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  1. I just tried this recipe and didn’t change anything except substituted orange juice for the clementine. The dough tasted very sour to me, but I continued on with the freezing and baking. The cookies came out very sticky, with an almost gelatinous texture inside. That sour flavor (not a pleasant citrus type of sour) was still present in the after taste. I wonder if you can help me figure out what went wrong in this recipe?

  2. I wouldn’t be so quick in adding tapioca to my diet. It’s a highly inflammatory starch and a very potent goitrogen. It really has no nutritional value whatsoever. It’s a plant that is cheap to produce and is a staple in the diet of the population in the poor regions of the world such as Africa, parts of Asia and South America. Cassava can be deadly if not prepared properly due to high levels of cyanide and although it undergoes extensive processing involving cooking and condensation to produce the starch known as tapioca, which removes most of the cyanide, you never know the effect it might have if consumed regularly. It is the reason the Japanese Ministry of Health prohibits the use of cassava for human consumption.

    • YES. Thank you for bringing this up, Janna! After some fun AIP experiments with cassava flour and pre-cooked cassava, I came across this very same warning, and now I’m leery!!

      Gabriella, what are your thoughts on this?! (Muchas gracias!)

    • Thanks for your comment. I have been eating alot of cassava lately, almost everyday for 3 weeks. I am creating as amy thing with it as possible. So far pancakes or pasta work or best or cheese quejos.
      I ate a few pieces of Cassava tortillas i made last night before going to bed. I feel awful today, poisoned. I hope this goes away. I am detoxing with beet juice now and whole apples and carrots. Feel better but I am not sure about cassava at all now. there is a fermented cassava flour called fufu, an african product. This may be non-toxic due to the souring/fermenting process and maybe a good pro-biotic or pre-biotic. I am going to try that.
      The only bread I can eat is 24-36 hour sourdough, WE have an artisan french baker nearby who does this. and I can actually eat it without reaction. Most sourdough breads in major stores are not real sourdough and dont confer any of the benefit of true traditional sourdough which takes a couple of days or 3.
      I am wondering if the conventional cassava flour is soaked in pesticides, what made me feel sick?
      Root crops should always be organic….

  3. Whether you’re new to the Autoimmune Protocol or can whip up AIP meals easily without a cookbook, AIP Batch Cook is a fresh and indispensable resource for everyone. I love how easy the website is to navigate and the printable easy-to-read guides make batch cooking a breeze. The recipes are simple, nutritiously tasty, and even family members not following the AIP enjoy them! Mickey’s real time videos are incredibly detailed (it’s like having Mickey as a cooking buddy!) and her straightforward and laid-back presentation style eliminate any uncertainties and have equipped me with better organizational and batch-cooking skills in the kitchen

  4. I’m not sure about the logistics of ice box cookies – is it a necessity to firm in the shape of a log? Could I make it flatter, firm it and then use a cookie cutter? Any aficionados out there?

  5. I see you mentioned the juice of two clementines. And then mention it can be subbed out with any citrus. Will it be possible for you to change the recipe to include the actual measurement so that one might be able to use what they have one hand?
    Thank you so much!
    I look forward to makin these

  6. Lately I have been peeling my oranges, thinly so not too much pith, then I dry them for a day or two and then finish off the drying at a low temp in my airfryer. When they are nice and crisp I then powder them in my Vitamix or hand pestle and store the powder in my fridge. Perfect for sprinkling on/in any recipe to add citrus flavour. Stores well.

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