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Fill your holiday table with a feast free of grains, dairy, and refined sugar.

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  1. lol, meat and sauerkraut is my fall-back meal too. I have to eat four times a day and I still can’t have fruit or yogurt/kefir (so no shakes), and I’m so tired I can’t cook for days at a time… that’s why I’m researching sauces! After dozens of the exact same meal, I refuse to eat another plate of boiled meat and sauerkraut! Gravy, dip, whatever it takes, lord help me…

  2. Granted, I can’t have cauliflower either, but I tried boiling onions in broth until it reduced way down, and then blending it, and that was a great gravy (plus a good way to get my daily dose of broth in). It just takes so much effort to turn on the stove!

  3. I made this gravy today. I HATE cauliflower…but this gravy was AWESOME! Thank you!
    I put the gravy over some crunchy topped baked chicken.
    I got the crunchy for the top of the chicken by taking the left over plantain tortillas (as also found in your 15 sandwich entry) and baking them again to crisp them up…then pulverizing them in the food processor to make “bread” crumbs. A tiny bit of egg wash on the chicken then rolled in the plantain tortilla crumbs…sprinkle with whatever seasonings you want then bake on high heat quickly to sear in juices. They were super yummy. Thanks so much for sharing all your stuff.

  4. Just made this as a test run to see if it was worthy to be at our Thanksgiving table. IT WAS STELLAR! My clan was liberally putting this on everything on their plate. This may just be my go to gravy— even when we get off of GAPS. Few ingredients, superb taste, nutrient dense= winner!!

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