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I want to empower your health with the steps that freed my life of chronic pain and medications.

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  1. Hi Lauren!

    I enjoy you posts and newsletter and really wish you all the very, very best with your course – you are an amazing woman!

    Your fermented soda looks relish! I’m from the UK (where are your parents living?) and have recently made a kilo of foraged elderberries into syrup … but didn’t ferment it. I wanted to, but I read that unless you drink it within a couple of weeks it turns ‘wine-y’ and I wanted mine to last over the autumn (fall) as an immune booster.

    What’s your view?

    Kindest regards, Isabel

  2. Hi Lauren,
    I love your blog and have tried many of your recipes with great success! I have been making homemade elderberry syrup for over 2 years now and am happy to say that we have not gotten the flu or any other major viruses since starting our daily regimen of a tablespoon or 2 per day! I add cinnamon, cloves, fresh ginger and star anise when simmering my elderberries which give the syrup a bit more zing and also some added health benefits. I’m looking forward to trying fermenting idea! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  3. I’m going to save this for when my new elderberry bushes become fruitful. Thanks for the post!

    For Teresa`Raulerson – you my not be able to culture this with a Kombucha scoby but Elderberry juice is very tasty IN Kombucha. When I bottle I put about a tablespoon in a 16 oz bottle. Right now I’ve been getting my juice from Vitacost. Can’t wait to be growing my own. 🙂

  4. Hi Lauren, I too love your website and I use it on a regular basis for food and beauty recipes. Can you please advise re the ‘geyser’ effect. I made apple cider this summer (recipe from Nourishing Traditions) that called for 1 TBSP of salt and I used whey as the starter). Not only was it too salty for drinking, after a couple of weeks the pressure was so strong, that when I checked it, the metal spring on the bottle broke. I found a use for it though…….fruit fly trap! That was a scary experience and now I am afraid to try the making ‘soda or cider’ again.

  5. Hi! I was just wondering about the raw honey with the culture bacteria–would this not pose a problem? I know with kombucha honey is not used because it’s naturally anti-bacterial.

  6. How much does this make? I added up the ingredients and it looks like just under a 1/2 gallon? That’s like 3 bottles. Is that right?? Should I double it to fill a one gallon demijohn?

  7. Hi! I have a very important question… Is there a typo on this recipe? Or am I missing something… one batch is very little… is one batch supposed to just be the syrup and then you add water to the consistency that you personally desire??? I was surprised because I tripled the batch and still that is only 12 cups of water plus the berries and the sweetener and that hardly makes much at all… curious to see what I am missing here.. ? thanks so much. I have a this batch fermenting as of last night…but would love to know if I need to add some more water????

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I’m Lauren Geertsen, an author and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. When doctors told me that surgery and medication were the only answers to my chronic health issues, I decided to use the power of nutrition and a natural lifestyle instead.
My mission at Empowered Sustenance? To show you the simple steps on your path to vibrant health.

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