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  1. I just made this…couldn’t wait to try it so I cooled it in the freezer haha. Anyway LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I have very curly hair that tends to be on the dry side, I wash my hair about every 4 days. This perked up my curls and gave it’s moisturizing and my hair looks great again!! I will honestly NEVER use anything else now!

    Thank you also for all your amazing tips, recipe,s insights and healthy lifestyle changing ideas! I’ve just recently joined your blog, and have already used so many of your tips.

  2. So the recipe says 1 cup of coconut milk, and there is no water listed. In step 1 you say to add 1 cup of hot water to 1/2 cup of coconut milk. I am confused, please clarify for me. I just can’t wait to make this and I want to make it right. =D

    • Nonna, I’ve never tried it without Epson Salts, but I would use just two tbs of seal salt in that case. I don’t know if it’ll have the same hold, though. Let us know how it turned out!

  3. I LOVE this stuff. I have always had hard to tame waves–not curly, not straight hair. This is perfect with the right amount of hold and, for me, it lasts all day. Best of all, I’m just super glad to use ingredients I recognize. THANKS!!!

  4. This is exactly what I have been looking for! After several years of no-poo hair cleansing, yet using commercial yet “natural” conditioner and other styling products that gunk up my hair (which then needs to be clarified off using baking soda and vinegar), I have made the switch to using only homemade products (honey shampoo is the best thus far!). Inspired by the Morrocco Method (but not those price tags), I am now brushing my hair with my old neglected boar bristle brush, and then re-wetting my hair to revive the natural curly wave. Yet even though my hair is softer, shinier, hydrated, and cleaner, the curl is not as well defined as before, due to the brushing I suspect. So my hopes are that this recipe will help restore my curls. When I go to the beach, I hesitate to rinse the salt water out of my hair because it, and the sea breeze, makes it look so good…

  5. Question…does it make your hair dull or oily looking? I have found that the natural diy leave in stuff either makes my hair dull looking or both dull and oily looking. I think I can deal with the oily but the dull makes it look dirty in my opinion.

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