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  1. Are you familiar with anyone with IBD and Ulcertive Colitis that gains weight instead of losing. Doctor was surprised and M.D. has nothing nice to say. Also on the Yogurt on this SCD Diet can I just use the Dannon Yogurt that is used as a starter to make your own? Would really appreciate a answer as I’m afraid I’ll gain more on this diet since it’s geared to help those who get so thin. Thank you, Vesta

  2. Hi Lauren! I am just stopping by your blog to see what is going on. This looks so yummy! I think we have lots in common. I also got my degree in physchology, and maybe someday (soon I hope) when I find more time between NTA and my three littles I can maintain a blog. Love yours! Blessings!

  3. Gosh! This is so simple to make and yet it looks so delicious! I love the way you marry ginger with the strawberries and ginger is so very, very good for you! I LOVE simple recipes!

    Thank you for the tip about the frozen ginger! I have an Indian friend and she freezes a mixture of garlic and chopped ginger, it makes sense!

    Hope you’re having a lovely week 🙂

  4. Just made this, and it is delicious! However, even my VitaMix could barely get through the frozen fruit. I had to add a little Almond Milk to get it to move. Did anyone else have any issues with this?

  5. Hi, if you thaw out a bit to make the blending easier and then stick in the freezer again, isn’t that meant to be a no no?… You know, the whole “do not ever re-freeze anything, ever” theory?
    Also, about frozen ginger, how long would you say you could keep it frozen and still use safely?
    I once bought a pretty big amount of ginger and stuck it in my freezer.
    I used some of it but then sort of forgot some. It’s been in there several years (yes, years!!!) would you still use it or would you chuck it? As much as I hate waste, I also don’t want to risk poisoning us!
    Can’t wait to try this sherbet, looks yummy, thanks!

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I’m an author, entrepreneur, and nutritional therapy practitioner (NTP). I began this website at 19, to share the steps that freed my life of chronic disease and medication. Now, Empowered Sustenance has reached 30 million readers with healthy recipes and holistic resources.

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