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  1. Lauren,
    This sounds delicious. As soon as the weather cools a bit, I will be turning on my oven and trying it! I love all things containing plantains-the riper, the better!

  2. Wow! This is the best ever. So cake-like and no sugar! Yea! Do you know how high the fructose content is in a plantain? I used 2 plantains, 3 eggs and reduced the rest of the ingredients a smidge. I cooked it a bit too long in my 355 toaster oven and the top was pretty brown. But I just peeled that part off and it was super tasty. Thank you Lauren for bringing this to our attention.

  3. Can I eat this on a candida diet? I’m pretty confused about carbs even though I’ve read your posts. If plantains have a higher ratio of starch than bananas…. And that on a candida diet / GAPS diet starchy foods are to be avoided or not abused…. Help!

  4. One of the things I used to make constantly was Banana Bread and I could tell since turning paleo and sugar-free that my husband was missing his sweet treats. Finding this easy and great-tasting recipe made his day. Thanks!

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