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  1. I’ve been waiting for someone to write on this! Thanks for the post, gives me lots to think about. I’m in the same place of “I don’t see the negative effects, so why should I bother” but I’m trying to move away from that mentality. I know my body isn’t fooled by the lack of obvious dangers put out as EMFs and we are smart enough to be able to know to protect ourselves. The earthing mat is a good suggestion, being as I live in an apartment and do not feel comfortable walking barefoot in any grassy area nearby (dog doo- yuck!)

  2. Hi 🙂

    Thank you for this information. I was just thinking about the effects of all our devices the day before you posted this, but I couldn’t explain it to my children at all. Your information was very helpful. My teenage daughter has difficulty sleeping, and I hadn’t thought about the wifi in her room. I will definitely be unplugging it every night from now on! Thanks again

    • Have you tried asking if she feels under a lot of stress lately? Stress about worries, even if they aren’t ‘real’ (if they’re real to the brain, they’re real enough to cause damage) can harm you MUCH worse than electrical pollution. Maybe buy her a book on easy relaxation techniques?

  3. Ack. I find this so depressing, not that it’s new news to me. I admit I have been one to sleep with the cell phone in my room, use it as an alarm or just plan use it all the time, playing games, texting , etc. And I think I’m one who does it WAY less then the general population. I regret doing that when I was pregnant, I hope it didn’t do major damage to my kid! Now I use the phone pretty sparingly, I got rid of all social media on the phone and I never use it for talking (which I never did, I was always paranoid), though ironically I DO have a benign brain tumor which I assume isn’t from phone use.
    But we have wi-fi in the house, cordless phones, internet tv and we live in NYC surrounded by people and devices and people using devices. It seems pretty hopeless.

    This kind of thing can make me nuts so I can’t really worry about it too much. I already do the best I can with food and chemicals (lack thereof) and even then there’s always an issue (this salmon isn’t really wild, this can has bpa, etc…I try my best and it’s just impossible to live totally clean).

    What I find most depressing is just that we as a people are addicted to devices, phones especially. Every person you see walking down the street has their head buried in their phone, people check their email during a conversation, kids under 2 are playing with iPads…I truly hate it. We’re not allowing our son to have any devices or screen time but I know eventually as he grows the issue will come up as every kid uses them. It’s frustrating, and like I said before, just depressing.

  4. Great post, Lauren. I’ve been cautioning my family about EMFs for years, but they, too, struggle with understanding how serious this is since they can’t feel, touch, hear, or see the adverse effects. I sure can, which is why I was only able to have a cell phone for a few months. This was several years ago. I had an immediate reaction and felt pressure and tightness in my ears and jaw. I did some research and learned that I was having an EMF reaction. EMFs are one of the reasons I can’t work outside my home. But we do have wireless internet, and our home’s breaker box is near the kitchen; kind of hard to avoid. For people getting ready to relocate, they should consider the location of nearby power plants, large generators, and high voltage power lines, which stream through our towns and even our yards. Keep up the good work, Lauren.

  5. I learned about the Defender Pad in Village Green’s New Year New You Summit. It is for use under laptops and tablets and it’s put through independent testing at an FCC lab to assure its efficacy. There are apparently many imposters out there claiming to block EMF radiation, but this one actually works.

  6. I wanted to share a tip for anyone trying to minimize EMF radiation exposure from WiFi. Be aware that the new Comcast Xfinity cable modems still put out a WiFi signal even after you call and request that they turn WiFi off and they tell you WiFi has been disabled from their end. Apparently it is on by default on these new devices and there is no way to turn it off (by you or them). You can detect that it is still putting out a WiFi signal with a cell phone or EMF meter. To fix this, you have to bring your modem to a local Comcast store and exchange it for one without wireless capability.

  7. Lauren,

    I thought you should also be aware of a product called Belly Armour (its targeted at pregnant women but it could be used by anyone) – they have several products to help shield you from 99.9 % of the radiation.

  8. Have you come across any information on the health effects from induction cooktops? Does it change the food like microwaves do? Is it harming you while you cook around them? Or are they beneficial??

  9. Nice to see awareness is growing..
    I use and recommend Memon products. I think they are the best emf protective devices available. All government buildings in Austria are outfitted with Memon:

    I also saw your post about essential oils formulated for supporting specific organs. I think you might be interested in Field Control Therapy- a type of clinical homeopathy based on similar ideas (resonance with a particular organ or tissue induces detoxification and supports function), but is much more targeted and individualized. I’ve seen pretty incredible things happen for myself and others with chronic disease who have undergone this treatment.
    here are some links:®/

    Just thought you might be interested… great blog!

  10. I was so inspired after reading this article… Thanks for posting it, Lauren. I ordered a cheap, cool, retro alarm clock and got rid of our old one. Started charging my phone in the other room overnight, pulled out the old rotary-dial phone we had in the garage, and threw the cordless phones away. I feel better already!
    Oh, but then I splurged and got some beeswax candles, and one of those salt lamps. Stone age, here we come, haha!

  11. Hey… I have missed you and reading your blog. I happened to see my name in this article ;). I still love my house plug and I got the phone protector for Christmas and love that too. Miss you!

  12. Lauren, do you have any information on whether there are any paints for walls that can help block EMFs from, say, neighbor’s WiFi or nearby cell towers, and that is also low-VOC or no-VOC?

  13. You need to make your way thru Jack Kruses website! Overwhelming but he is so right on! So many other precautions to take, this stuff is so scary!!! Non native EMF is changing our biology and causing so much of our disease in this world!

  14. Being that I am an indigo and a spiritually inclined person I really appreciate this post but please look into orgonite as it greatly neutralizes the effects of EM pollution. Try placing a pyramid in your home and by cell phone towers, refineries, etc. You can even make your own and customize it with crystals to suit your needs!

    • Hi Danny. I have quite a few pieces of orgonite around the house and sometimes wear it, but do you know of any controlled studies done to measure the shielding effects? I’d really like to feel that I could use it at work where I’m in a sea of wifi for 8 hours a day (see my post below) and that it would really make a difference!

    • Great that you mention pyramids. We are starting to build one for my friend here in costa rica on my project . The ground floor will be 2500 sq.ft. with organic garden and tilapia. Second floor living area and who knows what on the 3rd. floor. We are very exited about it and plan to do more. We are smack in the middle of a blue zone which makes it more exiting. He plans to have it all for under $40k including land. I want to build mine next.
      Mel Stevenson

  15. I agree not to sleep with phone on at night, to put it on airplane mode. Then you state not to use phone as alarm clock due to radiation. This is incorrect, with my i phone anyways. I place my phone on airplane mode every night AND use it as an alarm clock.

  16. Hey everyone. While I agree that certain types of radiation (which is what “EMFs” are) CAN be dangerous… saying that things like radio waves and microwaves (literally “waves” of energy that travel in a straight line out from a force until they exhaust their energy for motion and collapse) create invisible “fields” around them that can harm you, would mean that VISIBLE light would do all those things too! Radio waves, micowaves, and infrared radiation is at a lower frequency than the visible light spectrum. The reason you can’t see through trees, buildings and other people, is because any thing at the visible light level and below can not pass through nor interact with those things. Even constant exposure to those types of radiation, at the low levels we encounter every day in cellphones, electrical appliances and air distance radio waves can’t effect us. Even the giant power lines create an electrical field weaker than the one in our body. But if they WERE stronger, it still wouldn’t matter. To change the shell level of an electron, a very specific energy needs to be given to it. That energy needed also increased dramatically with each shell jump. There’s a reason nuclear fission takes a huge amount of heat and pressure to begin! That heat (another form of radiation) is what causes the electron to jump free of every shell and become radiation in the sense of nuclear gradation, causing the atom to collapse and create heat energy.

    So to finish, there is literally NO physical way that the vibrations or frequencies in your body could be effected by these low level electromagnetic powers. Our bodies are too finely tuned, too perfectly constructed to be effected by anything but VERY specific frequencies (as in the ones that are generated by our bodies themselves). While anything higher on the spectrum CAN cause difficulties, and are what we classically think of as radiation, the lower EMP’s have absolutely no influence on our body. That’s like putting the wrong key in a lock. The lock simply won’t turn.

    “There is no convincing evidence in the published literature to support the contention that exposure to extremely low-frequency electric and magnetic fields generated by sources such as household appliances, video display terminals, and local power lines are demonstrable health hazards.”-Davis JG and others. Health Effects of Low-Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields. Oak Ridge Associated Universities, 1992 (original study done)

    It is well known that fluctuating magnetic fields give rise to an electric field by the Faraday effect in physics. Yale physics professor Robert Adair demonstrated that these electric fields are very small in comparison with the naturally occurring electric fields arising from thermal fluctuations.-Adair RK. Constraints on biological effects of weak extremely-low-frequency electromagnetic fields. Physics Review A43:1039-1048, 1991.
    (Previous study done due to power line concerns)

    For more information, simply go to a credible source of scholarly essays and search for information yourself! Biased information kills.

    • Are you including Smart Meters in your statements? Cause I can tell you since one was installed on my neighbor’s house my ears ring ALL the time. First I got pulses of sound for a couple days then constant high-pitched ringing 24/7. Last night my husband told me he woke up with ringing ears. He got up to go to the bathroom and his ears stopped ringing. When he returned to bed and lay close to me his ears started ringing again. Sure would like to know what causes that! Your thoughts??

  17. However, being the energy healer that I am, I WILL say that ANYTHING (including the Q-Link, which doesn’t really have anything in it ‘scientific’ in the traditional sense) that is made in the spirit of/considered to be healing could very well effect other types of vibrations (energies) in the body that science cannot measure. Microwaves cannot make someone depressed, but an as-yet unmeasured energy could (such as those apparent in Reiki, energy healing, or the Pagan idea of magic). Electrical waves in the physical world’s sense cannot act on the energy plane healers work with. I cannot change your electrical frequency. If I could, I would win the nobel prize because that means I’d have invented a whole slew of other impossible things, in a sense.

    But there are other frequencies in the body that I believe exist (that are partially responsible for the ‘placebo effect’, I think), that COULD very well be effected by something LIKE the Qlink, which is created for healing and help. ‘Traditional’ science and ‘alternative’ sciences (called pseudoscience by some because they ‘mimic’ traditional science, but cannot draw the same concrete conclusions in the same cisumstances) both agree that there are many vibrations, electric charges, and frequencies in the body. While some of them scientifically CANNOT cross, they can still be effected by other similar things.

    So this is NOT a negative review of the Qlink, or anything else. This is simply saying that “Electrical Pollution” could literally not happen, but that by strengthening those other immeasurable vibrations in your body, you CAN support your health. The woman that originally wrote about electrical pollution was angry (rightfully so) because the state forced her to allow them to install giant power lines in and around her yard. That anger, and the subsequent dwelling on it by writing about electrical pollution, could have very well caused all of the symptoms she named. Stress hormones caused by anger can kill and hurt you MUCH faster than even low dose NUCLEAR radiation could.

    This website is a wonderful source of information and inspiration, given by someone who truly cares for the people that follow her advice. While we may not agree on somethings, thank you Lauren for empoweredsustenance:)

    • Well, it looks like we disagree on this topic and from my research, I believe your claim that “there is literally NO physical way that the vibrations or frequencies in your body could be effected by these low level electromagnetic powers” is not true. We do have the studies to show that the waves from cell phones are harmful, and I discuss this in the post. I’m glad you enjoy my site, however, and I appreciate hearing your perspective as an energy healer.

    • Ooops! Too late, Miranda. The cat is already out of the bag, take a look:

      1) Drs. Pall and Dart presenting to the Oregon State House of Representatives Committee on Healthcare
      Here is the link:

      2) University of California Berkeley, Center for Family and Community Health, “Tips To Avoid Wireless Radiation”
      Here is the link:

      3) The BabySafe Project, “Bringing physicians, scientists and educators together to help inform women about the risk that wireless radiation poses to pregnancy and to urge expectant mothers to limit their exposures.”
      Here is the link:

      The scientific evidence of harm is now documented in thousands of studies and has been known for decades. It is now irrefutable.

  18. A couple of questions for you! 🙂
    I have the QLink phone button on my iPhone – do you feel that it is as effective for protection from the phone as wearing a pendant? My main reason for using the button is my 8 month old son. I use my phone to read and research a lot while nursing him, and wanted to protect him from the EMF’s. It is also more cost effective than a pendant.
    Also, my husband wears a pendant as he seems to really be affected by EMF’s. Does me sleeping next to him while he’s wearing it protect me from wi-fi signals? (That may be a silly question!) I am unsure if the QLink protects only the wearer, or if it puts out a “force field” (for lack of a better word). My chiro seemed to think it could cover a whole room with protection.
    Thank you for taking the time to compile this info- what a helpful, “empowering” read! 😀

  19. Lauren, what does one do if one works in a building where at least a dozen wifi networks are operational in every square metre of the place? We’ve just been assured that the few spots where our students (adult overseas students) have trouble connecting will soon be “fixed” as they’re installing a bunch more ‘thingies’ (?? don’t know the name) in the ceilings so we’ll be completely ‘wired’ at all times. I’m horrified but what can I do?

  20. LOL, I have to laugh. I developed the worst case of insomnia after college, I’m up for days at a time. After reading this, I’m thinking to myself now they tell me. I used to be a wireless tester for two way communication devices from the military construction and the rail road. Some very heavy duty stuff. Some you cannot use unless you have a licence from the FCC. So after doing this for years now I think it might of taken it’s toll. So yeah I believe you guys now, I just hope for the best to all of you and keep up the good work. Peace out. 🙂

  21. To the list of ‘sources of electropollution’ I would add electrical wiring….many homes have wiring faults which create EMFs their inhabitants are totally oblivious to.

    Nevertheless this is a good review of the issue – great to see you covering this Lauren!

  22. Hi Lauren, thanks for these suggestions. So if you buy a EarthCalm Scalar Home Protection System, which also reduces dirty electricity, would it render it unnecessary to buy the Stertzerizers?

  23. Due to advancement in technology, number of gadgets are also increasing, due to which electropollution is also increasing. Many of us are not familiar with this term, but it can be very dangerous for health. The electromagnetic radiations can even cause brain cancer. Thanks for sharing such an informative article.

  24. It is really funny world. The stern American agencies have lost their authorities and they are becoming commercialized in pace of bids by capitals investments and manufacturing industries. These money makers have no care about human kind future lifes and evironments. Look at around, go to mountains. Bee, birds, are out of mind weeble because of sudden appearance of abuse of invisible high freqency around. Trees have beein dying without distinct causes. I got mad at them unwisdom policies. America has enough resources and can live in affulent them without daily bloodily companies competions to make more moneys with greed. Life is short but worth living in the universe with peace of mind.

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