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  1. I have been there with you from it feels like almost the beginning – you have been such a huge help to me Lauren! And I have to say that just recently I was wondering, Wow! When is the burnout going to hit?? So you do what you need to do – being in nature and creative writing sound like wonderful next steps on your healing journey! We’ll be fine with you mixing it up a little on the blog – allowing yourself to accept help from others is a fantastic example to set! Thanks for this post.

  2. Great job! I have only been blogging for less than a year, but I have a husband and four kids I homeschool and it’s hard to keep up with normal tasks and spend the time I want educating myself and blogging too. I think that 3 posts a week is a lot for any blogger. I’m going to aim for one, because I feel that is realistic. Let’s all focus on the other things we love and in doing so it will better equip us to share our passions for healing and natural health with others! If we don’t take care of ourselves, we are not in a good position to help others! Your post was affirmation of what I had already been contemplating for myself, and very timely, so thank you! I enjoy your writing and I’m excited to see your new site and what you have planned for the future.😊

    • Thank you Michelle! I so completely resonate with your words: “Let’s all focus on the other things we love and in doing so it will better equip us to share our passions for healing and natural health with others.” Beautifully said.

  3. I’m so grateful for your work. For me, you’ve often been the voice of reason and moderation between confusing extremes of dietary “advice” schools… That may surprise you, as you’ve described yourself as a ‘recovering perfectionist’! But it’s true. Just wanted to say, as a fellow perfectionist poetry and time in nature are my go-to, “reconnect” practices when I’m running on information overload and general burn out. So, rest up! Looking forward to the next chapter. : )

  4. Thank you so much for everything you’ve written thus far! Best wishes. Oh, and ps your hair looks fabulous — I was inspired to try Morocco Method products from your posts, and couldn’t be happier.

  5. Sounds like you are rockin’ the balanced and nourish life by taking it down a notch on the blogging stuff. It’s not an easy decision but put your needs first! I’ve heard from friends in the Bastyr nutrition program that students ate a ton of junk food, so you are one step ahead on that! I occasionally am in Seattle for cranial trainings / CEUs so it would be great to take a study break and do a nature walk at one of the parks some time if you are free then. I’m rooting for ya! (Signed behind orange glasses)

  6. Lauren – from someone building their own way on-line – I get you. Completely. I was sitting by you on that log on the beach – without my phone. Empowered Sustenance is so valuable and so inspirational and so are you. Just look after yourself and follow your gut (sorry!) and I tell you … every one of your readers will benefit! With warmest wishes, Isabel xx

  7. You are on your way to your next level of discovery in your life! Many times God makes us uncomfortable with our present status quo, so we can begin His next phase in our lives.
    The grace for the old is passing so you can reach the grace for the new!
    I am so proud of you and your healing journey.. Reach for the stars!

  8. First I would like to say Thank You for ALL that you do. Then follow that by a big ….Go and rest and breathe. It’s OK and I for one am glad to see you have given yourself permission to go do just that! We shall all be find and if you decide to do this again we will be here. May you have peace and blessings and remember do not rush!
    Love to you,

  9. I recently found your blog and am sad and very happy to read this post. I too had computer/social media burn out from owning my own online business, so I can relate and understand this burn out. I recently woke up and said “enough, I am done”. I always find myself looking for peace and for me it’s often found by being in nature. Enjoy this time for yourself, your readers will completely understand!

  10. Your honesty about the true effects that the blogging lifestyle can have on people is so refreshing. In the writing world, there feels like a constant pressure to stay connected or risk losing relevance, but it shouldn’t have to be this way. I’m glad you’re taking a step back and putting your health first. Without it, we are nearly useless. Great post.

  11. I have so much enjoyed your posts and recipes. Thank you for your work and sharing your healing journey. It is an encouragement to us to be patient as we work through our own health challenges. Enjoy your new undertaking!

  12. Thank you so much for your honesty and vulnerability. It is so amazing to hear that others suffer from technology burnout too…I’ve barely begun my blogging life and I find it nearly impossible to keep a consistent schedule. It’s an incredible amount of work to develop recipes, cook them until they’re perfect, photograph them, write up the recipe, edit all of the photos, write posts, push them out on social media, and do all of the subsequent clean up too. I don’t know how you do it all! A break is definitely warranted. Take care of yourself and the rest will find its place. Enjoy nature because it can heal anything. I try to keep up with blogging, but the outdoors keep beckoning. I’m so glad to hear that other people suffer from nature separation too 🙂

  13. Thank you for all that you do. I can understand why you need a break. There is nothing wrong with taking a break. Technology is ever-changing and it can certainly take it’s toll. I absolutely love nature and it is a great escape! No matter what you decide, we are here for you.

  14. Your mind and body is telling you that they need a rest, Lauren. I’m glad you’re wise enough to heed the call. I enjoy reading your blog and will wait for your return, but it won’t be easy. You are a masterpiece of God’s creation. You are intelligent, beautiful and articulate. Please take care of yourself. I am going to miss you.

  15. Lauren, I’ve followed you for quite a while now. You are part of the reason I decided to start weaning myself off potentially toxic health and beauty products, and to improve my diet to balance my hormones and clear my acne. I still have more adjustments to make but I am very grateful that I found you when I did. Thank you for doing what you do! You inspired me to start my own blog as well. 🙂

  16. To hear our inner voice and make the changes to be in harmony is one of the most important tools in our personal healing journey. Thanks for all that time, heart and brain that you put in each post, continue growing, best wishes for you in this new adventure.

  17. Beautifully written! I hope you find the ability to reconnect with yourself and new ways to connect with others. I just started blogging myself, and I did not realize just how much work is behind every post, promoting every post, being present on all of these social media avenues. I’m realizing now that some of my favorite bloggers (whose posts I see promoted on social media constantly) are working SO hard. Enjoy some well-deserved time to yourself!

  18. Lauren, you continue to lead by example! Thank you for generously sharing all you do. One blog a week is plenty. The most valuable aspect of your blog is what you are discovering and uncovering, so if once a week allows you to continue to walk the path of your own healing journey, we will all benefit in ways we can’t even imagine. Hats off to you.

  19. Loved your honest blog and commitment to follow your self care needs at this time!! We will all benefit from the return and reconfiguration of the unfolding path!! You have given so much, inspired so much, and I am grateful!

    Read through all the comments and appreciate the wisdom and support you are given.

    We are all held in love Wishing you the very best as you birth the new ways!!

  20. I have followed your blog for years. I would have liked to urge you to rest but we can not direct each other’s lives in any detail with sureness and a suggestion is too often felt as a criticism. It is good to see you are ready for a new phase in your journey and still taking care of yourself.

  21. Every one of your posts is a gem I am grateful for (no matter what the frequency) so please take the time you need to slow down without any guilt or worry or apology. I started my healing journey just a little over a year ago and your blog has been an indispensable resource. Out of the many bloggers I follow, your voice is the one I trust the most. I have benefited so much from what you’ve learned on your journey and cannot thank you enough for sharing what you know with us.

  22. I live in Northern Ireland and thanks to you I now own the Big Berkey water filter and the Sprite shower filter and bath filter and I cook mainly with ghee. Love all the information I get from your blog. Will miss you but you must look after yourself first.

  23. hi Lauren,

    your posts have helped me enormously.. I’m from southern Australia.. perhaps you are unaware of how widely you have helped others.. I thank you very much and wish you well..


  24. I’ll miss you! I know you’re not leaving permanently, but I do enjoy reading your posts. I have learned so much from all your recommendations which has truly helped me heal. Good luck in your next endeavors!

  25. Thank you, Lauren! You helped me realize that it’s okay to write an article by hand, into a notebook. Everytime I was writing something by hand lately, I felt guilty, thinking I could have been typing this straight into my computer and therefore saving my time. Well, the result was that I wasn’t writing by hand and nor into my computer. Talk about writers block, huh? But this article really made me realize it’s okay to take that extra time with rewritting things from notebook to computer because I’m just able to get into the writing flow better when handwriting.
    Thank you for the great conten you put out here, I’ll faithfully continue visiting your blog even if you post less often (because that doesn’t matter, quality over quantity, am I right? 🙂 )

  26. I found you today when I simply googled “The properties of Lard for cooking” and voila’ your site popped up. I cannot believe I had not run into you on the internet in the last two years since I have changed my eating habits. ! It may be because I’m not signed up on Face Book or google + .

    I am 77 years old. Three years ago I ended up in the hospital for the first time in 40 years with Atrial Fibrillation. Now that I have learned a few things about healthy diets, I consider it a miracle it took that long for my health to break down. I am happy to say that as of two years ago, I am totally free of any and all medications the doctors sent me home with after my hospital stay. As soon as I began using organic expeller expressed coconut oils exclusively and added the following changes, [ I now use only Celtic salt, Quit all bread and grains, and rice, pasta and sweets/sugar in everything and began eating only foods prepared by myself (organic and or free range chickens (and their eggs], I began losing the 40 pounds I have lost and am still losing slowly but consistently! And I feel great! Thankfully, my heart muscles were not damaged by the warning experience of A-Fib.

    Since I found you and looked over your site, I’ve noticed how many of the changes I have made, which you recommend. I had to gather the facts from various sources and tedious research and I am sure it would have taken me less time to initiate all the changes had I found you immediately after my hospital stay.

    Of course, I joined your newsletter and downloaded your wonderful “Unboring Cookbook. A thorough scan over the recipes in it convinced me I will love the recipes as I found nothing in the ingredients mentioned which I do not like!

    I cannot marvel more at the fact that you exist and that you are contributing so much to public awareness at such a young age. And I cannot thank you enough for being such a generous you.

    All good wishes to you, young lady!

    • Sara, thank you so much for sharing with me your story and taking the time to write! Your story is an incredible testimony to nutrition, and I’m glad our paths have crossed at this point in your journey. Congratulations on the wonderful health changes and weight loss! All good wishes to you, too.

  27. Lauren, thank you for sharing. I clicked on this blog post because I valued your honesty in feeling burnout and I needed to hear what you had to say. I left my technology job in March to focus on my health. Through the journey, I have made a complete career change as educating myself on my body and healing taught me enough to steer me into a different direction. I thought I would go back to a technology job eventually, but I’m being pulled into another direction. I actually just started a blog myself, only 1 post thus far, but it felt amazing to put myself out there. I have noticed I will do whatever it takes to not be at a desk or in front of computer. I couldn’t pinpoint why I had such anxiety even looking at a computer, and your writing leads me to believe I have been suffering from a similar computer burnout. What’s even more interesting, you wrote this blog on 3/16 and I left my job on 3/15, completely burned out. Random statement, I know, but I thought that was interesting. Question, and maybe you blogged about this and I haven’t seen it yet, but how did you overcome computer burnout?

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