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After medications failed to treat my autoimmune disease, I turned to nutrition to address my symptoms naturally. I want to empower your health with the same steps I used to heal with food.

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  1. Hi, Lauren!

    I take CLO daily, but haven’t started taking desiccated liver. Do you know what the difference is between CLO and desiccated liver? My understanding is they are both high in Vit A. Shouldn’t CLO offer the same, or similar, benefits as liver?

    I should probably explain that I simply can’t bring myself to eat liver! I know it’s healthy, but everyone has their line! LOL

    Thanks! =)

  2. what do you consider to be over-exercising? this seems like a blanket item on the list…I think it is relative to how much people eat, what type of exercise, etc.

    also….how do you REALLY confirm thyroid issues? my blood work comes back fine, but I know that my body isn’t turning T4 into USABLE T3 hormone based on my other hormonal issues…No one is really willing to work with me on my thyroid health, because it appears that I am healthy…I’m at a loss. Any advice?


  3. I enjoyed reading every bit of this list! I’ve been feeling tired all week from work and sleeplessness. I usually pump myself up by eating a lot of junk and I just feel much more tired. I can’t seem to have enough energy to push through finishing my usual daily walks. I’m definitely going to have myself checked, I thought I was only being lazy. Thanks for sharing!

  4. My question is about soy…my main consumption [of soy] is coming from Ezekiel bread, (sprouted) and then I like the braggs minerals (the actual name escapes me at the moment) in place of soy sauce. How detrimental is “good” soy to the thyroid? How important is it that soy is consumed in its fermented state? Do you recommend a diet free of soy altogether?

  5. With some 70% of this country being force-fluoridated via their drinking water (in most beverages, foods, beers….), it’s no wonder that our thyroids are shutting down. Add in the bromine ( a known thyroid destroyer) in many commercial breads and Mountain Dew–probably more places) and the chlorine (another thyroid destroyer) added to municipal water supplies and you’ve got continual destruction of our thyroid glands. The insanity must stop FIRST; stop destroying this vital gland and then rebuild it with real non-GMO foods, whole nourishing foods, iodine and real pure water.

  6. Hi,
    I am wondering if you have any suggestions or insight into healing a gut after h.pylori/parasite infection? I have been gluten/dairy/grain free and using glutamine powder and probiotics daily. Yet, I still have bad digestion and acne. Any ideas?
    Many thanks.

  7. Hi, Lauren!
    My daughter and I both do not have a thyroid. We both had surgery to remove it, mine a little more than half of mine 17 1/2 years ago, and hers all of it 8 years ago both due to the same non-hereditary thyroid cancer. Having dealt with having no thyroid for this long for both of us, we are tired of being tired.! Is there anything we can do to help our sluggishness, constant fatigue, weight gain and seemingly never being able to get enough sleep? Thank you for any input you may have.

  8. haha! Whatever. If you want to eat meat, do it, but don’t try to spread lies about veganism.

    I developed hypothyroidism, AND anemia, while eating meat. My thyroid functions BETTER now that I am vegan, and the anemia is under control, too.

    Another benefit—I’m almost 50 and don’t have to take cholesterol mecications, nor do I have issues with pre-diabetes or high blood pressure.

  9. I have been to many specialists and still no closer to improving my thyroid. Even had a doctor ask it’ll I was really taking my thyroid medication because they just don’t understand why no amount of adjusting meds is helping. I range from 28-55 when it should be .4-3. Anyone have issues with being off the charts like this with no consistency or reason as to it fluctuating so much?

    • I have found I have to take Synthroid which is the brand name drug, not generic. You also have to take it on an empty stomach and absolutely no other meds or food for at least an hour but I shoot for 2 hours. Most docs do not tell you this fact, if they even know. After years of fighting with Levothyroxine I never have to raise or lower my dose more than 25 micrograms. I still have hair loss and I think it’s partly thyroid but mostly heredity. I hope this helps.

    • Some people do not do very well with synthetic thyroid meds like levothyroxine and synthroid but do better with a natural thyroid like NaturThroid or Armour and others, also requiring a prescription. That was definitely my case!!

      Check out and ThyroidChange (lots of medical research on this one and videos, I recommend searching and watching Scottish Parliament video as this my be your issue?) tons of info and lots of people like .

  10. I have a cousin looking for natural methods to treat her thyroid…. I recalled your blog and remembered you have posted several things about thyroid health and recommended she look here. Do you have any other blogs or websites you would recommend for her to find information on thyroid and natural methods of treatment?

      • Hi Carol,

        Try doing a search for seminars/blogs/youtube videos/books by Dr. Brownstein, Dr. Guy Abraham, Dr. Flechas, and J.C. Hakala. These docs all have done a huge amount of research on treating/healing thyroid issues (including autoimmune hypothyroidism) and created the iodine protocol/lab tests for whole-body iodine sufficiency, as well as bromide toxicity. Dr. Tennpenny has an excellent youtube video on iodine/thyroid also. Best wishes to your friend!

      • My thyroid is now stabilised with natural BiocareTH207 and AD206
        TH Is for the Thyroid and AD is for the adrenals. Along With 200 iu synergistic Selenium. Wheatgrass juice & Barley grass juice to grow out the toxins…
        And general juicing…I.e. Celery ginger apple and lemon…
        Plenty of Fresh fruit and veg.and nuts especially Brazil nuts…. Full of selenium
        Drink plenty of natural Mineral water.
        avoid tap water and caffeine.
        my health has been good and I can walk 7 km a day now…However looking forward to the biggest challenge of loosing the weight I had gained… hope this is helpful..The tablets work also for those who have had their thyroid removed apparently….
        TH 207 AND AD206 available from good health stores.
        Ps I’m no longer tired just a bit lazy from time to time lol

  11. Hello, I appreciate your articles. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and recently borderline Hashimotos. I highly recommend the book Stop the Thyroid Madness. Secondly a Naturopath. Cross Naturals, Dr Karen Cross, is on Facebook. Fortunately she is in my area and is helping me get healthy. Hope this helps.

  12. You recommend unrefined salt and yet what about iodine? I followed this advice for years by using sea salt and I believe it has affected our families health and perhaps my children’s ability to learn. There is no iodine in unrefined salt and it is a necessary nutrient. What about sea salt that has iodine added? Lack of iodine can cause serious problems for people.

      • I believe, if I’m not mistaken, that the iodine receptors in our body’s become filled with the other agents in iodized salts and are unable to receive any iodine that maybe in them. Other sources of iodine are important as well as pure salt with no anticaking additives.

  13. Hello, have a question for you regarding the cod fish liver. What would you combine it with to eat it? I used to eat it on wholegrain bread with tomatoes, but am now avoiding breads. I cant imagine just putting this stuff in a salad though..?!

  14. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid almost 30 years ago. First I took Armour Thyroid. Then a doctor switched me to Synthroid. Eventually I went back on Armour Thyroid. I think it is much better.

    I love the information you provided. I eat coconut oil and I only use natural unrefined salt. Recently I began to eat more eggs because I read about the health benefits. I seem to feel better when I eat eggs.

  15. In regards to the last comment by Claudia,
    My sister used both those meds. Made her shaky.
    She went to a naturopathic Dr. and was told to take Dr Murray’s thyroid formula from health food store and after some months her thyroid was better!

  16. I’m astonished at the recommendations for ingesting liver. Whether you’re a fish, a pig or a human, your liver is a toxic waste dump. The function of the liver is to remove toxins from the body. If I’m trying to remove toxins from my body, why would I ingest another animal’s toxins?

  17. Hey Lauren I think I may have hypothyroidism due to soy I read your 10 reasons not to drink it I read about carrageenan im26 year old Native American African American guy and I got bad symptoms possibly due to hypothyroidism I switched to almond milk but should I compare that to my switch to almond milk ill search if you have an almond milk article I do want to try hemp milk but carrageenan free don’t want health chances and who puts seaweed in food naturally like what culture and if none than I don’t need it either

  18. Is there any healthy fat you recommend, cod liver has increased my post partum depression so fast i just have 2 weeks taking the green pastures fclo..Thank you! I couldnt live without the blog

  19. I have a retired police dog that just had blood work done because of skin problems and hair loss. I don’t want to start medications with him and I am considering some of the top 5 foods. His blood work shows low thyroid. Any suggestions or referrals. Appreciate your help. Rene’

  20. Hello,

    Thank you for all your research and contribution to this problem. you’ve enlighten me with a lot of information not only on this post but on your blog as a whole. I have one question and i apologize in advance if you’ve already answered it. Does consuming Fermented CLO or capsules supplement enough for what eating or “swallowing” liver might do for the body? I appreciate your time or anyone else that might give me some insight.

  21. You seem very knowledgeable , finally quit all the med I am tired of all my hair falling out. I do not take any now , I exercise and eat sensibly as I also have diabetes. I don’t feel 1 iota different than when taking drugs so why take them. They removed half thyroid. Still feel fatigue at times but I hate taking drugs

  22. My dad is 95 years. He had no record of any health issues. As a routine he walks 30 minutes in the morning, noon and in the evening. Suddenly he became quite lethargy experienced nausea and loss appetite. All the food tastes very salty. Blood test shows TS4 normal but TSH was extremely high around 17. He is now given Thyroxine 50mg. Medication commenced about 4days before. No improvement yet.

    Will there be any improvement or make him healthy if I give him Cod liver oil and Liver for a week or so. Also is it good to give Magnesium and Vit D3 or Vit B.

    I look forward for an early reply.

  23. Hi Lauren,

    as I presume, this article is more to do with hypothyroidism, not the hyper. Is that right? As I was diagnosed several years ago with hyper active thyroid. And it seems there is much more information about hypo active thyroid than hyper.. Do you know any beneficial sites where I could get some more information? Thank you in advance. 🙂

  24. Just joined. Have found your website quite helpful. I’m 51 and officially had my last menstrual cycle over a year ago. The past four,movie months I’ve suddenly noticed significant hair loss. Not in clumps or seeing all over the bathroom counter, just very noticeable scalp showing and obvious thinning. I’ve been taking CLA for about four, five months to combat fat around the waist area. You mention that safflower oil is an enemy of the thyroid? Could this be a possible reason for the change in hair growth?

  25. Hi.. m having hypothyroid since 2yrs.. I had gall stone operation a year back.. m 19yrs old girl… m hvng problems in concentrating.. m hvng my pre medical test aftr 2months.. m not able t remember my syllabus.. searching everywhere fo remedy of my memory loss due t thyroid.. I was a brilliant student before.. plzz help me.. soon

  26. I have read again and again the benefits of coconut oil regarding health to the thyroid my delema is that I am allergic to coconut so would love to know what alternatives there are. I was diagnosed about 20 years ago and have never really felt good! My doctor says my levels are normal but I still feel lethargic and tired a lot. I know I should be exercising more but other health issues, asthma and acute sinus problems restricts my good days to few and far between. Have any information for me. Thanks.

  27. Laren, what if you don’t have a thyroid. I am taking medicine for the rest of my life. I would rather stop the medicine and take a vitamin. Can I do that? My thyroid results are always the since the last 35 years .please get back to me, thank you

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