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  1. Hi Lauren! Thank you for all your detailed info on MM. I came across all your blogs and am soooo very excited to find hair care like MM. I have a question and was not able to find the answer on their website. I’m not sure if you’ll know, if I will need to email them directly.

    I have medium dark brown hair and usually get blonde/caramel highlights added. Do you know if I can use medium brown dye with the neutral henna to act as those highlights (and foil those sections as my hair dresser would)? I’m not sure how that would work because the neutral only stays in for 30 minutes and dark color stays in for 2 hours. But ideally I want to go completely holistic with my haircare, but I hate to loose my highlights too. Thanks!

    • Hello Amber!

      Neutral henna won’t give your medium dark hair blonde highlights, since it doesn’t bleach out your color. Adding neutral henna atop of medium brown henna will give you a more gingery color, since the yellow tint from cassia will diffuse the indigo & henna color or do nothing at all, depending.

      -Morrocco Method Support Team

  2. Hi,
    Would the light blond henna bring out even more highlights in my medium brown hair and does it have all the same healing properties of the colorless henna (filling in damaged pockets and slightly relaxing)? My hair routine is to use an organic shampoo (that lathers less than commercial shampoos) followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse and argan oil as a leave in conditioner once out of the shower. Would any of these things, or heat styling strip out the henna? Thanks so much I would like to switch to MM products soon but want to know if I can still henna now.

  3. Hi Lauren. What do you think it would do to fully grey hair? My hair has started yellowing a bit. I guess I wouldn’t mind going light blonde if that is what would happen. Don’t want to use chemicals.

  4. MM shampoo is absolutely the worst I have ever used. I have endured using it for over 6 weeks relying on your testimony and MM assertion that my hair would detox and be the best ever. My hair feels “gummy,” has no body and looks dull like it has not been washed in weeks. By the end of the day it is really horrible. I actually used a cleansing shampoo this morning to remove MM from my hair. I cannot stand it any longer. To sound crass, this shampoo is now in the laundry room under the sink where I keep the dog shampoo. Gee, I wonder why MM only has complimentary comments on the testimony page! AND why they only offer refunds 14 days after purchase.. Now I know. I spent $85 for this nonsense and will chalk it up to experience. Glad you like it Lauren. You certainly endorse it heavily.

    • I’ve been using MM shampoo for almost a month now. My hair felt a little gummy at the roots the first couple of times I used it, but now my hair is better than it ever was. I used to have to wash it every day to keep it looking clean and use several styling products to tame all the frizz and to define my waves. Now I just wash, comb, and go and when it’s completely dry, it’s gorgeous! I’ve even been able to skip washing my hair and still wear it down… unheard of for me in the past! I’ll gladly take the shampoo you aren’t using off your hands…

    • Give it time to work in our hair, it will get better. I has taken me 2 months but I have improvement. I agree with everything Jamie said. You can do it, we just have to be patent.

    • Kaye, I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience with MM. Hillary and Jamie above have basically said what I would have told you. My detox period lasted a while, and that’s after I had gummy hair for about a year trying to get through the transition period of No ‘Poo without success. While I think that MM is the best option for natural hair care due to the ingredients and scalp-balancing approach, there are certainly other options for natural hair care that are worlds better than conventional products. I am not against these other options and I would encourage you to find what works best for you.

    • I have been using MM for 8 months now and will never use any other product on my hair again. I had an exceptionally long detox period, it took about 4-5 months for my hair to start looking amazing like everyone else reported and it was really discouraging. I had thought about giving up a few times. Now I go 3-4 days between using the shampoo, and on those in between days I rinse well with water and that’s it. My hair is so soft, shiny and I even have lots of new growth (I had a receding hairline and didn’t even realize it). It also took me awhile to figure out, but adding in a shower head that filters out chlorine has done wonders for my hair and I highly suggest trying that out (I found one by Culligan for $30 on Amazon with really good reviews). So sorry you’ve had a bad experience

    • Kaye, I REALLY empathize with you! I had the nasty gummy results at first, too. I actually tried no poo 2 years ago and when the baking soda dried out my hair, I began looking for something better. The first time I tried MM I hated it so I put it away. I was pissed! After all I had already detoxed long before and that stuff was expensive! I went on looking for natural haircare that worked well with my hair. At no time since I started no poo 2 years ago did I go back to conventional shampoo. Anyway, without any success with any other natural hair care methods, I decided to give MM another shot, so I pulled the bottles out again. I had to trouble shoot for a few weeks but I finally found the secret that nobody had told me. I had to use A LOT of the shampoo. I mean I absolutely saturate my hair with the stuff! I dilute it about 50/50 and wash twice saturating my hair scalp to ends both times. It feels like creamy conditioner in my hair. When I do that, my hair looks INCREDIBLE! I have never had my hair look this beautiful! It will cost me more than no poo to keep using that much MM shampoo but it definitely won’t cost as much as those fancy salon shampoos I used to buy. It’s a great trade off for me.

  5. I started using MM when I found your blog. I love it! Its been 2 months and Im starting to see some improvement in my hair. I think I may want to try the henna, I have dark brown hair, so I’m not sure how it would look afterwards. I love having a natural shampoo line since I was having thinning happening for me. Thanks for the blog and post about this product.

  6. How safe is henna during pregnancy/breast feeding?
    Also, the MM site talks about needing a tea for the henna. It is not clear if tea is needed for the neutral. Per your instructions, it seems only water is needed. Am I correct? Thanks. One request I have to MM is to please start sending instructions with your products. I ordered the sample kit, and have no clue how to use them. Going to the Internet every time I want to use a new product has made me, well, not use it. Thanks!

    • I would assume that MM henna, because it is just pure plants, would be safe for pregnancy/breastfeeding although I’ll ask them to be sure. Tea is not needed for the neutral henna, although you can use it if you like (I don’t). I’ve always received instructions with my order, but I’ll ask them if this is standard practice. Thanks for the feedback and sharing your experience!

    • Hello Shannon!

      In an effort to incorporate green business practices, we no longer send paper instructions with our orders unless requested by marking “No” to Go Paperless? option at check out!

      Instead, if you look at your receipt emails, you’ll see under each item a “Download Literature” link. These go directly to the PDF instructions of each product you purchased. Here is the literature link for Neutral Henna:

      It is safe to use henna and cassia during pregnancy and breast feeding. HOWEVER, your baby might be allergic to henna, so use with caution. Check with your doctor or midwife and tell them the plant dye is 100% plant powders without any chemical additives.

      -Team MM

  7. Hi, this is a lot of great information. I have always used a henna/herb mixture from the bulk herb store. It isn’t a hair “dye” but it definitely brings out the natural shine, and makes it healthier. I never had any bad experiences w/ it like a gummyness or changing my skin or anything either, I love it, and use it about every six months. It is something some people could try if they don’t get good results w/ other henna products. Everyone’s PH balance is different and I think sometimes what works well for others may not work for some. There are different mixtures w/ herbs in them too. I will have to try this from MM next time I feel like actually changing my color a bit. But I have a darker red tone hair and I like any highlight to be very obvious so I dunno if this would work for me but it would definitely be cheaper anyway, since my hair is so long, I sit on it when I sit down, and its very thick all the way down too. Anyway, I love your newsletters and I am always interested to see what comes next. I tell others all the time(literally all the time) how the moon and hormone thing has helped me so so much. It has made a tremendous difference for me. I mean seriously, and my home has salt lamps everywhere too:) Thanks for everything you post.

  8. Lauren Thank you for all of the information on Morrocco Method! It’s so nice to have a natural option that someone has tried. 🙂 I have tried quite a few homemade natural shampoos with no luck. I am currently using the honey-poo method and am still in the transition period..but it’s nice to know MM is always there if I need it! I just received my first MM Henna order and can’t wait to try it. Thanks for opening up the door to Henna for toxic hair-dye was the last beauty product left to purge!

  9. I would love to try the henna, but the directions for colored henna, cutting a lock of hair and trying a color, waiting 75 min., etc. seem complicated and then leaving it on for 2 hours. You mentioned stripping when you did it, can you just wear old clothes. I have gray in my hair, so I definitely need to use a color. I wish some older women would write in about their experiences. I’d like to be convinced, but am really hesitant to take this step.

  10. I am not trying to sound contentious, but…there is no such thing as “neutral” henna. What this company (and others like it) market as “neutral henna” is actually another plant altogether: cassia obovata. (This is clearly listed in the ingredients on their site for this product.) I only point this out because it makes things so very confusing for the consumer. I understand this is not your fault, but calling something “henna” when it is not henna gives the impression that henna can be neutral or create other colors. People need to understand that pure henna will only impart one color family to a person’s hair — shades of orange to red to auburn. Henna is permanent color and will not wash out. Brown or black “henna” hair colors require the addition of other ingredients (sometimes unnatural dyes) to be added to the henna; or in the case with neutral, contain no henna at all! This is not to imply that there is anything wrong with cassia obovata, I believe it is truly beneficial. I just don’t understand why companies insist on calling it “henna’ when it does not contain henna.

  11. I saw that there was an older lady wondering about the results of MM henna on grey hair, and thought I would respond.
    I am not an “older lady”, but my hair was at about 35% grey. My natural colour is dark brown, so I figured I would give that colour of henna a shot. I have to say, I am very happy with the results. The greys are now looking like lovely dark auburn highlights, and my natural dark brown hair is glossier, with nice warm undertones. Now, I did just do my colour today, and am waiting to see how the henna darkens over the next day.

  12. As natural as henna is, it is possibly one of the worst things for the hair. I am a hairstylist, I love looking for the most natural and healthy things for the hair and this is actually worse than non-natural products. The reason being the more you use it the dryer the hair becomes because henna does not allow for conditioners or hair moisturizers to penetrate the hair shaft, plus if you do end up wanting to get regular hair color and highlights you can’t because the henna won’t allow the hair to change colors. The process of stripping henna is long and very costly, many hairdressers don’t even offer the service do to the time and the fact that it doesn’t come off immediately. If you do want to remove henna you have to use witch hazel various times. This definitely is not so good for the hair.

  13. Hi Lauren, you mentioned earlier that you use a mixture of black and dark brown henna for eyebrow tinting. Would dark brown henna be sufficient to color my light brown eyebrows a shade darker, or do I need both black and brown henna?

  14. I have ordered the Morrocan Method hair products and boar brush. Should receive them this week. I am excited to start using them. I have been reading about using Henna. My hair is curly and would be gray if I didn’t color. I go to salon that uses “natural coloring” (I know it’s probably not natural). I may some day be brave enough to try the henna. My question, until I do, will I still get the benefits from the Morrocan Method products and boar brushing? or will having hair dye affect the outcome of the results of using the products?

  15. Hello, a post on Pinterest led me here.
    I have been making a royal mess with henna on my hair for years. Not mess as in bad, but as in the process being messy.
    I have often wanted to pay someone to do this, but I find there seem to be no hairdressers who use this method around my town. At least that I know of.
    I have been using a mixture of light brown/red for coloring the grey mostly. Lately it seems I do notice the grey in contrast more when it’s time for another go around.
    I wonder if you might suggest any way of sort of allowing both to live side by side, the grey, the henna…sort of blending so it’s a transition, yet not a committed “I am ready to go fully grey”look.?
    I will one day, but not quite ready.
    Wondering what the neutral henna might appear like in color if you have light brown/grey hair color?

    Thank you!

  16. I would love if you did a video tutorial! What do you do to loosen the henna? Have you tried using the scalp massager or the boar bristle brush while rinsing as recommended on the MM website? I bought the neutral henna abad haven’t done it yet because I am trying to make sure I have all the steps down and the right timing. Thanks for all your MM helps!

  17. hey… lauren.. im really feeling inspired after reading ur articles… i hv tried almost all the shampoos available in d market..
    tried no poo for a while which turned out to b a disaster… i hv hormonal imbalance… so i hv a lot of hairfall and my hair doesnt grow at all… can u suggest hw should i begin with moroccan hair care ??

  18. Alright tbh I found this website through Pinterest in doin a bit of reading on henna and how I should do it and what to buy etc. one thing I need help with is my hair is a darkbrown what color would I need to make my hair red and are you able to use henna to do like a fade out style or highlights?

  19. Hi
    As Teresa and Margot asked earlier earlier neutral henna change the silver/white hair. I lo my 90% silver hair an woul love to ad bounce to my curly, fi but frizzy hair without changing the color. Thanks for s your thoughts

  20. Will the neutral, colorless henna change my hair color? I have dark brown hair and am not looking for my color to change. Im looking for a deep conditioning treatment.

  21. I colored my hair while pregnant with the Moroccan method henna, nice but after baby I wanted to go lighter and get full highlights. I was so nervous! 2 months prior I started oiling my hair with olive oil before I washed. I just highlighted today and am soooo happy with the color, a nice bronde with no red! I asked for them no to touch my scalp with the foils, so it looks so natural and no nasty chemicals on my scalp. Just proceed with caution, and you can totally highlight over pure henna! Very happy I took the risk.

  22. Hi! Has anyone tried to mix neutral Henna with just a small quantity of red henna for instance? My hair is light brown with some natural highlights. I have just started using neutral henna and it occured to me to add a pinch of red henna in each treatment – do you think in this way I could obtain some auburn red highlights in my natural highlights? Has anyone tried that? I love red hair but I wouldn’t feel comfortable with changing my hair colour which is already beautiful – but I would like to add a reddish tendence to it if you see what I mean. Can you share anyone share their experience on this, please? Thanks in advance:)

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