I feel so blessed that my blog connects me to amazing people around the world! I wish I had time to answer everyone’s questions, but I currently juggle this blog, school, healing my body, and the rest of life. I am not able to answer health questions over email.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find [insert ingredient or a product I’ve recommended]?

Check out my Shopping List page, I discuss my recommendations for ingredients, books and supplements.

I have ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease. I’ve started the SCD/GAPS *fill in the blank* weeks ago, but I still have symptoms and bleeding. Any suggestions?

First, I congratulate you on starting grain free diet! You have recognized that diet plays a huge role in managing this disease.

I personally have found two supplements useful for GI healing: L glutamine, which you can find at any health store, and Gastrazyme.

There is one other temporary dietary route which I recommend if SCD/GAPS doesn’t stop the bleeding. It is called an elemental diet and it consists of a pre-digested meal replacement.  Only use the AbsorpPlus shakes and protocol–never any other elemental shakes. You will also need to get the book The IBD Remission Diet (discussed on this website) to do the diet.

I have done this diet before and it saved me from a round of Prednisone. It is a very powerful tool for stopping a flare and allowing symptoms to settle. This diet isn’t going to fix a leaky gut or imbalanced gut flora, and that is why it is a “band-aid.” I think it is much preferable over steroids or other medications. It may allow you to transition to the GAPS diet without symptoms.

I have an egg allergy. Can I use egg substitutes in your recipes?

No, unless I state otherwise, egg substitutes will not work in my recipes that call for eggs. I have numerous recipes without eggs in my Recipes page and in my Indulge and Heal e-cookbook.

I can’t find things like pastured lard, raw milk or coconut flour in my grocery store. Where can I find it?

I share my source for ingredients and healthy lifestyle products on my Shopping List.  For local grassfed meats and dairy, I recommend searching Eat Wild.

Why did you choose NTA over other nutritional training programs?

First, NTA (The Nutritional Therapy Association) is focused around Weston A. Price and Real Food principles. Second, we learn tools for diagnosis and neural-lingual testing in hands-on conferences. Third, it gives one all the tools one needs to begin a practice right after graduating.

I have terrible heartburn. What should I do?

I recommend reading my post, The Dirty Secret Behind Heartburn Medication, Heal Low Stomach Acid Naturally, and The All-Natural Instant Heartburn Remedy. Try supplementing with hydrochloric acid at meal times. You may need to heal your stomach lining first before HCL supplementation. I recommend Gastrazyme, zinc supplementation, and grassfed liver (for the vitamin A). Visiting a naturopath or nutritional therapy practitioner may be necessary.