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    • The brand, Challenge has gotten into bed with Monsanto; therefore, GMOs are in the Challenge products. I was so disappointed because I used to love their butter. I normally use organic butter, and I try to find the least expensive brand, I wish you the best! 🙂

    • So easy to do at home, just need patience. Unsalted butter in a bowl in the microwave, till melted. 1 min? Let bowl sit on counter to room temp,

      One unwanted element rises to the top, another settles to the bottom. Gently scoop off top. Put middle, pure fat, in jar and discard the rest.

      Will stay good in fridge a week or two. Can easily freeze in jar and remove when needed.

      Added anything.

  1. I buy the Kerrygold grass fed Irish butter from Costco, which has the best price. This way I know the butter I’m buying is super high quality then I make the ghee at home myself…200 degrees F for about an hour will melt and seperate the milk solids from the fat. Then I collect the milk parts off the top with a spoon and pour the ghee into glass jars while leaving the liquid milk on the bottom. It’s super easy, high quality and cost effective for anyone who doesn’t have ghee in their area!

  2. Hello
    Want to try Ghee but is there a favourable type of brand name
    How much is a jar of Ghee
    There is a 3 pound tub full $19
    Is that a good price
    Or should I just boil down the butter myself ???
    How much will 3 pounds of butter make
    If it’s boiled down reduced

  3. Hi Lauran,
    I was using indian Gee for a while and gained weight
    Quickly. Then I stopped using it. Is it safe for cholestrol?
    My cholestrol total is 220 but HDL is very good not LDL . Doctor told me to use less fried food. Please advice. Thank you. I love reading your articles.

  4. I so wish I could eat ghee!! I did the Cyrex labs testing for gluten cross-reactivity and found that I was very sensitive to butylrophilin. My understanding is that this is in every dairy product regardless of fermentation or milk fat removal or anything else. I also understand that it is in the milk of every type of milk-producing animal. It has been very difficult to find infoation on this. Do you know if what I stated is true? I would so love to have the taste and health benefits of ghee again! 🙂

  5. Hi Lauren – very interesting article on ghee – the only thing that concerns me is that one woman soon put on weight using it but that was Indian ghee so it might be different from the organic one.

    Something completely different which you may find of interest is a UK product called Cauli-Rice.
    It has just hit the supermarket shelves and I think it is going to be a great success. They are already actively looking to expand their products worldwide and I thought you might consider doing a review on their products or even advertising for them. Please let me know what you think because I have invested a small amount of money in the company.
    Best regards Alan

  6. Would ghee be better to season my cast iron with, versus flax seed oil,……? Also, I bake my raw milk butter in 4-5 pound increments in the oven overnight, at 200-250 degrees, than in the morning, skim the foamy particulars off the top and can the oil in jars, pouring sloooowwwwlllyyy to keep from getting any of the milk product that has settled at the bottom of the pan,…..Great heads up article on the benefits of ghee,….!

  7. I love ghee and would love to use it more, but it flares my Interstitial Cystitis. Based on what I have read, it shouldn’t. Do you know why it would? Does it have histamines, which can also flare my IC?

  8. Thank you for providing such great information Lauren! You have changed my view on EVERYTHING when it comes to health and living the good life .:) You are an inspiration to me and I hope I one day have as much knowledge as you do on nutrition. I read through your blog several times per week and love it! I am no longer a vegan because of the information you are providing, and as a result I am much happier and healthier than before 🙂 Thank you so much Lauren! I love empowered sustenance and I love you for the work you put in everything you do!

    Best wishes
    Victoria 🙂

  9. I am Indian and make ghee at home using local cultured butter or Kerrygold from Costco. I use my crockpot and it is very easy to make. Simply place chopped up butter into the crockpot set on low heat and leave it for 4 hours with the lid partially opened. When a golden color is achieved and the milk solids have sunk to the bottom, strain the liquid through a few layers of cheesecloth over a sieve and and store in a glass jar. I store it in my pantry. I usually make 3 lbs at a time.

  10. I love ghee and have used it for years. Most forms of dairy make me break out, but not ghee! I recently discovered a company here in Central PA that produces ghee from local grass fed cows. It is delicious! The company is called Simply Ghee and is sold in some local markets and also available online.

  11. I also recently researched all this low fat oils nonsense. I came to know the process used for making these oils even cold pressed is not healthy in any way. Since then the only option left for high temperature cooking is ghee. Even our ancient ayurveda medicine chyawanprash uses ghee.

  12. Hi Lauren,
    I have been a subscriber now for some time…..the health information that you give is very much appreciated by so many. Thank you so much! :o)
    Recently I had to have a stent put in my right coronary artery that was 90% blocked. All of the other’s were only at 30% and so were ok. I am 74 years old. My cardiologist said that I should stop using coconut oil and butter and use a vegetable oil and low fat margerine. The reason was to keep my other arteries from forming more plaque….that coconut oil was the worst thing I could use. This is contradictory to what I have learned from holistic practitioners. I have switched to peanut oil….but cannot bring myself to use margarine!! What is your opinion about this please since I do trust your input. Thanks in advance…..I am looking forward to your reply.
    Rita Cashion

  13. Excellent ..thank you for publishing about Ghee . Basic Indian cooking media since Vedic time
    till date .Gujrati n Punjabi meal can not be completed without Ghee…It’s very healthy if you use the pure one . Can be made at home from cream of milk after boiling (whole milk) . And unsalted white butter.

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