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  1. Unfortunately it’s not possible for me to order the products to Switzerland. So I stick with my honey shampoo and ACV rinse for now. I think I’m deep in the transition period and hope this is over soon 😉

  2. Hi there….about how much do you use per application? About how long might a bottle of shampoo/conditioner last?

    Are these products gentle enough for eczema on my scalp? Especially that detox product? Thanks!

    • I think I use a dime-sized amount for each shampoo. It’s important to follow the shampoo directions here (dilute each “serving” and shampoo twice). A bottle lasts me a long time, because you only need a little bit for each use. Also, most people find they can wash their hair less with MM because the oil production of the scalp normalizes. With that said, it really depends on the individual how long a bottle lasts. I would say an 8oz. shampoo bottle lasts me 2+ months.

      Yes! The shampoos and conditioners are definitely gentle enough for eczema and very healing/soothing for the scalp. I would be careful with the Zen Detox, though.

  3. I want to try this product HOWEVER I absolutely cannot believe that video of the hair cut. I am a hairstylist, and I could explain about ten different things that just don’t work about this technique. It’s slightly humorous and slightly offensive. I can promise you this, your haircut will NOT be blended or even,. The angle in which you pull your hair away from your head will not be the same all the way around your head, causing your hair to layer itself unevenly. Those are just a few of the problems I see with this. Why not just go get a haircut? A technically precise haircut = easier styling. This is awful and kind of makes me irritated at that man. “You can do a better job than any hairdresser on your own hair…” This coming from the man who just told her “yes, part it at your natural part.” “no, part it in the middle because we want it to be even.” Uhhh…. if you part your hair on the side, you need to part it on the side when it’s cut.

    • Let’s not get too heated here. I absolutely see your point and, although I find your delivery rather harsh, I believe a professional cut goes much farther than a DIY cut… especially when the cut is scheduled according to the Lunar Hair Calendar 🙂 All I can say is that I use this technique and it works for me, but I have curly/wavy hair and so that may help it look blended. I do layer my hair when I cut it.

      • I went ahead and ordered. Thanks for the promo code. I wasn’t “heated,” I just very passionately believe that my career which I’ve spent ten years investing myself into with education and time is not easily duplicated by a person doing a DIY haircut as he states. His phrasing is insulting and misleading. Thanks again for the promo. I’m hoping as a professional, I can cross over to the other side in my product selections.

    • Hi Ashley, I just wanted to say that I have long, super thick, very wavy hair. My haircuts are expensive because I am very picky. I would probably go to someone like you :). I (after a mild anxiety attack) tried this method of trimming my ends, and it turned out fabulous. Way better than I expected. I decided to do this because I only budget for 2 haircuts a year and my ends suffer. I thought that if I can trim the ends just a teeny bit once a month, I can periodically get it shaped professionally and my ends won’t suffer as much between appointments. I never for a second thought he meant that you could totally replace your stylist. I sure won’t!

  4. I made the decision today to give up my Suave shampoo.and conditioner, so this promo is very timely! I am going to try your honey shampoo the next time I wash my hair. I washed it with an egg yolk today (followed by ACV rinse) and it turned out pretty well, if oilier than normal. Do you happen to know what the ph of an egg yolk is?

    I started the GAPS diet in December, and I have learned a lot from your blog. I make the Paleo Cornbread all the time. 🙂

  5. What are your thoughts on the Rahua shampoo/conditioner line? I started using it about a month ago after having gone through the dreaded transition period for weeks (I only wash once/week) by using home-made shampoo concoctions. First time I tried Rahua, my hair was back to ‘normal’ and better than ever – so either it’s hiding some questionable ingredients OR it was just good timing following my transition period.

  6. I have thick, coarse, curly hair, and my scalp doesn’t seem to produce oil. I could probably go a month without washing before I would start to see oiliness. I stopped daily shampoo many years ago, and at most wash once a week. Between washes I just scrub my scalp in the shower with plain water and add conditioner to my ends. I have chronic problems with itch, and scales that I’m pretty sure are psoriasis. I tried lots of new things, including 6 weeks of the the honey/acv method, but the itching intensifies and I get more flakes. Right now I’m using Shea Moisture natural shampoo (1x/week). I use a very heavy conditioner by Deva Curl because my hair seems to constantly require more moisture (2x/week). Can you give me your opinion? Is there possibly something I’ve missed as to why my hair is like this? I would love to try this morrocco method but I think I should try to understand the problem before I try another new product.

  7. Hi, Wondering if you have used the Morroco styling products? I have been trying to find healthier haircare and just ordered the shampoo and conditioner and zen detox.
    Love your site! Thanks for all your great information!

    • I consider the boar bristle brushing a “styling product” because it turns my hair into beautiful waves – the before and after is amazing! The volumizing mist is also fantastic and gives me great results. I have yet to try the Blood of the Dragon styling gel but I want to try it soon.

      Sometime soon, I think I will do a post about No Heat Hair Care and Styling. I’m having fun learning about it an experimenting with it!

      • I have very thick curly/wavy/uneven hair and I have always flat ironed it because I always felt like my hair was dirty when it had product in it. I found a recipe for a DIY hair gel and I love it! It’s super cheap to make. You just boil 1 cup of water with 1 TBSP of flax seeds for 10 minutes and strain it. I added 1 TBSP of aloe after I strained it and a few drops of rose EO for scent. Thanks for the promo code!

  8. I have been gradually cutting out products over the past six months, first cutting out conditioner, then the more harmful/cheap shampoos, and using one with very low lather with added ginger. My hair has been thinning for years and it is my greatest vanity. Especially because my hair is red, anything I lose is all the more apparent. Based on your first review of MM, I not only bought the travel kit (so I could try all of the shampoos) but I also cut about 4 inches off my hair so that it’s now pixie length, hoping it would help. I think my hair looks and feels healthier, and I’m definitely able to go 2-3 days without washing which is a miracle. I was just wondering whether you blow dry your hair at all? Any tips for getting the shampoo directly to your scalp rather than wasting it on the ends that don’t need it? I have to say chopping my hair off has helped but I still feel like I”m not washing as effectively as I can.

  9. I’ve been using MM products for a little over a month. I’m still in detox, so my hair feels greasy at the roots (especially on top) and dry on the ends. I use Zen Detox once a week, and have been sleeping with it in my hair for the past two weeks. When I rinse out the Zen Detox, my hair is amazing. It’s always been wavy and limp, but Sunday I rinsed out the ZD, combed my hair, and then diffused it. The curls were amazing, and held up all day! I normally have to curl almost every strand to get it looking ok, but this time I only had to do 4 strands. I slept on the curls and they looked decent enough the next day to wear. I’ve always been a wash my hair every day kind of gal, so it was glorious to not have to get up as early to wash and style it.

    Though the detox period is awful (I basically wear my hair up every day), using Zen Detox gives me hope for what it could be once the detox process is complete.

    This is my first foray into the no poo world, and working the shampoos through my hair is difficult, even though it’s fine and thin. I use more of the product than I should, but I can’t seem to get it worked through enough. I’ll keep trying, though. I’m determined to see this through, and hopefully the detox period will be over quickly.

    Thanks for all the info! (and for the coupon!)

  10. This is a great post – thank you! I had looked into the no-poo method, but have been too scared to actually take the leap. This seems like a great alternative.
    However, I think the company is playing games. Their two combination packages (Healthy Hair Starter Package and 5 Elements Shampoo Package) are “unavailable”. I would have tried either of these to get started, but it looks like since they are offering a coupon code they suddenly aren’t available. Interestingly, you can buy all 5 of the shampoos offered in the package separately – they’re just “unavailable” as the special combination package. I contacted the company, and they told me I could buy them separately and apply the coupon code (bringing it to $112.50) and it would be cheaper than buying the package ($115 – however that’s before the discount – it would come to $103.50 after the 10%). That’s an obvious scam – if they are available separately why can they not honor the pricing together? It’s really not about the extra $9, it’s about the integrity of the company. Disappointing.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your experience and I will contact them right now about this. In all my interactions with the company, including a phone call with the founder Anthony Morrocco, I’ve been only impressed with the integrity of the company and commitment to quality ingredients. I’ll ask a representative to respond to this.

    • I’m so sorry you are distressed! We’re not normally out of stock with packages, so naturally it can be confusing.
      We can’t fulfill the Healthy hair Starter Package because we are out of stuck on the pearl creme rinse.
      And for the 5 Elements Shampoo Package we are extremely low on the Earth Shampoo and might not receive it for a few more months. Unlike most other business it typically takes months to produce a batch.[due to our wild crafted ingredients] We do want to reduce sales, however not eliminate sales completely, which is why the products are still available individually. I hope that this makes sense, and if you have any other questions you’re welcome to email me for further clarification.
      Send any questions to

  11. I’m definitely interested in trying something a bit more natural to get my hair back to its former glory. I’ve been using sulfate-free shampoos, and they seem to help, but I’m not satisfied with the progress I’ve made. I must admit, though I’m totally down to try the products and the boar bristled brushes, I’m a bit skeptical about the whole lunar cutting thing. Then again, I’m a bit of a skeptic! 🙂 Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  12. I tried the baking soda/ACV no poo method for about six months and it destroyed my hair. I had to cut off 3-4 inches to remove the horrible split ends. After reading your original post on Morocco Method, I ordered a sample pack from them and was less than thrilled with the results. I thought it improved my hair slightly, but not enough to justify the cost of full sized bottles. Also, people kept commenting on the way that my hair smelled and not in a good way. It has a very earthy smell which is off-putting. I was disappointed as I really wanted to love these products. I think I may have to try your honey shampoo next.

    • No Poo can do some significant damage to hair because it is not pH balanced and it takes a while to recover. I think it may have been necessary to keep trying the MM shampoos for another month to help repair the damage, but I’m sorry you didn’t like the smell. I’m surprised to hear that because I love the very mild fragrance from the essential oils. Good luck with the Honey Poo!

    • I didn’t like the smell of the MM shampoos either and I was worried it was going to keep me from using them long term. Then a I realized I was being silly and that I could easily fix the problem. I am an avid user of doTERRA certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Every time I dilute my MM shampoo I add a few drops of rosemary, peppermint and lavender oil. Not only does it make my hair and the shampoo smell really good, but the peppermint makes my scalp and tingly and I LOVE it. You could really use any EO that you like, I chose those because I like the tingles and rosemary is good for your scalp.

  13. Hi!
    Thanks for a great post. However, I’ve been desperately trying to find a full INCI on the morrocoo method, which i can’t find. could you please help me with this?

    best, anna

  14. Couple of quick questions:

    1. Should I assume the MM stocks won’t replenish before April 11th (when the coupon codes expire) and just purchase other packages/products that are available now? Or, is there a chance that if I wait a couple more weeks the Healthy Hair Starter Package will be available?

    2. Once my hair has been through the detox period, do I risk a ‘re-lapse’ by going to the hairdressers for a cut and having them wash my hair with conventional shampoo/conditioner? I like having my hair cut professionally but I’m scared that having them use their chemical-laden products on my hair will set me back into a pre-detox phase! HELP!

    • You can contact MM here and ask about the Healthy Hair Package – I don’t know when it will be in stock. But I don’t know if I will be able to offer this big of a coupon in the future, so I’d definitely take advantage of it before April 11th.

      I would recommend bringing your MM shampoo to the hair dressers. Bring the shampoo and a small bottle to dilute it for use, per the shampoo directions. Alternatively, when I get my hair cut professionally, I ask them only to wet it with water instead of using their products.

  15. Just wondering about the coupon code. When I enter it after filling my cart it says it’s not available yet. Is there somewhere later in the process you can put it in? I’m up to where it needs credit card info and I’m afraid to get charged before I get my 10%!

    • Okay, I found the problem – sorry for the wait and inconvenience! My representative at MM said:
      “Just from the error she received it looks like she is trying to order from our iPhone app, unfortunately our app and mobile website run on different coupon codes.

      I was able to add the 10% off for “EMPOWERED10″ to the mobile coupons, but I can’t do the free shipping on it. If she wants to do the 10% off + free shipping she will need to order directly from our desktop website.”

      He said to contact them if you are using a desktop/laptop/tablet and still having trouble. I’ve updated the post to tell other people that it won’t work with their iPhone app.

  16. I have been using the Morocco Method products since your last post in January, and overall have been very pleased. I have also been brushing with a boar bristle brush at least two times a day, following their instructions, and using the scalp massager. I have begun to see an improvement in my thinning hair, and even my hairdresser noticed a difference. Something else that seems to be helping is consuming at least two tablespoons of grass fed gelatin a day (sometimes up to four)

    I would be very interested in hearing about some no heat styling techniques. I still rely on the hair dryer for some volume, but know it is doing damage.

  17. I started MM after coming across your last post. I was no poo for a while and it worked well for my hair til pregnancy. So I switched to a Shea shampoo but kept the ACV rinse as conditioner. I wasn’t overly happy with that but not sure what else to try. I considered your DIY Honey shampoo, but was hesitant since I’m not a huge honey fan (I bake with it but don’t otherwise like the taste or smell). Then I saw your MM post. I hesitated, since it seemed a lot to spend on hair care products, but am glad I took the plunge. I got the travel kit of just shampoos since I didn’t think I’d need the conditioners based off what I read. The company sent along two samples in addition to my order, which was nice. My detox period wasn’t horrible, which was good since I have short hair and I can’t really hide it. But even with going no poo for over a year and using a minimalist shampoo, I still had 3 weeks or so of detox. I persevered (having gone through this with no poo), and am glad I did. I now can wash my hair once or twice a week and be perfectly happy with it. I started using the shampoos on my daughter, whose hair we’ve never shampooed (was planning on no poo for her). She’s almost two and has had very slow hair growth. After using the shampoos (again once a week) her hair growth has increased noticeably. So much so hubby is planning to try the shampoos once he finishes his current bottle. He has thinning hair so is skeptical of most products that promise to help, as they usually require continued use of a chemical-laden, expensive product. I’m sad to hear the shampoo packs are out of stock, as that will be the next thing I order, and I was hoping to do so next month. Not that I’m running out yet – the products might be expensive, but they last a while. With all five in rotation, and now only washing couple times a week, I think I’m saving money over having to buy a bottle of shampoo and conditioner each month. The 2oz. bottles will last both my daughter and I around 5-6 months. I’m super happy with the product.

  18. Hi Lauren, I love your blog and your PMS book. Thanks for sharing this post. I am hoping MM will be the answer to my scalp issues. I have had a very itchy scalp for years now and every time I go to the hairdresser she tells me my scalp looks perfect. Never any dandruff or rashes or anything noticeable. Just extremely itchy!! I have tried every scalp treatment and so called healthy shampoo out there even the ACV rinse. I have color treated hair and about a year ago my hairdresser switched me to “organic color” because the previous stuff was making my scalp burn. Now my scalp is extremely itchy after I get it colored (more then it usually is for about 2 wks after color). I just purchased the sample pack of shampoos and conditioners from MM. I have been using them for almost a week. Today when I woke up, HOLY DANDRUFF!! I am assuming this is part of the detox? I have been using the products associated with the Lunar Hair Chart this past week which was the Sea Essence shampoo and the Euro oil. I found that the Euro oil was a little to oily for me using the tiniest amount as a leave in conditioner. Since I was able to stay home today, I put it on my scalp and combed it through to the ends and left it on for several hours. It is a really nice oil for dry skin too by the way. I then rinsed it out and washed with the Sea Essence and left my hair to dry and my curls actually look pretty good today. They normally are frizzy looking. I am really trying to reduce the use of my blow dryer and embrace my naturally curly hair because I am sure the heat can’t be helping my itchy scalp. Tomorrow I want to do the Zen Detox to see if I can move this detox phase along a little faster. I am really not sure what products I should be using when. According to one of the videos, it said to switch everyday but according to Lunar Chart you use the products during certain dates. For example when I started it was the spring equinox (19-20) the next shampoo recommended is the Pine Shale and Diamond Crystal (24 and 25) so what do you use between the 20th and 23rd? I am a little confused by the chart. I sent the MM link to my hairdresser to see if she would be willing to try the Henna color on me. If not I may be embracing my greys too, LOL. I am a little nervous to do this myself and cutting my own hair is definitely out of the question. So far I like the products I have used. The no suds was a bit odd at first, but once rinsed I was able to bring a comb right through my hair and had no matting or tangles like some other sudless shampoos I have tried in the past. The smell is a little odd too but I did not find it offensive like one of the other posters above. I think it has great potential. Thanks again for sharing.

  19. Dear Lauren. Thanks for your blog, I really like it! I want to start using the MM and will order soon. I have also read some great reviews on natural shampoo bars, and I wonder if you have any experience with those? Best wishes, Linn

  20. hi lauren,

    thanks so much for bringing the MM to my attention! i’ve used a few of the samples now and can tell that i will really like this line. i’m excited to try the zen detox, but i’m wondering when you use it in conjunction with washing your hair? ie, do you use it between washings? or shampoo your hair the next day, or when you need it? and does it also clean your hair, if it needs to be washed?

    thank you!!

  21. Do you use conditioner? Which one? I just purchased two lunar packages, one for length and one for strength, both come with some type of conditioner. How do you recommend transitioning from store bought to MM? I wash my hair every day right now.

  22. I also have UC. Had a flare last year. As a result my hair started getting thinner and more brittle. I have been using MM for about 2 months now. I do love how soft my hair is, and it does give it great volume. I did not really experience any detox. Prior to MM I was using a product that did not have SLS, parabens, petrochemicals, or silicone. The only problem I do seem to have is a lot of static. Do you know if this is a common problem. I use three of the shampoos and alternate them. I also use the CHI conditioner and sometimes use the styling gel and volume mist. I only use a boar bristle brush or my wooden brush.

    • I found I have static too frequently. I will usually spray a little bit of the diamond mist on or a little euro oil and just try not to touch it too much. I like the pearl essence crème rinse better then the Chi conditioner but I rotate through all of them.

  23. Hi! I just started using Morrocco Method last week. I bought two of the shampoos, the Zen detox, and henna dye (which I have not tried yet). I have been ‘poo free since beginning of February, but was testing out different dyi versions and was using baking soda occasionally. I am still going through the transition period and I wanted to get your advice. I used the detox a few days ago and it was great! My hair felt nice and my scalp did not feel oily and gross. Then I washed my hair today with the Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo and it feels icky again (but not as bad as it was a couple weeks ago). When you used the Zen detox during the transition period did this happen to you?

    I am so tired of the detox phase…I just want it to end! I also invested in a filtered showerhead, and trying lunar cutting, and will be getting a boar’s hair brush soon. I use arrowroot powder on my hair as a dry shampoo which works well and when I curl it it doesn’t look as gross…just feels oily. I also use jojoba oil to smooth out my hair. Do you think the arrowroot powder is setting me back?

  24. Do you prefer the MM over the honey shampoo? I’ve been low poo/no poo for about 8 months now and am able to wash my hair every 3 days without it being too gross (I use a little Argan oil to help with frizz so I wash a bit more frequently). Recently tried your honey shampoo and followed it with the ACV and really like how thick, soft and shiny it is. So I’m wondering about your reasons for using MM instead.

    A trick of mine to help my scalp remove build up…I take a heaping tablespoon of white sugar into the shower with me and exfoliate my scalp with it, massaging on my wet hair (gently) for a few min until it dissolves. Has really helped with sebum buildup and winter dry skin!

    Thanks 🙂

    • After several days of using the honey shampoo, my hair feels like it has a film covering it…the shampoo doesn’t seem to remove the excess oils or direct but feels like it adds another later of film :/ any suggestions? Or is the honey shampoo just not right for my hair?

  25. Do you have any more tips for using the detox? I used for the first time last night and although my hair feels great today (with the flakes you told me about!), it was SO hard to work though my hair and I couldn’t quite get the lotion-y consistency when adding the water. How do you work it through your hair?

    Also, any reason you only use the ACV and Pine Tar shampoos? Just curious.

    Thanks so much for your posts! They’ve been tremendously helpful. I think I’m still in transition after a couple of months, but getting better and I’m so happy to be NO POO 🙂

  26. Do you have any tips on application of the .Zen Detox? I just tried for the first time and had a lot of trouble getting it past my hair and into the scalp. I wish MM had a how to video in this product like they do for others. Thank you. Love your site!

  27. Hey Lauren!

    I’ve recently tried MM for a couple of weeks and I think, for right now, the detox period might be too much for me. But I would LOVE to eventually work my way to using MM full time. Are there any natural shampoo products that you would recommend me using as a transition so, when I switch back to MM, the detox period won’t be as drastic? Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks & God bless 🙂

  28. Thank you for all of this information!
    I, too, tried the coupon code and it said it was expired – any chance of getting a new one? Or are they pretty decent about sending their members deals/coupons? I think I would like to try it as my husband is NOT a fan of the ACV, lol (it may dry relatively odorless but as soon as I heat up or sweat, it kind of starts smelling again)

  29. I ordered a sample kit of Morrocco Method, and after a week, I was in love with the product. I’ve been using sulfate-free shampoos for about 3 years, but they still had fragrances and chemicals in them, even though they were more natural than most products. I didn’t think I would go through a detox period, but I DID. My hair felt very weird for a few days. It felt like gummy, plastic build-up was coming off my hair, but after a week, my hair felt amazing!!! I have fine straight’ish hair, and I’ve always had to put volumizer products for my hair to feel like it had any thickness or body and heat styling to keep down frizz. After a week of au natural hair care with Morrocco Method, my hair was shiny, thick (not stripped), and bouncey with no styling and no products. I just finger-combed after washing (to avoid breakage with the comb), let it air dry, and then just brush it out good with the boars hair brush. My hair loved the clay hair mask, and it really did help speed the detox period up.

    Thank you for recommending it!

  30. Help me please! I have been using the morrocan method shampoo for about a month and half, I have used the zen detox three times. I have not use the boar brush but have been using another kind. My hair is horrendous! It’s oily gunky and after I shower my hair feels like it never drys! I can’t take it much longer, when will this stop? At this point I don’t think it will ever change. I really don’t want to give up but unfortuanly I am not seeing the light at the end of this tunnel.

  31. Hello,

    I started using MM products a few weeks back.
    My detoxing process was horrible at first, it felt like someone rubbed butter all over my scalp and hair. This lasted for a whole week before my mom advised me to wash once with an Alepia soap, it helped tremendously.

    But I still think I’m in my detoxing period and here’s why:
    I’ve always had oily hair, I can’t go through more than 2 days without washing and it’s not getting better since using the MM products.
    Another thing, I get these products a chance because Im experiencing extreme hair loss since a few months, my hair is super fine and frizzy.
    Since I started using the MM products, I am loosing lots and lots of hair, it is unbelievable!! I’m seriously getting nervous.

    So my question is: is it a part of the detoxing process and if so, is it going to last a long time?


  32. I couldn’t find the coupon expiration anywhere in the post, only in the comments. It’s possible I missed it, but if I didn’t, it would be good to add. Thanks for sharing your experience and all the tips.

  33. Hey! I just wrote on your other post, but was curious about this – If I’ve been “No-Poo” for over 6 months, think I can just start using one of their shampoos first, and not the detox? I suppose either one wouldn’t be bad! But I do love to follow directions… 😉

    Thanks for the videos, the brush info (you had me at Rita Hayworth) and the amazing info about Lunar cutting…?? Who knew. Love it!

  34. Hey Lauren!

    To help ease the transitioning period, is okay for me to use dry shampoo? It would be natural, of course (cocoa and arrowroot). Would using it make it harder for my oil glands to adjust?

    Thanks. 🙂

  35. Hi Lauren, thanks for all the info & discounts on hair care. I did purchase the shampoo sampler kit you offered along with a boar bristle brush. I have so far used the shampoos 4 times. I guess my hair is still detoxing & will use the zen detox next to speed things up. I am an avid henna/indigo user and seem to have trouble actually washing it out with this type of shampoo. It took 3 separate washings until my fingers stopped turning blue from the henna/indigo mixture; any suggestions? Also I am not clear on how to use that round red scrubber brush. It doesn’t seem to scrub the scalp very easily. I didn’t see any “how to” info on that. Will your free shipping discount still be valid as of this date and does that also come with an extra 10% off as you mentioned in a separated comment to someone else? Thanks for the help!

  36. hi Lauren
    thanks so much for writing down all our experiences with ‘going green’ !.
    I am very interested in the Morocco Method products you wrote about, but i am curious, how do you know that the pH in their shampoos is good? The fact that it’s made of only natural ingredients is not a guarantee of good pH(like with the ACV) and i can not find any facts about it on their website.. I hope you can help, thank you so much!
    Kind Regards, Carmen

  37. Hi!
    Very cool article. Loved the hair cutting video, since I don’t like to pay constantly to get my hair cut. The past year I have been using just water to wash my hair. I have a filtered shower head and use a boar bristle brush. It saves me money and makes showering a lot faster. Looks normal too! But I’m wondering if that’s right for the body? Would using a balanced shampoo be better than using nothing at all? It’s hard for me to find advice on this online since most fall under the “No Poo’ method, which isn’t the same thing.

  38. Hi I’m trying to sign up for your newsletter but it’s coming up with an error saying my email address is invalid. I’ve tried a couple of times. I’ve had this email address for 20+ years so not sure what the problem is. Please explain? Also, can you get the products sent to Australia?
    Karen 🙂

  39. Hi. I would like to find out if this product is available in south africa? I have really wavy, frizzy, coarse hair and would like to try this out. It sounds amazing, but then i keep thinking to myself this can only be to good to be true. I have tried absolutely everything with my hair and at this moment i feel like chopping it all off!!!!

  40. I started using Morocco Method in mid-January of this year (2015). As this was my first experience with natural hair products I expected it to be a greasy transition. I have been following all of the rules (varying shampoos, not washing every day, using a boat bristle brush, utilizing the zen detox) and yet three months later I feel like my hair has made no progress. The fine print of Morocco Method says the transition can take 3-4 months. I’m wondering 1) Did you notice a difference overnight? Or is this supposed to gradually get better? I’m hoping the former, otherwise I may give up soon. 2) Does it really take anyone 3-6 months to transition? Or is MM just not right for me?

  41. Hey Lauren! I’ve been reading your page for a while and finally got around to trying out Morocco Method…and I love it! Thank you so much for sharing it. It’s really brought definition to my curls that I’ve been fighting to bring out. Thanks!!!

  42. Hi Lauren,

    Hi Lauren, I have been reading up on your hair care posts. I’m interested in purchasing the blunt nippers from the Morrocco Method website, but I have to tell you, the cheapest shipping option is nearly $11! And that is USPS parcel post shipping. It’s a pair of scissors and a comb that I’m already paying almost $30, so I feel over $40+ in total with shipping is steep and possibly unfair. If I was to ship scissors and a comb to someone USPS parcel right now, it would probably be less than $3. In any case, I cannot seem to find any info on the MM resources about what is special about these scissors. They are calling them “blunt nippers”, but they look like regular hair dressing scissors that I could amazon prime for $15-$20 including shipping. That feels a bit deceiving to me. I’ve purchased both a Thrive Membership, and an Intellibed per your advice and endorsement, so clearly I’m not trying to be cheap, or a jerk, but I’d really just like to know if there is anything special or different about these $40 scissors, or if I would be able to achieve the same results with a more reasonably priced pair. Please advise when you get a chance, thanks, and have a great day! -melody

    • Hi Melody! First, thank you for your continued support of Empowered Sustenance by purchasing from the brands I recommend. I have not personally used the blunt snippers from Morrocco Method and could not tell you how they compare to other scissors. I have personally trimmed my hair with my sharp sewing scissors and that worked for me. MM also does offer free shipping over $75.

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