Cottage cheese… made with coconut milk!

Coconut Milk Cottage Cheese

I’ve made pancakes with chicken, wraps with cauliflower and now cottage cheese with coconut milk! When it comes to grain and dairy free meals, it requires a bit of unbridled innovation to create substitutions for old favorites. This recipe uses an unusual technique for a creamy, protein-rich cottage cheese substitute.

Join me at Paleo Parents, where I’m sharing this recipe!

Click here for Coconut Milk Cottage Cheese

Wellness Weekend visitors: this can be made vegan with agar agar in place of the gelatin.


coconut milk cottage cheese

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  1. Alice says

    Can a yoghurt starter/probiotic powder be added to this to make coconut yoghurt? E.g. from the refridgeration step, add the probiotic powder or a couple of Tbsp of yoghurt – and keep warm for 12 hours?

  2. Nancy says

    I also tried signing up for your newsletter without luck….never received the email to confirm that i want to receive it. I checked my spam file and your email is not there either.

  3. ahmad says

    i’m working on my thesis for production of non-dairy cheese. i want to know that has the coconut cheese generated suitable texture and how much gram protein in it?
    please send me the whole chemical analysis of coconut cheese.


  4. Beth H says

    Regarding your coconut milk cottage cheese, any chance it will melt like regular cottage cheese (or its richer cousin, ricotta) in a baked casserole?

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