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  1. Well said Lauren!! I’m so glad you decided to respond to E as you did. Kudos. I find it fascinating how some people are so against alternative modalities, yet time and again the ‘proof is in the pudding’, all they have to do is give it a try. Like you said, what works for one may not be exactly the same for another, however, ancient healing methods were and are successful today in reaching the potential of healing the WHOLE individual. Thank you for what you do and I enjoy your blog/website!

  2. Excellent post, Lauren! I, too, struggled with quite a few alternative therapies and how they were not ‘scientifically’ proven when I graduated from university back in 2007 (especially the energy medicines like reiki and crystal healing), because we were taught to be critical of everything and that only peer-reviewed science was legitimate. It all seemed hokey to me and hard to believe. But as the years have gone on, I now realize the legitimacy of many of these treatments. And I also know more now about how the peer-review process and funding for studies comes about. So in reality, we will probably never have studies done on alternative or energy medicine, because there is no profit in it, and who would fund the study then? Certainly not the pharmaceutical companies. Keep up the great work, Lauren! I hope these become available in Canada soon.

    • I appreciate hearing your own experience with alternative modalities. Yes, the funding for peer-reviewed funding is another can of worms to open. There is, unfortunately, funding bias and industry corruption in many of the institutions doing medical research.

      The good news is that we do ship to Canada now!

  3. This is beautifully written and gave me an entirely new perspective on how to respond to the “alternative” medicine skeptics. I love the metaphor about the Mozart symphony, about neglecting to treat the body as a whole rather than applying “bandaid” medications for every function. I hope that soon, people will start to understand and apply energetic healing and it will become more commonplace as ancestral nutrition is becoming. Thank you for this and I wish you luck with Meo Energetics!

  4. Thank you Lauren. Experience trumps science when it comes to healing! Our bodies are not all exactly alike, so it makes perfect sense that if one drug works for, say an insomnia patient, but not for a second patient with the exact same symptoms, why wouldn’t essential oils work for a third patient? And with none of the side effects of the drugs, count me in! I do NOT understand why oh why people get so up tight about it. I choose to listen to people’s experiences with compassion, and try to never judge a anyone without having walked a mile or two in their moccasins.

  5. I know that my depression is pretty bad, I have never wanted to take meds. So I was never diagnosed by a physician. People have told me they noticed my waves of depression. I realized food is my medicine, I have monitored some of my results. I’m happy you published someone else’s viewpoint. I have never spent money on this other than food. This was the first time I decided to purchase oils for my health, I had a gut feeling about these oils. The first full day I tried the oil was a work day. I didn’t see the instructions. I dabbed less than a drop on my wrist, spread it on my temple, neck, and under my nose. I felt so positively awake and sharp, I was working for a few hours before realizing I forgot to drink my daily cup of coffee. I had forgotten all about the oil, but I kept on getting wonderful wifts of cumin and other herbs. It made me happy and see my customers differently. Then I realize I was different, not them. To finally notice the wonderful smell was the oils I put on, was a surprise half way though me day. To my disappointment, when I got home, I saw the instructions for the oils on the back of the cards. Then I was happy at what a wonderful day I had and how well the oil work. I was able to sleep well and woke up feeling awesome the next day. When do I want to get up for work, this is a first! My boss must be happy I’m arriving to work on time after working there 26 years (being late all the time)! I’ve had the oils for about a week, I don’t always use them, I forget. I do feel way better. It feels like I have a brain with good thoughts. By the way, I am using the oils properly now! Ha ha! I’m exciting my gut feeling was right, I would not splurge on these four bottles of oil if I didn’t have this gut feeling. Absolutely life changing. I had a better holiday this year, one that I can even remember due to brain clarity. Thank you bring a smile to my face, giving my spirit, goals with results and energy to start and finish things without effort and procrastination. This feel like a reversal of alztimers.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience, my heart started to sing as I read your words! These oils allowed beautiful shifts in my health, and I am so fulfilled that I can share them with you, and that you are also experiencing shifts. And it sounds like you are in touch with your intuition, because it was an intuitive choice to try the oils.

  6. Hi Lauren
    What a fascinating viewpoint E.. puts forward. I am glad for her that she still holds such a strong belief in the medical industry that gives her some kind of comfort or faith, because as we all know believing in something, anything, has a positive influence on health. How many have been just like E.., probably including you Lauren, and myself, until they found themselves stuck with a dire recommendation to undergo extreme treatments/surgery which might not help much anyway and leave extreme consequences? My questions to E.., and I would invite her to step outside her current belief system just for a minute, which takes courage, would be along the lines of: If the relatively new medical industry and peer review literature are so “scientific” and so standard and so successful, then why are so many people failing to regain their health even while following doctor’s orders? Why are one in approximately two people I speak with, quietly sharing with me the “startling” experiences they have with their family doctor and medical specialists who have no answers for their set of symptoms. Why do so many of these industry medications have side effects as bad as, if not worse than the original symptom – even stated on the information sheet inside every medication box? Walking away from the medical industry which we have been taught is the answer to all health problems takes courage and faith in something greater than a profit driven industry.

    Would this industry completely change focus to one of prevention of poor health, prevention of disease (and I’m not meaning vaccination) if there was little profit to be made? Hmmm.

  7. Way to go Lauren! This was definitely an “empowering” post! 😉
    I cannot believe the person that left that comment can actually believe more in modern Western Medicine than alternative healing such as Energetics. No doubt they are free to have their own opinion, but maybe someday they will realize how much more powerful alternative healing is than pharmaceutical drugs.
    On another note, I have been using Brain Deflame and Neuro Reboot for about a week. They are absolutely wonderful!! I’ve been experiencing awful and nearly disabling brain fog lately, but these help put me at ease and relax and calm me instantly. I can’t wait to see what the results of long-term use will be for me! As always, thank you for sharing your wisdom and helping me (and many others) on my own healing journey!

  8. Lauren
    I am on board with you! I was very moved by your post.
    I was told after years of suffering and doctor after doctor and migraine headaches that I had MS.
    I was being fitted for w wheel chair, and I decided that there had to be a better way. A friend of mine said don’t get it, start walking. So I have changed my diet and I have slowly gone off all my medications. I make my own makeup. Soaps. Cleaners. Everything I can to avoid all the toxins we are exposed to daily. I’m Paleo, and I used essential oils to treat my ailments. I’ve done this over the last couple years. I’m 60 years old and I’m glad to see you stand up and stand out to help people see that traditional medicine does good in some areas but we have to take control over our own health and not rely on big pharma to take care of us. All “Big Pharma” does is make money from their drugs. They are not interested in healing anyone. If they did they would not exist any longer.
    Good job. Thank you! And God bless you

  9. As someone who has been arrogantly belittled for choosing (and championing) “alternative” healing practices, I felt this post at the soul level. This is one of your best pieces to date.

    This summer, I found myself groaning to a mentor, “Man, f**k science. I am so tired of science.” What I really meant when I said that was everything you’ve written here.

    Thank you, as always, for being an articulate and gracious beam of white-hot fiery light.

  10. Lauren, thank you so much for your courage and your grace to speak your truth knowing that you will be rejected and criticized by so many. I think so many of us that follow your blog and have similar health journey’s as you know exactly how difficult it is to hold beliefs and make choices that are out of the medical and cultural norms. We regularly face condescension and ridicule that can leave us feeling hurt and isolated. It is because of communities like the one you’ve created here by sharing your story with us, that we all can find the strength to keep listening to our intuition and healing our bodies. Keep up the good work!

  11. Lauren,

    Thank you for your graceful and accurate reply on this issue. I’m a registered dietitian and have my Master’s Degree in Nutrition from a very traditional ivy league university where I was taught that peer reviewed science was the only way to practice. Luckily, I was born with an intuitive voice that knew there were many things that created positive results that couldn’t be explained but still existed.

    I’ve experienced the positive benefits of homeopathy which helped my son heal from eczema as a baby, the powerful effects of cranial-sacral therapy on healing from emotional trauma and the mind/body benefits of a daily Ashtanga yoga practice. To my knowledge there is very little, if any, scientific proof that these modalities have beneficial effects yet I am living proof that they do.

    After years of digestive and fatigue issues I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease a few years ago. My endocrinologist told me that my thyroid would just die and there was nothing I could do it about it. Ha! Thankfully I didn’t listen to him and utilized “unproven” dietary and herbal interventions as well as infrared sauna, massage, meditation, and nutritional supplementation to heal my body. When I had my yearly ultrasound a few months ago, the endocrinologist was shocked that my thyroid looked so wel he saidl that he wouldn’t have known that I had Hashimoto’s by looking at it. Ummm, that’s proof to me.

    Your blog was one of the first ones I found when I was searching for nutrient dense recipes and I’ve been enjoying all of the info you’ve shared since. I’m currently waiting for my Meo Energetics oils to arrive. I’m looking forward to experiencing more “unproven” beneficial effects from them.

    I’m excited for you on your new venture and wish you much success. You are an articulate, intelligent woman who is a trusted source of knowledge for those of us with autoimmune issues. You’ve more than proven your methods.

    • Laura, thank you for your thoughtful comment and sharing your own healing journey with alternative therapies. I agree that living proof is proof enough for me to continue on this path of holistic healing. I applaud you for listening to your intuition, and orchestrating such healing for yourself and your family. I appreciate your kind and encouraging words about my life’s work. Thank you for your support of Meo Energetics, and I hope you enjoy the oils!

  12. I promise I’m not secretly “E,” however I’d be lying if I said that some of the concerns they’ve presented hadn’t occurred to me as well. I am glad somebody posed the questions about the efficacy of these products so you had a chance to publicly address them. I am a Certified Pharmacy Technician and for years have seen patients who are clearly very reliant on their medications, and understandably so. However, I’ve also seen quite a bit of prescription drug abuse. I, for one, can’t relate as directly to autoimmune or digestive concerns, but like many others have struggled with my own health concerns. Most notably, I struggled with frequent staph infections for a few years and felt that my doctors were doing me a disservice by simply prescribing antibiotics rather than doing bacterial cultures or helping me get down to the root of why I was so prone to these infections. It has been frustrating to me as a Pharmacy Technician to balance my cynicism towards both Western medicine and more alternative/homeopathic therapies… but that’s just it: it is a balance! If I was dying of an infection, I wouldn’t be turning down antibiotics simply in favor of homeopathic treatments, but I might do both and see if it works better than just relying on the antibiotics alone. And so far, the addition of “alternative” treatments in preventing staph has worked wonderfully and I haven’t had a staph infection throughout all of 2016. As far as my current concerns go, I may just be taking a leap of faith by buying two of these oils to help me with anxiety, focus, and fatigue, but I doubt I’ll face many (if any) side effects from these as I would if I’d pursued anti-anxiety medications or Adderall… If your products are effective for most users, then the results critics want will come. And if they aren’t effective for their intended purpose, then they are still aromatherapeutic and can find use in my home. At the very least, I figured something like this was worth a try over a more extreme alternative. Thank you for addressing these concerns, though!

  13. I am so grateful for this post and your choice to address head-on the critics of the ideas that you believe in. This is an area that is near and dear to my heart because I have been sick with a chronic condition that conventional medicine has not been able to alleviate or improve. I have turned to “unproven” dietary interventions, healing touch and homeopathy and have found the most relief. I am on the cusp of going back to school for nutrition to help others decrease suffering from chronic conditions and trying to make the decision whether to go with a holistic/functional nutrition program or pursue a more conventional masters program to become a dietitian. It is hard for me to articulate why I want to pursue the “unproven” at this point, and I appreciate hearing you stand up for your own orientation in such a beautiful way. Thank you.

  14. I’m so impressed with your ability to respond to well to such a slap in the face! You responded so well and your response now helps others understand more about why “risking” “alternative” medicine might *actually* be worth the risk!
    Keep on doing your good work, Lauren. Your courage brings hope to so many, including me.
    Thank you.

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