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    • Yes! That is another big issue that I forgot to cover! You want to use 100% cotton wicks. Avoid wicks that have the metal stick in the center of the cotton. Avoid all metal wicks, even if it says, “Lead free” because it will still put metals like zinc into the air. Regarding the wicks we use at the convent… I’ve been sworn to secrecy regarding the type of wick and where to find it 🙂 But they are, of course, 100% pure cotton.

    • Yes, the wax just burns by itself… but unfortunately, it’s not as easy as presto. The sisters spent 9 months figuring out the correct type of beeswax (it varies depending on season, pollen content, etc), the correct temperature for pouring the wax, the correct diameter for the candle, and the correct wick. And they are constantly perfecting all these variables. I don’t recommend making beeswax candles at home, because it is usually just a waste of money.

      • I am on a serious budget, so DIY is preferred if it’s going to save me money.

        I am looking at a very high quality beeswax product and am interested in making my own candles. I’m a little confused about your post here about DIY being “a waste of money…”

        Are there any resources that one can read to figure out how to make the candles affordably and without wasting money by creating an inferior product? I was all for making my own until I read your comment.

        I am all for supporting these sisters, but I am disabled with huge health expenses, so I simply can’t afford their product. Now I’m afraid that i cannot even afford to make my own…

        Any thoughts? If I find a book on candle making and follow it, will it really be a waste?

    • Hi i make beeswax candles and the wick is important, height doesnt matter its the width and wick, we are beekeepers in new zealand and have 2000 hives, we produce honey and pollen for export all over the world,
      It has taken me 3 weeks of constantly making them and testing them thinner thickness foundation ( the wax sheets that go into the frame for the bees to build up to put there honey into is thin but u can get it thicker,
      i have got it 90% right, No parafins at all i use Cotton wicks these burn best i have found and have no chemicals in them, I hve just started making these strangley enough,, but i have the smell in my home all the time and we also have propilis as well… i have yet to master melting down blocks of wax which i have ample acess to,,
      It is epxensive to buy the fondation ( beeswax sheets) and to buy the wax in blocks, 50 degrees is the ideal temp to melt and pouring should be at least 40 degrees, there is a knack to them and there should be no melting , the sides out ,, rule of thumb is the melt pool should reach the edges in 1 to 2 hours and be no deeper than 1 inch, if the wick goes out in the wax the wick is to small and the wax drowns in the pool or to big it will melt the sides of candle , if flame is to large the wick is to big, idealy the flame should be at least 1 1/2 inch high and burn steady with no flickering, burn your candle for one hour to start with to create the melt pool to the edge and then put out gently in wax and stand wick back up. let set for 2 to 3 hours and relight ,, the melt pool should only reach the edges with no wall or tunnel.

      • I posted this comment above. Curious what you think , moonstone:

        “I am on a serious budget, so DIY is preferred if it’s going to save me money.

        I am looking at a very high quality beeswax product and am interested in making my own candles. I’m a little confused about your post here about DIY being “a waste of money…”

        Are there any resources that one can read to figure out how to make the candles affordably and without wasting money by creating an inferior product? I was all for making my own until I read your comment.

        I am all for supporting these sisters, but I am disabled with huge health expenses, so I simply can’t afford their product. Now I’m afraid that i cannot even afford to make my own…

        Any thoughts? If I find a book on candle making and follow it, will it really be a waste?”

  1. Why don’t you recommend making your own candles? Unless I’m raising bees, it will be too expensive? I’d be interested in ordering from these sisters. What an awesome job to have had!

  2. I have good quality beeswax and tried making tea candles. However, the candle burns very low, not throwing much light. Any tips? And if you don’t mind, I’d like the source for candles as well. Thanks!

  3. These are EXCELLENT tips. And who would have thought that beeswax candles would cure allergies. I guess it makes sense though. It also makes me wary of soy candles that are promoted as being friendly to allergies even by WAPF. Since I have a soy allergy I stay FAR away from them. I will be looking into these or even trying ot make them myself!

    • Jen and Lauren,
      I was thinking the same thing about the soy candle. I have allergies to soy, wheat, sunflower seeds, just to name a few and trying to stay away from foods that cause trouble is a challenge. I don’t burn candles often but do have some and worry about the toxins in the air. A soy candle seems like trouble waiting to happen for an asthmatic. Soy is one of the foods that make me wheeze almost immediately.
      I will definitely check out the Beeswax candles from the convent!

    • I am a beekeeper and make my own beeswax candles- straight from the hives and use all cotton wick braids and no fragrances. I have over 100 styles available to make from my molds. I use only 100% beeswax- and by the way- I’ve never had trouble burning any of my wax in candles. It’s all in the method of how you filter wax to burn.

  4. Thanks for the great info!! I am interested in hearing what you have to say about soy candles… I have been making them for over 16 years (since the wax became avaible) and would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

  5. Hi,
    I just read your article about beeswax candles…..we burn olive oil lamps in our house. We also have beeswax candles. They are hard to find. Also, what type of cotton wicks and holders do you use? It is very hard to find pure cotton that is not made synthetically or genetically modified. Do the nuns sell them? Do you soak your wicks before using them? May I have the convents address and contact information?

    Thank you!

  6. I am fascinated by your site, so informative and inspiring! I would also like to purchase the beeswax candles and many other things from your site. I can’t wait to order them ….Thank you and God Bless you for sharing such life giving information!

  7. I’ve just read this post after receiving your newsletter. I have tried the link to the sister’s candle business, but it just comes up with a page not found on your website. I would love to see what all they have available.

  8. Thanks so much for this post and their shop info. I thought I would try to make some because they are so expensive… now I won’t! I’ll buy some from them and support them as soon as I am able (and the prices are very competitive).

  9. Hmm. I live in Asia and there is no way I can afford shipping candles here. We can find cheap beeswax though, so I might be forced to figure it out. I was wondering about tallow candles as well. Anybody know anything about making those?

  10. As a sufferer of both allergies and asthma for my entire life (19 yrs old) AND a candle fanatic, it was hart wrenching reading this post and realizing how many toxins I’ve been breathing in all these years and how it might have affected my allergies and asthma. But thanks to you, I have now purchased my first set of Quiet Light beeswax candles! I threw out my candle collection of candles that aren’t natural (so basically all of them except for a few soy ones I couldn’t part with hehe). I’m excited to see how they smell and work. Hopefully they will help purify the air in my home/dorm and ease my symptoms. When I get them in the mail I’ll update you and let you know how things go!
    Thanks for introducing me to this!
    Have a beautiful day 🙂


  11. Hello Lauren,
    I have to say that you have an excellent site here. I just wanted to let you know that I will be citing the work that you have done on beeswax candles here as it pertains to the subject matter in the latest book that I am working on titled Air Purifiers Exposed. I’m in the process of finishing it up as we speak but still have quite a bit left to do such as all of the various marketing aspects of it all but I’m very excited if you wish to get a taste of what it covers you can follow this link to a breif 3 article series I did called Do You Know the Truth About Air Purifiers? at this link

    Anyhow keep up the good work.


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  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have recently moved back to the east coast from the desert, and though I never had allergies before, I have developed them from not being around any flowering plants or grass for a few years. I also developed a pet allergy. It gets so bad that I cannot touch my dog on some days, or get too close to my cats. I vacuum twice a day just to keep them under control. I cannot wait to see how the candles improve my quality of life, and I simply cannot wait to be able to, however briefly, cuddle my cat again : )

  14. Lauren, what a wonderful high school job you had! I would have liked to have worked in a convent, pouring beeswax and absorbing the peace of the sweet, gentle nuns.

    Plus, I love beeswax candles. After doing a little bit of research (like what you have so succinctly provided here) and finishing the conventional candles I had been given as a gift, I made my first beeswax candle purchase and I am never going back. The glow, the scent, the purifying properties, are all so comforting. My husband loves that these candles don’t have a strong, perfume-y scent, and I love that they freshen the air in our little house after I caramelize onions!

  15. Thank you for this great post Lauren! It never occurred to me that candles would be toxic. I’m researching soy and beeswax candles now, good places to buy them in Holland.

    I have to ask though: some sources say that paraffin is toxic when burned, and others say that while the material itself is toxic (i.e. a bad idea to eat it 😉 when burned it produces only water vapor and CO2:

    “When you light a candle, the heat of the flame melts the wax near the wick. This melted or liquid wax is then drawn up into the wick by capillary action. The flame’s heat vaporizes the liquid wax to produce water vapor and carbon dioxide (the same byproducts that humans produce when exhaling).”

    I would love to have some clarity on this 🙂 Many thanks!

  16. Hi Lauren. I’m in Toronto, Canada. Bath and Body Works is a hugely popular retailer here and they sell tons of scented candles and scented oils that can be plugged into the wall, whereby heating them and releasing the “nice” scents. Are the scents coming from the oils also toxic like the scented paraffin wax candles?


  17. Thanks for the post, Lauren! We made 100% beeswax candles for our wedding last year, but I had no idea about all the positive effects of burning beeswax candles. We did it to avoid the negative effects of paraffin wax! So cool. Thanks again.

  18. would just like to say that there is lots of easily available beeswax candle making advice out there on the internet and having made over 30 candles myself in the past month ill just say that it isn’t a difficult thing to get right, even the candles i’ve made that ignore suggested ratios or techniques have worked great! for the cost of making them yourself, i would just give it a go and have some fun!

  19. I am a beekeeper, mother of six daughters, military wife and now a bees wax candle maker. When making my candles I truly get lost in peace doing so. The sweet aroma of honey lifts your worries away. Honey bees are amazing creatures in every which way. Take the time to read up on them to educate yourself. Did you know that the wax is secreted from a honeys abdomen? Its white at the time until it comes in contact with pollen. Which makes it yellow/orange in color.

  20. i highly recommend making your own candles at home. i make my own and it is cheaper than buying them from other people and i know exactly what is going in my candles. its not hard at all so i don’t agree with some of the things you have posted,

  21. Hello. I once bought regular tea candles and put one in a plastic candle container. I guess the tea light was also in a polycarbonate cup. I forgot to put it out…it was in the bathroom at my office. It exploded…and fortunately put itself out. Plastic pieces everywhere.

    I would like to know more about the containers for tea lights and their safety: the convent uses polycarbonate or metal ones. Does the metal issue come up again here same as in the choice of wicks? Would glass holders be the holders of choice? I have not used candles since that time and am skittish about forgetting to put a candle out in my home or office. Please advise.

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  23. Hi
    Amazing info here, I keep coming back! I can’t find anything online to indicate how many beeswax tealights or votive etc. to use for a certain size room. How many square feet does one candle of a certain size clean? For example, I have a 16’x16′ bedroom, but how many tealights should I burn? Will one 3.5” pillar candle do the trick?
    Our snoring and allergies have completely subsided up there, even with three cats! Thank you for the great page 🙂
    Also, the cats are not in there when the candles are burning 😉

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  25. Just informing the public, these candles are dyed. The way you can tell is that natural beeswax, or even beeswax from beefarms, have a white or clear wax. Only the honey is yellow and the honey does not stain the wax. Also, natural beeswax does not have a scent when burned. The sweet smell you get from a beeswax candle is always from some form of added scent. How do I know this? I have been studying beekeeping for over a year now, and have been taking part in beekeeping courses in my local area, learning about the bees themselves, the honey and what it can be used for, the wax and what happens to it after the honey is extracted, etc.

    If you ever make your own beeswax candles with natural beeswax, you will also experience what I have claimed.

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  28. Please link the research article proving that beeswax candles release negative ions into the air.
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    my research, it is a false claim that every beeswax candle website copies without any backup.
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  33. I began making dipped 100% beeswax candles last year. It went well. But this year I have run into a problem. Same temperature wax, same work location, but the tapers are definitely coming out flattened. The 7-inch get by, but the 9-inch ones I have to roll aggressively when they come off the racks and still some of them are obviously less than round.

    I try to slow down the dipping time, but I cant see that it helps.. Can it be the wax? It’s the only thing that has changed. I tried a new cheaper supplier and got wax pellets which are paler than any wax I’ve seen before, although it is sold as unbleached.

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  35. Hi, I have a question about candles made from paraffin. I know burning them is dangerous, but what about using “candle warmers” which use a light to melt them to give off the fragrance? You’re not burning the wick, just melting the wax. Would you consider that dangerous too? Thank you.

  36. I ONLY use natural products. I now have been using Made from Earth’s Valencia Orange Lotion, and I like it. It has alot of Beeswax in it. Will try it for another week and let you know how it goes. So far so good and it smells great! I used to use Burts Bees products, but they were not moisturizing enough – and the overall quality not where I wanted it to be.

  37. Thanks for the article. I recently became interested in beeswax candles because I was giving my daughter a pair of sterling candlesticks as a housewarming present, and then started looking for candles to go in them. I quickly learned that beeswax candles were superior, but could not locate any locally.

    So I determined to make some…it was not that simple, but I persevered and on the second batch made some beautiful 12″ candles. Even the first batch was usable, just not pretty. I found some YouTube videos demonstrating the process, and followed the one that looked the best. If you are a determined DIY person, you CAN do it. “It’s not rocket science.”

    To get beeswax I looked up the local beekeeper’s organization online, and started calling numbers from their website. I was able to find a nearby beekeeper who had 5 pounds at $8 a pound. You can get it for twice that from Hobby Lobby if you don’t want to go to that much trouble. You can also get cotton wicks from Hobby Lobby rated by candle diameter. The hardest part was finding a suitable dipping container.

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