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  1. This is how we make our blueberry sauce, and like Julie above, we often add yogurt before serving, after it’s cooled a bit so the little yogurt buggies aren’t killed. I’m going to look at your coconut flour pancake recipe now. We have lots of eggs and coconut flour usually requires several eggs.

  2. I love the idea to add juice–I have a major sweet tooth, so I always like my berry sauces just a little sweeter! I bet pomegranate juice would be yummy with blueberries.

    I’ve gotten into the habit of using psyllium husk powder to thicken sauces. It’s fiber, which is also good to have more of!

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  4. I made your blueberry sauce yesterday and started with using it on gf, df pancakes. It was delicious! Next I used it in a smoothie (fabulous) and also added it to my oatmeal cereal. I will try it in my ice tea next time I make it. (It is all gone!) Right now I am eating strawberry mango soft serve. I can’t believe how good the two items taste without sugar added to them. I can’t have sugar added to my foods so mostly rely on applesauce. It is so nice to have other options. Thank you.

  5. Hmm, that blueberry pancake looks yummy! Thanks for sharing this recipe so we can enjoy a sweet and tasty treat and still get all the health benefits. I don’t know if arrowroot is available at my local stores, so I’ll have to take a look around.

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