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  1. This couldn’t have come at a better time, I have a brewers yeast sensitivity and a lesser sensitivity to egg yolks and mustard, pretty much leaves out all condiments ~ I have also been eating per AIP to raise my T3 levels. This is perfect!! Thank you Thank you Thank you for this alternative!!

  2. I just ordered the autoimmune books! I stumbled on your blog on accident about a month ago and it has been a real lifechanger already. So keep up the good work! I went from having no prospects for years to starting online school again! Its at my own pace but it’s a huge change.

    Anyway I did pick up a sort of handout of the autoimmune paleo diet since the books will take a few weeks to reach me.
    And it said honey in moderation. Underst,andable, but what is moderation? If anyone has a sort of guideline I’d love to know.
    I took quite a lot of honey getting off sugar, and now about a teaspoon a day when Im starting to feel burned out but maybe thats still too much?

  3. Can you use the solid coconut cream that comes in a block (maybe slightly diluted)?
    I don’t have access to coconut butter and make my own in the blender is extremely time consuming…

  4. I use a brevelle 11 c food processor and love it! I use it everyday.
    Potatoes may be ok after some time on GAPS or whatever healing diet you’re on, but you’ll have to test them to see.
    Lizzy, have you read the GAPS book? It says that many of us who have food allergies can be healed by going on GAPS diet. You should read it.
    Making the coconut butter in your food processor is really easy, you put a bunch of coconut flakes/shreds into your food processor (1/2 way up) and turn it on for about 10 minutes. It takes that long for the oils to be extracted and incorporated.
    Cheers all! Check out my journey at

  5. want to try but unsure of cloves garlic. Looked in 2 produce sections in grocery but can’t find. Feel somewhere dumb but can these Nature’s Way – Garlic Bulb 580 mg. – 100 Capsules Formerly Cloves be used? That’s the only “cloves” I have been able to find. Sorry, I have all ingredients but the garlic and now just stuck. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  6. @Julio, a “clove” of garlic is just what a piece of garlic is called. Not the whole big thing you buy (that’s a “bulb”) but the smaller pieces it breaks into. They’re shaped a little like tiny apple segments, and you have to peel them before using them in your cooking.

    I assume that substituting another oil for the olive oil would be fine. (I just don’t care for the flavor of extra-virgin olive oil in mayo.) When you say you sometimes add some cider vinegar for a salad dressing, do you mean like a Miracle Whip-type salad dressing or like a drizzle-on-lettuce-and-tomatoes kind of salad dressing? (I’m on a quest for a paleo-friendly Miracle Whip substitute, so I’m eager to know if this works for that!)

  7. Will this have a coconutty taste? I like coconuts but sometimes they can be a bit overpowering to me. I don’t mind it in sweets and desserts, but I prefer savory things without the coconut taste/flavor

  8. I’m looking for a mayo substitute for ranch dressing (with no egg) and was hoping this would work, but you mentioned that it hardens in the fridge. Do you think I could mix it with other ingredients for ranch dressing or would it end up a disaster?

  9. So regarding Mickey’s cookbook… Is there a lot of coconut in the recipes? We are also sensitive to coconut so it’s tough to find that coconut is in so many aip recipes too.

  10. I tried this tonight and it wasn’t what I was looking for exactly as I found it had too much coconut flavor. However, I added 2Tbsp lemon juice and a bit more salt and it worked perfectly for tuna salad – add some chopped up leeks, carrots, cucumber and wrapped in lettuce was great!

    Instead of garlic I used fennel and it works well. Can’t have garlic at the moment due to being on AIP + Fodmap restrictions.

    Thanks for the recipe

  11. Does it have to be stored in the fridge since these are all shelf stable ingredients? I am just wondering if I can keep a small amount out for a day or two and the rest in the fridge

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