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    • Most important consideration here is PATIENCE!! I thought it wouldn’t work for me, but after pulsing on and off, and lots of pushing around the coconut shreds with a spatula, it took about 10 minutes for me to get 2 cups of coconut butter. I used the Ninja for my blending, and aside from worrying I would burn out the motor, it worked well. Patience is key!

  1. That creamy tomato sauce idea is brilliant!! Have you seen Nikki’s coconut butter flavors?? We’re talkin vanilla cake batter, pecan pie, and pistachio macaroon. PISTACHIO MACAROON.

  2. Wow, took about 60 seconds to make this in my Vitamix. The 10-20 minutes mentioned at the link must only apply to a food processor. Just make sure you use the tamper – it comes with the machine for a reason!

    This stuff is way too good.

  3. I was looking for a syrup with no sugar for the 21 DSD, so I added melted bacon fat to coconut butter. It had little bits of bacon in it too. Oh my gosh! Another idea would be to refrigerate/freeze it for a fudge or bark.

  4. Sorry if this sounds like a silly question. A friend has questioned me about coconut oil and the high saturated fat in it being bad for you. Are you able to help? The more I search the more confused I get. Thank you

  5. Well – I use coconut oil to clean my face, saute veggies, and condition my hair and skin – but coconut butter ewwww. I just don’t like raw coconut, it is like eating wet sawdust. (It’s a texture thing). I just don’t think I could get past that with this ……

    • Hi DJ,

      I too am averse to the texture of fresh coconut and dried coconut flakes. But I read the description carefully and just purchased Nutiva’s Coconut Manna from Amazon. I was delighted to discover it is smooth as silk and tastes amazing. You are safe to buy and enjoy.

  6. Great Lauren.
    It’s help to those who get bored of cooking the same old breakfast for their family.
    Even you can add a twist to it by enjoying their food with Coconut Butter. Coconut butter products are made with organic coconut and are dairy free. You can enjoy Coconut Butter as you want. You can enjoy the Honey Pecan Pie flavor by spreading it on bread or Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie in a smoothie.

  7. I’ve been using coconut oil now since March and love it. I’m type 2 diabetic and I started the LCHF woe the end of March , using lots of coconut oil and my sugars dropped almost immediately and are now under 100 almost all of the time. Today I found the Nutiva coconut butter at Walmart and can’t wait to try it. Thanks for all of the recipes, can’t wait to try them..

  8. I have many uses of coconut butter.I love coconut butter. It is a great way to increase the amount of good fat in our diets, which most of us need to work on.I want to use coconut butter for cup cakes…is it right?

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