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  1. Do you think I could supplement the honey for corn syrup. I have a friend who is allergic to honey (along with dairy, wheat, eggs and a myriad of other things *but oddly isn’t allergic to corn*). I would love to give her a new treat option.

  2. This may be a silly question, but…. why raw honey when this will be brought to a boil during preparation? Raw honey is more expensive but it won’t still be raw when recipe is complete, right? I don’t mind paying higher prices when there is a benefit to offset expense but I don’t want to drive up the cost needlessly. I’m new enough to this that I might very well be missing something that comes with experience. Thanks for recipe, it looks good!

    • Raw honey is still preferred, due to the high incidence of counterfeit honey, the fact honey is highly processed, etc. It’s basically so highly processed, that even if it’s REAL honey (and not from China…. where most commercial honey is from, regardless of what the label says), it’s more like corn syrup.

      Even heating raw honey (to boiling) still leaves you with pure honey, albeit some of the nutrients lost.

    • Continue cooking it is an option. Look at candy recipes, the longer sugar cooks, the harder it cools.
      Or play around with adding more coconut oil and when it cools, it hardens. Just make sure you keep stiring while it cools so they don’t separate.

  3. milk butter and cream are all gluten free naturally – why not just use sugar, butter and cream to make real caramel sauce for the gluten free desert – if a gluten free diet what you are trying to accomplish, milk butter and cream are all gluten free naturally

    • Milk, butter and cream are only gluten-free when made from the milk of purely grass-fed cattle. Otherwise, “You are what you eat” comes in play as there are traces of gluten which can bother those who are celiac and gluten-intolerant. Plus many are lactose-intolerant. As for using honey over sugar…….too many health benefits to list. It’s nice to have options for everyone. =)

  4. Looks great! I am gluten free and also try to use healthy, unprocessed ingredients like in this recipe! If I wanted to give it as a gift does it have to be stored in the fridge only or can it sit out for a bit (in wrapping paper)?

  5. I just started my journey of reducing the amount of wheat I eat. I don’t eat cakes and cookies that often but wanted to be able to make some healthy alternatives when you just have to have a chocolate chip cookie! I just downloaded your e cookbook and I can’t wait to try these recipes! It will also be a guide for me to develop my own recipes since the measurements and amounts are quite different than traditional flour and sugar baking!!
    Do you have a good pizza dough recipe? 🙂
    Thanks for the inspiration!!
    Heather S

  6. Hi, this sounds mahhhvelous! I make my own coconut milk, but it obviously isn’t thick like the canned….would this work? Thanks for making these major life changes so much fun…and easy!

  7. I just made this using butter because coconut oil is extremely hard to find where I live and there are so many local farmers the butter is incredible! It worked great and tastes soooooo gooood… Definitely won’t last long!

  8. Hi, Great recipe but isnt toxic honey after 40’celsius? What about hmf? And even if the level of hmf is too low to be a danger, especially in the raw honey, if the nutrients are lost, honey is transformed in a regular sugar. Can we add honey after the temperature is below that point, 40’celsius?

  9. I might just try this recipe. It sounds delish. I haven’t done caramel sauce based on coconut oil yet. On another note, the comments around it and the adds are a little surreal to me. Wheat free gluten free, ditch the carbs etc, there’s nothing wrong with a little carbs and organic whole wheat products. I finally managed to wean my family off white breads and we even bake on whole wheat unbleached flour. Im already considered a health food nut by the rest of the family (they eat american cheese, pop tarts, neon colored cereals).. We eat a lot of raw vegetables, grown in my garden, have a big fruit orchard, I’ve been going to nutritionist for a year, my bloodwork is fantastic, lets not get over-crazy here and start hating all carbs too. It reminds me of the video that went viral, people being asked what is gluten and they had no idea, yet they were on a gluten free diet ‘because its good” 😉

  10. Thanks for a great recipe! We’ve already enjoyed it on an apple and plan to have it on popcorn tonight 🙂

    Just made this recipe and was able to thicken it by boiling it for five minutes after following the recipe. It makes it a little browner and gives it a little more flavor. I’ve made a couple caramel recipes. I’m trying to find the perfect one. Cane sugar, cassein and whey trigger migraines but can use butter.

  11. I’m afraid I’m neither gluten- nor dairy-free, but when I saw this salivary-gland-igniting caramel sauce, I just had to pin it and share it. In fact, yesterday, it was Recipe of the Day on a Facebook page I curate called “Cooking with Whole Grains & Whole Foods.” I hope you don’t mind.

    Definitely will be giving this recipe a try soon. No better time than the holidays!

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