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Reveal radiant skin without harsh, toxic, and expensive products with the recipes that cleared my acne naturally.

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  1. I woke up this morning with congestion in my nose and ears, along with vertigo – so thankful I saw this post yesterday and could try the massage this morning. I followed the steps in the video and felt immediate relief. Definitely making this massage a daily habit! Thanks for posting!

  2. Wow!
    It’s like you read my mind at times. I woke up two days ago with tinnitus and a blocked ear, and this morning, even with supplements, heat, neti pot, and massage, it was still pretty painful. The vertigo in particular. This treatment, repeated several times, really made the difference for me. THANK YOU so much! Your site is a wonderful go-to for all manner of information. 🙂

  3. Thank you got this! I’m wondering, is this something that should be avoided during pregnancy? I could REALLY use something like this right now, but I’m 27 weeks pregnant and not sure. Pregnancy massage is ok, so I’m wondering if it’s alone the same idea, or if this is much more of a detox unload… I’m excited to try it! Thanks again!

  4. Awesome video, and I’m so glad you shared it, Lauren. I actually do this work for a living, and have specialized in lymph drainage for the past decade. Just one correction. You recommended that people use jojoba or coconut oil, but lymph drainage is intentionally done on dry skin. You’re actually stretching the skin with those little pumping motions, and the lymph vessels are attached to the underside of the skin, and get pumped simultaneously. If you use massage oil, you move less lymph, than when you work the skin dry. Just a tip to maximize your efforts!

    • I love the idea of facial massage, and this is the first site I’ve come across that doesn’t mention using oil. I then saw someone in the comments sections mentioned you SHOULD you oil. Is there any way to do this without any oil, though? I have been implementing facial massage for about three weeks now and I am BREAKING OUT soooo badly on my face, neck, and chest. I’ve switched from jojoba to almond, and olive oil. Anyone have any suggestions??

  5. Hi Lauren,
    In the Video you affirm that we have to search on your page what are the contraindications. I did not find it. Would you mind specifying where should I find them, please?

    Thank You


  6. I did this a few nights ago and woke up with a sore throat from all of the drainage. My ears were plugged up so I did the massage a few more times. I now have the flu. What gives?

  7. Hooping with an adult weighted hula hoop up and down your body (especially around lymph nodes) is apparently great for lymphatic drainage. It feels like a massage but is also fun exercise!

  8. Such good and insightful information. After having my entire lymphatic system shut down, amongst other things… lymph drainage massage has become a true lifesaver for me! Something that has been complimentary to the lymph drainage is a follow up detox bath (if possible). I soak in a bath with Epsom Salts, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and some detoxifying organic 100% pure essential oils. It’s so beneficial after the toxins are released from the lymph drainage massage and dry brushing to allow the detox bath to draw the impurities out through our skin and give our kidneys a little help (or a break). The salts work like a meat tenderizer allowing our muscles to absorb the magnesium from the Epsom Salts, so there is the benefit of that as well as the relaxation that comes with it. I drink lots clean water, and it is the perfect combination. I can help significantly in reducing any discomfort caused by the toxins released from the lymphatic drainage. Not to mention, who doesn’t love soaking in an aroma therapy bath?

    • Hi Amie! Do you have a recipe for your detox bath? I’ve been soaking in salt but have a feeling I’m not adding enough. Would love to know your exact ritual for a detox bath and when do you dry brush? Before or after the detox bath? Thanks, Jenni

  9. Thank you so much, this is great! I really suffer with fluid in my head, especially around and under my eyes. I’m going to try to do this every day. Could you send me a link to your website? Thank you . Can’t wait to have my son try this, he suffers with sinus and stuffy head too.

  10. Thank you for sharing Heather’s video and website. I have had a great deal of difficulty with upper respiratory drainage this season and look forward to learning her techniques. Right how I have active inflammation going on, so I will have to wait.
    I have done dry brushing before. It is great as a wonderful sensory integrative experience too. (I have family on the autism spectrum and they find it wonderfully calming to brush or be brushed. It seems to wake up the right parts of the brain while calming the overactive ones at the same time, creating a very soothing experience.)

  11. Great article! I do something similar but I don’t use my hands. I use my expressions beauty bar (bought it at…It’s basically a gold facial massager that vibrates. I use my serums with it. It drains my lymphs and I notice an instant change in my face after the massage.

  12. I am a certified Lymphedema Therapist who specializes in post-cosmetic surgery and detox MLD (Manual Lymph Drainage). I work in an upscale plastic surgery Derm Spa, as well as in private practice in West Los Angeles, and I often refer my patients and clients to “Massage by Heather” for self-MLD. She is one of the few who actually explains MLD well (most of the MLD presentations on YouTube are fraught with misinformation)

    If you are already coming down with a cold or flu, then this will make it worse! Do not work on your face in that case; it’s contraindicated as you might move bacteria and virus- and it’s too close to the brain.
    MLD is great for allergies and for general detox though; your face will get a beautiful glow, your skin will clear up and absorb your beauty products much better, and your overall health will improve. The lymphatic system is a big part of your immune system, and you can increase your health by regularly stimulating it through MLD, dry-brushing, and exercise. Many of my clients have seen an improvement with allergies and autoimmune problems. It is a gentle but powerful medical massage.
    Thank you for the article. It is about time that we apply what has been known and used in Europe for decades.
    Ingrid Marsten C.L.T., M.T.

  13. I am truly sorry for the last poster that this didn’t work them. :~€
    I was unaware of all of the health benefits linked to a facial massage. Or that there was such a large amount of the lymphatic system actually IN the face. Not that I am completely unaware. Just that I didn’t know there could be that much packed in there. I always, generally subconsciously, tend to massage my face and scalp when I begin to get a migraine.
    My mom and I used to give each other facial, scalp and upper chest/armpit area massages everyday when I was younger (earlier teens – early 20’s). I would even give them to my friends and teachers all throughout my high school years. Not for any health benefits. Simply because they felt good. Thinking now though, I believe we ALL were in MUCH MUCH better health!
    I had started to massage my 5 year son at bedtime about 2-3 months ago now. Only because it helps him to relax (bonus: less fighting with him to fall asleep €~;). He’s a belly sleeper though. So, unfortunately, I’m not able to get his face. However, I do get his scalp, all along the base of his skull, nape of his neck, neck, all around by ears and as close to his face as I can. He has horrible sinus and allergy issues. Maybe I’ll have to try to get him to let me massage his face. He’s just more comfortable on his belly, because they get worse at night. Especially when he lies down.
    I guess it’s worth a try.
    Thank you!

    • Hi there! 2 years later but I read your post! I used to have sinus.. and every month I was with a sore throat or flu… I stop eating dairy, because it makes the mucouse, or how ever it’s spelled, I’m mexican so my english is not perfect at all… well so as I was telling you, dairy makes the phlem etc more solid…. and quit gluten, because it’s inflamatory and that made me have migranes because of the congestion in the sinus. The difference is extraordinary! Really, now I hardly get flu and even less a sore throat. Best wishes!!

  14. Hi Lauren,

    I have had M.E for 9 years after Chronic Reoccurring Glandular Fever. I am now a Personal Trainer and studying a Diploma in Naturopathy and Nutrition. I have constantly swollen glands, much to doctors surprise and this was bloody brilliant. Its has inspired me to help others this way and I would love to show you my before and after picture. It has shocked my family, I apparently now look airbrushed. If you would like me to send you an email I’d be happy to send it.

    Thank you very very much.


  15. Thank you for this demonstration. Very good. (comment – can’t see the movement on the back of the neck because of your hair being in the way but you do explain what you are doing)

  16. Hi! Just so you know-I rely on you for truthful, solid health info. Thanks for all you do! I tried this yesterday and while my face has had much relief from sinus pressure and puffiness, I woke up with a croupy cough. My guess is this is drainage from my sinuses. Did I do something wrong? I feel worse with this croup then I did with a puffy face! Is there a way to combat the drainage-I know it has to go somewhere but how do you properly usher it out of the body without hurting other areas?

    • First, I appreciate haring that my site has supported you! It sounds like this was a detox reaction, as you were mobilizing toxins and lymph congestion. I would suggest doing it a couple mornings in a row to see if symptoms improve within a couple days.

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