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After medications failed to treat my autoimmune disease, I turned to nutrition to address my symptoms naturally. I want to empower your health with the same steps I used to heal with food.

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  1. Thanks you for these recommendations. I’m excited to try Restore. I just want to note that when I tried soil based probiotics I experienced excruciating pain 😣 So I’m not sure that they’re good for everyone.

    • It varies from individual to individual, and it influenced by the other factors in one’s life. This includes their stress, their diet, their exposure to toxins. My suggestion is to gauge your symptoms, and begin decreasing the dosages when the bowels are regular and there are not symptoms of heartburn, gas or bloating after meals.

      • Hi Lauren –
        I’ve been “studying” your website – to see how I want to layout my own up and coming. I can not remember now how I found you – but I have enjoyed your blogs – especially re: essential oils and Neroplasticity – being a big time God believer, I believe the body and our minds were created to heal themselves (as designed by THEE creator 🙂 Today I decided to give back from all I’ve been learning on your site – and purchase the three digestive recommendations that tend to work for most. Question: I have been attacked with candida – no worries, I know you are not a DR. but do you believe it is still beneficial and ok to get some gel caps and turn ONE dosage cap of prescript into TWO – just until I see how my body handles it? The die-off from releasing the toxins, etc….is not pleasant. I have OD’d myself on herbal help before and have dealt with terrible headaches.

  2. We have been in such a remarkably similar path for most of the way with this food heals thing. Thank you for all that you do researching and sharing information. You’re such a wonderful resource!

  3. I have ordered the perscript and BioKult, I am looking forward to seeing what these do for me.
    I have Restore and the Vaginal Tone and will start using these as directed. I have UC flare due to stress and improper diet during that time. What are your recommendations for SAUNAS? I do not sweat very much even during excercise and therefore wonder if my body is hanging on to toxins.

    • If you have reactions to any of the essential oils in Vagal Tone, then I do not recommend you use it. Vagal Tone is in a base of jojoba oil, however, and so it is much gentler on the skin than straight essential oils.

  4. I have problems with low heart rate, low body temps and low blood pressure. BP is extremely low sometimes, due to what appears to be poor digestion of fats. I would really like to try the vagal tone but was wondering if it would be good for me to use it under those circumstances? Thank you so much for your wonderful site!

    • I want to know the answer to this too. I’m not sure I digest fat poorly, but I have all those issues. I digest everything poorly. My body is under 80 lbs and my Dr said I’m in a starvation mode. In very inflamed. Going to check this all out. I have tried Prescript Assist, I think I still have some. I’ve been wanting to try the VT, so this is a good post. Thank you!

      • I am also in a similar circumstance. I font know if my body has an issue digesting fats but I dont seem to put on weight. My nutrionist wants me increase my weight. Right now I’m at 86lbs and was at 82. She was worried that if I she’d anymore lbs I could have problems. I know I have issue with my digestive system and have lots of inflation :(. I have been talking a lot of probitics and has seemed to help. Does anyone know if it’d ok to take these in addition to the probiotics that I
        already use. I am taking ultimate gut balance by metagenics and a deinflamtory supplement also by metagenics also prescribed by my nutrionist. Also, has anyone had issue with their menstruation cycle. I noticed I have not had my cycle in a couple months. My nutrionist said it my be due to my weight since my body is using that energy for other things that it needs. Any ideas? I am willing to try vgoal care but I am sensative to essential oils.

        • Have you considered the GAPS diet? I believe Lauren used that as part of her journey to health. My three sons are on it, and while it takes some effort, there are no words to describe the change in their digestive problems! They have put on healthy weight and their bowel movements look like they actually digested the food!! It’s a whole world of difference- the improvement is HUGE!

    • Hi Carol and everyone else on this comment thread! Regarding fat digestion, Vagal Tone will certainly be supportive. Fat digestion requires that the liver synthesize bile and the gallbladder release it during digestion. It also requires that the pancreas release enzymes during digestion. And ALL digestive processes only occur in a Parasympathetic state. Vagal Tone supports this parasympathetic state, so all digestive organs receive the signal from the brain to turn on digestion processes.

      This will also be a helpful article on the topic of fat digestion:

      Regarding putting on healthy weight, this may be helpful:

  5. I used Restore last year, after six weeks of use, I developed histamine intolerance (I believe it was due to the histadine in it). It helped my digestion, but I couldn’t take the headaches and hives! My histamine levels seem to be better now, I am going to try a much lower dose again and see what happens. Have you heard of anyone developing histamine intolerance with Restore?

    • Thanks for bringing this up as I have major histamine issues (and sulphur which is in this), they just say to take less…. but really… all companies say that and means little to me. Let us know how it goes for you if you try again as it’s not cheap to get to Canada along with conversions. 🙂

  6. Is the Vagal Tone oil meant to be used indefinitely or is just meant to be used to “kick-start” the Vagal
    nerve so that it is able to work as it should? I understand that could take some time, but would like to believe that eventually the Vagal nerve would work on its own as it naturally should.

    • The duration of use for Vagal Tone depends on many variables: a person’s health history, their diet, their symptoms, and their dedication to using it. That’s why I can’t give a standard answer for, “Take Vagal Tone for X many months or years.” Instead, it comes down to when your symptoms reduced, and you are able to digest well without using it.

      The point of our oils is support you building healthy brain pathways, a called process technically called “developing healthy neuroplasticity.” And yes, once those pathways are well established, the oils may not be necessary any longer. Building a better brain is like building a muscle: it doesn’t happen overnight. The oils support brain function in the part of your brain you wish to improve, but solidifying the new pathways requires you to change your thoughts and behaviors. The oils help bring those healthy changes within your reach.

      Hope that clarifies!

  7. I absolutely believe in strengthening the vagus nerve! I’m so happy you have brought up this subject. The misalignment of my atlas bone was affecting my vagus nerve. This in turn caused upset digestion and irregular bowel movements. I had an atlas adjustment done and am now strengthening the vagus nerve. It has made a world of difference. I already use Vagal Tone and really like it! I would recommend it. It has a lovely scent and easy to carry around in my purse.

  8. Hi Lauren,

    I just received my vagal tone this morning, all the way in New Zealand! 🙂 It smells beautiful.

    I have gastroparesis / LPR induced by PPI use (of only 1 month of use prescribed by my Dr who I trusted.. turns out I actually have chronically low acid) & was wondering if there was anything else you suggest that may help.

    I love all your blogs, awesome job.

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