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I want to empower your health with the steps that freed my life of chronic pain and medications.

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  1. Found yur site from Whole Foods Wednesday. I received 6 butternut squash from our CSA last week. I will be making soup today, but was not sure what to to with the others. Thanks for the ideas.

    Would love it if you would share your recipes with me at my blog
    We have a wonderful party on Fridays!

  2. Most squash, including butternut varieties, are coated with wax to prevent them from rotting too quickly. Others suggest the wax is a natural part of the plant. I would suggest peeling the squash before putting it in the crock pot.


  3. I love how you say you use it in lieu of pumpkin…

    *giggles* the butternut (squash) *is* a pumpkin.

    The term North Americans use when they say ‘winter squash’ is – in every other English speaking country – understood by the generic term ‘pumpkin’.

    I agree, though, that this particular variety is highly versatile and can carry both sweet and savory flavones well! Roasted, cooled, and drizzled with the tiniest amount of balsamic vinegar is (as The BFG would say) delightsome!

  4. I get severe bloating, gas, and diarrhea from butternut squash. Why is that? I don’t have trouble digesting sweet potatoes or any other starchy vegetable. I cooked my butternut squash in ghee and had it with two eggs and sautéed mustard greens, both of which I have no problem digesting. Any thoughts?

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I’m Lauren Geertsen, an author and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. When doctors told me that surgery and medication were the only answers to my chronic health issues, I decided to use the power of nutrition and a natural lifestyle instead.
My mission at Empowered Sustenance? To show you the simple steps on your path to vibrant health.

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