Busted: Candida Myths

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Read this post to learn the problems with the Candida Diet, plus learn the safer, healthier solution to eliminating candida overgrowth.

What is wrong with The Candida Diet?

What is wrong with the popular Candida Diet? And what is a safer, healthier solution to eliminate candida overgrowth? 

You are in the right place and asking the right questions, because I have some answers for you!

Sugar is healthy? What about Candida?

Those were the common questions I received on my popular post Sugar: Your Body Needs It. “But I have candida issues,” folks commented and emailed me, “I can’t eat raw honey, fruits and maple syrup.” The popular Candida Diet takes many forms, such as the diet outlined in The Body Ecology book or The Candida Diet website. These anti-candida protocols all eliminate natural sugars like honey and fruit as well as starchy vegetables like winter squash and carrots.  

I’m here to tell you that you can and should eat natural sugars, even if you have candida issues. It sounds like a scary concept. Believe me, I was also hesitant to start incorporating healthy sugars back into my diet after my short and extraordinarily unpleasant stint on The Candida Diet. I am grateful that I escaped harmful candida myths, because now I’m healing my body and addressing the root cause of my candida overgrowth.

So, without further ado, here are the three problems I have with The Candida Diet:

1. The Candida Diet doesn’t address the root cause

First, candida overgrowth results from poor digestion and a leaky gut… not simply the consumption of sugar (although a high sugar, refined food diet can lead to the leaky gut down the road). Candida diets, which allow the consumption of gluten free grains, will not correct a leaky gut and therefore will not permanently address candida overgrowth. In most cases, it requires a grain free diet to heal and seal the gut lining. Why?

Undigested food particles cause injury to the small intestine. This damages the villi and microvilli. Microvilli contain cells that produce the enzyme disaccharidase which breaks down disaccharides. But when the microvilli are damaged, disaccharidase production slows or halts. This leads to impaired digestion of disaccharides, bacterial overgrowth (and candida overgrowth), and an increase in gut-damaging bacterial by-products. It also allows undigested food particles to escape from the intestines into the bloodstream, causing food allergies or sensitivities. The cycle worsens over time (Source and source).

Removing disaccharides (which are found in things like grains, potatoes and table sugar) from the diet and supporting digestion with probiotics allows the microvilli to heal and the gut lining to seal. I recommend the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet, called the GAPS diet, as an effective alternative to the candida diet… with some tweaks, as I discuss below.

2. Sugar-free may equal systemic candida overgrowth

Second, eliminating natural sugars (like fruit and honey) from the diet when one has candida overgrowth can actually exacerbate the candida issue and cause systemic candida overgrowth:

Starved candida needs sugar and so will travel upwards through the intestines in search of it. If no sugar is found, candida will project invasive filaments into the intestinal wall, pass into the bloodstream, and – if not quickly destroyed by white blood cells – become systemic. (Source: I Didn’t Quit Sugar)

3. The Candida Diet impairs metabolism and hormone function

A sugar free diet will elevate stress hormones, which exhausts the adrenals and taxes the body. The first few months of a sugar free or intensely low carb diet will bring weight loss and a burst of energy due to the surging stress hormones. After the “honeymoon period” however, the toll of the stress hormones will impair the thyroid. The suppressed thyroid function will, in turn, slow the metabolism and cause the weight gain and fatigue.

I believe the GAPS diet is an extraordinary healing tool, but I have found that I reap even greater healing benefits by utilizing metabolic principles with the GAPS diet. This means favoring “warming” foods: foods that boost metabolism and support healthy hormones.   These include saturated fats, healthy sugars, and generous amounts of sea salt. Yes, I know the idea that fat, sugar and salt speeds the metabolism is unorthodox and strange.

I wholeheartedly recommend reading Eat For Heat: The Metabolic Approach to Food and Drink for more information. I also suggest Elizabeth’s article, 7 “Healthy” Habits That Are Stressing Your Metabolism.

What do I do now?

We are all bioindividuals, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to a healing diet. I can, however, give you a few places to start. I believe a grain free diet such as the Paleo diet or the GAPS diet is very effective in sealing a leaky gut and addressing the root issue of candida. Next, I use metabolic principles (as I described in my sugar post and addressed in Eat for Heat) to allow my slow and stressed out metabolism to heal.

A third resource I use to kick candida overgrowth is my raw goat milk yogurt. Interestingly, raw goat milk yogurt has anti-candida properties (source) and the probiotics help bring gut flora into a healthy balance. I also drink 1/2 to 1 tsp. of raw apple cider vinegar in a 1/2 cup of warm water 3 times per day, which can aid in suppressing candida growth.

Candida overgrowth often requires a tailored approach with natural anti-fungals and lifestyle changes, as well as dietary changes. For more information, you can check out 20 Frequently Asked Candida Overgrowth Questions, which Candida expert Dr. Bakker shared here recently.

I also recently wrote a post covering stevia in more detail. Here it is: Why I Quit Stevia.

Are you struggling with candida? Do you follow The Candida Diet? 

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  1. says

    This is very interesting as I’ve been told that I probably have candida. I’ve been following GAPS for the past four months and just can’t make any progress past the first stage (soup just gets a little boring after awhile, you know? ;) ).

    What are some of the further symptoms of, using your words, “…candida will project invasive filaments into the intestinal wall, pass into the bloodstream, and – if not quickly destroyed by white blood cells – become systemic.” That makes a lot of sense, but how can you recognize that happening if it’s all internal?

  2. says

    Totally rid myself of yeast overgrowth, healed my gut and have positively impacted many clients (cleared bladder infections, yeast overgrowth, etc..) with donna gate’s bodyecology…

    • says

      Well, we are unique and the BED book has some great points like coconut oil, kefir and fresh veggies. But for me, the cons outweigh the pros of the diet. Thanks for sharing your experience!

      • C says

        What were the cons? I have a lot of health issues and would like to hear your opinion as people keep telling me how great the BED is, but I haven’t jumped on the wagon. If you already have an article, do you think you could reply and post the link to this comment? Really appreciative it, love your site.

        • says

          The cons are what I was referring to in this article– BED includes gluten free grains and eliminates fruit/healthy sugars. So that is why I don’t like it. I hope that clears up my previous comment!

  3. Leah says

    You are amazing, so young and knowlegable!

    This is spot on with what my Naturopath said when I started seeing her for Candida about six months ago. I had like 26 of the 28 symptoms, she said I was the worst case she has ever seen! She did not guide me to a specific diet so I struggled for awhile until I discovered that Paleo pretty much fit in with the restrictions she had me on. Six months later I do still get flare ups when I’ve accidently eaten something “bad” but they are not nearly as bad as the first couple that sent me searching for help.

    I am gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, peanut, yeast, citrus fruit and banana free. I supplament with probiotics, oregano oil, and a gut flora. I do eat berries, apples and a little bit of honey!

  4. lee says

    Great article…you made simple to understand and made some great points. I too have been on the gaps diet since xmas and have made minor progress with fats and broths/soups. Its a bit like a merry go round but one day i am going to get off..until then thanks for the great posts!

  5. Stephanie W. says

    I’ve been on the GAPS diet, but I had a “thyroid storm,” due to getting a little hasty with a healing step (lack of total understanding, really). That put my gut flora way out of whack and brought on what I believe is candida. I’ve been trying to start incorporating more cultured foods/drinks, but the biggest improvements (though somewhat slow) have been since I recently started oil pulling consistently.

  6. Shelly says

    Good article I have been fighting candida for years and all three of my girls have it also and now my grandson. I have done 3 months on the candida diet. I have also done 1 month raw. They both helped in their own ways, and I have definitely learned a lot over the years. I also have adrenal fatigue and Raynaud’s syndrome. Some days I am ready to conquer the world as far as figuring out the “right” way to eat and then there are those days where it is all to overwhelming. I have been through so many transformations and misleadings. Can’t get enough of the health articles though. Thank you for all the info. It is greatly appreciated by many.

    • says

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Shelly! I believe healthy sugars are very important in treating adrenal fatigue. Best of luck as you continue on your healing journey!

      • Susan P says

        I am so excited to read this article. I have tried candida diets in the past and always have so many cravings, rash breakouts and other yucky side-effects from it that I have never been able to stay on it through the symptoms. The last time I went so low on carbs I felt SO horrible I decided I’d just have to live with candida overgrowth and also with the guilt that I wasn’t “strong enough” to power through. Your article gives me hope that I can conquer this issue and still enjoy eating. I’m really enjoying the Metabolism book you suggest. I started reading it last night. I have hope again!

  7. says

    Thanks for writing this one Lauren, I thought I will jump in and leave a comment.

    1. Candida Diet -> Is not the only thing that can help you get rid of candida. There is a lot more to getting rid of candida than sticking to some magic diet or some miracle pill (probiotic etc)

    2. What Works For One Person Doesnt Mean It Will Work For Ya -> Another thing I see is that people say how probiotic is good, how its been the next best thing but I have 100s of cases where probiotics such as ThreeLac/FiveLac has ruined people’s life because of major side-effects. And I am not suggesting that your grain free diet such as the Paleo diet or the GAPS diet is not very effective but I have about 50+ cases of patients that tried my friend Dr. Natasha’s diet and it just didn’t work for them, there could be many other cases. Even my own diet which I have worked on for past twenty-five years have not worked for certain individuals.

    3. Going After Symptoms Not Root Cause -> Many people try to treat the symptoms rather than the root cause.

    In order to get rid of candida, it has to be attacked from various angles, just having the best anti candida diet doesn’t mean you will cure your candida. I talked to my friend Sarah a while ago who runs thehealthyhomeeconomist.com and she had similar concerns that candida diet doesnt work and I had to go through various emails to convey my message.

    4. Internet Is A Mess -> When it comes to candida, I have found out that the internet is a mess, everyone has their own opinion and lots of bogus stuff ranks that shouldn’t be even there. I have also seen some so called candida experts claim 12-24 hours cure candida miracle. I have yet to find anything as such in my experience it takes average 3-4 months to see any significant health changes but who could control the claims of these people.

    kindest regards
    Eric Bakker

    • says

      Thanks for your detailed and thoughtful comment! You have such good points. LOL at the “internet is a mess”–how true! Yes, I think it is crazy to claim that candida overgrowth can be cured in 12-24 hours. It does take months, and a diet has to be tailored for every individual.

  8. says

    Hi Lauren!
    I am very grateful that I have found your blog. In relation to this post and the E-book “I didn’t quit sugar,” which I just finished reading, I have a few questions/concerns. I am working on gut healing and autoimmune issues. Would you advise keeping out potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams and white rice as is recommended in the SCD and GAPS diet? In the E-book, they recommend those as good sources of sugar. Also, how do you feel about including dairy if your goal is to heal the gut and digestion? Thanks so much!

      • Pedro says

        How does one know when the gut is sealed? For that matter when does one know when candida has been eliminated? I’ve seen so many stories throughout the web where some “cheats” on “bad” food and the symptoms return, thus my thinking is that aren’t rid of candida yet.

        • Susan P says

          I was going to ask the very same thing. How does one KNOW? I’d be interested in a reply or post on this topic as well, especially if symptoms are there but not easily seen or felt.

  9. says

    This is really amazing! I’m so glad I found your blog and this post. I myself have been struggling with Candida. I explain my whole story on my blog. But I cut out sugar, completely! It was the worst month of my life. For some reason I always knew that good sugar would be okay. But I kept getting told that it’s off limits. So THANK YOU for providing such good information! Also, I’ve been following the candida diet, but I still haven’t felt any better. I think it’s time for a switch to the GAPS diet.

    Thanks! :)

    • Cate says

      Have you perhaps considered how you got candida overgrowth in the first place? I was the worst case my two naturopaths and kinesiologist had seen. I tried every detox, diet, pharmaceutical, home remedy, herbs, you name it. After flicking the two naturopaths by the time I reached constant thrush (nothing would get rid of it) I found the kinesiologist found it was due to heavy metals. Look up candida and heavy metals, particularly mercury. You may find you can get rid of the candida AND the diet and have a better quality of life. A combination of zeolite liquid crystal and another supplement to bind the heavy metals and excrete them changed my life. Sadly this article is lacking a lot of information :( good luck.

  10. Rebecca Chamberlain says

    Hi Lauren, I recently had live blood analysis done & was told my body is full of candida (it presented as bright white dots around my cells). I have none of the typical symptoms (thrush etc) but I do have shocking long & short term memory & fatigue. I eat extremely well & have done for years. No processed sugars, bread, soft drinks etc etc & eat a diet high in raw foods including daily green
    smoothies, regular intake of ACV, lemon juice & coconut oil. Would love to know your thoughts on this please. I am rarely sick, never take antibiotics although I am on the pill. My naturopath prescribed a parasite spray & powder/tablets for liver/kidney detox all from Metagenics to help clean out my system.

  11. says

    Hi Lauren – this is a very interesting post. I thought I had candida but when tested I had gluten intolerance, parasites and yeast (non specific) Apart from constant gut rumblings my main symptom was fungal toenails and adrenal fatigue after years of chronic stress

    I am a trained nutritionist – but trained in the 1980′s and so much has changed since then. The candida diet advocated then was very strict and probably,as you and not particularly healthy.

    I have done the GAPS diet – though not the intro diet and stuck to that (90%) for about 2 years – but my toenails showed no improvement. I know that my digestive system isn’t functioning optimally so I think I need to do more research and will certainly be reading some of the sources you recommend to see if I can get any nearer a solution

    • Susan P says

      Speaking to toenail fungus – try using Tea tree oil on it. It might take a month or so but it WILL get rid of it. Can’t speak to the rest though as I’m struggling myself. I suggest Young Living or Native American Nutritionals for essential oils so you know you are getting the best thing. I know others recommend doTerra and/or Spark but I haven’t used them so can’t speak to that. Good luck!

    • Rachel says

      How did they test for the parasites? I’ve heard that the traditional way of testing (fecal sample) is very inaccurate since a person will only test positive if actively shedding the parasites.; otherwise, the parasites may live in a person undetected.

      • says

        Janet, you can have your blood tested by a holistic doctor who uses a dark field microscope. I had mine tested by an MD who has one of the best microscopes out there. You can see EVERYTHING in your blood. Helped diagnose co-infections from the Lyme disease also.

  12. Edna says

    Hello, Thanks for your concern for others and sharing your knowledge. I have systemic fungal condition. Have had IV antifungal meds taken Nystatin, No sugar ect. Have leaky gut… Working on it long time feel like giving up! What do you suggest when fungus has gone systemic?


  13. Kirbi says

    I am so glad I stumbled upon your article on this. It is so interesting as I too have struggled with Candida and have done a yeast free cleanse, etc. and I dont feel that it has ever really gone away totally. I know all about GAPS, but it seems so endearing to me and I have yet to ever truly plunge into it. I am also now 14 weeks pregant so I keep wondering how I can best eat for that as well as not suffer adrenal fatigue during it. Do you know what supplements may be ok for pregnancy? I have done oil of oregano, olive leaf, caprylic acid, biotin, etc type of regimens in the past but I assume those may not be ok for pregnancy. Im really trying to set myself up for a healthy postpartum and baby this time around as my first daughter had gut issues and still does and I had the worst bout with adrenal fatigue after having her.

    Thanks so much for your research!!


  14. Roby Mitchell MD says

    Everyone has Candida,always. “Over growth” is a much more useful term than “infection”. We have an innate system that normally keeps Candida from overgrowing. Body temperature,hydrochloric acid and halogenation are key. Candida thrives at a temperature lower than 98.6. With age and pregnancies,declining thyroid levels cause body temperatures to drop. This can’t be assessed solely by measuring under tongue temps. I see 30 degree variances in temperatures measured under tongue vs under the big toe. Temps decline as you get further from the heart. The thyroid connection was presented to me by William Crook MD who wrote the book “The Yeast Connection and the Woman”. Jonathan Wright’s book “Why Stomach acid is Good for You” explains why a deficiency in the production of hydrochloric acid by stomach cells results not only in Candida overgrowth,but multiple vitamin/amino acid/mineral deficiencies. Hydrochloric acid production declines with age,but many are born not producing enough of the body’s most powerful antiseptic. These children will have gut/skin/allergy/asthma/recurrent ENT episodes as red flags. The low stomach pH of the stomach achieved with hydrochloric acid allows for the survival of acid loving(acidophilous-philo=”love”) bacteria. Makes little sense to shove in probiotics into a system that will not sustain their growth. Normally,we should maintain a population of “good bacteria” without supplementation. The halogen analogues ioDine and ioDide have receptor sites on all human cells membranes. When adequately halogenated,the blood stream prevents germ overgrowth similar to what we see when the halogen chlorine is put in swimming pools. You shouldn’t have to live in a nutritional/ecological bubble in order to maintain your health. Most people have horrible eating habits yet don’t get the problems we see in so called “canaries”. Canaries usually have one or more deficiencies in the fundamental factors that protect from critter overgrowth. Canaries are out in the cold with no coat on.

    • says

      Yes, low stomach acid plays such a huge role in candida overgrowth! I’m planning a post on that soon. And it is interesting that candida thrives in a low body temperature… that is just another reason why the typical “candida diet” is a poor choice, because (with the lack of carbs and natural sugars) it will lower the body temperature and suppress the thyroid.

    • Crystal M. says

      Thank you, Lauren and Dr. Mitchell. This is very frustrating (to have yeast overgrowth) because I often read of people who still aren’t fully healed after implementing very strict eating standards and regimens. I tried GAPS intro but only for two weeks – in hindsight, I think it was the closest I’ve come to any sort of healing but I was so weak and disoriented from eating so little (one can only eat *so* much soup) that I felt awful. Not only that, I suffered from the worst yeast flare-up I’ve ever had and now I understand why. I may try it again sometime but only in a modified format with good sugars incorporated. In the meantime, I’m searching for the answers to my own bioidentity and hoping I can avoid GAPS intro – so tough!

      I write because Dr. Mitchell mentions that it doesn’t make sense add probiotics to an environment which cannot sustain them (if I understood correctly). Can you elaborate or offer an alternative?

      Also, I too find it interesting that some can eat garbage and have no (visible) signs of any issues (sorry, I’m not familiar with the “canaries” reference). Are we just the (un)lucky ones?

      Lastly, Lauren, I would like to commend you – I know you started very young (and are still so young!) and are giving this your all so that you can fully heal – I KNOW you will do it. The information you provide is so helpful and I’ve come to trust your findings above many others (though I know every “body” is different). Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

      • says

        Just adding a bit to Dr. Mitchell’s comment. As he says, acid-loving acidophilus bacteria need an acidic environment to thrive. If stomach acid levels (and consequently acid levels in the upper part of the intestinal tract) are inadequate, acidophilus will suffer. This lack of acidity can also come about due to acid-reducing medications like Proton-Pump Inhibitors. With an inhospitable environment, you won’t get full value from probiotic supplementation with acidophilus.

  15. says

    Hi, I have a candida overgrowth and mold allergy. I am currently on an Alcat rotation diet and have been for the past month or so. I am not very patient but sticking to the diet is not hard for me except that I should drink coffee only once a week instead of one cup a day…. Do you think there is a larger chance for molds on organic coffee and raw cacoa or the other way around? Would you recommend fermented foods and kombocha for a person with candida? Or is that further down the road on my gut healing process? Thanks :)

  16. Kitti says

    I cut refined sugar out of my diet about 3 years ago, and it has been wonderful. I eat plenty of fruit and whole grains (minus wheat, barley and rye as I’m gluten intolerant.) I also drink a glass of alcohol every day. Raisins are one of my favorite snacks.

    I do NOT use sugar substitutes, I just stick with natural sugars. If I get a craving for sugar, a spoonful of real honey will satisfy it. I buy local honey; it is SO GOOD!

    Here are my results: I lost weight, my moods stabilized, I sleep better, my body odor decreased, I scarcely have any morning breath, and best of all: every single PMS symptom I had just vanished. No cramps! No mood swings! No bloating! In fact, it’s a little inconvenient because my period can sneak up on me now. Also, my period lasts 2-3 days now instead of 5-6 days.

    I do indulge one day a year for my birthday and go hog-wild on GF cake, chocolates and sweetened drinks. :) I go back on the wagon the next day.

  17. mama e says

    Hey! Thanks for the great article. My Son (4) has what i think is candida overgrowth. He’s been gluten free for months, at first we went grain free, but he is extremely picky eater so it’s very difficult. he has a terrible rash and it was better for a bit and is now back. I’m looking into the gaps diet and am wondering about the oregano oil protocol..can’t see it without purchase, which I can do. But in you opinion is it something i can do with him? I had great success for myself on the paleo diet last year!


  18. says


    I have thought, said, and experienced all of these things before!! I will definitely start referring people to your page, as you outlined it so very well! For me, it was all about:
    1. Giving up all grains
    2. Only eating natural sugars, honey, dates, maple syrup
    3. Proper food combining. Not eating sugars with big meals or heavy fats & proteins. Always eating fruit the 1st have of the day, and usually eat fruits alone, with other fruits or in green smoothies. And always eating “dessert first” so sugars don’t ferment with a heavier dinner.

    “Betty Rawker”

  19. Wendy says

    My husband has healed his terrible acid reflux/gastritis with the help of a great nutritionist. She had him (us) eliminate all processed/refined foods and eat real, whole foods as close to their original state as possible. This was back in October 2012. When I saw how much just eliminating the processed/refined food helped me, I decided to enlist her to also help wiht all of my own symptoms – everything from chronic fatigue, insomnia, acne, (I’m in the 2nd half of my 40s!!) PMS, weight gain around the middle, etc. The first thing she had me do was a three week purification which was to help really clean out my liver (the Standard Process purification). It was NOT easy, but I did it. Now I’m on the specific carbohydrate diet for one month and am feeling great! I have had a few die off symptoms (sore joints in my fingers, itchy skin) but nothing outrageous. I’m eating NO sugars (other than honey, fruits) – making my own mayo, etc to ensure I don’t eat something that could feed the yeast, and I’m alternating every two weeks between oregano oil and garlic pills (and the nutritionist said we’ll add cats claw at some point). HOPEFULLY in a few months I can at least have some hummus! I miss that. But I’m certain (based upon my symptoms that my regular doctor just wants to throw scripts at) that I have an overgrowth. I’m already feeling SO much better. More energy. I’ve lost a total of 14 lbs and I’m never hungry because I actually eat ALOT. Coconut oil, real butter, good meats, fresh eggs, nuts, veggies etc. I wish my doctor told me this years ago!!! I’ll tell anyone who will listen – that even just eliminating processed/refined foods and all the chemicals and preservatives – you’ll do your body a HUGE favor.

  20. claire says

    Thanks. Interesting info. You mention goat’s milk, but what about raw cows milk? Is that not as good in terms of probiotics and anti candida properties?

  21. Tom says

    I think you ought to clarify you’re referring to the basic type of candida, a temporary imbalance in the intestines. Not candidiasis which is systemic. The candida can and will perforate your intestinal lining with or without eating sugar. It will go through your blood stream and take up residence in your organs like your liver and brain. It does in fact make a gigantic difference whether you eat sugar or not. I was on a strict no sugar diet, no fruit, no honey, no starches, etc. I felt quite well. (I then read the book Breaking The Vicious Cycle. Incidentially, The Gut and Psychology Syndrome book is based almost entirely on this book. breakingtheviciouscycle.info has information on what is allowed and disallowed on this diet.) After embarking on eating fruit and honey I quickly felt worse, I was even affected by eating grilled onions. Upon cutting onions, and everything else sweet allowed in those two books, Breaking The Vicious Cycle and The Gut and Psychology Syndrome, I started finding relief. There is a difference between candida and candidiasis and people should know the difference.

    • MIchele says

      I’m confused… are you recommending those two books, or not? Are you saying you disagree with eating the natural fruit and honey, etc? What DO recommend for candidiasis and what did you find helpful in terms of resources? Thanks!

  22. says

    Great article — someone retweeting you on twitter, which is how I found it. :) I was diagnosed with candida, and after two months of Doug Kauffman’s sugar free grain free approach didn’t work, I started experimenting. I have no doubt I had a lot of gut issues going on. It’s been in large part increasing the protein and carbs in my diet, keeping fat slightly lower (not a lot, as I follow a Paleo-ish protocol), and overall paying attention to my poop that has helped. :D I am on a super strong probiotic as well. It’s definitely an individual thing, but I can eat sugar now as often as I want (which I try not to overdo in the first place) without issue. Definitely bio-individual. Great thoughts — thanks for sharing!

  23. peter says

    and disaccarides are only in grains, potatoes and table sugar? I think they are also in fruits and veggies… what exactly is the problem with pseudo grains? your text lacks explanation why they prevent gut healing…

  24. Kim Owens says

    I have been trying all last night and this morning, but every link of yours I click on, google search I do, etc. for “I Didn’t Quit Sugar” leads me to dead ends. I click on the Facebook link and it just takes me to my news feed and not their page. I click on links in Cassie’s website, and it goes to a dead page. I’d really like to get and read this book, but I’m getting nowhere in locating it! Are you aware if the author’s are reorganizing or something that their product is temporarily unavailable perhaps? Thanks.

  25. says

    Hi Lauren. Thank you for this extremely informative article! Great information. In all my years learning about Candida, I never knew that eating honey and fruit is okay. That is so liberating. And I agree, we need to focus on the root-cause!


  26. says

    Great and interesting post and you made me curious about the book ‘I didn’t quit sugar’, but the link doesn’t work:-(

  27. says

    It took me 4 years to recover from a debilitating case of systemic candida made worse by antibiotics. There is no way I was able to have any sugar or dairy (even in the form of kefir) or my symptoms would be worse. My symptoms were also made very visible in a skin condition so it was something I couldn’t deny. I 100% agree that sugar is not the cause, in my case the cause was heavy metals which had to be addressed. At the stage I am now with my health adding in berries, goat kefir and ACV has been very beneficial. In the begging stages of the candida though, doing these detoxing things too quickly would be counterproductive because it kills the candida too fast, which in turns weakens the immune system and inversely make the candida stronger. What I am trying to say is that every case is different and many people can be diagnosed with candida wrongly. But for those who do have it sometimes it is crucial to stay away from triggers like dairy and all forms of sugar for a period of time. Not forever of course and at the same time you do have to address the root cause which is always toxicity and many times I learned heavy metals.

  28. says

    Hi Lauren,
    I just happened upon your blog and am impressed by your research, your writing, and your knowledge-base. I’ll definitely continue to read through and to follow it.

    I’m wondering your thoughts on fermented grain, like in the style of Weston A. Price/Sally Fallon/Nourishing Traditions fermented sourdough, for example. Do you think soaking/sprouting/fermenting makes grains more digestible and less disruptive to gut health? And in turn, less problematic for those dealing with gut dysbiosis, candida, etc.?

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

    • says

      Thanks for the encouraging words, Jess!

      As for grains, I think it is very individual. I think that properly prepared grains (soaked/fermented) absolutely can be a healthy and nutrient-dense diet. But those with damaged digestive tracts and leaky guts may need to go grain free for a period of years (1-5 years) to allow the gut to heal. I think that even properly prepared grains should be enjoyed in moderation. Anyways, that’s my two cents :)

  29. Kristen says

    If I can also jump in, I would add that no matter what works for people in the battle against candida, that alkalizing the body is pretty key to healing. That said, I think if one focus is on creating a less acidic (thus less friendly for the perpetuation of further yeast growth) gut, much healing can be achieved!

    • jordan says

      alkalinity is a myth. The body needs to be both acid and alkaline. Guts that don’t have enough ACID play a major role in candida overgrowth, and many other digestive issues. The skin also needs to be acid. Chlorophyll and mineralization are essential to health – and chlorophyll helps to oxygenate the gut, but alkalinity has nothing to do with health.

      • Jeanmarie says

        This is true. Different parts of the body naturally have differing levels of acidity or alkalinity. The stomach should be acidic, but the mouth (where digestion starts, especially of starches) is more alkaline. And the body has many mechanisms for tightly controlling acid/alkaline levels to where they should be. Eat a proper diet and let the body manage those details.

        I had chronic systemic candidiasis for many years, and it was at times excruciating. I tried all kinds of prescription antifungals, candida diets, supplements such as caprylic acid, probiotics, etc., and progress was spotty and agonizingly slow. The biggest improvements didn’t come until I started adding more animal fats and protein back to my diet, added coconut oil as well, and started taking betaine hydrochloride (Hcl) for better digestion. And, I started eating lacto-fermented foods such as raw sauerkraut, making and drinking kombucha, etc. Yogurt and kefir never seemed that helpful for me. I didn’t take probiotic pills with any consistency as I could never tell they had any effect, and they’re expensive. I know many people swear by them and I do think they are helpful if you get good ones. But getting cultured foods in the diet, lots of naturally saturated fat, and betaine Hcl are probably what made the biggest difference to me. Rather than things like olive leaf extract (which I took tons of) to *kill* candida, I ate probiotic foods that naturally outcompeted candida. The goal is balance, not elimination of candida. It’s naturally part of healthy stomach flora. We may not know what helpful role it plays, but it is probably there for a reason.

        Great post, by the way!

  30. Emily says

    Hi Lauren!!!

    I have been following your blog for the past few months, when I started GAPS in February, and I have been so blessed to read your posts. I do have one question for you, have you read about heavy metals and yeast overgrowth? I have heavy metal fillings and my GAPS nutritionist said I have to stay off all sugar until I get those removed, because apparently heavy metals feed yeast. What are your thoughts on that? I know I certainly feel better mood wise when I can eat my raw honey!!

    Thanks! <3

  31. says

    Greate article. Keep writing such kind of info on your blog.

    Im really impressed by your site.
    Hey there, You’ve done an excellent job. I’ll definitely digg it and personally suggest to my friends.
    I am confident they’ll be benefited from this website.

  32. jay says

    As one who had candida in almost every part on my system including head, i just would love to help people out here. Anti-candida diet don’t work and you will loose some vital nutrients if you follow that. Candida is a ph disorder in the body. Call me crazy but i used normal salt to work on my 7 months candida and go it to work in 4 days. just a quarter tea spoon to one glass of water twice daily. Even in fish ponds, they do the same. You’ve got nothing to loose,right? Lemon also does the same. Just drop a segment lemon in your drinking water. Don’t squeeze, just let it sit in the glass and drink your water like they do in restaurants

  33. says

    I do not know if it’s just me or if everybody else encountering issues with your site. It appears as though some of the text on your content are running off the screen. Can somebody else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them too? This could be a issue with my internet browser because I’ve had this
    happen previously. Many thanks

  34. ellen says

    Hi Lauren. I’ve been reading you for some months now and think of you as one of my very bright grandchildren. I’ve been paleo for about 2 years now and a couple of months ago I became convinced that, besides leaky gut, I may be dealing with a candida overgrowth. I took out all sugar for a time and then added back berries and sometimes bananas (I was getting muscle cramps again, which bananas stop). I have evidence that this has improved my health to a greater degree than the paleo had alone. I lost the last few pounds I needed to (back in my old size 4′s) and my joint swelling has completely gone, having gotten much better on paleo alone. I’m drinking water exclusively, sometimes with lemon but I certainly miss my tea, which I can’t abide without sweetener sooooo, I’m going to try drinking my beloved red raspberry tea with a little monukkah honey. I’m thinking about trying the apple cider vinegar as well. I’m trying to overcome an incurable disorder called lichen planopilaris which is a scarring alopecia causing permanent hair loss as well as horrible scalp itching and burning. So far, paleo has helped, and the candida concerns, for which I take Fungal Defense and Threelac, has also been helpful. Still no cure but I’m trying to be patient.

    • Elizabeth says

      I am so sorry you are dealing with horrible scalp burning. I have had lots of tongue burning and burning in my nether regions- it has been truly torturous. I would recommend adding in a spiritual approach to your regime. For me, praying has been essential in allowing God to help me heal through whatever I’ve been going through. May Jesus bless you and heal you.


  35. Nancy says

    This is very enlightening. I started GAPS diet almost a year ago. I initially lost about 10 pounds that I could stand to lose. I then did Intro and lost another 5 to 6 pounds (that I couldn’t stand to lose). As I started to eat more variety, I gained back the 5 to 6 pounds. But then I still have a lot of yeast overgrowth, thick thrush on my tongue that I’m constantly swallowing (blech) and I eliminated the honey, fruit, and severely cut back on any sweet veggies. In the past 2 months, I’ve gained back all the weight I lost when I first started GAPS and am struggling not to continue to gain. Yet when I first started GAPS, I was eating lots of fruit and lots of honey and GAPS treats. I don’t eat any of that and I’m struggling with weight. And still having yeast issues as well. I’ve had adrenals tested though and tests come back “fine”. But possibly one of those things that the tests aren’t always accurate. I’m wondering if I need to eat more fruit/honey/sweet veggies!?!?!

  36. shawn says

    Hello, I have been doing so much research on candida for about 7 months now and I am almost positive I have this issue of overgrowth. I am 21 and when I was 15 diagnosed with graves, then hypothyroid after I had a radiation treatment every since I feel totally out of whack. I started having digestive issues when I left for college. I think this has to do with stress, hormone imbalance as thyroid patients deal with this so much, and also a poor diet, as a college student I used to eat so much junk foods and noodles and processed foods and I started doing research on the gut and saw what I was doing to myself I was adding on to a disaster because being hypothyroid has mimic symptoms of candida overgrowth and I now suffer with hives that have subsided some and rashes, wanting sweets more than before, thrush and so on. I ignored thrush when it first began which was in 2011 I thought it would go away. but it did not it got worse I would try vinegar cider and stop when I quit it it would come back in a few days. I don’t want to think my case is so bad and I dont want to do the strick diet because I don’t need to lose weight I need to restore my gut, now doctor thinks I have leaky gut. So I figured all of this is tied in somewhere. Do you have a suggestion that could help me get this yeast under control? I know it is supposed to be yeast there but in healthy amounts. I want that back again to have a healthy gut. I recently was gonna go cold turkey on the candida flush diet but I read up some more and I see it makes people miserable and lose weight I don’t need that because I am not overweight I just want a healthy colon, and body overall I would like to cut down on sweets and drink more water I don’t mind a diet either just not one that makes me shed 22 to 30 pounds I wouldn’t look right that small with a big head! (LOL)! but, seriously though, I appreciate any advice. I have purchased some supplements, Caprylic Acid 600mg. Grapefruit seedextract capsules 125mg, and also oregano oil 181mg. I didn’t think it would be smart to just start on those plus I have probiotics and vitamin c also. I just don’t want to rush those and put my body under stress and do it the wrong way. Any thoughts on how I should start to cleanse my system and get rid of thrush?

  37. Lynda says

    I have read a lot of the posts above (not all of them) and can commiserate with many of you regards symptoms & suffering. I have suffered with IBS for many years and although it’s not candida I do believe candida is what is causing it. I have tried many things over the years to rid myself of candida and ultimately IBS I’ve not been successful. I have been on the FODMAP diet for the past year and that has helped me immensely however it’s not really fixing the problem. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’m always searching for a cure for this ghastly problem that started after a bout of severe food poisioning. Recently I clicked on a webpage that caught my eye so I investigated further. I’m not advocating this at all but I’m prepared to give it a try, believe me I’ve tried everything. I’ve been tuning into video updates from other people taking this product and it seems to be giving relief to many people. I started my regime today so I’ve nothing to report as yet but I’m happy to keep in touch with any of you if you wish to follow my progress. The webpage is http://www.candidacleanser.com/ and again, I’m not in any way connected to this product not do I receive any sort of payment, I’m just passing it on to you in the hope it may help. After reading the information it makes total sense to me now.

  38. Rachel says

    I just wanted to say that we have been battling Candida for about 2 years now, off and on. When my son was born, he would projectile vomit when he nursed after I ate gluten. My sister-in-law told me to get off gluten. Well, I did and it stopped the vomiting. He did not even spit up or slobber, even when he was teething. Well, he now can’t eat hardly anything because of eczema. We recently found a therapy that has worked for over 70 years that seems to be working now for him. This therapy has been used to get rid of Candida, cancer, and evens AIDS. it is called The Gerson Therapy. It would be good to at least look into for people suffering from different diseases. It is designed specifically for cancer and other degenerative diseases. I thought I would share this because I have become a firm believer that it works.

  39. jerry says

    Hello thanks for sharing this info, I just wanted to add something I’ve learned, I started taking raw organic ACV( raw very important) about a year ago for heartburn (it worked plus healed an ulcer I’ve had for over 10 years) then in an effort to help a family member with rheumatoid arthritis I decided to be a lab rat and started taking MSM sulfur.
    Little did I know mercury binds to MSM, I have a mouthful of Amalgams so no surprise it made a big difference from the start.

    it’s taken almost a year but I didn’t change my diet until last week. I quit eating processed sugar all grain and dairy with the exception of real yogurt. (and stopped eating fruit that’s how I landed here, it just doesn’t make sense to me)
    I can’t remember ever feeling this good, I’m reasonably sure I got my candida overgrowth under control as far as my gut but I’m still working on a patch at the back of my tongue, using baking soda exclusively for toothpaste has removed all of it from the front 3/4′s.
    I found when taking the ACV it works awesome after meals but I drink it all the time anyway, as far as MSM sulfur, the Quality is the most important factor, I’ve tried a few different brands but the important thing is get powder or capsules don’t waste time/money on the compressed pill form or any with aditives.
    MSM is truly amazing in it’s own right, I look 10 years younger(constantly asked what I’m doing) and previous knee aches and minor lower back aches have completely vanished.

    (I hope this post is understandable Writing is my weakest point)

    I sincerely hope this helps someone

  40. jasmine says

    I like that I came across this site. I had read at another site the foods to avoid and kefir and coconut was listed. I will continue to drink my promgrenate keifir with a tsp of coconut oil.

  41. says

    I was led to this page by a client of mine (thanks Nicola!). I think your argument is well thought out and I’d agree wholeheartedly that there is far too much misinformation and guesswork-masquerading-as-science on the web.

    I also take your primary point i.e. gut healing is more important, but I’m not sure I’d be so generous with sugar. It is, let’s face it, addictive. So I’d first treat that problem with 12-week Elimination followed by Re-Challenge. This is the accepted protocol for most food intolerances too. Based on the very limited studies available (and I’d prefer far more), I’d accompany sugar elimination with supplementation with Sacharomyces Boulardii (available here in Ireland as Optibac Diarrsafe), which helps suppress the invasive candida effects you mention. The point of Re-Challenge is to learn how much is too much i.e. not so much that it fuels sugar cravings. And for some people, this means very little sugar indeed.

    I’ll give an example. I’m a pharmacist. Every year at Lent, we get people who give up cakes and biscuits. The cravings lead them to drag the juicer, an almost forgotten wedding gift, from the attic, and to cram a bucketful of sweet juicy fruit into it. A few days of drinking high sugar juices (or smoothies), and feeling good that they’re being so healthy, we start to see flare-ups of gout. As you’d guess this is because the juices (in large amounts) provide even more bio-available (starts to get absorbed in the mouth already) sugar that the things they’re giving up. Sugar is a drug.

    I’d agree with you that a small amount of honey or fruit a couple of times weekly is fine, but sugar has so many guises it’s vital to mentally tot up the spoonfuls or cubes you consume (all forms, juices, honey, jam, marmalade, commercial yoghurts, soft drinks, cider, in coffee, cakes, sweets, biscuits, apple tart, custard, ‘artisan’ food sauces and relishes and so on) and to make conscious choices.

    Keep up your good work Lauren! It’ a helpful discussion.

    • says

      You bring up some great points, too! I think juicing is great when done right, but it can wreak absolute havoc on blood sugar when done wrong. Gulping a big glass of juice alone quickly spikes blood sugar. I think it is best to do a little bit of fresh juice and add in some coconut oil and a bit of the pulp to slow the absorption of sugar. Supplementation is key in candida treatment, especially rotating anti-fungals. It is certainly best to work with a practitioner for a personalized supplement protocol.

  42. Jay C says


    I just want to say thanks for the information. And you are possibly the most gorgeous girl in the world!


  43. David the LION says

    So…the roller coaster ride…the healing journey…the vast amount of learning that goes along with having health issues…how for ever grateful i am. The persistence and determination that goes along with it. Pfff…wow…Tell ya what…we are survival organisms,…thats for sure. Programmed to survive…anyways…So its a bit tricky…because along with candida…that isnt the only issue…So we should def be weary and aware of the other health conditions that go along with candida that prevent healing and contribute to the candida. Leaky gut as mentioned…LOW HCL…crucial…gastritis…parasites. Now…one of the major challenges is having all of these while coping with this pretty difficult world we live in…while mustering up enough motivation and energy while being competent enough to learn and absorb information to be able to effectively apply the information to your life…its so HARD!..but that doesnt stop us. Thanks to the communities for disecting and breaking things down in simple easy to understand ways…so im curious…since i am dealing with the above mentioned ailments…what to do? If you have food particles leaking out your gut…you have gastritis which has your stomach lining flarrrringgg up…you have candida…with parasites…quiet tricky…it eliminates most foods…So maybe we should hold off on solid foods for a little while while nourishing on liquids/powders? Give the stomach a rest while sending in the emergency team to the gut for emergency patch up repairs with aloe/glutamine/licorice root/marshmellow/slippery elm/lots of GLA’s…zinc carnosine…grrrr…on top of that..interpreting whether something is good for ya or bad…cause sometimes healing foods for these conditions give you very tricky signals to intrepret in a state thats so challenging to do and understand the most simplest of things. I just had raw green fed yogurt with hemp seed oil…some hemp seeds pre biotics cinnamon…stomach is a bit bloated. grrr….question is why???? im guessing the yogurt? who knows. thats the question. So frustrating. Would love some ideas. You guys are great. keep up the great work…were getting to the bottom of it…i tell ya. when i am healed…as i am healing im going to dedicate my life to helping everyone out there dealing with these similar conditions…its the compassion…the empathy that this creates within you to appreciate and understand the pain…and the struggle of this healing journey that the majority of the world is dealing with. 1 Love. Maybe the force be with you all. Never give up! btw…answering that bot detection question took about 6 eternal seconds…ha. thats a great indicator of health concerns.

  44. Amanda says

    Dextrose (aka glucose) would actually be much better than honey which is half fructose and half glucose. Just saying.

  45. Chris brown says

    Fantastic well thought out natural intuitive approach. I learned a lot from you intuitively speaking in just five minutes. So here’s my micro story I’d like some help with if you have time.

    I have gluten issues since I contracted adult gluten disease after a long high stress period, at this point I lacked vit k. After three weeks recovery in hospital due to cardiac arythimias found out I am gluten intolerant. During this time I consumed lots of fats and oils in china and felt great for it, bones and joints wise.

    Giardia and candida were issues. I am and always have been a very stable fixed 60kg and I’d like to be a bit more. I always had dry skin on my face and head, which is worse when I don’t sleep much or eat a lot of sugar or beer. My adrenals were burned out after all my stress.

    But still I can’t put weight on and I suspect I can’t digest fat very well. I wanted to go down the gaps route to repair my gut and I think sleep plays a major role in healing the gut also. I’d love to eliminate dry skin, this is most troublesome and aggravates me a bit. So is there much else apart from sleep and gaps I can do to gain weight and stop my dry head? I guess I need to slow my metabolism? But I feel sugar salt and oil is good for me.

    Will start my own health blog and business soon and have a lot of knowledge to share. Thanks for listening.

  46. Pierre says

    I want to introduce a little bit of a side bar that I found most potent… I stumbled across this approach when reading a Traditional Chinese Medicine textbook and it resurfaced in altmed journal. The alt path (in conjunction with probiotics/diet) was using food grade hydrogen peroxide. i am always and original skeptic but the evidence is there.

  47. Sienna says

    I have been on the candida diet for 7 months now and feel no change. I have leaky gut parasites, Helicobator and am sure I have candida overgrowth. Ive been working all year with a naturopath and integrative Dr and I still feel no different.

    7months without an ounce of sugar and not one bit of fruit or sweet potato has been a real struggle when Im out. Ive now become so scared of eating fruit. Im terrified to come off this diet. 7 months is a long time and now I have become used to eating this way.
    I was encouraged with your post and thought id check out the GAPS diet. Now I feel very depressed as I am a vegetarian and that diet seems way too restriced for me. All that meat eating and raw eggs etc sounds awful to me.

    Whats a girl to do???? Im so so confused. I feel like Ive given it my all and tried everything and nothing has healed me.
    I take 3 probiotics pills a day. I eat raw milk kefir daily. I make sauerkraut and eat that at least every second day.
    I take 7.5ml of olive leaf extract 3 times a day and I have 5 drops of oregano oil up to 3 times a day.

    I eat a high raw diet and have had to learn to introduce more cooked foods into my diet to make it easier on my digestion.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I feel like Im not stuck.

    • teresa says

      Hi Sienna,
      I am on the strict candida diet -no grains, no dairy and no fuit. I was losing alot of weight so I added dairy and Kefir to see if it would help-big mistake! If you have candida that is systemic dairy/kefir will just make you more acidic which candida loves. Dairy /Kefir may help some but if your already acidic then it will only make things worse. If your having no progress and you are using antifungals then you may have biofilms-candida/parasites hide underneath these biofilms as thier defence in the gut so you can throw an arsenal of antifungals and it won’t make a difference. You have to address the biofilms and also by getting more alkaline your body will start to detox. You will also need good supplements to mop up these biofilms/toxins as you start to get rid of them as the toxins can make you very ill and acidic and it can become a viscious cycle. The biofilms also contain heavy metals so you need to mop these up also. Check out Earth clinic for their protocol. http://www.earthclinic.com/CURES/candida-diet-protocol.html. Or the guy who blogs about his own battle with systemic Candida and who beat it with the protocol he recommends on Earth Clinic has a book available http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/Candida-Bill-Thompson/9780982896389. I am not selling anything or am no where connected to Earth Clinic site. The reason I have lost so much weight is because of dyobsis and lack of stomach acid- I am taking Betaine Hydrochloride, digestive enzymes, Magnesium Chloride, Sea Salt and Iodine to help with this. Also Iodine is one supplement I would definately reccomend. “Iodine is by far the best antibiotic, antiviral, and antiseptic of all time. Iodine Therapy is effective in killing Candida, other fungi and microbes. Iodine and microbes have an affinity for the mucus membranes. Iodine clears out excess mucus. By keeping the mucus membranes healthy, iodine greatly helps to overcome autoimmune diseases, sinus problems, asthma, lung cancer, and other lung problems, and also intestinal diseases, including inflammatory conditions and cancers.” You can monitor your thyroid function by checking your temperature before getting up in the morning with Basal Temperature Test.
      Your immune system will respond if you provide the right conditions. You don’t want to just kill candida as you will never beat it. You have to change the environment in which it lives and thrives-acid usually. So becoming more alkaline will do this – the alkalizing protocols will help immensely. Many people think they have gotten rid of candida only to eat something sweet again or some bread to find the symptoms return. Thats because they have not treated the whole body(alkalizing blood and cells). If there is candida still lurking in an organ somewhere then it will just return when you try to re introduce these foods. Don’t give up on this fight – candida is supremely opportunistic. It will do anything to survive. Its like you have to prepare for a battle – its that strong. Dairy/kefir have their place don’t get me wrong but when you are seeing no results – then your immune system is stuggling and you need to take a whole body approch rather than just attack the gut with anti fungals. You will know if its starting to work – Your immune system will start to work with you! The problem when we get so toxic is our detoxification pathways become blocked-they need to be cleared and supplements like ala and selenium will help with that. Good luck everybody!

  48. concerned says


    I am currently experimenting with the anti-candida diet, am almost a month in and have been having very bad symptoms the last 10 days as you described… my nutritionist says its just yeast die off, but after reading your blog, I am concerned that it could be something worse. Where does the information you claim about thryoids and stress hormones being unhealthy due to sugar deprivation? I see the “I didn’t quit sugar” referenced but can’t find that book and only the authors blog and introduction to it. Do you know the source of all these intricate medical claims in the book


  49. Danielle says

    I am torn with what diet to choose, currently im on the candida diet that my naturopath suggested with a ton of herbal supplements. i can have yeast and sugar free bread and fruit twice a day and any veg including carrots and squash. but i still have chronic diarrhea. I’ve only been on the diet for just over a month. It feels very overwhelming when in april i could eat like a normal person. thanks to the walk in clinic doctors who gave me about 5 rounds of antibiotics in 9 months. :( …. still searching for a fix for my health issues.

  50. Thomas says

    How do I know if my gut has been damaged or not? Could you even get candida if it isn’t?

    How long will it take before a grain free diet restores my gut? How will I know it’s improving?

  51. Joy says

    Interesting post! I am not sure what to think. I am not completely adhering to the candida diet, but I did stop eating almost all sugars including honey and fruit, except on very rare occasion. I am recovering from leaky gut and have been eating a very clean Paleo since the summer, but I have had two terrible candida flare ups this fall. Since I was already completely off grains, dairy except pastured butter, and all processed sugars, I didn’t know what else I could do as far as my diet to help heal. It kicked most of my sugar cravings, but with my health issues I find myself nervous about eating for fear of candida flares or just more pain, and I know that stress or concern is not good for my body either. This is a hard road to navigate.

  52. Vailhem says

    I also recommend Saccharomyces Boulardii (aka: ‘baker’s yeast’). You can purchase it at most health food stores and, of course, online. Jarrows brand makes the best… Whole Foods often refrigerates them, which would slow down their metabolic rate while on the shelf and all but guarantee a higher potency per pill. My favorite thing is how anti-candida they are. The idea of basically ‘fighting life with life’ carries over from other probiotics, of course, but this one in particular is esp a candida killer. It has many modes of action that specifically will keep it going after the resources candida goes for (passively ‘attacking’ it) as well actively attacking it via many modes of action. The best part, unlike Apple Cider Vinegar’s Mother of Vinegar (ACV’s MOV, in short), which also will establish itself in the body and produce the acetic acid (ie, vinegar) inside the body, continually helping to fight back candida (candida doesn’t grow under ph’s of ~6. ACV’s acetic acid producing bacteria will produce acids as low as 4 or below on the ph scale.. killing candida, as well as eating the food and growing more while… in turn, producing more candida killing acetic acid (ie, vinegar).) but, S.Boulardii goes the same and farther… it is a fungus, like candida, but a probiotic one, and it will very aggressively attack candida. It will go to where the candida is, for the same reason the candida is there, and start eating away.. but with *out* the aggressive, problem-causing ways candida creates. Better still, it will evolve with candida. Assuming you continue to take it, it will evolve as the candida evolves. If the candida evolves a defense mechanism, so with the s.boulardii at figuring out how to overcome it. And, possibly the best of all, it is a fungus (but a good one!), so if you absolutely must take antibiotics (avoid at all costs!, but sometimes, unfortunately, they’re needed), the s.boulardii will *not* be killed off by the antibiotics, this will help to keep the candida in check. As well, being probiotics, they will work with the probiotics, as well the beneficial biota you consume via your diet to help to repopulate after the antibiotics have worn off.

    Along with proper exercise, diet, and other approachs, S.boulardii may be the single best candida-killer out there. A simple google search for the phrase: ‘saccharomyces boulardii candida’ will yield a plethora of excellent articles providing more information on this.

  53. Hannah says

    Hi, I really enjoy reading your blog and I 100% agree with your points. But I was wondering if excessive fat consumption causes candida; how many fat grams a day am I allowed to have if I am trying to beat candida? 4 grams? Thank you in advance. It would really help me. I have searched on the internet for the longest time but no one can give me an answer.

  54. Melody says

    So what about probiotic yogourt? Will it help or hinder me? It has sugar in it, but it’s loaded with probiotic? This is just so confusing for a newbie.

  55. Madison says

    Hi Lauren,

    I am new to this candida diet and need some major help. I have suffered from many digestive issues (bloating, indigestion/acid reflux, gas, etc) and non-digestive issues for three years. I figured out last year I have a gluten intolerance and thought I could just eat whatever I want as long as it was gluten free….I was wrong. I feel very limited in what I can eat. I feel like I am not getting enough carbs. Are there any candida friendly foods that have more carbs? All the veggies I eat have little carbs. I do eat a sweet potato every couple of days. Is that bad? I am afraid one little bit of sugar is going to make things worse. I feel like I am going crazy lol. I have started on a highly recommended probiotic on Thursday so I know that will start helping. Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated :)

  56. says

    Thank you for this blog. I find that the knee jerk reaction to health problems is to go from one extreme to another, usually in the form of a diet loaded with refined sugars and processed foods to no sugars including fruit. This clearly explains the beautiful benefit of moderation, so people can heal and actually enjoy the process.

  57. says

    I was wondering what kind of proboitic you use. I can’t have gluten, dairy, yeast, sugar, corn and soy. Do you have any recommendations?
    Thanks so much,

  58. Claudia says


    Your link to “I didn’t quit sugar” brings us to a “dead” page. Any idea what happened to that ebook?



  59. Kelly says

    Thank you, I’ve just been diagnosed with candida and am scared. I have been GF for 4 years and on and off dairy. I started itching and finally saw a natropath. I have been a GAPS advocate for years but have trouble following the diet. I delink my broth daily though. I am thankful to have found your site and will follow A grain and dairy free Gaps and Paleo diet to rid this! I also have sups from my natropath.

    Lastly, I want to remove my mercury fillings but not sure “when” to do this. Any suggestions?

  60. michelle says

    Hello Lauren! I love your website and your cookbooks! I made a cookie recipe today and it was great! Quick question for you. My candida diet is very strict. I suffer from chronic vaginal yeast infections. The diet worked wonders in the past, but took a while to cure them. Seven years later, they are back. I have not followed a proper eating plan and I am back where I started from. Cutting the sugar and fruit out is killing me. I am cheating here and there and am suffering for it. How much raw honey and fruit did you eat on your candida diet? Did it delay healing or help facilitate it? Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much and I look forward to your reply. Have a great day.

    Best regards,

  61. Petr Kalinin says

    the best results in fixing your Candida problems you get from using SF722. It takes time, should be combined with the proper diet but works like a charm. Tried it myself and suggest to everyone.
    Please note: I am not selling it no do I for the company which makes it. I work in IT :)

  62. You know, i've commented so many times, you're probably getting bored of me, so no name this time, kk? :-) says

    No potatoes? Not even a lil’ bit? Or corn? :*(

  63. Julia says

    Thank you so much for writing a down-to-earth article about healing from candida! I was beginning to go crazy from reading endless books and articles, all in direct conflict with each other, all touting extreme diets that may or may not work. I’ve been following the usual strict anti-candida diet, since that’s the most common answer – with some small modifications, since I’m vegan – but the lack of fruit struck me as not right from the start. Balance always seems key in any aspect of life, so extreme anything never sits well with me.. and I am so stoked to eat fruit again!!

    And also: thanks for bringing up the link between hypothyroidism, leaky gut, and candida. I’m suffering from all three, and it took quite awhile and many visits to a naturopath to find that out.. and then it took a LOT of reading to find out how interconnected all of it really is. And I speak as a bookworm, too! I was beginning to wonder what on earth I did wrong to get all of these conditions, but now it makes sense, and that (to me) will make getting better a little easier.. (I hope.)

    Anyway – thanks. This is the first I’ve seen of your site, and now I’ll look into the rest of it.

  64. Jessica says

    I don’t understand your direct dismissal of the candida diet website. You cannot follow the diet fully without getting the book which if you read it from cover to cover, you would see that the diet includes and in fact follows much of the same recommendations you make. After reading this article and having read the guide book for the candida diet, I feel you have misrepresented the information provided by the site/book.

  65. Ashley says


    First of all, thank you for your well researched, well educated post!

    Couple of questions…

    1) what are your thoughts on beans as it relates to candida friendly “diet”- I do paleo for the most part but I do eat some beans hear and there. Mostly pinto or garbanzo.

    2) There are SO many conflicting arguements on mushrooms as it relates to candida overgrowth. My “gut” tells me that despite them being a fungi, they are compress different species and therefore would not feed Candida albicans – but I still have a fear of eating them because of what I have read. Thoughts?


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