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      • Thanks for your reply! Your blog is amazing. I spent the better part of yesterday reading through it all. I’m a pilot so the posts about radiation and detoxing were particularly helpful!

        • Using a rebounder vs jumping on the ground also reduces the impact on your joints. I have problems during fitness classes etc. when they get into doing jumping type moves like jumping jacks, etc. Doing the same movements on a rebounder is totally doable with no after effects on my joints.

      • Hi Lauren,

        Your Physics is a little off when you say that rebounding provides increased G-forces as opposed to jumping on the ground. Both provide an increased G-loading through upward acceleration – ie slowing our descent, arresting it and then propelling us upward into the next jump/bounce. Jumping on the ground infact provides a higher G-loading because it applies this (equal sum) acceleration over a shorter time period.

        However, there’s no denying the positive effects of rebounding. It is likely therefore that it’s the prolonged low G-loading effects that are providing the unique benefit, as opposed to the short sharp high G ‘impact’ effects of jumping or running etc. So essentially you’re still on the right track, whatever the Physics behind it. Keep bouncing everyone.

      • I read an article that said sports bras should be avoided when rebounding, yes it will be uncomfortable at first but the benefits are far greater and the workout will aid in the breast getting more perky and sag less because bras create an environment where it’s ok for the breast to sag because they are always supported and never expected to hold themselves up, when we were young the breast didn’t sag, they were perky because we were outside running, jumping and playing but after highschool and real life kicked in and we no longer played and ran and had fun, our breast got lazy like we did and found comfort in being held up instead of standing up. To combat saggy breast we must let them be free and bounce and exercise, yes we must wear bras in public to hide nipple attention but at home take that bra off, when sleep take that bra off and when rebounding let those breast fly free, give them exercise and watch them stop being so lazy. I’m starting a 6 week 15 min. Bra-less Rebound challenge to see if my breast transform with this theory. I will take measurements and see if any perky improvement occurs.

        • Our breasts were perky because our skin was still young and elastic. And I don’t remember many girls in highschool going without a bra once boobs started growing! Unfortunately breast aren’t just lazy.. They are lovely skin sacks full of fat and ducts, so any stretching of skin due to change in breast size and reduction of collagen with age will increase. I think that tribal African women provide an excellent visual example of this. They do not wear bras, and I dare say the only perky breasts I have seen belonged to the young! plus, if I bounced sans bra it would sound like I was applauding myself…

          • I agree with you, breasts sag because of gravity. New breasts haven’t been subject to as much gravity, or stretching and loss of collagen. Also, what on earth makes anyone think breasts care about being perky? There is no inherent value in perkiness other than the vanity we ascribe to it. Breasts aren’t going to work hard to fight gravity, they’re gonna go with the flow. You can build your pectorals up to give them something nice and strong and toned to sit on, but breasts are bags of fat on a biped. They are headed south no matter what.

        • 100% agree! There are research studies from France that show that breasts are *more* likely to sag with bras because the muscle behind them isn’t used. A couple months after beginning rebounding, I noticed that my breasts were definitely perkier, which made them look bigger. Then it hit me, that maybe the rebounding was the cause. I started searching to see if that was possible and found the studies, (then found this page.) I really believe that rebounding helped perk up my breasts. (C cup post babies.)

    • I had read in a book where people who were unable to rebound because of physical limitations get the same effect when they sit on the rebounder and have someone jump on it at the same time.

      • I purchased a rebounder in the early 80s when I was in my fiftes. I am now 83 yrs old, and had 2 serious falls lately, but NO broken bones. The doctor said although I have small bones, they are dense. I owe this to using the rebounder. I was told it is the one that NASA used when astronauts came back from space. Now, I can’t use it because I have to hold on, and am wondering if it’s possible to get a benefit by sitting and bouncing. I especially need to recover some balance.

        • Maybe you should consider a rebounder with the bar for stability. Rebound Air sells an add-on stability bar. And, yes, you can absolutely gain benefit while sitting and bouncing!
          Also, the first exercise here is great to improve balance:
          You can spin at any speed that is comfortable for you and get the benefit of improved balance!
          Check for magnesium deficiency, too, as this can contribute to dizziness. Be well!

        • Dolores Hoople: I just bought a rebounder called the Urban Rebounder for 100$. For that price it comes with 1 compilation DVD with 6 workouts and 1 elevated workout DVD, (the rebounder comes with extra legs that tilt the whole thing to a 22 degree angle) and a stability bar. It is AWESOME and I love it!!! It isn’t expensive as some, but it’s a great price and a great product. 🙂 I’m glad your falls didn’t cause you any broken bones that’s fantastic. Here is a link to the site for the Urban Rebounder.
          God Bless

          • Now you can get a bounce chair. It is basically a chair with trampoline springs so it is extremely safe for older or sick people to use. My parents bought it and my dad is 80. He swears by rebounding because he was in a very serious car accident and broke his leg in many places. Once he was out of the hospital and he could tolerate the motion he would sit on the rebounder with one of us jimpinge for him. The orthopedic Dr said he had never seen anyone grow bone that fast before. The reason they got the chair is because he recently had both knees replaced and needs his hip done, so he wanted to get bouncing as much as possible to recover from the surgeries better.

    • The Urban Rebounder has rebounding DVD’s. I found some of them difficult, but the beginner, senior video works well for me. Each workout is about 20 minutes which is adequate for me and does work up a sweat.

  1. Regular jumps on the ground helped a lot with anxiety and depression. I was advised to do that by my doc when I was in psychiatric hospital. And yes, I don’ t have cellulite anymore.

    • Katie,

      After doing a few days of jump roping about 5 years ago, I developed severe back pain. Turned out, I had two compression fractures, thanks to the diagnosis of my chiropractor husband. I purchased a rebounder a few years ago and jumped right in full force into the routine, only to have that same back pain come back. I learned that I must ease into rebounding, not even lifting my feet off. Then gradually, I jump slowly a minute at a time, until I can work up to a moderate jump. If my back starts to hurt at all, I go back to the beginning of no feet lifting up. You do what you have to do! After your back heals, try it again at a much easier pace and see what happens.

      • I completely agree with Katie. Absolutely crippled myself for a fortnight once when I made a too enthusiastic start back into rebounding after a few years break. I put the rebounder away for a long time after that, afraid to use it, just in case…However, I’ve recently started using it again, very gentle walking and bouncing and although I’ve got an existing persistent problem with an achilles tendon, so far so good. Like Katie says, you do what you have to.

    • nothing fixes everything every time for everyone. if you have a flare up of sciatica or other pains, be sure to go to a chiropractor who understands this. you may have flared up an underlying condition and that would be a blessing…. because now you know it is in there, and you can work to rebalance and improve your health overall while addressing this new issue.

    • I tried one with bungee cords, and it didn’t have enough bounce in it for me. I weigh around 220, so I opted for the spring-type instead. A bit noisy, like making whoopee on an old bed, (lol) but works great! =)

    • Ten years ago I had breast cancer and my lymph nodes were removed from my left arm. As a result I had problems draining my arm even with manual procedures. Arm was secreting fluid through skin and felt it would explode any day. I begin using a trampoline and as a result my arm is much better. Turns out my lymphatic system was clogged. Exercise about 20 minutes a day. Added benefits are amazing blood pressure. Highly recommend

  2. I have arthritis in both of my big toes! I walk several times a week though sometimes it is painful.Recently I started to use ICY HOT before exercising . Do you think rebounding would be good for me.I get lymph drainage from my excellent massage therapist .

  3. HI Lauren! I LOve Love Love your Blog 🙂 THanks so much for all the great suggestions, recipes & information.
    I’m wondering if you came across anything about gentle rebounding when pregnant? Im 26 weeks now, and ALREADY starting to swell up in my lower extremities , seeing an increase in spider veins popping up too 🙁 I thought VERY GENTLE bouncing might be beneficial for me (an fun for my 2 year old!!). Any suggestions if rebounding isn’t wise at this stage?
    Thank you so much for your fun blog… Im always so excited to see what’s coming next! (tried honey cleansing last night and loved it… and am going to go find the best ways to use cauliflower blog now to make use of the head in my fridge 🙂 Thanks again!)

      • I’m 30 weeks pregnant and I still rebound 15 minutes a day in addition to my pregnancy workout. I got the okay from my midwife, and she warned me to becareful about falling or twisting my ankle due to the relaxin loosening up all the joints. I love it, the baby seems to love it and I just do it in some boy shorts and a sports bra. 😉

    • your breasts actually have special ligaments that get stronger with use. as with anything. if you rebound with proper support as needed, and spend another part of your day with no bra, you may actually have less droop. and I have read that improving lymph flow can improve your chance of not having breast cancer.

  4. I have a rebounder and I just love mine. I have a mini gym set up downstairs and I just love doing all my exercises on it. You will never, never, get bored with the workouts. Matter of fact I really didn’t think this piece of equipment would work me that hard, but, oh, oh, I was soooo wrong. If you want to go light you can, but if you want to go all out, then watch out. It is just so relaxing to just bounce on it. Turn on some music and just relax. Kinda addictive in a good way. So glad that I got to read this article of the benefits. This is the main reason for my purchase of mine. If your on the fence then jump off onto the rebounder. Find which one works for you. Plenty of them out there. Do your research. Happily Bounding!!!!!!!

  5. I rebound regularly with a Bellicon. It is a bit more money but has no squeaks and is super easy on the joints. I bought a 44″ and love the routines they post on Facebook. It is fun! My foot arches have improved, my breathing has gotten better, my health in general has improved. It got rid of my hot flashes in 4 days of bouncing 3 minutes 3 times a day. You will love rebounding, it brings back the kid in me as I sing and bounce to happy tunes. 🙂

    • I also have the Bellicon and LOVE it. I live in an apartment and there is no fear of the people below me being bothered by the jumping, because it is so solid there is no impact on the floor.

      My first rebounder was a $40 rebounder I purchased at a local department store, and it was soooo tight there was little bounce and the impact on my joints and spine was horrible. My back was sore for a week after using it several times. So just a note to everyone, if you’re considering purchasing a rebounder, get a half decent one that won’t be detrimental on your physical structure.

    • Hi marla, I also have a bellicon and am very interested in what you said about your hot flashes leaving after jumping only 4 days! Mine was in storage a few months and I’ve gotten it out and am going to start using it again after hearing this. Love the bellicon and think it’s worth every penny if you can afford it. Thanks for your comment, I needed some motivation! Jill

    • I totally agree with Elizabeth! Went to visit my friend and they had a big trampoline so I decided to jump on it, after about 5 jumps, I just about wet myself. Luckily, I was able to get off in time to make it to the bathroom. 😉 These muscles will tighten as well after a bit but until then, empty your bladder before bouncing. hahaha.

  6. The Cellercizer rebounder by David Hall is the best quality rebounder available. I have one. You DO get what you pay for when it comes to rebounders – you can get significant injuries from cheaply made ones. These have a 5 year guarantee.

  7. I really enjoy your site and your posts on Pinterest. Your posts are well-written and informative, and I love the clean appearance of your site.
    I want to tell you the one thing I would love to see: proper citations for your information. That would just wrap it all up into a neat and very credible package, something that I could share with the skeptics in my life and to make sure that my info. is legitimate.
    I would love to see real citations, not just a link to a book on Amazon, for example. Something in APA or MLA format, for example, so that the research or article could be accessed and the information is shown to be legitimate and not just the opinion of the author 🙂
    Thanks again for your wonderful work.

  8. For those with back or spine issues, running in place as opposed to jumping up and down will give you a good aerobic workout with the g force.The torso stays level and only the legs punch into the tramp.

  9. Great post. I just bought the Urban Rebounder with the DVD and I’m absolutely loving it! I too started with the senior video but found that the Basic segment was actually easier for me to do…It gets easier each day and I actually look forward to my daily dose of exercise. Never did that before! Your blog is fantastic.

  10. This is such a nice blog. I have a rebounder that I haven’t used for several months. This serves as a great reminder to get back to it, especially on days I am not walking. I must say that when I bounced 3-4 days per week for 20- 30 minutes it helped trim my tummy too.

  11. Hi. I love all your posts about so many things. It’s really important NOT to get a cheap rebounder because they can really mess up your joints. I started with one for about $40 and wound up getting a cellerciser for $400 – I know – huge difference, but the impact on the cheap ones can be damaging. Find out the differences. It’s not just that the more expensive have more bells and whistles, it’s that the springs they use and the surface are totally different quality so they support the impact properly. Love your work and all you do. Thank you so much. Coby

  12. To benefit the lymph system, is it necessary to do specific exercises, or just bounce? I usually just bounce to music and do some dance moves and knee lifts, etc. for variety. Do I need to do anything special to get increased lymph stimulation? Thanks!

  13. I am sixty-seven years old. I have played very competitive team sports in basketball, track, state champion-ship cross-country team in high school and played on Belmont College’s tennis team. I have a pedaling mac-hine, Total Gym, stretch bands, I have done methodically the Five Rites, and played most other common sports. I just finished a 4 mile race today and usually run in the 60-80%. I am with Humana Health Care so I have membership in Life-Style fitness centers all over the US. I’LL TAKE MY REBOUNDER OVER ANY OTHER FORM OF EXERCISE or combination of things.. I can do strength, aerobic, flexibility, circulatory, inner cell strengthening of internal organs, eye health, balance and more. I use two hands weights for my entire morning(20-30 min.) mix of exercises. Each night I do the 2 min. health bounce with weights.Cheap reboun-ders can get you started but can hurt you for anything halfway serious. Researched them all/had Cellerciser for 5 months/great! /Tri-fold/bar/CD/rolls with handle/take everywhere!. Just do it! You’ll be glad you did.

  14. Please don’t get a crappy $40 rebounder; that will kill your joints. If you’re going to rebound, invest in a worthy rebounder that will actually offer all the benefits mentioned above. Jump Sport has a great bungee cord trampoline and starts around $200. Been using it for 3 years with no problems, it feels like jumping on a cloud.

  15. I’m a 62 yo female. I started rebounding in July 2014 to try to lose about 10-15 lbs that wouldn’t budge. We were planning a trip to the beach with friends and I didn’t want to think what I was going to look like in a bathing suit! I bought a mini-trampoline for around $100 and started. I didn’t have a video, I just made up my own routine. I listened to music or caught up on TV shows while I was jumping. Not only was it fun, but within no time, I was losing weight and feeling better – physically and emotionally. Now, 4 months later, I am rebounding about 20-25 minutes a day. I vary my routine to include jogging, using hand weights and jumping. I have lost 15 pounds and have kept it off. I eat well and my digestion has improved. My physical appearance has greatly improved and my muscle tone has improved. People ask me what’s different! I’m convinced it’s the rebounding! I’m a believer.

  16. I am 74 and have been rebounding for 12 months now feel like 16. Visiting my doctor she could. Inot believe my circulation think she was disappointed thT she could not find anything wrong and when I told her how much I enjoyed exercising on rebounder she told me I was acting like a little girl but it did not stop there she prescribed cholesterol medication because of one reading my bloodpressure was slightly elevated. I left and have not returned.

      • Elevated blood pressure in a Drs office is NOT uncommon… I agree with Thar, stay away from the goof ball Dr…If you FEEL good, then go with it. Drs “practice” medicine, they don’t have all the answers and we pay them to tell us they know…really??? They do NOT know… My family has longevity they literally die of old age…They ate well, exercised and REFUSED to be medicated…They all died in their 90’s., of natural wearing out. NOT any of the “diseases” their Drs said they would. They refused to take meds that the Drs insisted on. Instead they used food and herbs to heal, and they were GLOWING people. No cancer in my family, no high blood pressure, no diabetes. Most died in their sleep peacefully.

        • and here I thought i was the only anti-doctor person….I put my mother on magnesium and chromium and it got rid of diabetes as well as normalized her blood pressure….started rebounding myself for weight far no more bladder leaking, back pain gone, I feel energized and cant wait to see what it does for weight loss

  17. Hello and thanks for the opportunity to share my experience using the rebounder.
    I have a bellicon rebounder that I have been using daily for three years. it has been a wonderful beneficial health saviour for my lower back problem which I’ve had for over 40 years. when you are on it just let your body do the talking and NEVER push yourself when you are not ready.

  18. I have a jumpsport 550 f pro and I just have to say I love it. It is quiet and silent when jumping. I am a 62 year old male and feel in great shape. I jump everyday for a least 1 hour in total. Everyone should jump!!!! Alan

  19. I really enjoyed reading all of the post. I ordered a mini trampoline and cant wait to get started. I have been unable to workout or dance after doing so for many years due to osteoarthritis and bone spurs in my neck, knee and foot. It’s been over a year since I have been able to workout and I was looking for something I could do daily that was very low impact. I hope that rebounding is the answer. I will start bouncing on my exercise ball until it comes (2 weeks). Wish me luck. I’ll keep you posted.

  20. Hey guys/gals,

    I wanted to throw my two cents in. I have David Halls Cellerciser and I have the big special Premium Bellicon. I paid a little over $300.00 for the former and just sub $1000 for the later. The both sit in my basement. To move lymph get the Cellerciser. It’s bound is more even and a little stiffer, not as deep, but from personal experience with hundreds of hours it moves lymph extremely well. The reason I got into rebounding in the first place. The Bellicon is absolutely silent with bands. My daughter loves it because its fun. We bounce together but it turns more into a fun time to throw a soft ball back and forth etc. She’s been bouncing now for four years, 5-9. The Bellicon I’ve already switched out bands and got tighter bands this time. At about $100.00 bucks it is expensive. I went with tighter bands to try and duplicate my Cellerciser but still it is not as effective in moving the lymph. The Cellerciser has metal springs and does make noise. I keep mine greased so it’s okay. In the first few years it got really squeaky so that is one reason I went for the Bellicon. But I found some grease mostly got rid of the squeak. The springs are special and I think the best in the business, but that is just from my own research and not from experiencing other bouncers. I can attest that anywhere you bounce on the Cellerciser it is an extremely even bounce depth wise. You don’t get that on the Bellicon. The band experience is longer and smoother but also mushier. On the Cellerciser I can actually feel my lymph pumping through my nodes. On the Bellicon I can sense it because of my experience on the Cellerciser (taught me what it feels like) but on the Bellicon it is not as pronounced and in my opinion the long, smooth bounce has less gravitational force on the body. Now when I’ve jumped on a trampoline, yeah that long smooth bounce really has gravitational force but there I’m jumping some 15 feet into the air at my peak. But the Bellicon will not give you that experience. Hard to describe but I wanted to pass along my personal experience.

  21. i am 64. i love my urban rebounder. i use it every day for an hour. just love it. i have a heart condition and can only walk for exercise. i bought the rebounder and jump on that. my doctor said that was ok. i walk outside in the spring and summer and use the rebounder for autumn and winter.

  22. I heard about this a few years back when I read Cancer Battle Plan. My parents bought my kids a huge backyard trampoline for Christmas. I am dying to know if it will work the same way or if it HAS to be the indoor mini one? I saw 2 other people asked this above. Please tell me!! =)

    • It is the same thing, and you get the same effect if you keep your jumps small on the big trampoline- don’t come up more than 6 inches and voila! We have a big trampoline and a mini trampoline- and love them both!

  23. I’ve started using my urban rebounder. and I also recommend it to anyone who is dealing with cancer. I find it an enjoyable, convenient way to get 20 minutes of exercise any time of the day and more then once a day. I can take it up to a cardio workout or just do an easier sweat-free one in-between other things. But there are always the naysayers ( ) who say that the only scientific proof of rebounding health claims, comes from the famous NASA study, but other than that there is no proof of it’s effect on lymph system or other physiological benefits. Do you, Lauren, or anyone else know of other studies or science-based research on this? Many thanks

  24. I have just got my rebounder out as its a wet day, and I won’t be out for a walk today. Enjoyed reading the comments, and will start a daily routine of 15 mins. Have mine on an open balcony, but it does squeak. What sort of oil is good for the metal coils ?

  25. Hi!

    Does anyone know if rebounding can help reduce edema? I have been recently diagnosed with crohn’s disease and lupus. In an effort to ease a flare, my GP put my on corticosteroids for 7 months. It took a few months to taper off of the medication, but I still have Cushing’s syndrome from corticosteroid use and rebound edema from corticosteroid withdrawal. I am pretty desperate to reduce the edema and get stronger after months of limited mobility if not bed rest. Just thought I would ask if anyone had any insight to this tedious question! Thanks!

  26. Love love love my Jumpsport rebounder.! I have been rebounding for 10 months about 20 minutes a day and I have noticed more energy, huge improvement in cellulite, firmer thighs, and I was able to throw away my blood pressure meds (with my doctor’s approval, of course.) I never could find an exercise I enjoyed (except yoga) until I discovered rebounding. I rebound bra less and I think my breasts actually are firmer (I am a small woman, could be uncomfortable for those ladies with large breasts.) The main reason I rebound is for my health. Several members of my family have had lymphoma, so it’s really important to stimulate the lymphatic system.
    My husband has a professional grade Jumpsport and I don’t like it all. It has no bounce for me. You have to consider your weight when you buy one. The expensive rebounders are SO worth the money though.
    I can’t even convey how much I love rebounding!

  27. I was diagnosed w non-hodgkins lymphoma 9 months ago and opted for alternative treatments rather than standard chemo, radiation. My recent PET scan the end of March showed no cancer. I read that rebounding is good for lymphatic system in that there is no pump in the body for this; ie the heart pumping the blood. I go to an indoor heated pool and have been walking with added bounce to help with moving the lymphatic system. Do you think this is an adequate substitute for the rebounding?

  28. I have bone density problems.. That is why I thought rebounding would be the answer but also I have problems with stress fractures in my foot so should I purchase a rebounder? My foot doctor does not know enough about them to comment.

    • Cathy – I just got a bellicon for density reasons. I have chondromalacia in my knees (rough cartilage, nearly bone on bone in one) and while I felt it was risky, I’ve started rebounding 5 minutes a day. I take Pilates (using machines, not mat) so my legs are pretty strong to begin with.. The bounce is very smooth, with very little impact. I’ve started with the ‘health bounce’ where your feet do not come off the mat. I think that will be the key for me – starting with the bare minimum, progressing slowly.

  29. I suffer terribly in my feet and it is because I used mothers 300.00 rebounder back in 2006 . boy do I regret it. I was 56 years old. I used it about 10 or 20 times. It was created discomfort in my discomfort in my joints of my feet so I guit using little did I fully realize how using it set up the beginning of the running of my feet. I walked afterwards and noticed some pain when I did. Few. .month later I mentioned it to factor. H e did nothing. I ignored it as I could still livea life. I was in BC . walked around here and there up a small hill a couple times and my feet hurt . I actually went for a foot massage in hurt a lot. When I got home from trip I went to doctor again. He did nothing. Fast forward 2months later to the worst day of my life.hell. i was gouffing around .trying a energy dance from a book i found .i stepped on my right foot and it hurt like hell pain . i lived far away from city and alone in cold dec. In sask. Iwish i had called a ambulance. I stayed in bed in pain screaming and crying. Used my office chair to get food. Finnally got to dr .they didnt know what to do.xray showed nothing. It went on and pn for months no help finnaly crutches and in being on crutches my left foot went bongers to .l havent had1 day without burning red hpt pain in 7years . i can walk but not much. Stairs are a no no.i have knee pain now. My life with debillating pain goes on .the diagnosis which came year after 3 xrays and a mri was osteo artrytis and strained muscles. Oddly i noticed a nueroma hiding behind a muscle.just 2months ago.that can cause pain too i have given up on dr.s and suffer with pain as my unwanted guest that wont leave.a it has at times brought me closer to god although I am in a slump right now. I’ll end this now with this statement..don’t use the rebounder unless your young have strong foot stretches every time. No artjrytis in family. And only for short periods of time 1 minute to rebounder said wear no shoes and yet some say do wear shoes. Personnelly I think they should be of the market. Damage control…… I your over 50 years of age don’t use one.the suffering is not worth it Susan sh

    • Cathy I have bone density problems too and that may have lead to my downfall probably did as joints are bone. Stretch your feet and you’ll be fine. Ecoscue has great exercises.I wish I could do them. May try a few but because of my feet I don’t know if I can.look at there videos. There great. Be wise and don’t do anything harsh and in my mind Rebounder’s are too harsh for our little foot muscles Susan sh

    • I have suffered from plantar fasciitis in the past and have learned from experience that foot pain can sometimes be caused from blocked lymph in the legs and/or feet. While watching television in the evening I looked for sore areas on my legs and feet and would massage around those areas and little by little the foot pain disappeared. I rebound on my Rebound Air for half an hour every day and have for many years so I was surprised I could get lymphatic blockage even while jumping daily.

  30. Hi Lauren!a
    I am avid rebounder and teach classes sometimes twice daily, The class can be pretty advanced!

    After I have been feeling like a tingly sensations in my hands and feet after i exercise even the day after!

    Its not strong but its like a buzzing, mostly in my palms and wrists not so much my finger tips same on the feet.

    Can you explain what this is? should I be worried I have seen my GP he doesnt know of rebounding I was hoping you could ease my mind!

    Thanks a million

    • Larry,
      Not sure if you will see this, but in case you do & for others who may be experiencing similar issues with tingling sensations in their hands or feet I thought I’d answer. Tingling sensations &/or numbness in your hands & feet (or arms/legs) can have many causes. Often it is nerve related. A pinched nerve for example could cause exactly the symptoms you describe. However, there are many other causes so if it’s persistent it’s best to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis. Simply sleeping the wrong way or repetitive movements aggravating a particular nerve can also cause these symptoms so I wouldn’t worry, just get it checked out so your doctors can find the exact cause, decide on a treatment plan, & put an end to it for you. In my case, stretching & magnesium supplements did the trick but each case is different so besides stretching definitely wait on a diagnosis before treating it yourself. Also, you mentioned that you saw your doctor but he was not familiar with rebounding so apparently he was unable to help. My advice…see another doctor. & if it were me, I’d change my doctor altogether. I say this because the doctor doesn’t need to be familiar with the particular type of exercise in order to figure out the problem. They simply need to know that exercise is causing immediate & delayed tingling sensations in your hands & feet. & then they can ask you about the various movements that are part of your routine to help with diagnosing the issue. Not providing any help or advice because they are unfamiliar with rebounding is unacceptable! If it’s a common occurance for you the doctor should already have been running tests or referred you to a specialist. Here’s a link to an article on Livestrong that may help you. The Mayo Clinic & other reputable sources provide the same information but Livestrong breaks it down good & also provides natural treatments & a chart with stretches versus just recommending medications. Good luck to you. Melissa

    • That sounds exactly like the feeling in your hands and feet people get from practicing Qi Gong. If you ask about it, your teacher will tell you that’s just the Qi moving, it’s fine. Qi is the Chinese term for life force, energy, vitality. It really does happen when I do Qi Gong, and can happen on the rebounder, too. Chinese medicine proponents have noticed the Qi moving propensity of rebounding so much that you can find “Qi Bounding” resources online. So I would say it’s nothing to worry about, honestly. If you’re doing a lot of really intense rebounding, it sounds like it might just be par for the course. Perhaps cut back a bit.

      • I agree with you Julia. It was exactly my first thought also when I read the comment about the tingling. I practice Chi Gong /Taichi and the tingling indicates energy flow. And its definitely nothing wrong with it …its even a very positive thing:)

  31. this is great news for me I was in a accident and smashed both my knees and broke both legs very badly so I am not allowed to run because of the heavy impact on my joints. I had to go through therapy for 6 month to walk again. I have a trampoline and I got rid of my gym membership

  32. Can I ask is it wise to use a mini trampoline if I suffer with sciatica on and off and also have a prolapse of the womb? I would like to do some form of excercise and am not sure what would be suitable if anything??

  33. I am 80 years old and have a very good rebounder. Haven’t used it in a few years. I have osteoporosis and 2 fractures in my spine. I need to build bone mass and doctor wants me to take drugs. Can I safely use my rebounder and what exercise routine should I start with

  34. Can anyone tell me where the drainage goes? Do we pass it in our urine, sweat, breast milk? So is this safe to do while breast feeding? I have had two natural births, will this help strengthen my insides? I feel like my insides are going to fall out while I am jumping and have to rush to the bathroom. Will that pass? Thanks to anyone who can answer my questions!

    • The short answer is lymph reenter the blood stream at the Subclavien Veins. It’s not being excreted. More detailed info can be found here:

      I can’t imagine it being unsafe to do while breastfeeding, unless you have other unrelated issues. Search for contraindications for lymphatic drainage. That should help guide you.

      Considering natural births, insides falling out, and incontinence, you may well be experience pelvic floor issues. This is something you can strengthen and resolve. Search for pelvic floor, and for good measure be sure to check out the awesome Katy Bowman for overall body function. Seriously, she’s awesome.

  35. Just adding a hint here. The difference in rebounders will definitely make you stick with this versus getting a good start and then letting the rebounder collect dust. You can try a dirt cheap one just to see if it’s right for you. But truly, then splurge on a good quality one that costs a bit more (still not cost-prohibitive). We had two side by side. They difference is utterly staggering. The good one will make you want to do it forever…….

  36. i recently been having trouble with rebounding. Everytime i jump i seem to have gasses/burping within my body whenever i jump. I’ve only been drinking water so i don’t know what causes this and why is this happening and what i can do to prevent it please help if you have this experience.

  37. I have a history of swelling and some tendency towards lymphedema in my legs. Every time I use the rebounder my legs swell MORE. It is incredibly uncomfortable and annoying as I can’t fit into my trousers for a few days after. Can anyone advise why this is happening and what I might be able to do to help.

  38. Hi! I just bought the JumpSport 350 at Costco. I set it up 2 days ago and it seems a bit stiff. Has anyone tried the Bellicon and the JumpSport to compare the two? I hear good things about Bellicon but I don’t know if it would be too soft. Also, does anyone know if there is a place in Florida to test them? I love all these comments! Thank you all! I got a rebounder as a recommendation from my chiropractor. She said that 2-3 minutes a day of the “health bounce” will be great for my body.

  39. Using a rebounder vs jumping on the ground also reduces the impact on your joints. I have problems during fitness classes etc. when they get into doing jumping type moves like jumping jacks, etc. Doing the same movements on a rebounder is totally doable with no after effects on my joints.

  40. I bought a Maximus Pro Rebounder for about $200 on Amazon and love it. I have exercised for years, mostly on a treadmill. When I bought a fitbit and tried to keep my step count up, I was getting aches and pains. My rebounder is wonderful, I love it. I do it at least 60 minutes a day and I feel fantastic. With my rebounding and clean eating I have lost my last stubborn body fat. I have just turned 71 and no one can believe that is my age. The Maximus Pro is a very good quality rebounder.

  41. I bought a mini trampoline on Amazon for less than $30 and love it! I remember having one when I was younger and did it for fun…Now I’m doing it to prevent bone loss and for the detox benefits, well, and the fun. 🙂

    I typically jump daily for 5 minutes at a time. It’s also great at relieving stress.

    Thanks for sharing this great info about rebounding!

  42. Hi we got a rebounder of amazon and looks like the one on the let but I am having this issue. shortly after starting to jump I feel a weird pressure behind my left ear actually similar to when I am in a plane? Does anyone know why does this happen, should I be concern?


  43. We were so happy when we discovered the amazing benefits of rebounding. Me and my wife are not super active and we knew we needed to get in the habit of some form of workout. We tried going on runs and doing gym memberships but nothing really stuck. Two years ago we got matching rebounder trampolines as a gift from a family members and it has changed our lives. I am amazed more people do not know about this.

  44. Jogging causes facial sagging as we age. The face sags regardless I get that. I’m 60 had a lifestyle lift 3 yrs ago. I have a cellerciser and love it, however, I hear it will cause my face to say. Is this true. I need to firm my body and I know rebounding does that. I lift weight’s and walk daily.

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