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  1. I think you offer some good advice, but I no longer agree that you need to follow a strict no sugar and starch diet. I actually think it may do more harm than good. I tried it for a year and didn’t see much improvement. I recently came across several articles stating that when you take try to starve the candida, it actually goes “crazy” and spreads through your digestive system looking for sugar. I found that interesting so I have been eating natural carbs at every meal. One thing I have learned for sure is that eating low carb ruined my metabolism and affected my thyroid and hormones. It’s been about a month and my temps have already stabilized.

      • I 100% agree! I also made this mistake of going too low on the carbs and my candida didn’t go away…spent a fortune on these anti fungal that only made me feel worse… then I came across the candida experts group ebook where they said “starve the yeast but not you” 🙂 they also allowed to eat fruits, and i was able to heal..I know, crazy huh I guess as always, going with the mainstream can turn into big hype…they said eating fruits is great for candida, they just explained how to eat them, like empty stomach, only fresh ripe, etc
        here’s the book I was reading
        hope it helps

        • Hi! After 7 months of the traditional ACD diet, I’m reading similar things online. Do y’all have any experience with Dr. McCombs’s candida plan? Were you affected when you reintroduced fruits and natural carbs?

          Unfortunately, because I’ve committed 100% to this strict diet for such a long time, the sugar fear-mongering in the candida community is making it very psychologically difficult for me to try this new approach or reintroduce new foods, for fear of relapsing (flirting with orthorexia, I suppose). Doesn’t help that my integrative MD has claimed that there are no effects to a long-term low-carb diet and believes in starving off all the candida. It’s so hard when I can’t just put my trust in someone!

        • I believe this is true I have had candida for two years now and have gotten a lot better when I first started my diet I wasn’t eating fruit but I am now its just taking me longer to get over it than it does other do to me damaging my spline when I was little

      • I found after 6 months of the no carbon no sugar diet with antifunal prescriptions I did not improve. Until I started the pH alkalizing diet and stopped coffee, meat, and other acid forming habits. After 3 months in combination with raw garlic I am symptom free. It did require a 10 day fast to really get to a point I felt healthy again. Can I eat mushrooms? That’s the only thing I’ve not been able to figure out.

  2. Hi there, thanks for your valid comments. You may like to purchase a copy of Candida Crusher, because you will find that I feel the same way. It is NOT good to with hold ALL carbs, and the only reason I with hold starchy carbohydrates during the initial induction phase of my diet plan is because I want to lessen a person’s aggravations, reduce their carb cravings, get a better handle of hypoglycaemia, and begin working on getting a better balance between the dysbiotic bacteria, the commensals and the beneficials – at an early stage of the diet. A highly experienced author and clinical Elaine Gottschall explains this kind of approach in her book “Breaking The Vicious Cycle”, a book which has helped millions just like you, the world’s best book on how to select the correct carbohydrates in one’s diet. This book spawned many diet approaches like FODMAP, etc.

    Only a fool would allow refined refined carbs in the diet of a candida patient. Have you personally treated thousands of patients with a yeast infection and worked out their carb choices to see how they fare? You are quoting your own personal experiences, based on your individual case, and I can assure you, my program works because it has successfully helped thousands of folks with yeast infections and has been fine-tuned over the years. The Candida Crusher Program was designed to have the flexibility to ALLOW a person to even eat five or even six pieces of fruit a day, providing that they do not aggravate. Heck, some patients even drink cow’s milk and eat bread on my program – it they do NOT aggravate and improve in the digestive function. True. It’s in the book.

    In fact, my book is the only one of it’s kind that recommends this kind of experimentation and dietary flexibility, so until you read it right through, I don’t think it’s fair to comment “You recommend a strict dietary regime”. It sounds like your diet regime was extreme, and not strict, and there is a big difference. I write in fact a lot about “extremism” and “fanaticism”, because these are precisely the kind of patients who develop yeast infections. Don’t worry, in my book I explain how you can recognise this behavioural pattern in yourself and what to do about it. It could be the ONE thing in your way of recovery, and you may find that by relaxing, your cortisol levels will drop and so will your reaction to foods. Such fanatical behavioural patterns typically underpin thyroid dysfunction too, and that probably explains why your thyroid went off the rails a lot more than due a dietary cause. I have specialised in thyroid and adrenal cases and have excellent mentors, Dr. James Wilson PhD (adrenal expert) and Dr. John Lee PhD (thyroid expert).

    And lastly, may I suggest you check out your adrenal & thyroid function, they typically underpin a lot of cases of yeast infection, especially the ones who relapse or recover poorly. BTW, my book covers this in great detail, and I’m sure if you follow the advice you will no longer have to worry about your carb choice within 6 – 12 months. Feel free to email me, or ask me a question I can respond to on my You Tube channel. Kindest Regards, Eric.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of Candida and your experience treating patients! Thank you also for expanding here in the comments more about the dietary approach you take with your patients. It sounds like your book is a great resource and I love that you explain that the diet can be tailored to the individual.

      I am a fan of The Specific Carbohydrate Diet, too! And I couldn’t agree with you more about the dangers of an extreme diet. I had been following an extremely low carb diet and, like you mentioned, it did impair my thyroid and adrenal function. I also appreciate your differentiation of a strict vs. extreme diet.

      Thank you again for sharing all your experience with helping your patients overcome candida issues!

      • Dr. Baker you are absolutely correct..I never listen to advice from random folks speaking in general about personal experiences….I HAVE experienced candida and found the much sought after relief you spoke of by tailoring the treatments, diets and attention to those things that are right for me..Thank you for your time and expertise!!!!

    • I have a question, this is the thing I have rosacea and I believe strongly that rosacea are caused by candida overgrowth and digestive problems. I have been to a zone therapist and she sad that I had some problems with my gut, and also that I had some kind of allergy to something, she didn’t know what she just knew that I had some kind of allergy. Now the thing is I don’t know for sure if my rosacea will be “gone” if I cure my candida overgrowth I don’t even know if i have it, but i got antibiotic when i was diagnosed my immune system got low and i got some other skin issues that i took antibiotic for, so its quite possible that i have it. But how do i know if its gone? my candida overgrowth, because my rosacea could get better but maybe its still there, i just know that i need to heal my gut, and i think its a good start to get rid of the candida. But i want to know how you know its gone, because i don’t want to be restricted with a certain diet all my life, i want to be able to eat a block of chocolate now and then without breaking any rules bc i am trying to heal my gut.

      I hope you (Dr Eric Bakker)
      or someone else of course can tell me something


    • Hi Eric, I’ve been struggling with chronic vaginal itch and rectal itch for over 5 years. It has always waxed and waned depending on what I eat. For the last 1.5yrs I’ve eliminated all carbs except quinoa (if that’s considered a carb) and corn, no dairy and no sugar. Nothing has made this go away conpetely, just not get worse. Ive tried ACV which helped the rectal itch dissipate considerably but it a me back once I stopped it. I’ve seen a GYN specialist who concluded I have an allergy to my own yeast cells and had me on an antifungal for 4 months recommending 6months but after his diagnosis I stopped the medicine as he stated it was only keeping the yeast “at bay”. During this elimination diet I’ve acquired an intolerance to gluten that I never had before. I’m convinced I have leaky gut and a naturopath has told me I do. I’m beyond frustrated and I’m only 28years old. My only symptoms are chronic vaginal/rectal itch, sticky cloudy discharge not characteristic of an infection, and gluten intolerance. I did not always have these issues and I do not want to believe I have an allergy to my own yeast cells because that is telling me I have developed an autoimmunity. The next thing I want to try is Colostrum powder to heal my gut and hopefully dissolve my symptoms. Any advice would be appreciated!

  3. The problem I see everywhere is that a lot of random information is being shared. If it worked for me or you or someone else it doesn’t mean it will work for everyone else. Everything I lay out in every post I publish is based on over 15000 cases of candida. What I see happen to most significant amount of patients.

    I have heard dozens of success stories with probiotics but guess what I have had dozens of patients that had serious symptoms due to ThreeLac.

    I am not saying my diet/program is the only solution however its based on testing and not something what worked for me or two-three patients.

    I have written a whole chapter about a typical candida patient and different recovery cases.

    Thank you
    Eric Bakker

  4. After battling multiple candida outbreaks requiring fluconazole treatments (with symptoms like chronic leaky gut and painful skin irritations), I’ve found an effective daily maintenance plan to keep my candida in balance – I take Now Foods Candida Clear (with caprylic acid, Pau D’ Arco, black walnut, and oregano oil) and Ortho Biotic, a potent 20 billion CFU probiotic (which contains Saccharomyces boulardi). This combo seems to help, and if I notice the tell-tale signs like itching and fluid in my ears, I take an extra dose of these things for several days and it seems to stop the outbreak. I also have a prescription antifungal cream for skin irritations that I use as needed.

    I also agree with the above comments about keeping healthy carbs in the mix, especially root vegetables like parsnips, sweet potato, blue potoato, etc. to maintain energy and metabolism. I personally follow a Paleo plan to balance protein with carbs and healthy fats. Protein is key for me to maintaining energy. And if I have enough protein, the carbs don’t give me problems.

    • Hi Molly,
      It sounds like you are on the right track, but it would be great to see you get away from that prescription cream you use as required. If you are requiring a cream for skin irritations, you may like to dig a bit deeper when it comes to the digestive system (dysbosis), and especially your liver and kidneys in terms of cleansing. Many skin irritations can be cleared up by way of deep liver/kidney cleansing, especially if the skin flares pre-menstrually. It’s hard to give advice on a skin complaint unless I can see it close up and know of its history. A prescribed cream for a skin condition will be either an antifungal, antibacterial or a hydrocortisone (steroid) cream, and all three will be found unnecessary if the cause has been adequately treated. For the ear problems, consider an IgE/IgG food allergy test.

  5. Great post! I would love to hear your thoughts on fermented foods such as pickles,cabbage &kimchi for& healing candida. I recently started eating fermented foods after learning of the benefits. I am trying to heal both leaky gut & candida. I have read so much conflicting info! I’ve read fermented foods are great for healing leaky gut but that you should avoid fermented foods for healing candida. I have also read that fermented foods are beneficial for healing candida! I am so confused….please tell me your thoughts!

    • Hi Mrs. G,
      I’m a huge fan of sauerkraut and have been long before all this “health food” long before the diet books like Nourishing Traditions and the Body Ecology Diet were released. My Dutch grandma used to make sauerkraut all her life, just like her mother did. European families, especially Germans, Swiss and the Dutch have long consumed sauerkraut as it was the only way to preserve cabbage over the long and freezing winter months. Most countries with some history dating back several centuries have consumed cultured and fermented foods. My grandad used to make and eat yogurt and consume sprouts in the 50’s and was seen as a “weird” for doing these “crazy wacko things” which today are – mainstream.
      Here’s the problem, if your digestive system is NOT used to foods that are rich in lactic acid, you need to go real easy at first. Folks who eat kefir may remember what happened when they ate too much too soon! I’ve had many a patient tell me how sick and nauseous they became when they went crazy on fermented and cultured foods without first starting slowly, and allowing the GI tract get used to this food. Kimchi and kefir are two that come to mind, I find tempeh and natto a little easier to introduce, and yogurt is the easiest one to introduce. I don’t tend to recommend kombucha culture anymore for those with a chronic yeast infection, it can have the potential to cause severe aggravation. It can be introduced as the Candida population is in decline.
      So, the long and short of it is this:
      – Fermented and cultured foods are OK with candida, BUT, go slow and introduce one at a time, don’t go crazy!
      – Pick your favorite one, you will soon discover which one stands out for you. Then consume it regularly for several weeks before you add other similar cultured or fermented foods. Take your time.
      – Avoid prebiotics (which you will often find in with probiotics) if you have a chronic yeast infection and want to introduce ferments and cultured foods. They are safer once your gut improvs significantly, and have much less potential at this stage to cause you much aggravation.

  6. I love this article – tons of great information. I’m going to bookmark it to share with those I know who truly believe that yeast is just a “girl problem.”

    A few years ago, a friend of ours told us his daughter (probably about 12 at the time) had oral thrush. I had no idea how many misconceptions there are about oral thrush and how it is transmitted. It was awful to hear this obviously uneducated man talk about his daughter and her condition. Embarrassing, to say the least.

    I used to get chronic vaginal infections and have found dietary changes to be huge in my recovery, and I don’t feel as though I had a “systemic” problem. I’ve cut out all processed foods and I focus a lot more on eating herbs and spices that will benefit my health. Your list of herbs is stellar. I’m a huge advocate of coconut oil, Pau D’Arco, shilajit, especially.

    Like some of the comments above noted, it’s important to remember that there is no one-sized-fits-all approach to any sort of medical treatment. It’s refreshing to see someone in the medical profession who not only understands this, but embraces it as he tries to find treatments for his patients.

  7. I can’t figure out if I have candida. I have gotten chronic vaginal infections since I was a teenager, and in the last year and a half developed a lot of bloat that won’t go away, and has only gotten worse. I have since also developed a stubborn case of dandruff and an itchy scalp. I was pretty sure that I had candida and did an anti-candida diet for awhile. But I’ve done some testing, like the Metametrix GI Stool Effects and the ALCAT food intolerance test, and both showed negative for candida. I’m not sure if they are accurate measures though. My symptoms seem to be screaming candida, though my tongue is very pink and healthy looking. I got a negative for the spit test, but I’ve heard mixed reviews on the accuracy of that.
    I know that I have leaky gut, as I got the gold standard test for that (Cyrex Array II), but all of my attempts to heal it have amounted to absolutely nothing, so I think that there must be an underlying issue that I’m not aware of yet. Maybe it IS candida? In the meantime, I’m testing for parasites and SIBO.
    I’ve taken lots of natural anti-fungals – LOTS of coconut oil, Candida Clear, oil of oregano, grapefruit seed extract, caprylic acid, but none of them caused any die off symptoms. The only thing that did was colostrum. I thought I was onto something and supplemented with it for a few months, along with glutamine and a very clean paleo diet (and no alcohol), which all amounted to nothing. I’m still searching for the cause.
    A note for any who suffer with chronic vaginal yeast infections – saccharomyces boulardii cleared mine up! After the bloat began, I started getting yeast infections every month after my period. After I started supplementing with s. boulardii, they stopped!

    • Hi Beth,

      When you do a stool test, be sure to STOP all dietary supplements for at least a week before the test, or you’ll end up with a false-negative result. When it comes to candida in the stool, it can be assayed both microscopically and cultured – BOTH should be done. I know that Doctors Data in Chicago do this test, and they are my preferred lab. Be sure to eat the foods you love also a week before the test, i.e; go back onto the diet you were on when you felt at your worst. That is how I uncover what is really going on in a person’s GI tract. Am I crazy? Nope, and I do at times get some pretty impressive results with seemingly “hopeless” candida cases that have long been discarded by most docs, many of whom go onto easier pickings. The CDSA x 3 stool test is THE gold standard, but it must be done correctly. You will also be able to tell from teh results what is going on with your digestive function, immune function, and inflammation, and much more.

      I agree, S. boulardii is brilliant, but unfortunately everybody gets the results you have, some aggravate pretty bad on it and get better results with Bifido bacterium, or Lacto. rhamnosus. L-glutamine is one of the best with LGS, and be sure to have a heaped teaspoon of psyllium per day as well.

  8. A person usually experiences a feeling of embarrassment when he is facing a yeast infection. Prevent is always better than cure, if you are able to prevent yeast infection before you are infected or when your condition is still mild, do not let it worsen. What you must do is to know how to diagnose the infection yourself and take precautions to stop the yeast infection to further widespread on other body parts. Natural remedy yeast infection cures are the best cures for yeast infections considering the zero side effects and quick positive effects.

  9. This site has been really helpful. I have been battling yeast issues for close to 8yrs now. It all started with a vaginal discharge that never seem to go. Even when anti fungal drugs were administered the symptoms just seem to reduce but never go away. I took lot of antifungals like fluconazale ,diflucan. I also had antibiotics all these where given to me by my doctor. Whereas nothing changed the discharge continued. I also had this shock that comes with time and difficulty breathing during sleep. Then in the 6th year symtoms became even worst ,started having serious headaches, fatugue, feeling weak. Most times I feel like I want to die. Havin gone through this page realized other people suffer what am goin through. Av bn on candigest plus d symptoms have reduced but then I got really sick with flu and body weakness. So I haven’t taken it in a while. Has anyone heard about syntol and NOW foods candida clear?

  10. Hi Edna,
    It can take a year (on average) to clear a chronic vaginal infection, particularly one that has ben treated with Fluconazole for some time. Candida can become quite resistant and much more difficult to eradicate in those who have relied on drugs, so it pays to be patient. Syntol is a good product, but any really good probiotic and enzyme combination is going to work. Persistence breaks resistance, just stay with treatment and never give up. You will find a large amount of the most useful information on how to cure your vaginal yeast infection on my informative website Go to the Home Page, scroll down and click on the links pertaining to vaginal yeast infections. I have treated countless females with bad vaginal infections, some had them for 20 or even more years. You CAN get rid of it, I’ve not seen a case yet that is “impossible”.
    All the best to you, Eric

    • I have had recurring vaginal yeast infections for 20+ years. It used to be occassional in my teenage years, was horrible in my first pregnancy, and now this year it’s worst with crazy itching. I have been practicing gluten free diet for almost three years now but this whole year I have also noticed that i am gaining weigth (especially midsection) despite eating healthy and exercising. I did raw vegan diet for 40 days, which helped slightly.
      currently in addition to using antifungal creams prescribed by my doctor ( two weeks course), i am taking probiotics before bed, dandelion tea, and grain free diet. So far (day 6) I have no itching episodes but i believe its because i am using the cream. Is there any thing else i can do to get rid of candida and also lose my belly fat?
      Thank you

  11. After being incredibly sick for two months, and getting no where with my family doctor, I went to a naturopath and was diagnosed with candida overgrowth. My symptoms were: weakness, lethargic, fatigue, brain fog, constant and sometimes extreme nausea. Once I began reading more about it, I realized that my problems started over a year ago, and slowly got worse. I have been taking oil of oregano (140mg x 3 per day) for 12 days and have improved so much. I also cut processed sugars and 99% of processed foods out of my diet. I experienced terrible “die-off” and beleive I am through the worst of it. I am finding it really hard to reshape my diet and I still get nauseous when I eat. How long does it usually take to get back to normal? This is/has ruined my life!

    • Lyndsay, there is a probiotic called ProBio5, which features five extra strength probiotics, added enzymes, intestinal flora, B6 and Grape Seed extract — all in one effective delivery system — that supports the breaking down of hostile organisms (Candida Overgrowth). Yeast and fungal organisms are comprised of proteins, chitin, and cellulose structures. Proteins are broken down by protease enzymes, and cellulose is broken down by cellulase. The chitin structure can only be processed in the presence of the chitinase (chitosinase) enzyme. The enzyme profile in ProBio5, which is micro encapsulated, is designed to process away the protein-based outer layer of yeast and fungal organisms. This then exposes the interior of these organisms to the cellulose of the chitosinase in the ProBio5. Enzymes are efficient and effective in the destruction of yeast and fungi.

      You might look into the Probio5 combined with a diet like Dr. Bakker suggested. I know lots of people that have seen amazing results with this. But, like Dr. Bakker said…it will take time, so patience is a virtue. If you would like more info, feel free to email me

  12. Hello,
    I was wondering, why bread is so bad for us. Of course, the flour feeds the yeast. But the yeast in the bread will die during the baking process, right? So…if I decide to eat bread – does it matter if i was baked with or without yeast?

  13. Dr Bakker, do you recommend that women who are on the birth control pill get off it if they’re facing candida overgrowth? Is it possible to treat candida overgrowth while remaining on oral contraceptives?

    Lauren, do you mind my asking if you were/are on birth control pills? If so, have you been able to treat yourself while remaining on them? Also, have you noticed your hair loss resolving? The hair loss has been a major issue for me– it may be from birth control or an iron deficiency I am fighting (or both). I work as a model and TV host and it is devastating, I have been under the care of a naturopath for 2 months with no improvement– in fact more hair loss has resulted! Please help, I’d appreciate any advice or personal experiences.

    Thank you.

    • Oral contraceptives rob the body of numerous vitamins and throw the gut flora out of whack. I discuss the dangers of them in my book Quit PMS. Thankfully I have never been on birth control pills, although when I was younger a doctor suggested I take them because I had such painful periods. I’m sorry to hear about your hair loss and I’m still really struggling with my own hair loss… natural treatment of hair loss is difficult because the causes vary so much from person to person.

      • A close male friend who was balding takes oral Nystatin and he has a full head of hair again. My husband has been taking 1x 1/4 tablet daily for 3 weeks now and although he was only very slightly thinning his hair has noticeably thickened.
        Interestingly it is also a very effective anti fungal but due to its toxicity profile maybe stick with a low dosage, drink plenty of water but probably best to first talk to a professional.
        One of the main symptoms is you itch and go red all over for several minutes because the blood starts moving around a lot faster but not unbearably so.
        All the best!

  14. I took antibiotics for 15 years straight (for acne) and birth control for 20 (since age 12 for pcos related irregularity). I have not taken either for 10 years, in an attempt to improve my digestive health (I have ibs, not surprisingly). I have taken a probiotic for the last 3 years and wanted to add s. Boulardii to dimnish candida overgrowth, which I suspect I have, although I do not suffer from recurrent yeast infections. Interestingly, after using s. Boulardii for one week, I got my first yeast infection in years. What happened? Is the yeast on it’s way out? I am concerned about continuing the supplement. Otherwise, I feel pretty good.

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  16. I wanted to add a wonderful thing that has happened for me. I have osteoarthritis and fibromyagia and I am obviously in severe pain. Recently I suffered an abscessed tooth and had to take a strong antibiotic. The day I finished it was my birthday and I was given my favorite candies as a present from my daughter. They were cinnamon sugar candies. The very next day I awoke to have a cottage cheese looking coated tongue with ichiness. Not wanting to go to the doctor I tried every home remedy I could find. And it was working to an extent. When I went to the doctor 2 weeks later with pain down my esophogus and my lungs, she basically said whatever I was doing was working (hydrogen pyroxide rinses and sea salt rinses different times throughout the day and complete avoidance of sugar) and she didn’t see the need to give me anything. Upon my insistence gave me some nystatin. Well, that didn’t work. And my mouth was just a light grey coating even with avoiding sugar, sugar by-products, bread and anything remotely yeasty. I didn’t go back to the doctor for fear of them thinking I was crazy who must’ve read one too many magazines or books on yeast. Many doctors don’t believe it is a problem, mine included.

    So, I began eating a completely organic, bland, no sugar diet and looking into recipes online to try and spice up my diet…I did lose 15 lbs, but on top of being in pain, my life now took on a new meaning of sucking. I was reading online about how yeast overproduction can cause many skin disorders and medical conditions with fibromyalgia believed to be one of them. (Before all of this happened to me) My arthritis pain was so bad that my family got together, pooled their money and got me a hot tub for my birthday. The sales person told me that he sells a lot of hot tubs to people with fibromyalgia and that they are instucted by their doctor to use it at 105 degrees for 10 minutes 2x a day, morning and night. Funny thing was…I didn’t tell him I had fibromyalgia. His wife had it and that is what she did for relief. I was getting in it some, but not as often as I should. Only when my pain was unbearable (my osteoarthritis is in my lower back and getting in and out of it can be an inconvenience). Then I read that yeast likes temperatures between I think it was 80 degrees and 98 degrees (don’t quote me on the exact temps, but I know the later is definitely correct) in the body to thrive.

    Upon doing my research I have been taking supplements I have found online that have been said help, I take homeopathic fungicides like garlic and caprylic acid and I am taking a probiotic cleanse that has 400 billion probiotics with over 30 strains, as well as my hydrogen pyroxide rinse and sea salt water rince. I also eat raw onion with every meal. Basically, it kept it at bay, but I could not eat anything with yeast or sugar or my mouth would be itchy and my eyes would be dry. After reading the temperature that yeast likes I got the idea to get in the hot tub, surely after 10 minutes your body temp would spike up higher than what yeast would find comfortable.

    Within 2 days of getting in the hot tub, I am now able to eat sugar, bread, you name it. I do however eat it sparingly as I am not going to push my luck. I was able to have sugar free ice cream (as well as full sugar ice cream) which I couldn’t have before because of all of the chemical sugar and sugar alcohol that was in them that actually feeds the yeast. The only sugar I have been having is Pure Stevia and Xylitol. I haven’t had caffiene, no coffee, no tea, just herbal tea and only the herbal tea that fight yeast like Pau d’arco, lemon grass, peppermint and ginger. I even drink camomile, not sure if it fights it or not, but I do like the way it tastes and it doesn’t bother me. I am also taking a multi-vitamin and alpha lipid acid which is supposed to help with dry mouth and actually does…for me anyway. I drink water like it’s going out of style and take an organic fiber drink to push out the dead yeast since the byproduct they produce after they die can be uncomfortable for you. My pain has never been better and I have never been happier (considering my circumstances). I don’t think yeast will ever completely go away since I inadvertantly I killed off many good bacteria strains over the years by taking antibiotics, some that may never be able to come back. I have read about a garlic derived antibiotic called Allicin. I’m going to start looking into that, as well as other natural antifungal products that are on the market. They say you should take at least 3 different ones at the same time and that you may need to switch them around to find out what works for you. I’m writing this to give others who may have lost hope. That with perserverence and research you may find what works for you. Don’t give up. You can take my suggestions or not, that is up to you. Everything I learned I learned by going to reputable sites like this one and getting as much info as I could to end my suffering since my doctor who like most thinks she knows everything and is not open minded about anything that she can’t read in a journal…I’m not saying not to go to your doctor, sometimes you need to, but homeopaths might also be helpful too and very few doctors would ever admit that!

    I am not a doctor, I am just telling you what works for me. Anytime I feel that slight itch in my mouth I get in the hot tub for 10 minutes. I know I am not cured by any means, but this has given me a huge defense again yeast overgrowth. I know not everyone has access to a hot tub, but perhaps you could warm up some water and take a hot bath. You’d probably have to warm some hot water and keep pouring it in, but it would only be for 10 minutes. You could temporarily turn your water heater up (then turning it down when you’re done) but I’m not sure how high they actually go up to. This might be a good reason to join a gym that has a hot tub. I’m telling you, I have tried sooooo many things and this was the kicker that put a huge damper on the problem. Within minutes I feel a lot better.

    I couldn’t afford to keep buying completely organic foods and supplement after supplement looking for the magic bullet. I am going to continue to eat healthier, some organic, but I’m going to eat Perdue chicken which promises that its farmers don’t use hormones or antibiotics and drink Dean milk which does the same. My teen kids used to have a horrible time with acne and I read that the hormones in the milk was the cause. I first switched to organic which was $8 a gal. and I couldn’t afford it, so I decided to try Deans. The kids complections were the same as with organic. Not that they don’t still break out, their kids, but they aren’t completely covered and having it all over their body. They are happier.

    I really feel the food industry is the cause for many major illnesses and no one holds them accountable which is why yeast overproduction is ‘just a myth’. One of these days someone will take them on like they did with tobacco. Companies are putting things in our food that is not good and is responsible for obesity in the world. You know they add addictive food by products so people will keep buying and eating their food, just like the tabacco companies did. It’s funny, that until box foods with over processed crap in them were made that everyone got obese. Before that and people just went to the store and made everything from scratch their wasn’t widespread obesity. Getting off my soap box now…Good luck to anyone suffering from this awful thing and I hope that anything I have said will help at least one of you! Don’t give up, you’ll find what works for you, just keep trying!

    Good Luck to you all!

    • great story Jenna, I recently was told by a healer that I was in the early stages of MS & that all he could do for me was slow it down. Well I couldn’t accept that so I called a friend of mine who is also a healer & told her what he said. She told me to go on a candida diet & I would be able to reverse the MS. So I done alot of research & have been on this diet for 4 months now & I DO feel better. I never thought to “burn” the yeast out but will try it. I read somewhere that you should stay on the candida diet one month for every yr you have been in overgrowth. I’m thinking my problems started in 1997 when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have too many issues to post here but I have alot of problems. So that was 16yrs ago which means I should stay yeast & sugar free for 16 months. Then a friend told me about UBI treatments. He took 5 of them & it cured his mrsa. I had my second one today. The Dr is recommending 10 of them, then maintenance every month or 2. I’m really excited about this. It will mean no more diet although I’m in the habit of eating healthy & organic now but I will be able to indulge in sweets from time to time. UBI is ultraviolet blood irrigation…google & research it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to return to work someday. I’ve been on disability for 12 yrs now & absolutely hate it! Well, I wish nothing but the best for all of you and lets get ourselves WELL…ty, marcie

  17. Hi Dr. Bakker,

    Need your advise, is it true that flare-ups due to seborrhic dermatitis could be a reaction on my body because of bad flora in my gut or candida overgrowth? What specific test or tests would you recommend to help me identify if I have a candida yeast infection? Do you think if the candida infection will be treated my dermatitis problem will also be gone? I am planning to go to the doctor but I don’t know which one should I go to and ask for help. Been having bad flare ups (redness, swelling and itchiness) and it never goes away 🙁

    I hope you can help me on this.

    Thank you 🙂

  18. The problem with male yeast infections, though, is that the symptoms can take a good time to show up so that, by the time they do, the infections can be well advanced, making them much harder to eliminate.
    And since the symptoms of yeast infections can also be similar to other problems it means that these, perhaps more serious, problems are not being properly treated.

  19. Foods are one of the major factors that influence yeast infection. There are foods that trigger it altogether and ones with the power to prevent its occurrence. The Candida diet has proven to be very helpful in treating the condition. There are certain foods that help control fungal overgrowth, but there are also those which trigger it.

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  21. Hi Lauren, great article! I’m surprised, however, to see an entire article about Candida Overgrowth with no mention of Plexus ProBio5 and BioCleanse. ProBio5 was specifically created to combat Candida overgrowth and its associated symptoms. Like many other brands on the market, it contains 5 powerful probiotics that help repopulate the Natural Flora in our gastrointestinal tracts (Lactobacillus Sporogenes, L. Acidophilus, L. Plantarum, B. Longum and S. Boulardii) killed by antibiotics and exacerbated by illness or poor diet. Unlike other brands, though, it also contains 3 scientifically chosen enzymes that target and kill Candida fungus (protease, cellulase and chitinase).

    Yeast and fungal organisms are comprised of proteins, chitin, and cellulose structures. Proteins are broken down by protease enzymes, and cellulose is broken down by cellulase. The chitin structure can only be processed in the presence of the chitinase (chitosinase) enzyme. The enzyme profile in ProBio5, which is micro encapsulated, is designed to process away the protein-based outer layer of yeast and fungal organisms. This then exposes the interior of these organisms to the cellulose of the chitosinase in the ProBio5. Enzymes are efficient and effective in the destruction of yeast and fungi.

    It also contains Vitamin B6 and antioxidants like grape seed extract that acts as fuel for these chemical processes. The combination of these specific probiotics to repopulate the Good Bacteria and the enzymes to kill the Bad Fungus is the most powerful and effective Candida killer you can buy. There are literally tens of thousands of positive testimonials on facebook showing its effectiveness.

    Finally, once ProBio5 has done its job, BioCleanse is an all natural detoxifer designed to remove the dead matter and toxins left over from Candida Die Off out of your system while oxygenating your bloodstream, since systemic Candida can’t live in a high oxygen environment.

    It’s safe, effective and backed by an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee. Read more about both products at

    • I have heard of Plexus however, not everyone can take grape seed extract…My genetic make up does not allow this. Also with MTHFR I need P5P instead of vit B6 because of how my body works. Great for some but those of us, 30% of population with compromised genetics need to be very careful what we take. No folic acid…body is missing the enzyme to take care of it. I need methylfolate. That is why not everyone does well on one product. helped me see what genes I was dealing with!

  22. Yeast is in my babies throat and intestines my heart phase palpitations bad I am currently treating and trying to knock this out but fear of death bc of myocarditis. A boy recently died in our town bc of this affect from candida ( he was only 13)

  23. Hello, I feel the need to respond to the answer provided for Question 16. “Can I treat my vaginal Candida yeast infection with yogurt?”

    This is your answer:”Eating yogurt is a great way to get more probiotics into your diet naturally. Yogurt has a chemical called lactic acid that helps to convert lactose (which is sugary) into lactic acid, which Candida hates. A lot of women will not only eat yogurt, but use it as a douche as well. This is the only case in which I justify the use of any sort of “douche” to treat the female vaginal infection – yogurt only. The yogurt douche won’t work if you use anything other than high-quality, organic, plain yogurt – left out until it reaches room temperature.”

    The first part of the answer I can agree with because it can be verified by the medical community. But, the second part of the answer, the recommendation that females douche with room temperature yogurt is MEDICALLY UNSOUND. I am a health educator with a Master’s in Health Education from Columbia University Teacher’s College and would NEVER, EVER recommend females douche with yogurt. There are other bacteria – especially in room temperature yogurt – which could be introduced into the vagina. This would throw off – even further – the chemical balance or PH levels of the vagina and cause more harm. I feel the need to correct this misinformation. Additionally, I care not who you have helped using this method unless you have documented the information in a medical journal. Unless you have documented the results of a study “The use of yogurt douche’s to help cure yeast infections” in a medical journal – then – please do us all a favor and delete the completely irresponsible, medically unsound advice from this site. Douching with yogurt or any other product does nothing to cure or treat yeast infections.

  24. I had felt before as if I could die! Multiple symptoms including brain fog, foul smelling urine, abdominal pain, bowel problems, insomnia, bad breath, fatigue, joint pain, hunger pain followed by pain after eating, ETC! After reading that untreated Candida is life-threatening, I am especially pleased to be on the road to recovery. Very thankful my gyno recommended the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse! And a nice by-product of taking the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse capsules is losing 6 pounds of stubborn belly fat and getting back to my high school weight at age 53!!

  25. I apologize if this was already covered and I missed it, but is raw goat milk kefir recommended? It has all the great probiotics for your gut, but also is fermented and has yeast, so I wasn’t sure.

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  27. I have leaky gut that I suspect is due to Candida overgrowth that I have been trying to treat unsuccessfully with herbs and probiotics, and diet. In #13 you mentioned that chemical antifungal might be needed in serious cases of Candida. Are there a specific medications that you might suggest?

    Thank you.

  28. Hi Lauren, your blog has had a huge impact on my life. I have suffered with mono, interstitial cystitis, vulvodynia and now chronic yeast infections since the birth of my son. I have introduced real, nutrient-dense food and supplements but still feel underwater all the time with terrible sleep and PMS. (love your eBook!) I am gluten and dairy intolerant for sure, but suspect I have leaky gut which is holding me back.

    I have read about GAPS, Autoimmune Protocol, SCD, FODMAP and this Candida Crusher approach, which have some conflicting however, I’m not sure what diet to approach first to address either/both issues. My head is spinning! Do you have any recommendations, or recommended testing my integrative physician might not have checked to better decide which approach to tackle first? Many thanks for all you do!

    • Hi Lauren, your blog has had a huge impact on my life. I have suffered with mono, interstitial cystitis, vulvodynia and now chronic yeast infections since the birth of my son. I have introduced real, nutrient-dense food and supplements but still feel underwater all the time with terrible sleep and PMS. (love your eBook!) I am gluten and dairy intolerant for sure, possibly nightshade, egg and onion as well. I suspect I have leaky gut which is holding me back from allowing the real food diet to benefit me.

      I have read about GAPS, Autoimmune Protocol, SCD, FODMAP and this Candida Crusher approach, which have some conflicting principles regarding starches such as sweet potatoes, raw honey, etc. However, I’m not sure what diet to approach first to address either/both issues. My head is spinning! Do you have any recommendations, or recommended testing my integrative physician might not have checked to better decide which approach to tackle first? Many thanks for all you do!

  29. Im currently under Candida attack due to stress. I have a 5 month old baby that i am exclusively breast-feeding and 3 other little ones. is been so difficult to find a balance with some sleepless nights and organizing the house for homeschooling. I have beginning of thrush in one boob, have 4 cold sores on my mouth(hurt like ^&#$#) and vaginal itch. I started doing enemas, juicing,taking raw garlic and supplements,etc. My question is, if this will affect my baby?

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  31. Hi Lauren!
    Thank you for this good information! I’ve been doing the typical candida diet for two weeks now, and was dying without any fruit or honey so I’m happy to add in the good sugars. I’m curious to know your take on coffee and dark chocolate. I am still experiencing some immediate symptoms of my candida overgrowth, but if I am dieting and aggressively taking probiotics, when is a good time to introduce small amounts of caffeine back into my diet?
    Thank you!

  32. Hello Doctor,
    I wanted to share my experience with you and see what you think… I’m a college kid and last year I was in an apartment that got me sick from mold. First semester I was fine, but when second semester came around I was getting bloody noses everyday. Soon enough, I found out that I had asthmatic bronchitis and was treated with antibiotics TWICE. I had never experienced asthma before so I didn’t know what chest tightness felt like. On top of that I was on birth control and unfortunately I was stupid enough to drink alcohol on the weekends. So…near the end of the semester I started to sleep on the couch away from my basement apartment and my lungs got better weekly and my bloody noses went away. I was taking albuterol sulfate to alleviate my symptoms, but I got nasty temors from albuterol. (health services at my school told me to ignore the jitteriness so I did. The last two times I tried albuterol my hands and lips got numb. After that, I stopped taking albuterol. When I came home from college, I had a bacterial infection and once again was on another round of antibiotics. I must have put my body through hell!. I am 21 years old right now turning 22 and it has been about 3 and a half months since I left that apartment. When I was treated for the bacterial infection I also had fibromyalgia out of no where, and the weirdest stuff like numbness, tingling, pains on my head, crazy pressure on my forehead, tightness on top of my head etc. I was bugging out and no doctor could figure out what was wrong with me. I got an mri of my brain, chest x-rays, and a cat scan of my brain as well! The only thing found was excess mucus in my nose, but the ear nose and throat doctor told me it was fine. Then it gets even better. My new primary care doctor thought I probably had anxiety! In reality my symptoms gave me anxiety. Awful. I felt so hopeless, but then a few weeks ago I came across candida somehow. I thought I had lyme at first but when I thought about my reappearing and disappearing rashes and developing acid reflux, I knew it had to do with something from the apartment. That is when I found all about candida and the diet. I’ve been on the candida diet for about a little more than two weeks and I can’t believe the amount of symptoms that have been alleviated. I hardly have fibromyalgia anymore, but all of a sudden I got thrush on my tongue and the one thing that still bothers me is my chest. My sternum hurts and when I breathe in I hear a crack. My main question is: DO YOU THINK THIS IS ALL CANDIDA SUCH AS THE BREATHING DISCOMFORT?

  33. Hi. i found this blog in search of support for ‘what i believe’ is a major candida overgrowth in my body. I was treated 3 times this year with antibiotics for bronchitis & 1 time with antibiotics for a bladder infection. That along with a recent divorce (stress), bad eating/drinking practices after my divorce has halted me with sickness. I got a vaginal yeast infection each time i took antibiotics and had to take fluconazole to get rid of infection—that should have been my warning sign that my gutt wasn’t functioning properly. Now, i have a case of esophagitis (my throat feels raw & it looks very red/irritated when i look in the mirror. Bad thing is, the vaginal mucous membranges are as red as my throat (very uncomfortable). I am really scared. i hope i didn’t let this go too long to cause long-term irreversable damage? I started my yeast cleanse diet & i increased my supplements to boost my immune system. Does anyone have any advice/encouragement for me…..I so need it?

  34. Curing candida usually requires a more aggressive approach than outlined here. Following this ‘lite’ approach will leave most people battling candida for years. #2 is a misconception that most people have–with candida overgrowth, probiotics will not “ultimately replace the candida”. Candida is more powerful than that and needs to be mostly eliminated before probiotics can be introduced with success. Here’s a quote from Dr. Biamonte, the candida expert:

    “Establishing friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract stimulates the immune response in the intestines that fight Candida and harmful organisms. As you mention it thought to also crowds the candida out, but more accurately it prevents its initial overgrowth.. Probiotics are not used until the end of our Candida elimnation program because we have proved that Candida will prevent friendly acidophilus and bifidus bacteria from growing. The Candida must be eliminated first before the friendly bacteria will grow. An analogy would be trying to plant flowers in a garden of weeds.
    In the early 90’s I helped the then great smokies labs develope the now famous CDSA stool test. I had the opportunity to test 30 patients every week for 9-12 weeks. I got to see first hand how their bifidus and acidophillus levels responded to taking probiotics vs antifungals. After 9-12 weeks on very expensive probiotics 90% of the patients exhibited negative growth if the probiotics. I repeated the trial after giving the patients a 3 month rotation of intestinal antifungals.The CDSA test then showed a return of the probiotics in 80% of the patients. Interestingly while on the antifungals the probiotics the acidophilus and bifidus began to return despite not taking the probiotics. My conclusion was then simple, 2 items cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Remove yeast and probiotics can return, do not remove yeast and probiotics cannot. Supplement do not want to hear these facts, even the ones that work with me.”

  35. Hi, I got a white coating on my tongue after a relatively long period of drinking and smoking after graduating from University. At that time I was 23. During this period I also took a course of penicillin for a sore throat. Anyhow, I did not now what the white coating was all about so I consulted my parents who recommended using baking soda to rinse my mouth. After a few rinses the white coating was gone. However, the coating reappeared after smoking and drinking again one night. Now it’s been over a year and the white coating spread all over my tongue and more symptoms appeared such as: yellow urine at all times despite drinking plenty of water, constant tiredness, insomnia, severe breathing difficulties (extremely uncomfortable), muscle aches, dizziness, sugar cravings. For the past one year since I got the white coating on my tongue I visited the GP at least 10 time and did all the possible tests for liver, kidneys, lungs, STD and so on. Eventually they said anxiety is my problem and that I shouldn’t worry. When I mentioned candida overgrowth all doctors said that it is not a condition and I should’t diagnose myself. Point is that I am feeling terrible and whatever I have is really affecting my daily life. Is is possible that I am a case of candida overgrowth? If so, what should I do to get rid of it? Thank you

  36. antibiotic is not good way to cure the candida and yeast but why many doctor will give antibiotic prescription for yeast infection symptoms… I think they should know about this and thanks for the list of diet foods

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  38. Thank you for your article! I’m relatively new to this whole Candida Overgrowth thing, but my body has known it its entire life!

    I’ve read several articles about fermented foods and various points of view on it. Some say to stay away from it (or vinegar) in order to get rid of it. And some say to eat it in order to put more probiotics into the gut. Can you comment on both sides and why both would be relevant?


  39. Hello doctor Bakker,

    My name is Paulette Garcia…I really need help. I don’t know where else to turn. I am so stressed out and depressed. I have had a hard two years. Recently I looked up information on Candida and I did the spit test. It turns out I have Candida. This thing has turned into such a huge problem. I am always tired no matter how early I go to bed,I have severe halitosis, thrush, my scalp is always itching to the point that it bleads sometimes, I always crave sugar or bread, I have a hard time concentrating,I don’t have normal bowl movements, and my bowels smell horrendous! I get depressed and stressed and then I get really bad heart palpitations. What gets new the most is the halitosis,I have done a lot to get rid of it but it is still there. My relationships have gone down hill. I am crying as I write this..I need help. Recently my doctor prescribed me tablets for my tongue,omeprazole for my acid reflux, and medamusil for the constipation. I have decided to take vitamin c and a probiotic. I also have drinking all natural veggie drinks that contain kale, spinach, and some fruits, and ginger. Am I on the right track here and do you think my issue is severe? Also can Candida create such a horrible smell?

  40. Hi its good to read your blog and letters from other people candida is persistent and has been for 25 years I believe it also broke my marriage up .I have also been left to carry the burden and financial ruin and the selfish ness of ex and divorce I also have a habit of wine every night but I really need to get better and feel healthy again I have the best children 24 and 16 and I feel like I missed out on their lives I certainly will if I don’t get sorted .please can you help me with a meal plan 🙂 thanks Angela PS I also do veg juice

  41. Could systemic candida cause palmar psoriasis on the hands and feet? Ive been on a candida diet and would like to know what natural antifungals would be best for this type problem….

  42. Hi

    I had yeast infection for 2nd time in a span of 6 months . I don’t have any pain or itchyness have some white patches…. I was also down with herpes zooster for which I took medication and it got cured.. I have done even HIV anti body 1 & 2 test that was negative… Though I was never involved in sexual intercourse… My age is 29.. Can you pls suggest if I have yo get tests done as u had yeast infection for 2nd time .. Or is that quite normal and there’s nothing to worry.. Also can you pls tell these infections can also be due yo heavy smoking n in proper diet n alcohol consumption

  43. Hello all!

    I also suffer from Candida, I found out about a year ago. I think I should have paid more attention to it in the beginning because now it is horrible. As many of you probably already know, all diseases and conditions we suffer from come from our emotions, so it is crucial for us to get our emotional health to 100%. I know how hard than can be while feeling all these symptoms from Candida but other than diet, this is actually the other 50% of your cure. So if there is anything you are holding on to or have bad energy around you…let it go! I have seeked a naturopath and he recommended a few herbs along with natural capsules and drops to help with my issue. He also suggested to boost my emotional health and immune system or NOTHING would help with this. It is hard work but I have to do it :/ If anyone has any tips please let me know…I am just now starting with my diet and emotions and need so much more help.

  44. I’m a bit surprised you did not really cover Garlic, specifically Allicin. Really that seems to be about all that is often needed to control Candida. My wife always was having problems with Candida until I suggested she starting taking Allicin. No more problems as long as she takes it on a somewhat regular basis.

  45. I am suffering from Candida infection. I am also suffering from and excessive bloating which would be present in the morning also .I took a spit test which was positive.I am not eating wheat and potatoes.Eating a few fresh garlic pods, a few cloves ,oregano leaves ,ginger ,coconut oil 1-2 teaspoons a day .As of now I am not eating fruits but having brown rice ,oats ,green smoothies and yogurt. I am eating digestive enzymes 2 capsules daily and mix of prebiotic and probiotic capsules (total 5 billion) twice a day. I am already feeling better as I feel light in the stomach ,though I still suffer from vaginal itching. However my spit test is not showing any improvement .I would like to know should I include some anti fungal medicines or should I wait .If yes which ones should I use ?I would also like to know that eating capsule with probiotic and pre biotic in them are fine or not or should I stick to probiotics only?

    • Dear Vini,
      I just won a battle from this Candida albicans overgrowth infections today. It’s actually so easy to do. And the most distracting things are when you read so many informations from internet.
      Let’s not beat around the bush, and do as i tell you what to do …
      1. On empty stomach, drink 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar + 1/4 teaspoon of Sodium Bicarbonate mixed in a glass of water. Repeat this step in mornings, afternoons and nights.
      Note :
      You will get shocking candida Die-Off effect outburst of 2 to 3 times bigger than all sufferings you have been getting all these times. But it is OK, it means those Candida albicans cells are dying and in the process the Die-Off effect their cells break off and releasing toxins contained in the cells. This acetaldehyde toxin is detected by our autoimmune system as an allergic reaction.

      On day 3 and day 4, you will feel better and those allergic reactions are more and more relieved.
      Don’t give up easily on day 1 and day 2 yet.

      2. Just eat anything you want but in reasonable portions.
      Avoid consuming lots of : sugar, gluten, carbohydrates, food preservative such as sodium benzoate and alcohol. These are allergic trigger factors that Candida albicans thrive for.
      It’s better for you to stop drinking alcohol and food preservatives.
      As for sugar, gluten, carbohydrates you can still have them but in reasonable portions, not too much.
      Too strict diet can cause another unwanted troubles like incapable of producing hormones.

      Good Luck !

  46. I posting this comment for those who have HIV Aids and need cure, This is my story,
    i was a victim of HIV Aids, i lived with this virus for 4 years without a cure,
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    a herb caster named dr olufa, so i contacted him for a try, gush, i did not believed
    what happened, he cured me just in 14 day, the virus left my body, i was normal again
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    we help you to become happy again, email him at I’m so
    grateful for healing me, I will always be grateful sir.and i we let the world no that there
    is cure for them to be free form it too

  47. I have bacterial dybiosis, and rare yeast, been on the diet nothing clearing up. I have amalgam fillings, one dentist said to leave them in, another friend got very ill and worse taking them out, not sure what the best way forward is with this one?

  48. Absolutely loved this article!! I have studied Candida and woman’s health and this is for sure one of the best articles Ive read on Candida, very detailed and easily understood! I love your blog Lauren & the great recipes! 🙂

  49. I have been ill for 15 years was diagnosed with M.E and recently with fibromyalgia. I have just discovered about candida overgrowth and how it can affect the body and the symptoms it causes i have most of them. I want to start the candida diet but i am on pescribed medication Duloxetine and Gabepentine that both contain sucrose and sugar. Will i have to come off the medication for the diet to be successful
    Thanks Jodie

  50. I was wondering if anyone had plaque psoriasis caused by candida yeast in the GI tact? I also have Fibro, chronic fatigue syndrome, and IBS. I read an article about candida causing plaque psoriasis. My psoriasis showed up about 6 months after a total hysterectomy in 2005. No one has ever had it in either side of my family. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  51. I have a problem with yeast infections and can never get rid of them been doing plexus and takin probitis but my skin itches All the time is it from candida problems my head itches always had problems with dandruff could it been from living in mold thanx

  52. I think you offer good advice, but I do not agree that you need to follow a strict no sugar and diet of starch. In fact, I think I can do more harm than good. I tried for a year and I have not seen much improvement. Recently, I found several articles saying that when he took trying to starve the candida, you actually “crazy” and travels through the digestive system for sugar. I found it interesting, so we started to eat natural carbohydrates at each meal. One thing I’ve learned for sure is that low carbohydrate consumption has ruined my metabolism and hit my thyroid hormones. There are about a month and my times have stabilized.

  53. I am absolutely amazed at how invasive this little “critter” C.albicans is! I’ve now experienced a systemic infection personally as well as multiple times with clients as a Registered Nutritionist. I feel this is grossly underdiagnosed and hence, under-reported, perhaps even leading to an epidemic…kind of like Adrenal Fatigue! It is reputable, and well-researched blogs like yours Lauren that help health-minded people to sift through all of the random nonsense being thrown out there on the world wide web! Thank you, Krista Goncalves, RNC @

  54. My 2years old son has persistent oral thrush. He was on daktarin and nystatin for few months. However, once we stop the medication, the oral thrush returns. Currently he is on Daktarin and coconut oil. I also have ordered candex. He don’t take any sweet stuff except his rice. I’m not sure how to treat him as all the doctors who check him explain little about it. It seems they are not really into believing candida. Anyone has any advice for my child?

  55. See a doctor, not a conventional doctor (MD) but a holistic doctor. Too many conventional doctors will say that you have anxiety because they don’t address candida overgrowth. A holistic doctor is also referred to as naturopath or functional doctors. Write down all your symptoms.

  56. Has anyone had luck with Eric Bakker Candida Crusher program?
    Also a question for anyone who has knowledge of candida- what can I do while breastfeeding? My 4 month old keeps getting oral thrush and the last time it took Diflucan for both of us for it to go away. And now it’s back! I eat low sugar, no dairy, gluten or corn. Very little processed food. I have some other symptoms of candida overgrowth but not too severe.
    While sources say you cannot do the candida diet while nursing, what am I supposed to do about this reoccurring thrush? I don’t want to stop nursing but I am at a loss right now of what to do!
    Thank you!

  57. Hi, looking for some advice if anyone can help, would be massively appreciated!

    Am guessing I’ve had candida for around 10 years and during that time I’ve tended to get cystitis 3 or 4 times a year when I’m sexually active. That was not pleasant but I’ve been on an anti-candida program nearly a year and this year I’ve had 10 bouts of cystitis so far! In other ways my symptoms are improving (I have CFS) but i just can’t understand why I’m so much more susceptible to cystitis when surely i should be getting better? Any insights appreciated, I’m getting terrified to have sex because of these constant utis.

    Big thanks for any responses x

  58. I can’t agree with you more about the natural sugar intake. When I completely eliminated fruit from my diet, I felt awful and was more inclined to overeat nuts and carbs. Now I incorporate fresh fruit into my diet again. I actually feel better and less bloated. Even my energy level is up:)

  59. The simple answer to the majority of these problems mentioned.
    Lugols full strength iodine solution and a Selenium supplement for starters.
    These 2 minerals work in conjunction to correct your thyroid problem.
    Selenium has the ability to encapsulate and remove heavy metals from your body, the ones not many doctors test for. These metals have accumulated since your birth. Lead, mercury to name a couple.
    The lugols will immediately start killing an pathogen in your body – Iodine is – Anti bacterial, antiviral, antifungal. No pathogen can create resistance to this mineral.
    My family and I have been on this protocol for 4 years now.
    Google Dr Brownstein.
    If you don’t have the correct amounts of minerals in your body, how do you expect it to function? Your made from the elements on the perodic table, not magic.

    Once you understand that perodic table, you’ll understand that there are elements that can displace other elements. Iodine is displaced by – Fluoride, Chlorine, Bromine. These are all in your tap water. They are all Halogens like iodine.
    The reason why you aren’t told that you need a 100 fold increase in Iodine intake (Same as the Japanese). We can’t mine enough and we would strip our largest land based reserve of it (Atacama Desert) in 3 years.
    All Lcd, Led screens contain Iodine. That consumes 30% per annum. The pharmaceutical industry consumes 40%. Iodine is used to make nylon and Kevlar.
    It has over 1000 current industrial uses, that’s why your daily intake is set at 0.15mcg per day.
    The correct level is 100 fold of that.
    Oh 1 more thing, $$$$ Makes the world go round, a cure to anything is like selling a car with a 1000 year warranty – No $$ in that!

  60. You mentioned taking Chaga as an herb, instead of eating the mushroom. How does one take Chaga as an herb ? I have powdered Chaga that I could put into capsules, would this work? I thought mushrooms were to be avoided with a candida overgrowth, as they are are fungus. THANK YOU!!

  61. The Lady Soma Candida Cleanse was a big help in my recovery from candida overgrowth. I highly recommend it. It not only contains antifungals, it also contains ingredients to settle your stomach, one probiotic culture, some digestive enzymes, etc. You get a lot of bang for your buck, and this product is a reasonable price for what it is. If you have candida overgrowth, this product was very key to my recovery. Good luck.

  62. Dr . Bakker,
    I can find some contradiction between Lauren and your information.
    I am reading your book. I have read probably half of it.Still need to read the last 350 pages.
    It gives a lot of good information.
    In your book you said that honey, and maple syrup is not good for someone who has candida infection. You recommend Stevia and Xylitol. I have read on Wellness mama’s and Dr. Axe’s blog, that Xylitol is unhealthy, and we should not eat them. Now, Lauren wrote that she does not eat stevia either. She said that honey and maple syrup is not bad for you even if you have the candida infection. So which is the good answer?
    What should I use after the first 3 weeks?
    Donna Gates recommend Lakanto. Also, she does not recommend combucha, while you said that combucha is good for us.
    Does your opinion changed about honey, maple syrup, combucha since you have wrote your book, or you still recommend stevia, and xylitol? What is your opinion about Lauren’s article, and the honey? What do you think about Lakanto? Do you still think that combucha is fine?

    I did the sugar free diet for 6 months last year. I started to eat fermented vegetables and home made kefir and combucha a year ago, and still has problems with my digestion.
    I know I hare systematic candida, I did your test, and that showed it, as well the spit test.
    I would like to cure my infection, and I would like to know about the honey, that should be very healthy otherwise. I also would like to know about the difference between the yogurt and kefir ? Which one is the better?
    Thank you for your help

  63. I have a suggestion for women with yeast infections, as well as for men with fungal infections such as jock itch and athletes foot. I am a man and I have had great success for eight years now treating my previously constantly re-occurring jock itch (a symptom of candidia due to my diabetes, not to a lot of exercise) with dandruff shampoo. Eight years ago i’d just been diagnosed with diabetes and had been suffering from constant jock itch for a couple years prior to my diagnosis. Once I got the diabetes diagnoses I went online and starting reading. And along the way I began to realize I’d been suffering from many of the symptoms of candidia for years and didn’t know it. As I educated myself I read many of the blogs such as this one. I’d previously been treating my jock itch with the over the counter creams made for men. They quit working. So then, previously, but after that I went online and read and learned that vagisil has the same stuff in it as the stuff for men, only in vagisil its in higher doses. So i bought it and used that for a while. And it would work, but gradually its effectiveness wore off. I was getting really worried and about this time i got the diabetes diagnosis and then did my research and learned i’d had candidia for all that time. On one of the blogs someone had posted that using dandruff shampoo as a body wash, particularly watching the crotch region with it regularly would kill the fungus and prevent its return, if used regularly. It said that the active ingredient in dandruff shampoo kills fungus by some kind of manner in which the fungus microbes encounter the Prithicone Zinc (the active ingredient in dandruff shampoo) and the fungus cannot tolerate it for some reason and the fungus cells explode, which means they die. So, I went to the store and bought a bottle of the cheapest store brand dandruff shampoo and added it to my daily shower routine. I’d also read that regular soap actually can help candidia to spread as soap removes the very things that might otherwise keep candidia down. So, from that day on I don’t use regular soap of any kind in my crotch area, instead I only wash down there with dandruff shampoo. I start by rinsing my body all over with water, then I coat my crotch area liberally with dandruff shampoo then I lather it up and wash myself very well, then rinse completely, then do it a second time. Then I wash the rest of my body with dandruff shampoo using it as as body wash. Sometimes I’ll wash a few other areas of my body (after the main cleansing with dandruff shampoo) with a little bit of some other soap that has a nice scent so that I’ll smell good too when the shower is done. Dandruff shampoo smells fine when you’re done but sometimes I just get tired of that same smell, so the little bit of other soap after just makes life a little funner. But, I’ve found that if I don’t do my dandruff shampoo routine regularly, that if I go several days or a week or more without that dandruff shampoo regimin I can really tell a difference. So I try never to miss. i can go a few days without it if I’ve not been to the store to buy more if i’m out, but if i wait too long i can tell the yeast returns.

    So, I’d like to suggest to women to try this dandruff shampoo regimin to help you cut down on yeast infections. Since i’m not a woman I don’t know if you should wash internally with it too, you should probably ask a doctor about that part, but I highly recommend that you try this for the exterior of your body. I’m thinking that if you can keep the exterior of your body clean of yeast then it probably won’t have as much a chance of invading internally. And for men, I suggest you do as I do. I know it will help men a LOT. A whole lot. I suspect it will be great for women too. Hopefully it will help to cut down or eliminate your yeast infections from reoccurring.

    If there are women who try this, I’d like to know if it was beneficial.

    Also, I’ve found that using coconut oil like it was body oil, and rubbing it all over (like one might with lotions or other kinds of oils) that it really helps. It keeps my skin soft, it kills they candidia, and when i do it regularly it helps to make the bouts of exema that i sometimes get on my arms when i’m nervous and not eating right go away.

    Finally, i’ve found that olives stuffed with garlic keep my digestion working well.

    All of this helps to keep the difficulty urinating i have when i have a cadidida overgrowth (that i get when i’m not dilligent in my regimens of shampoo, oil, and olives) from returning. So that rarely happens anymore.

    Hope this helps some of you. I feel your pain.

  64. Q-17 – “You need to get your stress levels under control. When you are stressed, your body creates a chemical called cortisol” – CANDIDA ALBICANS produces about 70 active substances, one of them is CORTISOL identical to human one!!! Therefore all candida patients have INCREASED cortisol levels. NOT DUE TO STRESS ONLY, but due to “perfidy” of Candida. Cortisol (physiologically) is to increase glucose level, and Candida eats glucose (and other carbs) only – not fats or aminoacids! Cortisol also diminish immune response (known indication for steroids), so Candida perfidy here is even bigger… by producing “some amount of human-like cortosol” it helps itself to survive!!! Very clever indeed from evolutionary poit of view. I always check cortisol levels in candida patients treated for longer time to evaluate IF and WHAT progress occurs. Cortisol decrease means less Candida.
    Q-1 -… Candida is not NATURAL! 50-60 % of people have it, but 40-50% DO NOT and live in good health. (Epidemiological data are available). Unfortunatle during childhood and life-span everybody meets Candida! It is not needed at all (good bacteria YES, but not Candida), so word “natural” is completely incorrect in this case. Indeed those 50-60% “allowed” somehow Candida to enter their skin, intestine, vagina etc… temporarlly and fight with it. A kind of balance happen in many, so they do not suffer much, but IT IS NOT NATURAL. As this balance is only one step to severe and bad disease. So, it is much better to not have Candida AT ALL in the body.
    Q 16 and 19… yougurth ! Yes! Deffinitely. But one advice and comment, as many of my patients do not differentiate. Youghurth is not the same as kephyr or crude milk! Youghurt is made only by bacteria, while kephyr only by yeast, and crude milk by mix of both bacteria and yeats. So, pay attention and never eat kephyr or crude milk!
    Q 16… probably something in this sentence was mistyped?….Yogurt has a chemical called lactic acid that helps to convert lactose (which is sugary) into lactic acid, which Candida hates….. Lactobacillus (bacteria) converts lactose to lactic acid (chemical substance), so, the bacteria in the yougurth DOES it, but not “a chemical lactic acid itself convers lactose to lactic acid – it is impossible from the chemistry poin of view. But of course CANDIDA “hates” lactic acid in its surroundings !!!

    Miroslaw Mastej, MD, 30 years of experience with “bloody” Candida.

  65. Can someone tell me if having chest congestion from food allergies can be a sign of candida? All I have to do is eat fruit or bread & I get congestion. I also have a lot of other symptoms of candida that I have read about. Please if someone could email me as I am not great with figuring out how to use this system. Thank u, Sunrise

  66. I have loved your article, and I am definitely going to try some of those herbs.
    I eat little to no sugar and carbs, and I did even before getting candida overgrowth. I did take antibiotics and I did have several years of being stressed, but I am fine now and I don’t understand why it won’t go away. I have taken the most different things, from prescription drugs to colloidal silver, and I can’t get rid of it.
    In the last year I almost didn’t have symptoms, but every time I had it analyzed it was still there. It’s been almost 4 years now. I miss going into the bathtub with my boyfriend, and I hate having to wash my underwear separately 🙁

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