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  1. Thanks for this post!!
    Boar bristle brushes DO last a lifetime, as I am currently using my Grandmother’s…..
    Since switching to Honey “Shampoo” and brushing my hair with a boar bristle, I’ve noticed that, instead of my hair getting really greasy when it needs to be washed (since I was my hair one a week – Saturday night. Traditional, huh?) it become sort of “sticky” all the way down.

  2. Hi

    I love all your posts on natural beauty. They are all awesome and very informative. I have ordered sample pack of the Morocco methods shampoos and conditioner and all excited to try them after reading your post on Holistic hair care. I have post Acne enlarged pores on my cheeks and tried several products to get rid of them. Could you suggest me some essential oils or a toner/cleanser to help reduce the appearance of them as they tend show up a lot when I am stressed and I have considerably dull skin and oily in the T-zone. Also, I am trying to find a natural sun screen lotion for face and body. What do you suggest.?

    Thank You

  3. I’ve been using a wooden bristle brush for the past year (the brand is Widu) and it boasts the same benefits. The wood absorbs oil and brings it down the hair shaft. My hair has become much healthier because of it! Do you know how wooden bristles compare to boar bristles?

  4. I had been reading about boar bristle brushes for a while now. I’ve also been intrigued by the Wen product line. I recently took the plunge and bought a starter kit that included a round boar bristle brush. When watching Chaz on QVC talking about the brush, I thought he said to use it on your wet hair while drying. I need to go watch some more videos to make sure. I have not yet used the products, but plan to start in the next week or so. But, just like most things, you hear conflicting things or what to do and what not to do. Will keep these tips in mind.

  5. I am so happy to see this today! I had ordered the sample kit last time a code was posted and wished I’d gotten the whole starter set! I got it today, thank you so much for the code. You rock!

  6. I love using the boar bristle brush. Some of my kids (with thick hair) have 75% less flakes since using the boar brush for 3 days. I know as they continue to use it dandruff won’t be a problem. I am also getting the family use to using the massager.

    Thanks for your post. It was through your blog that I found MM hair products. A few weeks ago I used the Henna and love it.


  7. I’m currently losing much of my hair due to illness. I’m pretty eager to bring it back to health, and I own a boar bristle brush, although it gets no use because I hate seeing a bunch of hair in the bristles. Would you still suggest brushing every day for hair health, even with abnormal hair loss? Thanks.

  8. It’s completely true about the benefits of the boar bristles brushes.!Point6: completely true, resulted with me!! I know there are a huge variety of this kind of brushes but I’m fascinated and happy with my willgood brush, so I think it’s a good option spend some money to buy this kind of products because we see the results and you will never want to use other brushes. It’s necessary to choose the brushes according with your hair for have a expected results

  9. Is it okay to share one boar bristle brush? I often brush my boyfriend’s hair with my brush and I began to worry that maybe it wasn’t okay to share as the bristles absorb both my natural sebum and his.

  10. Make sure your brush is ‘pure boar bristle’, as anything else will damage and scratch your scalp. The benefits of boar bristle brushing are immense, Grandma always said ‘a hundred strokes a day’, and she had fantastic hair! Try it, it feels great, and the rewards come slowly, but, it works! P.S. never use a synthetic brush ever! Happy hair to you! Hugs.

  11. Nice article, I have only few points I would like to add. If You have bbb with really stiff bristles used, You will never look back for all others (There I mean so popular mixed brushes: nylon bristles with soft boar bristles). Stiff bristles can easily detangle even african hair, and there is no need for cheap plastic and nylon bristles. My personal favourite is from brand WildGood. Only wood and bb. Absolutely beautiful!

    • I really appreciate your comment. I do have African American hair. I desire so badly to be able to brush my hair. I have used the most expensive brushes. ie…… mason pearson, etc. They all break my hair off. I am going to look into the brush that you recommended. May I ask what type of hair you have?

  12. Great post! Thanks for sharing! I have naturally curly hair, and I’m really eager to use the boar bristle brush on my curls. You mentioned the brush loosens your curls… does the brush flatten out the curls? Could you please post a photos of how your curls look after brushing with the boar bristle brush? That would be very helpful so I get an idea on how brushing naturally curly hair with this brush looks like. My goal is to detangle my hair, but still leave my bouncy, nicely styled curls in shape without losing volume. I’m hoping this is what the boar bristle brush will achieve that. 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

  13. Boar bristle brushing has improved my scalp and hair far more than any expensive product I have ever used. I am 58 and I color my hair every 3 weeks to cover the gray. For years I have struggled with dry frizz. Finally, I like my hair again. Do this everyday and you, too, will love your hair. Amen!

  14. Hi Lauren!
    I love your natural hair care blogs! I recently switched over to MM thanks to you and I love it! I am looking into a boar bristle brush as well but am slightly concerned on what to do when my hair is wet. I know that the best thing to do is wait for it to dry completely them brush it, but I don’t always have that luxury. Are there any brushes / combs that you suggest for long thick hair when wet to detangle it? Also, what brand is your wooden bristle brush and do you use that when your hair is entirely dry too?
    Thanks so much,

  15. Hello and thank you for your information.
    I currently have boar bristle brushes (one from MM) and they are great.
    My question is in reference to the wood brush for detangling.
    I am not sure whether to get the wood brush or wood comb for detangling
    fine textured hair (Note I do have a lot of hair despite it being fine textured).
    Thank you kindly

  16. Actually I do it different to keep my very fine little fizzy healthy. First of all I wash once a week with a baby shampoo in cold or luke warm water. Then I rub warmed pure olive oil into scalp and hair tips and comb through with my fingers. I either leave it on for an hour or rinse it out immediately again with warm not hot water. Then again I comb through with my hands. Then I use any type of big toothed comb and there simply are no more tangles and allow it to dry naturally, combing through now and again with my hands or this comb. When my hair is dry I brush it gently with a blond coloured natural bristle…my grandmothers’ brush. The technique is to brush gently and pulling the hank of hair straight and let the brush go through slowly.
    I live in the United Kingdom and use natural products of that country. I usually buy on, my favourite shop as they have no delivery charges usually and I can read the customers reviews to get a real feeling of every product before I buy. Hope this helps!

    • Thank you again Marianne for your information.
      I have been using a homemade liquid rinse wash and so far it seems to work well for smooth hair. However I do have a lot of hair and the finger comb method is hard to do for me. Easier when hair is dry to finger through it. The large tooth comb I have pulls too much even if I am gentle. So I was looking to purchase something else. I do have to find something for my long hair because if it is tangled when wet, it is horrible when dry. (lol) Will look at the place you mentioned.
      Thank you.

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  18. Hi there, I stumbled across your site while doing research on hair loss. I’m a 29-year old male and suffer from loss at the temple and crown. I hear that using a boar brush can give great re-growth results, I was wondering if anyone could help me or has had success with such a procedure. I would be most grateful if someone could help.
    Thank you for your time.

  19. Hi , I have fine thin and straight long hairs so when I searched about boar bristle hair brush and I got result that mason Pearson Is best of all so.. I want you to help me which one i choose for my hair type pure boar bristle or nylon + pure

  20. Hi! I am hoping someone can provide some helpful insight. I came across this post when searching for a good product for dry brushing to improve the lymphatic system. I noticed many of the brushes used for this technique are also made with boar bristles. This may be a silly question, but does anyone know about the process by which these bristles are obtained in regard to treatment of the animals? Thank you!

    • LS, I can’t find it now, but I seem to remember reading that both Morrocco Method and Mason Pearson do not harm the boars to get the bristles. You can probably contact both of them to ask more specifics.

  21. I was about to order the start package by Moroccan Method, but I’m hesitant because all the shampoos have the ingredient, xanthan gum. I then proceeded to read reviews on how they just inserted this ingredient and how it builds up in other people’s hair. Is this true? Has anyone experienced this problem?

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  23. Thank you for sharing your experiences and recipes.
    I understand that ad revenue is what allows you to do so without cost to your readers and followers, however the ad on this page is blocking part of your text (which I was really interested in reading!). It is not moving or shifting when scrolling. Thought that I’d let you know 🙂

  24. Really good article. I have very curly hair and I find that using a soft boar bristle hair brush will soften my curls and straighten the hairs a little. I can ease some of the ‘wildness’ and make my hair look great- at least until it gets the slightest bit of moist, then it will curl up right away.

  25. Love your post. I have long hair & I’ve been using boar bristle brushes since my 20s (I’m 66 now) and love them. Still, I didn’t know about some of this. For detangling, I do it in the shower after rubbing in my crème rince. That gets rid of the worst of it, but after reading this, I’m going to try using my fingers or my wooden comb for detangling it when it’s dry. I’m very careful to tie my hair back while outside when there is even a slight breeze, as that seems to cause the problem to worsen dramatically. Kudos for your writing:)

  26. Will this brush be able to be used with dry shampoo? I am trying to get out of washing hair daily so wanted to start using dry shampoo but these brushes also sound great so just checking on compatibility. Thanks for your time 🙂

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