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      • Hi Lauren, How do you stop the oil from going in your eyes, especially as you say to ‘saturate the eye area’? I’ve tried to use oil as a makeup remover before, first of all putting the oil on a cotton pad and then wiping over my face, but this got too much oil in my eyes (which is not harmful I think, but not very fun!) so then I tried wetting the cotton pad first and wringing it out, then pouring the oil on it… but because I have to rub my eyes quite hard to get my mascara off, I still seem to get oil in my eyes, and it makes them really foggy/grungy, and just isn’t very nice. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!

  1. Hi there,
    I was recently given the chance to try a micellar water as makeup remover and i was very happy with the results. Later on that day i saw a recipe for making a diy micellar water with pure lecithin ,glycerin ,demineralized water ,all in small amounts.
    And i was wondering if this could be a good natural makeup remover ,because oil for me feels somewhat heavy and always stings my eyes.
    Would you use such thing?

  2. I was curious about the GMO free cotton pads, so I clicked the link and it brought me to amazon, but I was expecting a nice organic brand of round cotton pads. I don’t think that these were the cotton pads that you meant to link, unless you really are suggesting that people wipe their face with, well, period pads, although they are 100% cotton.

  3. Hi! I was wondering if it’s necessary for it to be kept in a completely airtight container? Or could a tinted glass bottle dispenser work too? It would be more convenient and easier to handle on a daily basis.
    Btw, i love your posts!

  4. I use something very similar to this as my daily face moisturizer! Mostly jojoba oil with a bit of tamanu oil in the summer and a bit of borage oil in the winter, and a small bit of lavender essential oil in an amber dropper bottle. I had used jojoba as well to remove makeup the few times I wear it but I didn’t think of adding the vitamin E, I will give that a try next time. Thanks for all the tips!

  5. What essential oil would you recommend for someone like me who has cystic acne? I’ve heard tea tree oil is good, but can be very strong. I’m excited to try this and ditch my store-bought cleansers for good!

  6. Where can i find scented oils whar can b used to replace coconut oil i was thinkin og another recipe that would go great with your my daughter as acne too
    i need an exfoliating lotion or moisturer. Thank you so much

  7. I just made it and am looking forward to trying it on a day that I am wearing some makeup…one question though, do you have any recommendations on storage for this? Is room temperature just fine? Thank you!!

  8. I love this! I am slowly but surely eliminating chemicals from my house hold products, which includes beauty products like facial cleanser and make up, and I love this! I am definitely going to try it the next time I can get over to Whole Foods to fetch the ingredients! Thank you – sharing and saving at Affimity!

  9. Thanks for a fab post! I definitely love the Leven Rose Jojoba Oil that you have listed in your original blog post. The Desert Essences one is in a clear plastic bottle, which I’m not as fond of.

  10. I have very sensitive eyes – so the ONLY thing I can use to remove my eye makeup is the Green Tea Cleanser from made from earth….everything else makes my eyes water. It also is a great cleanser for the mornings! Def recommend if your eyes are sensitive to soap since this is not soap.

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