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I want to empower your health with the steps that freed my life of chronic pain and medications.

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      • 1) This article/advertisement recommends among other things dissolving magnesium chloride flakes (“magnesium flakes”) into a bath for absorption through the skin. This will form magnesium ions and chloride ions in the water. However it says filtering out the chlorine from the water used to fill the bath because the chloride ions are not healthy. And yet by dissolving magnesium chloride in this water you are replacing the chloride ions. Can you see the problem here?

        2) In addition this post calls magnesium chloride solution in water “magnesium oil”. Its not an oil. An oil cannot dissolve such compounds, does not mix with water and made of hydrogen and carbon (water is hydrogen and oxygen: H2O, its very very different). Its a shame good advice is tainted by ignorance of junior high school level science.

        3) As for the confusion of magnesium carbonate with magnesium citrate – look at wikipedia and see the difference between the molecules. Better leave any chemical references alone I suggest or get an educated proof reader.

      • The magnesium brand that you post it and you like it, is it the best in your opinion, or just you are advertising for it please?
        I recommend you to look for chelate magnesium, which has the best absorbtion than any other magnesium.

    • My husband gets much more benefits from the magnesium oxide than the cloride. He takes Mag Ox 400, get it at Walmart , 1600 mil. A day. Plus gets infusion of 4 grams at hospital out patient unit, once every 4 weeks. The cloride version does nothing for him.

  1. I love Natural Calm. Have been taking it for several years. I take it right before bed and it really helps me sleep. The taste is pleasant. I get the raspberry lemon flavor,,which is sweetened with stevia. Have tried Magnesium oil in the past and it made me very itchy, so. I’m anxious to try the tips listed.

      • Hi thank you for your tips. I have RLS at night so many days a week. I will finally get up and take Epsom salt bath. But, I am so worn out the next day I feel like it is a circus in our bedroom. What are some suggestions for RLS. I take PURE magnesium for constipation. Doesn’t keep it moving regularly though. Suggestions are welcome. I follow you on FB. You are terrific to follow. Thanks for sharing your journey. Tammy

  2. Great tips Lauren! I couldn’t agree more how important magnesium is. It’s truly a wonderful nutrient all of us need more of, in my opinion. Great tips:)

  3. Hi, about a year ago I was diagnosed with fibromayalgia. I have been taking medication for the pain and muscle tightness. Just recently I stopped taking the medication to seek out a more holistic approach. I just started taking natural calm, it works great!

  4. Hi Lauren – thanks for a great website. I agree re your thoughts on magnesium. I take Natural Calm regularly. I decided to get the Natural Calm Magnesium Kids liquid multivitamin by the same brand (Natural Vitality) but am concerned that the daily intake of magnesium is 240mg, when I have read widely that kids (4-8 years) should be supplemented with no more than 110mg per day. If i halve the serving, the kids get less of the other vitamins and minerals. Can you do an article on this for kids, or offer any thoughts? Much appreciated 🙂 Karen

  5. I just started with the magnesium oil spray yesterday and today I’m really dizzy has anyone else experienced this when just starting out? I did have a slight burning itching sensation after using but it went away after a few minutes.

  6. Calm gives me loose stools. I use Magnesium Glycinate and no problems…I also take the Magnesium for Irregular heart beat……..Interesting articles on Melatonin, I have always taken it for insomnia and didn’t know it was the wrong thing to take. Magnesium oil makes my skin itch…..I’m up at least twice in the night to go to the restroom and have horrible time going back to sleep. Needless to say I don’t get much sleep

  7. i am a kidney transplant patient and my new kidney is doing well- if i take mg glycinate or citrate for constipation will this be harmful for my kidney ? PLSE EXPLAIN

  8. Hello lauren thankyou for all you tips .Today I purchased magnesium flakes mixed with Himalayan bath salts MSM. Epsom salts.sweet orange.spearmint. cinnamon and cloves..This is an Australian product “soak ology”. So i have mixed them using your quantities for mag. Oil and I’m trying today for the 1st. time.
    I will keep you informed with my progress.

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I’m Lauren Geertsen, an author and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. When doctors told me that surgery and medication were the only answers to my chronic health issues, I decided to use the power of nutrition and a natural lifestyle instead.
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