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  1. Hi Lauren! This sounded like such a great recipe I went out and got the ingredients right away. I did add walnuts, which I think goes great with anything banana. It’s baking right now, can’t wait! Thanks!

    • Zosia, I have the same problem. I find the best solution is to use a variety of egg-replacers in egg recipes, because they all serve different functions. The more variety, the more likely it will do what eggs do. I personally use gelatin, yogurt, and applesauce primarily; sometimes banana and kefir. I also use pumpkin puree, but only a small amount because otherwise it affects the flavor. Sometimes I grind up chia or flax seeds for part of it. Anything dry (gelatin, chia, flax), I moisten first so the baked good is not too dry. After all, coconut flour likes a lot of moisture.

      I haven’t yet tried fizzy water or vinegar +baking powder as a replacement.

      Try this link to see which will work best for you:

    • Have you had success using flax as an egg replacer with coconut flour recipes? I’ve been told it doesn’t work, but as I have a 4-year-old with a sweet tooth doing gaps, I wish it would! Any insight you have would be great, thanks!

  2. I can’t wait to try this! You put cardamom in!!! That’s one of my favorite spices, but it’s rarely called for in recipes. And it goes great with cinnamon and ginger. Yay!

  3. Sound delicious.

    I have a question though, I baked a lot of grain-free desserts lately that used a lot of coconut flour. I noticed that I have some tummy aches when eating those. Does it happen to other people as well or it’s just me? I did a little research and it state that coconut flour is high in phytic acid…

    • Catherine,
      I have the same issue, but it seems to be worse with almond flour. I have been on GAPS for 14 1/2 months and have about a year to go, so it could just be my gut:) If anyone knows, please inform:)

      • Thanks for your answer. I did more research and found an interesting article about the side effects of consuming too much coconut ( see in the middle of the page) :

        Congrats for keeping up wit the GAPS diet for so long. So many people abandon it after a couple of months or even weeks, it does take a lot of planning. I haven’t took the courage yet to go fully on the GAPS diet yet. However, I’ve been off all grains for almost 9 months now and I feel much better overall, my mind is way clearer than before. I’m still experimenting with recipes and your website is so precious in this matter! 😉

    • I can’t tolerate coconut flour either. Will have to figure out how to make this recipe without it (can’t do rice, corn or potato either) – which means less egg replacer. I grow my own ginger these days – very rewardin’ and a nice houseplant durin’ the winter months.

  4. Lauren,
    Can you use Coconut Manna just like Coconut Oil?? What is the difference in them? I love your website and am so thankful you take the time to share everything with us!! You have been a Godsend:)

  5. Hi, I have tried a number of cooking conversion tables and have yet to find a “cup to grams” conversion that works for coconut flour so I wondered if you could do something that would help me figure out American recipes more easily and weigh the coconut flour? Perhaps you could add the weight into the comments section?
    One of the comments here has also helped me to figure out what “coconut manna” is on this side of the Atlantic Ocean – we call it “coconut creamed” and it can often be found in the section of the store that sells Indian cooking spices and sauces.
    I love your recipes and natural beauty articles, keep up the great work 🙂

  6. I made these and they were delicious! Followed the direction to a T, but used a glass 8×8 dish. I baked them about 10 mins longer and they came out great. Also, I did the math and if divided into 16 squares, there are 135 calories in each square and 12 net carbs 🙂

  7. I just made up the batter and its in the oven now. Made according to amounts but coconut sugar in place of honey/syrup (I don’t like to heat up good raw honey) and the mixture was quite dry compared to other coconut breads/cakes I have made so I added an extra banana, egg and another 1/3 cup of coconut oil. The mixture consistency looked a lot better. Heres hoping it comes out well!

  8. I recently discovered your website through a hashimoto’s facebook group. I made these bars yesterday and they were so awesome! Cannot believe a baked good with no grains turned out so light and fluffy. This is a keeper recipe and I can’t wait to try some of your other recipes. Next is the grain free pumpkin pancakes sometime this holiday weekend.

  9. I bake these 2 at a time, portion and wrap them tight, then freeze them so we always have them on hand in my household. I’ll defrost in the fridge and reheat in the toaster oven (or microwave in a pinch). They are the perfect snack when I’m craving something “bready” or slightly sweet. Great pre and post workout. I don’t usually like ginger but this combo of flavors is great. Super satisfying!

  10. Also,

    Can coconut chips/flakes be used instead of coconut flour?

    For the Cardamom – did you grind it fresh using whole green cardamom pods? I have some pods but I’m not sure how many pods are required to make the 1 1tsp. required in the recipe.


  11. I’ve just tried baking it – and yet again it is another recipe that is very brown (close to being burnt) on the outside and rawish on the inside….

    What am I doing worng!? I’m quite upset…

    I am using a halogen oven – and have tried cooking it at a lower temperature over a longer period of time….

  12. This is the second time I’ve made this recipe. To save money I only used three eggs. The bread is more like a rich cake. It’s delicious.

    Lauren, when I search for something on your website, the search results come up just fine. But when I try to type something new in the search box, it won’t let me. I can see the cursor, but I can’t type anything or highlight the text and type something else. I’m using a Mac and Safari, if that helps with any troubleshooting.

  13. I’ve done a few times cakes , muffins and panakaces with coconut flour, I do not like it, coconut flour make very dry baked goods, no the best flour either.I do not use anymore.Others coconuts products are fine for me.

  14. I’ve made this twice. Last night I realized I only had 4 eggs left. I put in extra banana, and a little extra coconut oil. I also added some nuts and raisins. I mixed everything in a food processor, but hand stirred in some cut up bananas. The result was amazing! It was super moist, and the little bit of chunk with the raisins, nuts, and bananas was great. Thank you for teaching me that baking with coconut flour is awesome!

    • I’m sorry that the recipe didn’t work well for you! Sometimes, measuring the coconut flour can alter the recipe – I use the “dip and sweep” method and I don’t pack the flour into the cup. I will start including gram measurements when I call for coconut flour because this will help ensure accuracy when measuring.

  15. Delicious recipe, thank you so much! This is my first successful coconut flour recipe. I was skeptical as the recipes I tried from a couple other sites last year were too terrible to eat.

  16. This recipe looked incredible. I made it tonight but it doesn’t seem to be cooking properly. It’s crisp and brown on the top but raw underneath. The batter was very moist and thick like a purée or humus. I’ve baked it and tried to leave it in longer. Does it get harder over night? Doesn’t se to be the same consistency as the picture. With that being said it does taste good. Just worried about it being raw.

  17. These are great! I made them following the directions. I also made them with 4 eggs and 1/3 cup of pumpkin puree, as 6 eggs is a lot. They turned out exactly the same-delicious! .Maybe you could try all pumpkin for an egg free version?

  18. Thank you for this excellent and easy recipe. Like some of the others, I went with 4 eggs and just increased the amount of coconut oil. I also used coconut syrup in place of honey and tossed some walnuts in. It turned perfect – soft as a cloud, moist and yummy!

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