    This was great for breakfast (don’t worry, it doesn’t give a stinky cauliflower vibe or a vibe that you are eating your dinner’s vegetable side dish. It also doesn’t resemble mashed cauliflower “faux-tatoes, as I thought it might.) I am going to make this as a mid-day snack as it filled me up and gave me energy.

    Any idea if this would save ok? Could it be reheated on the stove, as I do not use a microwave?

    Awesome recipe, thanks!

    • Maybe if the Empowered Sustenance Test Kitchen grows in the future, I can outsource taste-testers… you would definitely be on the list!

      Yes, the porridge does save before you add all the toppings. I reheat it on the stove too, and add an additional splash of coconut milk to make it creamier.

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