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  1. I just tried this! It is amazing. Since returning to school I’ve been struggling with finding an efficient and comfortable work set-up due to chronic body pain caused by illness. I already had a taller bistro style workstation that I had installed with a slide-out tray which seemed to help but still wasn’t the answer. All I had to do was move the keyboard and mouse on top of the table and put a small box underneath the laptop. Voila! Everything is in complete alignment as per your drawing and it feels exactly perfect! Now I think I just need one of those gel mats for beneath my feet and I will be all set. Thank you so much for this post! It is exactly what I needed two years ago.

  2. I initially created my own stand up workstation at my job about a year and a half ago. And then we had the opportunity to request adjustable sit-stand workstations and I got one of those. Unfortunately I’ve been having a lot of pain in my knees for awhile now (which I think is tied to my leaky gut), so some days I actually find myself sitting more than standing, but I’m still happy to have the option.
    One thing that’s important to remember is that it’s not good to stand ALL day, just as it’s not good to sit all day. It’s important to vary your position, so even if you have a non-adjustable standing workstation, a tall chair or stool to perch on here and there is a good idea.

  3. What a great idea 🙂 I will definitely try to “make my own” standing desk. I used to sit on an exercise ball when at the computer desk, to help keep my posture in line, but the standing desk sounds even better! Thanks!!!

  4. OK the graphic with “my bun” cracks me up! Very funny.
    I’ve built two stand up desks (weld as a hobby) and use them constantly. There is a great amount of research indicating standing not only cuts down on chronic disease (duh), but it also adds the benefit of helping you be more mentally alert. Christine also mentioned sitting on a ball. I’ve taught ball classes for over fifteen years and switching back and forth from standing desk to sitting desk using an exercise ball is a good combo. If just starting out you WILL become fatigued so don’t hesitate to use a standard chair through the adaptation phase. Nice website! Thanks!

  5. Okay, I literally laughed out loud when I saw the labeled bun. That’s awesome!!

    I work from home at a desk, and I *really* want a treadmill desk. How great to exercise while working! Might have to beg Santa this year…

  6. I just made the switch to the standing desk this week too (using a plastic box I had in my basement and I LOVE it. (I just blogged about it this week too, and the importance of taking a stand for something in our lives!)! I have more energy during the day, I’m more focused during my work, and I have more energy for the rest of my life after my work day ends. And, like you I’m also sleeping more soundly. Yea for standing desks!!

  7. A few weeks ago, I was inspired to make a stand up work station for my sewing machine. Sitting at a desk/table with it always gives me a headache, a pain in my back and shoulders, and my concentration usually disappears within 15 minutes. All of those problems are gone with the standing set up. One section of my kitchen counter is a deep overhang meant for bar stools. So I have my machine on top of a plastic box at that end, with a side table underneath to hold my cables when not in use, kitchen books, and various sewing items. Works brilliantly well, I don’t need a massage every night, and my concentration is much much improved. Now, If only I could convince my husband that he should convert his desk at work to a standing station . . . . . . 😉

  8. Well I’ll ask the question. Do your feet ever hurt?!?! Lol! I do actually like the idea, but I imagine I would need some sit down time too. And maybe better shoes! But I’m always looking for a reason to buy more shoes…

    • No, mine don’t usually hurt. I don’t wear shoes though, which, being at home, is my normal state and might possibly make a difference. I alternate between sitting (cutting pieces, matching fabrics, hand sewing), standing at my sewing machine, and chasing my children. 🙂 The main point, I think, is to avoid being static. You don’t want to sit all day but you don’t want to stand all day either. I spent five hours on my feet in heels at a flea market last weekend and it took about three days to recover from that indignity, LOL.

  9. I tried this for three weeks but unfortunately for me it was a fail. I spend far too much time in front of a computer, at work and at home, so I was looking for a solution to my back and neck issues. However, even though I had everything set up perfectly, my neck and back got much worse and I had to revert to a chair. Standing still is a killer on my back while walking isn’t, so the next step is a treadmill desk.
    This doesn’t mean it won’t work for others and if you are seeing benefits, then it’s a fantastic solution to a sedentary life.

  10. I shared one desktop computer with three homeschooling kids, and my ability to work at home was suffering, so I bought a laptop. Sadly, that meant I sat ALL THE TIME. I suddenly was “free” to work 24 hours a day because my work could go with me! At the desktop, I’d get up at least once an hour and do laundry, pick up, get the mail, etc. Now, with a laptop, I could sit in the recliner with my feet up, so I never got the message from my body it was time to move. I am just now remembering to take the laptop to a place where I can stand up to work several times a day and that’s helping. Work hours vs. home hours would help more.

  11. That diagram of your desk is EXACTLY me during my summer job! I used archive boxes to make a standing desk and so did one of my bosses! We knew sitting was bad for your health and it would be PAINFUL for me in my neck and shoulders after only a few days of 9-5 sitting. I’m so glad you shared this and that we built our desk in the same way! Now the market needs to develop an affordable standing desk for people like us!

  12. May I add a warning. I work at a sleep center and created a standing station with laptop desk (like a bed in breakfast tray) and a wooden crate I painted black so it would like nice at work. At first I made sure to stand on cushion mats but over the first few weeks after occasionally almost tripping on them I would kick then under the counter. I have developed plantar fasciitis (intense heel pain). I believe the mats could have prevented this and also maybe more importantly I should’ve really eased into it more slowly. I get such back aches from sitting I was excited to stand and went for all nighters right from the get go. I am going to ease into it the second time around as my foot starts to feel better. It really is awesome and my back definately felt better. Its so easy to just lauch into some simple stretches when your already standing. Just trust me on the cushion mats and if you are someone with a history of PF, do your stretches and eeeeease into it baby. 😀

  13. I love standing desks! I discovered them in Sweden (they have an Ikea desk with an electrical motor, and with the push of a button you can choose to sit or stand!) Everybody should try at least one day 🙂
    I just discovered your website and I’m loving it!! so much material to read now… haha
    Who did your logo? it’s beaaaaautiful!!

  14. I work in a call centre. Sitting 8 hours a day, breaks for lunch etc, but virtually chained to the desk due to stats needing to be met. I have tried many alternatives and am hoping my bosses allow this type of thing as balance balls have been downed, support cushions too. Does anyone have a cheaper,portable light alternative please, as we do not stay at the same desk everyday, due to desk sharing shifts. I will have to purchase my own as work do not funds alternatives to desks and swivel chairs gggrrrrrrr.
    I really love the one advertised, but it is very expensive.
    (Maybe I could have a word in Santas ear though if there isnt an alternative 🙂 )
    Thank you for this post. Super interesting x

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