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  1. I love essential oils. I started to have terrible rash all over my body. I found out about essential oils one night when I was doing a
    research on what is 5he best for rash instead of using doctor ‘s mediation. I came upon essential ouls I have been using them for a year now. I am hook on them .They helped me a lot.

  2. I use YLO and it has done tremendous amounts of healing for me and I have arthritis it’s help was producing kidney stones daily until these oils. I HAVE CRPS DISEASE AND IT’S very hard to function s

  3. I love my oils and have used over 10 brands over the years, but landed on one brand that actually worked like they should. I wholeheartedly disagree that there is no elite or better brand as there is in any industry. There is always better quality in every food item, clothing, bath/bedding products, electronics, supplements, etc. That’s a pure fact, so stating there is no better brand and they all work is like saying all supplements are created equal and I hope you don’t think that’s true. I absolutely love your page and ready it almost daily and agree with with most of what you post, however, I do disagree here from my also extensive research and using of many brands.

  4. Is rubbing a diluted essential oils on your feet really helps to fight a cold? And is it safe for the small kids ( my son is almost 4 yo ).
    I’ve been using the mix of lemon, rosemary, clove bud, eucalyptus and cinnamon by Plant Therapy.
    Sometimes it stops the cold from developing any further, sometimes it doesn’t. So I’m still not sure if it’s just a placebo.
    Thank you.

    • I rub garlic oil or make a paste with a garlic clove diluted with coconut oil and it seems to always knock her colds out (put on bottoms of feet) make sure paste has enough paste (oil) because garlic can burn. I do a 1/4 cup oil per 1 giant or 2 small cloves. This is for a 20month old and I change it every 3-4 hrs. I only use a eucalyptus and lavender in coconut oil for a chest run and it helps clear congestion. I also dose with a gram of my community mushrooms by host defense.

  5. I only purchase organic essential oils for obvious reasons, and the company I buy mostly is from Quebec, Canada. They sell about 6 or 7 brands of E.O.’s where I shop, and I find the brand that I tend to go to, has better smelling oils. Yet, for peppermint, there’s another company that does the best peppermint E.O. So for me, it’s about going organic to make sure you’re not buying snake oil, and testing them out before buying. The brand I prefer is called Divine Essence, and they have all the proper labeling on the bottles like place of origin, et cetera. My question to Jimm would be, what does he think of ingesting small amounts of certain oils like Lemon, Peppermint, and Frankincense E.O.’s in particular.
    Great article by the way, and thank you.

  6. Thank you for your write up on Essential Oils as there is so muc confusion out there.
    I run a small Oil Sharing Group from DoTerra but am interested in the oils you have produced as my son has a Neurological Condition that causes his brain to tell his back area that he has pain. Do you think your oils could assist him to overcome this?? He is 18 and this issue has developed over a 4 year period.

  7. What does Jimm think of Young Living Essential Oils?

    Are they as good as Metogenics Oils? People claim they are, but super expensive.

    What do you recommend for neuropathy, both sensory and peripheral?

    • Strong vagal tone is critical for anti inflammation, regeneration, digestion, and detoxification. Depending on the cause of your neuropathy and the extent of the damage to your nerves, Vagal Tone™ can be supportive to you.

    • I think you’ll find the second part of this discussion helpful, where I discuss ingesting oils. When ingested, they can be harmful but we know from statistics that there are relatively few severe reactions from ingesting oils (given the immense popularity of ingesting oils right now). However, the question is about the efficacy of using essential oils internally, and there are often better ways, with less risk, to use them to reap benefits.

  8. i looked at Jimm Harrison’s site and noticed that he uses brown bottles for his own oils, not the black glass. Curious why he recommended the black glass for you when he doesn’t use it for his own essential oil blends. Also, will you be offering any of his oil blends on your site or any single oils?

    Thank you!

    • Jimm uses some Miron (black) glass bottles, but not for most of his oils. The Miron glass is cost-prohibitive for many producers, but it was so essential to the energetic integrity of our oils that we made the investment. Miron, unlike other colors of glass, it blocks all visible light from entering the bottle. Because light causes essential oils to oxidize, our gorgeous bottles provide functionality by ensuring the product will stay fresh for years.

      We won’t be offering his blends or single oils on our site in the near future.

    • Great questions, Donna! I’ll get Jimm’s perspective to give you a more definite shelf-life for various oils. For example, citrus oils and frankincense, once opened, do not last as long as other oils. Our essential oils blends last much longer than others (a shelf-life of a few years, even when opened), due to the Miron glass which prevents light from oxidizing the oils. There is no way to get a similar effect on the brain by mixing the YL singles, at it is the very specific ratios/combinations of oils, which John determined through tedious clinical testing, which allows the oils blends to be effective.

    • That’s a great question! John and I can do a blog post on Meo on that topic. Again, it was his clinical testing that allowed him to select which color, from hundreds, correlated to supporting a specific brain function.

  9. Is “clinical grade essential oils” a marketing term?
    I think each person should feel comfortable with oils that they use. I’m also aware there are several solid options AND TONS of not so good options that give Essential oils a bad name.
    I hope your company focuses on quality and integrity. Doing that will get people to enjoy your product without attacking another company

    • Hi Jen. We use the term “clinical grade” because it defines our very unique products. Our oils are the only on the market that are formulated in our proprietary process, and tested by many clinicians to ensure these are powerful tools to use in practices.

      I want individuals to use oils from many different companies to support their health, and the health of their families. And I also want equip individuals with information they won’t find elsewhere, so they can make their own educated choices about navigating the essential oil industry. By providing this information, my goal is not to attack anther company.

      I aim to broaden understanding of oils, not to dissuade you from using oils from the “competition.” Young Living, and other EO companies, are not competition to Meo Energetics… we each offer very different products with very different purposes.

  10. This is so cool! I love that you targeted brain functions specifically. I just had a look around the site, it looks awesome! Thanks for putting some of my concerns to rest with this post… there is so much information out there it can be overwhelming, which had turned me off to the use of essential oils.

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