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  1. Just compared this list to the Shea Moisture Hair Care line and I’m pretty sure their products are clear. Though, I’ve been seriously considering switching to the Morrocco Method just because it takes such a fabulous holistic approach! But until then, it’s good to know my current hair care isn’t toxic. Thanks for another great post, Lauren!

  2. Lauren, thank you for this blog and thank you for your commitment to educating us on holistic healthy living. I am a huge fan of your blogs and always amazed that I learn something new every single time.

    From your blog, I came across Morocco Method products and would definitely love to try them. I live in Canada and unfortunately I cannot seem to find these products here. Do you know if Morocco Method is available internationally?

    Thank you again for spreading your light.


  3. Lauren, I’ve gained a lot of insight from reading your wonderful blog and took to heart your very positive comments about the Morocco Method shampoos. I’ve since bought the whole collection of shampoos and I’m using them as directed for the last 3 weeks.

    I suffer from alopecia and was so hopeful that these shampoos would help my condition. But I have to say that I absolutely hate the way my hair feels after I’ve shampooed it and once its dry. By the next day, I feel like I have to shampoo again. Best described as matted down and oily. Is this normal? I’m willing to continue using the shampoos until I’ve run out, but I’m not too optimistic. I periodically go back to my regular toxic shampoo just to feel that my hair is “clean”.

    Thanks for any input or insight you might be able to share. As you can tell, I value your opinion!

  4. Lauren,
    I’ve tried Morrocco Method and haven’t had any success with it although I really wanted to. I called and inquired and did everything they recommended, but still had flat hair. I tried an organic Canadian shampoo that has very few ingredients and it works for me. I’ve noticed that you wrote positive comments about Beautycounter. What do you think about their hair line?

  5. I looked more at Shale oil in MM’s Pine and Shale Shampoo, I am rather concerned about that ingredient in general. It is my understanding that Shale Oil is basically Crude Oil and may be classified as a category 1 carcinogen by WHO. Is Shale Oil a natural product? Yes. But how many of us have worked hard to remove petrochemicals from our lives, I fear this may not be much different.

    I’m looking for other suggestions. My hair has become coarse, unmanageable and damaged by honey-poo/ACV rinse and occasionally supplemented with baking soda/ACV. But I need fragrance free and strongly desire only a few ingredients that more closely resembles whole foods and less like things from a lab.

  6. I was shocked to realise that polysorbate-20, (possibly polysorbate-60 too?) etc in most mouthwashes releases formaldehyde into the mouth when mixed with saliva. I try to buy ones which contain xylitol now instead. I could be wrong on this but I got a ‘boney lump’ developing in the roof of my mouth, which my dentist said could turn nasty – he said ‘keep an eye on it’. I could be imagining things, but I think it may have reduced in size since I stopped the first type of mouthwash I was using – in any case, it has certainly not got any bigger. Do your own research people – this is just my experience/what I read somewhere. Cheers.

  7. I heard somewhere formaldehyde was banned in cosmetics, but I recognize some of those ingredients which is… concerning, to say the least. Luckily for as devilishly chemically sensitive my skin is, my hair has never really had any problems.

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