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  1. Thank you soo soo much for all these handy-dandy lists! I’m currently trying an elimanation diet right now to figure out why I’ve been having awful bloating and stabbing pains in my lower turso. Next week I’m going egg-free. This week it’s coconut free. Since I went dairy free it’s been LOTS better but still not completely gone.

      • Dear Cookies and Cream,
        I thought my experience with my son might be of interest to you. For 5 years, he was gluten-free, as it was obvious that it promoted acne in him. Yet, 5 years later, he was still quite fatigued. We did blood testing. He was allergic to eggs and yeast, and sensitivie to 15 other foods…cow dairy, but also weird stuff like pumpkin, lettuce, lemon, tapioca (which is in EVERYTHING), etc. All to say, I could never have identified all of his allergies/sensitivities with food elimination — especially since NONE caused any reaction. He was just extremely tired.
        Now I suspect he has leaky gut, and we have been on the GAPS diet for a month, looking at a good 2 years ahead of us, most likely. If I were you, I would invest in a comprehensive blood test for food sensitivities through a functional nutritionist MD. Even in pursing GAPS, we still have to leave out the abundant eggs and dairy that are on that diet. And if we hadn’t known about those allergies, our colossal efforts would have been wasted.

    • May I suggest cutting out all starches, like potato, pumpkin, corn, peas etc. It causes inflammation n It’s definitely worked for me. I also have sensitivity to aldehydes (alcohol), sulphites, eggs, dairy (mainly milk) I have almond milk instead. So basically I stick to a no egg or starch Paleo diet 😀

  2. Hey Lauren,

    I have a very similar situation to yours in which I have ulcerative colitis, began on the SCD/GAPS diet, had a hard time with a lot of the food groups, and began drifting more towards paleo AIP. I was wondering what you do about illegal starches such as sweet potatoes and tapioca flower? I’m confused on what I should do because one diet says yes and the other says no.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi. I know other ways to make egg-free baking. Other kind of flours (banana/plantain-free). AIP-friendly carob-free chocolate, my new resistant starch approach because I still have a leaky gut issue: I also don’t get the Wahls Paleo Plus – WHAT’S your e-mail to send you this information, because You are one of the good bloggers that I’ve been following since last year. i Will tell you why I can’t eat coconut products/avocado, …. message me 🙂

  4. Lauren! I want to start off saying you inspire me SO much. I have done a lot of research and love studying nutrition but your posts never fail to teach me something new. I cannot thank you enough for all that you do for the community. You are one smart (grain free) cookie 😉 anywho, I’m writing this here cause I couldn’t find a way to directly message you but I was hoping for some advice as I am completely overwhelmed right now. I have some serious digestive issues. Like seriously bad. There is very little I can eat without instantly bloating up. Conventional doctors diagnosed IBS and told me to not eat anything I can’t cut through with a plastic fork. Yeah ookaayy… I have of course done a lot of research but there is just so much information out there! Is it leaky gut? Sibo? Autoimmune related? Gah! I know avoiding fodmaps helps but I want to heal, not just alleviate. I was put on Prilosec for acid reflux which I learned only made things worse and immediately stopped. When I eat it feels like food just sits in my stomach. I have so much bloating and distention in my intestines as well. Could it be as simple as upping the stomach acid? I know you said you have done a modified gaps diet and I was curious as to whether or not that might be worth a try but looking at the veggies included they are all fodmaps so that stopped me. Do you think they would still be a problem or would cutting out all the other trigger foods allow them to be digested more easily? I am sorry for such a long comment with so many questions. It’s just that I have been facing these issues for over seven years and I want to rid myself of it once and for all. I would GREATLY appreciate any advice you can give as I truly respect your opinion and knowledge. 🙂

  5. A little disappointing that the first recipe I click on from this list of egg-free recipes calls for eggs in it! Recipe number 6 calls for eggs. I hope the others don’t.

  6. Just found your blog looking for this topic because I’m allergic to eggs & live a paleo/organic lifestyle–thank you for this post! I can hardly wait to start cooking! I’ve subscribed to your blog via Bloglovin’, and read some of your previous posts. Keep up the great work, and thanks again!

  7. I feel more optimistic now surviving my new diet. Thank you so very much for putting it on my website. Just wondering if your 101 egg free recipe book is for sale in Canada. thanks again. Elke

  8. Have you ever read Wheat Belly, by Wm. Davis, MD. Great book on the hybrid changes in today’s wheat to increase gluten and how wheat CAUSES all manner of diseases, not just celiac. So glad to have found info on your cook book of egg free paleo. Gluten, and it’s resulting leaky gut, has caused 48 different food sensitivities in me. This is the closest cook book i’ve food to handle my allergies, although I’ll still have to omit some. I’ll have to omit vanilla, but I can use a different flavoring. Of course, there’s always the risk of gluten in any flavoring. I just read that french fries have gluten AND CASEIN added. I’ve been trying herbs to try to heal my gut, and i’ve had diarrhea for a month since doing that. This is insane. Thanks for your book. I’m ordering it now through Amazon.

  9. Lauren~ can you please point me to some gaps recipes that don’t include coconut products?
    I have leaky gut and my Doctor says no coconut products.

    Thanks so much, I will look forward to your reply.

  10. Hi!
    I have a lot of food allergies and intolerances and would like to try the AIP diet. Dairy is a huge problem for me (including the calcium supplements added to soy, etc., “milks”) so I use almond milk. If I am understanding correctly, we don’t intake any grains or nuts (at least at first), so the almond milk is out. Unfortunately, I have an anaphylactic reaction to coconut so I can’t use that either. Do you have any suggestions regarding what I can use instead?

    Also, how do vitamin and mineral supplements fit into this?

    Thank you for your help.

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